Golden Phone - Various - GAFFA Klub CD #22 (CD) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Fanzines 4. Electronic books 4. What about the inscriptions on the vinyl discs? Questions about Kate's music 5. The Kick Inside 5. Lionheart 5. Never for Ever 5. The Dreaming 5. Hounds of Love 5. The Sensual World 5. The Red Shoes 5. Miscellaneous 6. The Archives 6. Previous messages from Love-Hounds 6. Other files 6. How to do ftp? Credits 0. Please excuse stev0's [SB] humor Q: What does "Gaffa" mean? A: Duct tape. A: Never. A: "We let the weirdness in" [see also 5.

A: You don't want to know. Trust me. Q: What is the best album in the entire history of Creation? A1: The Dreaming. Anyone who disagrees is an asshole. A2: Hounds of Love. Q: Should I post binaries to rec.

A: Your guess is as good as mine. Was I ripped off? A: Yes [see also 4. A: You'll just have to get all of them and decide for yourself. A: Yes. It is encouraged. Well, don't go TOO far - posting multi-megabyte discographies is frowned on and yes, people have done that. Use your judgement. A: Yes, you can even talk about Tori Amos. A: Er, that will be all for today A: A few things. At first it was 'only' a mailing list, but it soon resulted in a usenet newsgroup.

The name "Gaffa" comes from "Suspended in Gaffa", a song on the album "The Dreaming", and refers to gaffer's tape that's what Kate Golden Phone - Various - GAFFA Klub CD #22 (CD). Gaffer's tape similar to duct tape, but not as sticky is used to stop people from stumbling over cabling.

The name 'r. Sometimes this gets too much, but what to do in a four years gap between albums? Other artists discussed here include various female alternative artists as well as Kate related people like Peter Gabriel or Roy Harper.

Not again! C'mon, it's tape. Clearly, the song is about being mired in concepts that prevent us from reaching our chosen destinations. You got your gaffer's tape in my conceptual quagmire! Love-Hounds is the mailing list version of rec. This means that anyone with the ability to send and receive mail can take part. Together, the mailing list and r.

This hasn't happened for a long while now. To subscribe to Love-Hounds you should send a friendly mail to Bill Wisner, the "moderator" of the list. Send it to love-hounds-request gryphon. Remember that human beings aren't working 24 hours on each of those days a year. You can also subscribe by using other networks America Online, Prodigy, etc. Most of these services now have direct access to the usenet newsgroups, so rec.

Only charge is your phone bill for a long distance call. It's unfortunately not connected to Love-Hounds, but may soon be. To ensure that every message from the newsgroup rec. This means that to post an article to r.

More intelligent news software does know about this and if you post an article instead of sending it to the moderator's address these systems act in one of three ways: 1. Your article is thrown away. This is the reason why a lot of new readers don't find their articles in the news system. If you experience this, you have to use the love-hounds gryphon. Your article is repackaged and forwarded to the moderator.

While doing this, the news software insists on creating a new header. This is responsible for most of the postings with some news system as the sender and without any subject. It may be the case that your article actually is shown correctly on your news system, especially if the system forwarding it to the moderator isn't yours.

In this case you might wonder why replies or follow-ups to your articles don't have any subject. If you experience this, you should either bug your system administrator to change the behaviour to the third one below or use the email address. Your article is directly forwarded to the moderator. This is perfectly ok, since then your name and subject lines survive.

Be assured again that no article you write is thrown away due to its contents or your person. It's just the wrong way of posting it, since the whole process is fully automated.

Pictures of Kate can be found via ftp see section 6 in the archives. And this is the place where they belong - they do not belong onto the list itself - especially since it is also distributed via email. If you want to submit a picture, put it onto some ftp site and announce this on gaffa. If you don't have ftp write access ask for someone who does and send the picture to this single person. This is not because we don't want to have pictures - the opposite is true!

But put them where they belong. The same is true for soundfiles, though they are of limited interest - basically only until the real thing is on the market. Before you ask, there is no common way to compress soundfiles.

Tell us about them, ask where to put them, just do not post them. It features the album cover of The Dreaming, but "Suspended in rec. The back shows "love-hounds gryphon. Intergalactic Garage IGG is selling them; they're both the exact same thing. Love-Hounds was founded with the idea of being a newsgroup about "Progressive Artists with emphasis on Kate Bush", so discussions about other "progressive artists" are generally encouraged.

However, occasionally the talk about a different artist grows to a point where it is appropriate to form a separate group. Happy Rhodes discussion now takes place on an ever- growing mailing list founded by Jessica Koeppel called Ecto. If you want to subscribe to this list, whose broad range of discussion now includes many other female artists including Kate Golden Phone - Various - GAFFA Klub CD #22 (CD)send a request to the Ecto organisation via: ecto-request ecto.

The Ecto archives, a lot of pictures, interviews etc. Now there's also the usenet newsgroup alt. Bug your system administrators to carry it! The mailing list and the newsgroup are not connected like Love-Hounds and rec.

Also available is the IRC channel ecto where at most times you can find some Ectophiles and Ectophiles. Postage to Europe is 3. The address to subscribe to the mailing list is: rdt-request novia. Due to the heavy load of discussion and members after the release of Tori's last album, Under The Pink, Anthony was forced to make the list digest- only, that is there is no bounce mail.

There now also is the second Big-8 newsgroup for a female artist, called rec. Since Really-Deep-Thoughts has had a few problems in its past, there are now several other Tori Amos mailing lists: Torinews originally for news only subscribe: torinews-request chihuly. Other mailing lists that might be of interest Generally, mailing lists have a 'subscribe' and a 'post' address. Use the first address to subscribe, the second to send messages to all people on the list.

Some mailing lists are automated, they require a specific format for the subscription, in most cases either a 'body' or a 'subject' line. Body lines are single lines in the main part of the email message, while subject lines are, well, subject lines. The subscription address is also used for UNsubscribing, those messages shouldn't go to the post:-addresses.

Sometimes several lines for several services are given. Sometimes alternate often shorter addresses are available too. If a list is maintained manually it's noted as 'Manually'. You should be more friendly then, and expect some reaction time like nights, weekends, holidays where noone is available. Roy Harper - Stormcock Stormcock is the name of his "classic" album subscribe: majordomo bilpin.

Lang subscribe: majordomo world. To access it, you need a direct internet connection and telnet. Type: telnet tinycwru. Once you're inside, you're in a Happy Rhodes-inspired room, but to get to the Kate room, go to the Artist Annex where there are rooms for Kate, Tori, Sarah, etc. Along with a Virtual Kate Paradise which Steve called "Gaffaland"you can have real-time chat with your fellow Lovehounds!

IED is the absolute "true believer" KaTefan. Stay longer this time, IED! Make some suggestions! I prefer "I Envy Del" We all share at least one similar taste in music! Nevertheless r. Even the nasty kind. Newbies are explicitly invited to take part in the conversation. Be it that you want to know something not in this FAQ, be it that you think you have a piece of information to share, be it that you think you know some other music you think should be known by more people.

Though I'd say you should Golden Phone - Various - GAFFA Klub CD #22 (CD) least like Kate Spam postings What is a spam? Spamming is the posting of massive numbers of duplicate articles on Usenet. Spams don't have to be commercial, they don't even have to be unrelated to the discussion topic Someone selling a few Kate Bush records is definitely not a spam. A professional record dealer selling more than a few records is also not a spam.

Nevertheless both should avoid posting long sales list to the group. Instead post an announcement that you've got stuff to sell and will send the list to interested people.

Remember that even if you don't like commercial postings at all, Golden Phone - Various - GAFFA Klub CD #22 (CD), some of us like those that are Kate-related. A 'student' praising magazine subscriptions most definitely is a spam. Unfortunately, spamming is not illegal.

And if it was illegal in one country it doesn't have to be illegal world-wide. So what to do about spam postings? If writing to postmaster spammers. Do not mailbomb the originator. Most of the times, the addresses are faked, that is, the only one not having trouble with the mail bomb is the spammer himself. They might be able to do something about it. You can complain if you know who he is, but please: do not play into his hands. See also the net-abuse newsgroups news. Lots of the information here is from [DB].

On to a more friendly subject: 3. On or around July 30 each year there are a lot of parties around the world, when Love-Hounds celebrate Kate's birthday, also called Katemas. Kate Bush - her career and Kate as a human being Kate's first appearance in the public was a little tour through a few London pubs together with the so called KT read: Katie Bush Band. All of Kate's albums have the KT originally Knights Templar symbol hidden somewhere either on the cover or on the vinyl itself see section 4.

You might have to have original UK versions of the albums to find them. The KT initials can also be seen in the "Army Dreamers" video. We don't know for what cause, sorry.

FAQs and most common answers: She's born on July 30, She's not married, but you should bury all hopes since her bassist and engineer, Del Palmer, is her one and only for too many years now. Kate smokes, but is very reluctant to show this bad habit in public.

Kate, if you ever read this: count my vote as one who wants you to stop! Kate is a vegetarian, though she now eats fish. She's 5'3" 1. She has two brothers, John Carder Bush Jayborn - he takes many of the photos of Kate that appear on her albums - and Paddy Bush, bornwho plays many of the exotic instruments found on Kate's albums.

If you want to know how beautiful Kate is, listen to her music ;- No, she doesn't hate to tour, just can't find the time between making albums and videos. Yes, that's Donald Sutherland in the Cloudbusting video. No, we don't have her home address, though we know that she has just bought a house in Reading.

These pictures were also used on the bootleg Dreamtime. Tours Kate's only Tour the "Tour of Life" happened inand fans old enough to experience this first hand are the lucky ones. Kate never said she won't ever tour again, but don't expect anything. The video unfortunately only contains half of the show.

The recordings of the rest had some technical problems and the result wasn't up to par with Kate's standards. The only other source are vinyl bootlegs which all are of a very bad sound quality, since they were done from the audience with late 70's equipment. There are plenty of CD pirates from the video tape. Since there is now an official CD of this, please consider buying it, especially if you do own one of the bootleg copies.

The Convention It has really happened to us! May 8,London's Hippodrome. It's unknown so far whether "My Computer" will be a single or if you have to buy the triple CD. The latest KBC newsletter 11 brought the following info from Kate herself brought to you by [WW] : Dear All, I've been taking time off work this year and it's been really good for me. I've still kept busy but I've also had lots of time to rest and catch up things.

Many, many thanks for your continued support - I've had such positive feedback from you about the last album and the film. I feel so priviledged to have such nice people responding to my work. I've just done a song for Donal Lunny who's putting an album together of traditional Irish music. It was fun and very challenging.

The lyrics are in Gaelic so I will eagerly await comments from all Irish-speaking listeners in particular. I'm sure Ma gave me a helping hand! Much love to you, a very Happy Christmas and warm wishes for ' Kate x Lisa added: There is no definite release date yet but it will hopefully be available in or some time after March We understand that it will be available worldwide.

Kate has also designed some charity Christmas cards for the Brian Eno project "Warchild". Two CD singles regular and with 3 video-printsa Cassingle and a 7" picture single in a poster bag giant 40"x60" poster have appeared.

Guess this again marks the end of an era. In the UK only four different formats will count as a single release for chart counting, and in this case there were two CDs, the 12" and the cassingle.

The Line, The Cross, and The Curve finally appeared on video and should be available in good shops around the world. The following is not intended to be a complete discography. Something Golden Phone - Various - GAFFA Klub CD #22 (CD) qualifies better for that title will be available separately soon.

See also the section 4. Chart successall singles are listed there. Albums and other major collections: The Cathy Demos 23 early songs, ca. Tracks compiled from various boots - none contains all. The names are not officially known, so there are some songs with more than one name. It's out of print now, and you might have to search a bit.

Caveat Emptor: This boxed set, while not really a bootleg in the traditional sense, in not in any way authorized by Kate or EMI. This album is also available in a special edition similar to the "A Lioness At Heart" box. Also out of print it additionally includes a numbered certificate. Again, this is not an official re-packaging. Difficult to get into, but if you finally reach it, then: play it One side light, one side dark.

The dark side once was supposed to be filmed, but the movie got lost in all the promotion that came around HoL and TWS. Side two, also called The Ninth Wave, is about a woman drowning alone at night in the sea. All her dreams, emotions, thoughts, memories pass by in the songs. Is she rescued? Kate says so, your mileage may vary. Additional on video: The Big Sky. Any idea as what this means?

Many complain about noisy engineering, which seems to vary at least a bit with the country of origin of the CD. Some love it, some don't quite love it, especially "Reaching Out". Awfully pricey, and no lyrics or credits on the extra disks except for the Japanese version.

The box includes all 6 regular albums no TWS of course as well as two special extra discs that normally aren't available separately. These two discs contain almost all B-sides, dance-mixes and other incidentals. It Golden Phone - Various - GAFFA Klub CD #22 (CD) contain any previously unreleased material or session work with other artists.

Great music though, yeah! And the first time most of these songs are available on CD. The French version is a re-shrink-wrapped UK version. The Canadian version, lately easily available and relatively cheap, does contain the Canadian CDs which do have thinner booklets for some of the regular albums that do not always contain the lyrics.

The text parts of the English booklets are contained completely in the Japanese booklets in English language even. This IS true come here and I'll show youbut mainly comes from better pressing, not from different data. Better pressing means less drop outs and less need of error correction. If you've got a good player this doesn't matter at all. At first it sounds untypical for Kate, but this has been valid for every new album so far.

There are several special editions of this album, one official from UK, one official from the USA, and several unofficial repackagings. Not available in the USA, but it's available on import from Canada. The Sensual World : Contains three videos from that album and interview footage with excerpts from a lot of other videos. The American version video tape as well as LaserDisc contains much less interview footage than the British version.

The British version is the complete VH-1 special. The plot is basically an extended telling of the lyrics of the the title cut to "The Red Shoes". In this video Kate dances in a red dress on the moors, not in a white one in the studios. NTSC only? There are also far more than a hundred "underground" videos, which are traded among fans and are shown at Katemas parties and the like.

These are primarily television performances and interviews. There are remixes of Games Without Frontiers.

Don't Give Up exists in various lengths, the biggest if not only differences are in the intro and extro. Anyone got this? From "Again" - Prince - My Computer. Only available within the film together with voice over in either English or German or? Also in the video to "Something Good" about 30 seconds of the Cloudbusting video are used.

Kate does like the Utah Saints and everything is approved by her. Hopefully it will find a different way to get published, so that the playing on the '94 Kate Bush Convention won't stay the only time we could hear this. The version in the film English version is an abbreviated version of the soundtrack version. Sleeve is near mint and vinyl appears seldom played OG more Get stock updates for Contact Us.

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Download club dance music MP3 and FLAC, Dance compilation, Daily updates club music, Best mixes and sets, Radio showMissing: Golden Phone. GAFFA er skandinaviens største musikmedie. GAFFA bringer dig på YouTube underholdende musikformidling, interviews og meget derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfog: Golden Phone. После - Various - Рождественские Встречи Аллы Пугачёвой (1 Часть) take piano lessons from Mrs. I like to read books, play on the phone, ride my bicycle or do something with my siblings. Check our Family Channel. My mother was born in Ukraine. It's really no wonder why gaffers and stage tape are so commonly found on concert stage floors and recording studios. After all, anywhere a band is present, vast quantities of wires, snakes and cables will most likely be present as well, and using gaffers and stage tape is a simple and effective way to prevent trips and derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfog: Golden Phone. collector is a daily growing private James Bond Collection based in Zurich Switzerland. Online since 20th December This is the FAQ to derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfo and Love-Hounds, the combined newsgroup and mailing list about Kate Bush. It is posted around the twenty-fifth of every month. Newer versions (in decreasing order) can be obtained from me ([email protected]), from Bill Wisner ([email protected], message contents "get love-hounds-digest FAQ"), from various newsgroups (derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfo, derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfo, . Daily reviews of every important album in music. Browse derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfo and find the best Marijuana dispensaries in cities like Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Vancouver, Bellevue, Kent, Everett and many more. MarketingTracer SEO Dashboard, created for webmasters and agencies. Manage and improve your online derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfog: Golden Phone. derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfo: jim gaffigan cd. Skip to main content $ $ 22 $ $ Get it as soon as Wed, Jun FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. More Buying Choices $ (90 used & new offers) Kindle $ $ 99 $ $ Available derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfog: Golden Phone.


Goodnight - Teardrop (2) - I Got My Baby (Cassette, Album), Skit I Pengar - Din Skevf - Man Måste Vara Galen För Att Kunna Va Normal (Vinyl), Tit Mamou - Magnolia Sisters - Chers Amis (CD, Album), La Raspa, Что Такое Зима - Чайф - MP3 Collection (CD), Thoughts Of Yesterday - T.S.O.L. - Weathered Statues (Vinyl), Song For A Rainy Day - David Cassidy - Rock Me Baby (Vinyl, LP, Album), I Cried A Mllion Tears Last Night - Min Bul - Min Bul (Vinyl, LP), Anywhere Is - Enya - Anywhere Is (Cassette), Coldcut Featuring Robert Owens - Walk A Mile In My Shoes (CD)

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  1. It's really no wonder why gaffers and stage tape are so commonly found on concert stage floors and recording studios. After all, anywhere a band is present, vast quantities of wires, snakes and cables will most likely be present as well, and using gaffers and stage tape is a simple and effective way to prevent trips and derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfog: Golden Phone.
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    Browse derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfo and find the best Marijuana dispensaries in cities like Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma, Vancouver, Bellevue, Kent, Everett and many more.
  4. Founded as state label Hungarian record company Magyar Hanglemezgyártó Vállalat (M.H.V.) in Label Code: LC / LC The records were originally released under the label Qualiton up to the mid-sixties when the new brand name Hungaroton was created. Qualiton then furtherly existed as sublabel for folk music only, while Hungaroton.
  5. Kontakt GAFFA; Cookie og privatlivspolitik; GAFFA-Prisen Photo Awards Magasin Opret bruger GAFFA Live. Joyce (DK) VEGA - Musikkens Hus, Lille VEGA D. Kl. Sonja Hald. Sønderborghus D. Kl. Freddy & the Phantoms. Karosserifabrikken D Missing: Golden Phone.
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    Download club dance music MP3 and FLAC, Dance compilation, Daily updates club music, Best mixes and sets, Radio showMissing: Golden Phone.
  7. "Music" is a song recorded by American singer Madonna as the title track for her eighth studio album (). It was released as the lead single from the album on August 21, by Maverick and Warner Bros. Records. "Music" was inspired by a Sting concert Madonna attended and was written and produced by her with Mirwais Ahmadzaï.It is a disco, electro-funk and dance-pop song in a static key.
  8. KVR Audio News: Kjaerhus Audio has released version of the Golden Audio Channel - GAC New: New routing called "New York Drums" added to the mono version. Fixes: Fixed memory leak that could lead to crashes in some Hosts. Decreased CPU usage during knob operation and thereby minimizing the risk of getting audio drop outs. Solved issue that could give a "Invalid Pointer .
  9. Diverse Kunstnere: GAFFA Klub cd#23, electronic, * TILBUD JUNI *: Køb 2 plader (CD eller vinyl og få den billigste til halv pris! Gælder kun i juni Pladerne bliver sendt i samme pakke for 39 kr. eller afhentes efter aftale i Ikast. Papcover, Promo. Udgivet i Nedsat pris på grund af kuglepenskrydser på bagsiden af derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfog: Golden Phone.

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