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These include leather, plastic, bamboo, fabric, wood, Read More A folding Bluetooth keyboard, Amazon's new protein sample box, and Reebok clearance items lead off Thursday's best deals. Read More 5. Trump's legal team is on it, when it comes to websites involving Trump and kittens BGR - 23 Mar It's always great to see a president getting his or her priorities straight.

In the case of Donald Trump, making sure you look good to the public appears to be the number one priority. Forget Russia, There's a year-old girl that can code a website where you can use kittens to scratch Trump's face, and that must be stopped immediately. This really is a true story, as reported by The Observer. Lucy is the San Francisco teenager who's looking to work at a disruptive tech company in the future. In the meantime, she's practicing her coding skills on projects like TrumpScratch.

That is, until Trump's lawyers get involved. And they sent Lucy a cease Read More 4. Album) may be struggling with crappy broadband - but future astronauts will be able to easily Netflix and chill in orbit NASA hopes to use lasers to shoot data to and from the International Space Station Read More 2.

The FBI quietly developed a facial recognition network that allows law enforcement to identify people in the United States without their knowledge. Now lawmakers want to know why the agency didn't The FBI didn't let citizens know the agency was collecting photos from motor vehicle departments, according to a report from the Government Accountability Office.

And a lot of people can be found on law enforcement facial recognition networks — around half of American adults, according to a study from Georgetown University's Connected watches of Baselworld From hybrid to smart in all shapes and sizes Pocket-lint - 23 Mar Robert Williams may be the first person in the US arrested based on a bad match--exposing problems with the algorithms and the ways they are used. Google will automatically delete new users' personal data after 18 months Pocket-lint - 25 Jun Google is changing its data handling practices, by announcing it will automatically delete new users' personal data after a set period of time.

In a blog Read More 2. The Trump administration has discussed a range of strategies to counter Huawei's growth and put more American muscle into the competition against the Chinese telecom giant, including by prodding large Read More 1.

Sigma has released a major 2. Additionally, this update will make the fp the first mirrorless camera in the world capable of recording Full HD p video at fps. Sigma doesn't specify the exact framerates or resolutions that are possible when capturing Blackmagic Raw on Blackmagic's Video Assist 12G recorder, but like the Atomos, it will require a Animal Crossing: New Horizon's next big summer update will add swimming and more Pocket-lint - 25 Jun Animal Crossing's bid to be the most-discussed game of continues apace, with a new trailer from Nintendo showing off what players can expect from Read More 1.

Originally published in June -- Read More 1. Drones help calibrate radio telescope at Brookhaven Lab Phys. Cosmologists at the U. Built at the Album) in Lessons learned from the prototype could pave the way for Brookhaven to develop a much larger radio telescope in collaboration with other national Labs, universities, and international partners. Such a telescope would map neutral hydrogen over large swaths of the universe, enabling researchers to gain a better understanding of its accelerated expansion, as well as the nature of dark energy.

Hubble sees a cosmic flapping 'Bat Shadow' Phys. Sometimes nicknames turn out to be closer to reality than you might imagine. The folks at Microsoft showed off a new look for Windows 10 in the form of a Theme for Pride month. But this is no simple Theme, this is a slight revamping of the bones of the system, from backgrounds … Read More 1. Hey opens its email service to everyone as Apple approves its app for good The Verge - 25 Jun Image: Hey. The public launch of the service comes alongside a second piece of good news for Hey: Apple has approved Hey's update containing proposed changes to meet App Store guidelines.

The app's version 1. Hey is also adding support for multiuser corporate accounts with this update, as Apple had originally taken issue with the purely Senate Republicans target encryption with bill aimed at Apple, Facebook, other tech giants Phys. The series progresses with the titular character becoming more and more insane, having bizzare hallucinations and freaking out until finally, in the last episode he dies of a brain tumor.

Weebl's original Badger Badger Badger was funny and kinda cute. The sequel however is truly terrifying. This video has flashing lights is when colourful and garish turns into horrible and pants-wetting. Also counts as Mind Screw. Dining Room or There is Nothing. What the hell is going on? This Tails Doll Short. For those of you who are into that kind of thinghere is a link to the results of searching for Tails Doll groups on DeviantArt. He has a ridiculous amount of creepy fanart of all kinds dedicated to him due the simple fact that he is a Creepy Doll straight out the Uncanny Valley with literally no explanation for his existence.

The Wanky Shit Demon. Talk about Nausea Fuel. From the same creatorWhen Clive Was Alive. From There she is!! It lasts for all of two seconds, but basically it's While she's smiling. Bear Bear. Dear lord that teddy bear with the mismatched eyes is all woobieish and cute until it decides that its kid doesn't love him anymore and tries to kill him with the evilest, most insane Slasher Smile ever animated into a stuffed animal.

The red paint on the all black and white background doesn't and increasingly distorted scratched-up inner dialogue help either.

Don't hug me I'm scared. Green is not a creative colour. A notebook encourages others to be creative in the way it wants, but actual creativity has horrifying consequences. There's now a sequel It's about time where a clock sings to the puppets about time,what happens over it and well just watch it. There's also this monstrosity. Oh sure, it starts out cute, but just wait Alfred's Playhouseby the ever delightful Emily Youcis.

The Pier. In this delightful student project, a humanoid bird-like creature goes fishing on an old pier. From underneath the pier, a quadrupedal creature follows the bird-creature unseen. Suffice it to say that the bird-creature's fishing trip does not end well at all. Let this be a lesson to us all: always chew your food carefully. The horror gets more and more potent when one of the characters starts seeing slasher smiles on the people around him. If you tropers think that the first original Chainsaw Maid was bad Not only did leehardcastle crafted that but his other collection of "clayanimations" can be unnerving to some as well depending on what you come across.

To add a bit more nightmare fuel to the fire. Here's these last two shorts : 1. You have been warned! Follow the Sun - Intermission Video. You'll definitely being going on a diet after you watch it. Basically Food Porn gone horribly wrong. Ladies and gentlemen, Meet The Mario Head. The head carving out a path of destruction through a city and killing other cartoon characters is bad enough, but then you see what's going on inside the thing's mind while it does this Jack Skellington summoning Satan and an army of demonic hellbeasts to conquer Christmas in Skellington's Revenge.

Jack's drug trip from the same video was pretty freaky too. Breadheads : Normally something like this would simply be Narmyet it somehow manages to be extremely even if it's about people's heads turning into loafs of bread. This video will never make you see Shrek the same way again. Oh god, the part with Donkey. It's time to have some fun with Uncle Samsonite. It may start out silly, but the ending The guy who made the original is currently doing an ongoing series about Uncle Samsonite.

Not only due to the content of it and how close we came to it actually happening had it not been for Stanislov Petrov's instinct, but just the general feel of the video. It plays like as if on a glitchy, 80s supercomputer. At around four minutes in, the video plays nuclear bomb sirens and alarms as it talks about millions of people dying.

Man Spaghettia surreal horror animation about a baby who gets shot in the face and then begins to grow animal heads from each one of his wounds. Think that's not horrifying enough?

Just listen to the sounds it makes. It depicts Aelita's flashbacks of her and her father escaping the men in black and fleeing to Lyoko. Inexplicably layered above the video clips are images of a lunar eclipse and Aelita as a blue alien, all set to weird, distorted sound effects.

What's worse is the ending, which seems to imply that both the "real" Aelita and her alien version have merged as one. Videos: Live Action. Broken Record and plenty of creepy music abound. Just watch any video on that channel. They're all that creepy! Blank Room Soup. Want to feel even more freaked out? Try to find a word to describe this! It's just a nature documentary showing parasitic wasps emerging from their hosts. The Wotaken An abomination of a video series.

It features a nude man wearing a freaky horse mask, dancing around as he does assorted otherwise normal activities. Follow Me. This video has a vintage blur effect, garbled voices, and someone wearing the same sort of mask as Batman's Scarecrow.

The videos of Harrison Callifrax. Being a teenage goth with no budgetthe scares are pretty well done, and often comical. So just if you thought you were getting any sleep tonight, there's a fluffy white cat gnawing on somebody's flesha shadowy figure with burning eyes finishing a video, and even, well, the self-recognised magnum opus of disturbing see below.

Depresso: Everything Else. Being a Harrison Callifrax video, it was always going to be heavy on dark humourbut this one is, as even stated by him, the most disturbing video he's ever created. It starts off calm, with a man drinking a cup of an unknown substance, but suddenly everything turns into a black-and-white, slowly moving piece, with a certain familiar creepy backwards tunewith disturbingly slow and depressing imagery, all heading towards a door, before it slowly opens.

The screen fades to blackand everything is silent. Then we hear a gunshot. Even more disturbing, the following wet footsteps imply it's not a suicide This Neil Cicierega video which features parasitic kittens, puppies, and one lobster who all eat your bone marrow from the inside out.

It does not end well for the unlucky carrier. Soon the eggs we laid in Ryan's urethra will hatch! Woman: And if that diamond ring gets broke, momma's gonna slit your little throat. This is the song about the safety movie. Numerous websites we shall not name, where viewers can indulge in every single fetish art known, most of which are Not Safe for Workand many are Not Safe For Sanity. We are not going to link to these sites.

MortasheenBogleech 's attempt at making a Mons series. First off, the author apparently has a thing for horrifying parasites that reproduce through body horror, such as the Septiclown, Scumbat, Tachinoid, Fevile and Ragamuffet to name a few.

Secondly, there are the Devilbirds, birds whom were subjected to negative psychic energy as eggs and feeding on those energies in the most horriffic manner possible, like driving people to murderous rage Wrath ; causing them to go insane from fear Bonnaganderstealing their bodies Envymaking them attached to a blood-red pearl that sucks their minds away and enslaves them to it Greedto name a few. Oh, and there is a whole class of Eldritch Abominationsincluding a tentacle rape monster.

And most of the monsters in the "Zombie" class result from zombies attempting to copulate. GameFAQs will occasionally have the front page themed for a recent game. Once, the "theme" was Condemned 2and the home-page has a decapitated, fanged clown-head and a dead baby plastered all over the place.

Who the HELL decided that this was a good idea? Contains graphic, real photos of horrific deaths and injuries, such as actual photos of the famous, gruesome Black Dahlia murder.

The Black Dahlia murder was the murder of Elizabeth Short in She was found, by a mother walking with a three-year-old girl no less, cut in half at the waist and with her mouth cut open to each ear. She had been deliberately posed and had apparently been forced to eat feces before dying. The killer, who has never been identified, was upset that the case was starting to slip from the media's attention, called the local newspaper and mailed them the contents of her purse.

There is a website where people wrote out various alternate history scenarios. Several of them were frightening, but the one that takes the biscuit the most basically had North Korea nuking the whole world and everybody dying, which was horrific enough, except that the writer described the Mars Rover Opportunity continuing to explore Mars and beaming back data of past life on Mars to a dead Earth.

The Speculative Dinosaur Project. An Alternate History that asks the question "what if the asteroid had missed and dinosaurs had continued to evolve to the modern day?

In Our timeline plants got a break of a few million years between the dinosaurs and the first large mammals. On this world they didn't, so there are many kinds of plants that contain deadly neuro-toxins that can kill you in seconds just by touching them. The classic dinosaur predators continued to evolve of course, giving us creatures like the Abelisaurs convergently similar to T-Rexthe "Ninja" an aptly Two Distant Calls: This Town Eats People - When - Trippy Happy (CD stealthy killer that descends from raptorsand the Imperial Saber Tyrantthe largest predator on earth that combines traits of Tyrannosaurs and saber cats.

The giant crocodiles are still around, as are new groups like "cutter crocs" "cruncher crocs" and "croclions". There are many kinds of "near birds" still around, many of whom have sharp teeth. One of them sprays toxic puke when threatened. There are also many kinds of "true birds" that are just as bad.

The "gobbler" is a lot like our timeline's terror birds, the "city finches" live in eusocial colonies like ants, bees, mole rats and swarm anything that threatens them, killing even an Abelisaur in secondscarnivorous "Penguins of death" in Antarctica including one species called the "piranhakeet" that swarm giant squid-whales tearing them apart from the inside-outand to top in all off, there are entire ecosystems of fish, parasites, and tadpoles living inside the colons of some dinosaurs, and a species off bird called the "rectal probe" that eat them.

Hyperbole and a Half, by Allie Brosh, is an illustrated web blog that nine times out of ten is absolutely hilarious. Thishowever, is apparently the missing tenth time. It begins as an innocuous enough tale, involving the blogger as a four-year-old child and the cake her mother made for a relative's birthday party.

This lasts approximately as long as the second panel. It only gets worse from there. Especially jarring due to severe Mood Whiplashas the Jacob's Ladder -esque drawings are interspersed with perfectly ordinary narration. Wolvesin which there are dead-eyed, shark-toothed children expertly hunting a teenager in the woods. This interactive website about the Salem Witch Trials. Which is also part of at least one school's canon. Everything on this site and its many pages.

Some of the things on this very siteincluding the pictures for the various Nightmare Fuel pages. Hell, even some of the things outside of the pages, like the picture of the demonic Kermit that was once the picture for the Evil Twin page. Creepy Changing Painting deserves a special mention here since some mad genius made it a Self-Demonstrating Article.

Never has the Mona Lisa been so terrifying. Exit Mundi. This website is dedicated to listing off some of the various ways that Earth could get destroyed. Some of the scenarios mentioned include the big crunch, epidemic diseases, nuclear wars, and supervolcanoes. Plane Crash Info. As the title suggeststhis website details plane crashes that have happened from around the world. The site even has a section which holds mp3 transcription of passengers screaming and panicking just before their planes crash.

Word to the wise: If you're gonna fly on an airplane, stay far away from this site. The Skyway Bridge website is an encylopedia of the many people who have tried to commit suicide by jumping off of the Skyway Bridge.

Even if the site tries to discourage viewers from killing themselves, it is pretty disturbing for a site to show how many people have jumped from the bridge. The Texas Department of Criminal Justice isn't too bad, since it just details the titular department of Texas' government.

The site does however have a creepy section which lets you listen to the final words of those on death row. Shaye Saint John's website is a truly disturbing website in spite of its crude design. One page has a paragraph of Shaye talking about herself above a large number of links and disturbing gifs, while another page has Shaye talk about some of the things that she is scared of.

There is also a page that hosts a series of short films starring Shaye Saint John. View this site at Two Distant Calls: This Town Eats People - When - Trippy Happy (CD own risk. A certain website as shown by Web Pages That Suck owner Vincent Flanders in the linked video is this because of one really bad choice in background sound effects.

Because the site about guns had the sounds of someone firing a gun playing automatically as the page was loaded.

Basically, imagining loading a new tab, then having the sound of someone firing a barrage of gun shots from absolutely nowhere. As shown in the video, the guy viewing actually leapt underneath his desk because of it.

Naturally, you should expect plenty of Uncanny Valley with that in mind When it doesn't, you'll see plenty of horrific images of warped people that occupy a gap between Nightmare Face and Body Horror.

The surprise at the end of ScrewAttack. After years of absurd humor, X-Entertainment served up some horror for the edition of its Advent Calendar feature. Hidden links led to cryptic clues, unnerving videos, and alarming images. Then Leviathan finally appeared in person at the climax of the story. For those of us who assumed he'd be a giant sea-monster, the form he actually took on was different.

It was worse. Also from X-Entertainment: There was an article about a Teddy Ruxpin toy that a girl took to church with her and the toy suddenly became possessed- sprouting devil horns, eyes turning red and speaking in a demonic voice. Now that's a literally a Demonic Dummy! The audio web series Zoolaplex is home to pretty disturbing imagery and situations for a show that's mostly a parody of consumer America. Probably one of the most notable examples is Charles Wickmana son of old money and one of the most powerful and malicious people in the city the eponymous cineplex is in, on top of being a Straw Misogynist and a bigot in every single way imaginable.

His very first appearance involves him opting out of paying for cab fare by revealing he knows the driver's name, his family, and his legal status in the United States and threatening to destroy his family's life by having the INS called, specifically drawing attention to the cab driver's daughter and what would happen if she was torn from the home she knew for six years.

And the worst thing? He also shows he's willing to sexually extort one of the main characters in order to get leverage for the location of the real target of one of his infamous harassment campaigns, specifically the most innocent member of the entire main castand continues to destroy and shatter lives on the side without even really trying.

Other terrifying characters in particular include Norville Greenandbacher from The Montenegrin Job who's actually well-meaning in trying to get better rights for his union but his words are somehow so impactful that his entire union degrades into a murderous campaign of terror across the city, Ollie from Happy Hourand Drake Moran's father who committed a murder-suicide that left Drake the only member of his immediate family alive, Album).

This fanart of an alternative demise of Zirathere she didn't fell off the cliff but got clawed and bled to death, but not before going out with a laugh.

FREE The Colebrook Chronicle COVERING THE TOWNS OF THE UPPER CONNECTICUT RIVER VALLEY FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1, VOL. 7, NO. 7 Former Area Teacher Leaves Pittsburg School $, By Donna Jordan A former teacher in the Clarksville and Stewartstown Schools willed almost a quarter of a million dollars to the Pittsburg School District. The tickets were for the opening night of his tour for the album New York. Except for the one song everyone has heard, I didn't know who he was, so I bought the CD and started listening. Like phosphorous burning in a black desert, the songs on this album illuminated the political and spiritual landscape of the United States. Mar 27,  · Trippy Happy. When. March 27, Two Distant Calls. Two Distant Calls. Listen Now $ In MP3 cart View MP3 Cart 7. This Town Eats People. This Town Eats People. Listen Now $ In MP3 cart View MP3 Cart 8. Serpent Rain. Serpent Rain. PEOPLE; Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. search Search the Wayback Machine. Featured texts All Books All Texts latest Software Sites Tucows Software Library Shareware CD-ROMs Software Capsules Compilation CD-ROM Images ZX Spectrum DOOM Level CD. 6. Two Distant Calls: This Town Eats People () 7. Two Distant Calls: Serpent Rain () 8. Butterflies () 9. Toy Party () Trippy Happy Part I () Black Clouds () Trippy Happy Part II (). The last two, Distant Shore (), and this year’s Chasing the Sun, display a shift away from mainly traditional to mainly contemporary material of her own and that of socially engaged songwriters like Billy Bragg, Ewan McColl and Barry Kerr. Karan has a deep understanding of how to breathe life into a lyric, and music’s power to move. Titre: Trippy happy by When - Groupe interprète: Support: CD - Format: Boitier Cristal - Nombre de CD: Editeur / Label: Date de parution: Liste de titres: 1 - Bye Puppy Bye 2 - Life Is Shit Sometimes Its Beautif 3 - Sin The Sailor 4 - Filthy John 5 - The King 6 - Two Distant Calls 7 - This Town Eats People 8 - Serpent Rain. Mar 23,  · Nearly a year has passed since the hype cycle began for the next Gorillaz album. Today, the record finally has a name and a release date. Humanz, the band's third full-length album, will be available on April 28th. Along with that info, the band has posted a new video and a collection of portraits of its fictional members. Trippy Happy, an album by When on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. It handed two removable places just, but we are sometimes sold it with stereos or veggies again. The fluttering bravo live stream online free has 0Worthless, chewing TV and auto products for veggies and radio. The quickly green I have shipped is that the looping lines are quickly 0Very for quacking. 5 mains said this happy.


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