Prozac Melody - Shatterproof - Splinter Queen (CD, Album)

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Maybe my second most-played album this year. Brian Wilson, That Lucky Old Sun -- in which our man finally delivers an entirely solid album of pop glory in the form of an odd conceptual ode to California, the less boosh-wa version of his Van Dyke Parks collabo "Orange Crate Art.

I think I would too, if this list had numbers. REM, Accelerate -- who knew they had it in 'em? This one is tending to hover at the bottom of official polls, like they feel they should nod to it so REM doesn't think its okay to go back to writing bad Beach Boys pastiche -- but I think it stands on its own. Better even than the last batch of Jayhawks records -- and that's saying something, the group never managed anything close to a bad record.

Oddly, the best track is the bonus track "Three Too Many" which is the very best song Gene Clark never wrote. Sunday, December 7, Holy crap! I got reviewed by Pitchfork! I'll take it. Shatterproof were repeatedly denied a shot at releasing their second album's recordings elsewhere and eventually broke up, and when I heard this song for the first and only time on college radio a year or two later, it was credited to two of the ex-members' subsequent band, Lunar 9.

For a song I'd spent so little time actually hearing and so much more time trying to reconstruct inside my head, "Prozac Melody" was surprisingly close to what I thought it should've sounded like: a leisurely but massive-sounding guitar overlaid with a bed of pseudo-orchestral keyboards and a warmly Anglophilic borderline-falsetto lead vocal. As for the rest -- heh, sure! It needs it. Thanks to Ashley for finding that review! Like a piece of rich chocolate candy filled with arsenic.

Posted by Jon Hunt at AM 7 comments:. Monday, December 1, So when did it become uncool to like Oasis? I remember in, like, '94 or '95, when "Definitely Maybe" came out, it was so goddamn cool to be an Oasis fan. Ed Ackerson from Polara, who was and still is the coolest guy I know, hipped me to them early on -- I remember him telling me they were like the Stone Roses only more rock, "and what the hell is wrong with rock?

When my old band Lunar 9 got accused of "aping Oasis" -- which we never did, it's the same reason Oasis get accused of aping the Beatles, its so easy to pigeonhole melodic rock music with whatever's the handiest and easiest correlate -- it didn't really seem like an insult.

In fact, I took it as quite flattering -- it meant my songs were, y'know, memorable if perhaps a bit easy at times true! I suppose Oasis didn't help matters by making "Be Here Now" which is the very definition of rock n' roll coke bloat but, then, do we fault Fleetwood Mac for making Tusk? The Stone Roses for making Second Coming? The Stones for making Goat's Head Soup?

No, we do not, or should not. They followed it up with "Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants" which got more attention for the title typo than the music within, and "Heathen Chemistry" which didn't get any attention at all for anything. At that point, saying you liked Oasis was just about like saying you liked Matchbox 20 -- it meant you sucked. It wasn't even cool anymore to say you liked the first two albums, which I think we can or should!

It wasn't even cool to have pudding bowl haircuts anymore. In fact, it was actively encouraged. If you were in a band, and you had Oasis influence you buried it deep under a layer of dark black fuzztone and sang in a really LOW REGISTER see: my heavy metal post and that pretty much covered it up like a thick layer of pancake over a zit. And like, for a time, I was Oasis Fan 1.

I'm not afraid to express an unpopular opinion if, in fact, I believe strongly in it, and I'll defend it eloquently. And yet, even I fell prey to the anti-Oasis sentiment. When someone likened my new batch of songs, which are far more fuzzy and rawk, to Oasis, I remember being a little stung. Then it struck me, and I'm about to express an unpopular opinion: Oasis are basically those bands, only they write better songs. It's true. Honest to god. I bet they have the same batch of influences -- the Beatles.

The Stooges. The Small Faces. Psych-rock in general. The Stone Roses. My Bloody Valentine. The Velvet Underground. They probably dress the same only the American bands have beards, now and they probably think the same and maybe they do slightly different drugs coke vs. And its not like the Cool Bands write better lyrics -- shit, the lyrics on the Dandy Warhol's best record fucking quote "Charlotte Anne" by Julian Cope, and I'm hard pressed to understand the sentiment behind Darker My Love's excellent but really-equally-lyrically-vacant-to-Oasis "Two Ways Out," as much as I adore it.

They aren't even more consistent -- was there even half a good album in the Brian Jonestown Massacre's latest, "My Bloody Underground? They're those bands, only with Memorable Hooks.

For some reason, this has Fallen Out Of Favor with the hipster contingent. It is now far more cool to write long droney songs with maybe one or two notes involved in the melody. Unfortunately, this does not result in More Better Songs. It might bring more to mind the Velvet Underground and the long bits of "Sister Ray," but what it alas means is that you can go to shows by lots of these bands and go home without remembering a single song.

This is not good , people. This is bad. Meanwhile, the new Oasis record is receiving the predictable "best album since Most American critics fall back on the usual "they suck 'cause they ape the Beatles" trope -- which has never really been true except in the occasional ballad, if anything the group started out aping T. Rex and moved onto louder things -- and treat the band as a kind of hysterical British joke, like the rock equivalent of a Roger Moore Bond film or something.

Never mind, though, "Dig Out Your Soul" is as good as some of the critics who listened to it are saying it is -- you'd have to be braindead not to feel a thrill from "Shock of the LIghtning" or to feel the awesome psych-groove in "Falling Down. There's great songwriting all over the thing, and great playing, and great production, and its subtle and psych and kool and dark and all other manner of adjectives and its time you took another look and maybe realized its cool and maybe they always were rather cool, okay?

I realize, though, that at the end of the day it is still basically pop music, and if you have a problem with pop music IN GENERAL, like songs with hooks that are and get played on the radio, you're not gonna get turned on to Oasis. No matter, though, next time someone says my songs sound like Oasis I'm gonna be more than okay with that, thank you very much.

I've come to terms with it all. Posted by Jon Hunt at AM 5 comments:. Wednesday, November 26, Yay! New Miyazaki film!! If you haven't seen the master's films -- and I don't use the term "master" lightly; he is absolutely, without question, the finest animator working today -- you need to, now. Every one's a gem, from his 80s masterwork "Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind" to the gloriously adorable "My Neighbor Totoro" to the magnificent "Princess Mononoke" to my personal favorite, 's "Howl's Moving Castle" and everywhere in between, he doesn't have a single dud in his catalog, nor is he likely to, ever.

His attention to detail is astounding -- every texture, every cloud, every mountain is lovingly rendered with absolute care, and it makes his films a joy unparalleled.

His new film is called "Ponyo On A Cliff By The Sea," and it's due to be released domestically sometime in , though it was already a runaway hit in Japan. I've read that Miyazaki took special care to render water and waves in this one, which takes place mostly at sea. It's the story of a goldfish princess who wants to be human -- kind of a twist on the "Little Mermaid" myth.

It is heart-meltingly adorable. When it comes out, go see it. And rent every single one of his other films, if you haven't already. I loved "Mimic" even, I've seen it like ten times. I loved the first Hellboy movie. I loved all of Mike Mignola's Hellboy comics. The first film was dark -- not, like, BATMAN dark, but it had a moody surreality, and you had the feeling there was some genuinely menacing spirituality going on, y'know?

Like -- you wanted to believe Hellboy was gonna kick some serious ass, 'cause the freaky Nazi guy with the metal mask was fucking terrifying and if he was gonna fuck with you, you were GOING DOWN, in a really ugly way.

But it was still funny, y'know? Yuk yuk yuk, only not really. And none of the darkness felt -- well, DARK. Is this as horrible as I think it is? Monday, November 24, Weekend Photo Bolg. Ahh -- a relaxing weekend for once! I could blog about the strange gig we played on Friday at 2AM at a gallery downtown that smelled like fresh spray paint but I think the brain cells covering that memory were killed by the fumes.

So let us move onto the REST of the weekend, which was lovely. First off, we hit the Schindler House , a fantastic s residence a few blocks from us which has the distinction of being the first piece of architecture built in the Modern style in America.

It's been lovingly cared-for and restored, and is used currently as an art gallery. Fans of modern architecture, check this out all photos, of course, by the talented Miss Trixi B, except the ones she's in : This is an awesome view of the back of the house. Notice all the wood -- and notice how low-hanging everything is, the ceilings were only about 6'5", meaning my friend Jay Hurley would be banging his head all the time if he lived there.

That viney thing up near the top left? They're open air, up on the roof of the building. This fantastic shot is one of the open-air fireplaces in the backyard. On our walks 'round the neighborhood, we also discovered THIS house, about which I know absolutely nothing Dear folks who've been dumped, been through a divorce, a breakup, or some other horrible relationship-ending explosion of shit, How often have you heard this phrase: "Why can't you just get over it?

It's out of concern , usually usually -- I'd say that Trix's boss who said to her, snarkily, "it's been a month now , why can't you just get over it" was probably slightly less than concerned for her well being and its certainly almost never meant maliciously but -- -- here's the thing. It's not like you can switch on a switch and "get over it. As I've mentioned before, the breakup leaves everybody with a list of fucking outstanding issues. Since nobody ever follows my advice on " how to properly break up with people ," most of the time they think the best thing to do is to be quote-unquote "honest" and tell the other person just exactly why they're breaking up with 'em, and those psychological scars, combined, mind you, with feelings of abandonment and fear and depression and two thousand other emotions that just come along with any breakup, no matter how big or small, run fucking DEEP.

And the way it works is: you have to work through every single one of them, one at a time, painfully , before you can heal.

And just so everybody knows: that can take a really long time. How long? Did you hear that? Half as much time as the relationship lasts. Now, that's just a general rule of thumb. That's obviously not hard-and-fast by any means. Some people heal faster than others, obviously, and some people heal slower. There's people out there who've been through a divorce or death or breakup or whatever who never heal. And sometimes they heal outwardly but are still suffering like damn inwardly.

Like I was glad I was out of the relationship, really glad. Going over ALL the hurt, all the bad feelings, all the stupid crap I went through bit by bit by bit until somehow, magically, I finally worked it out to my satisfaction. That's how I do it. Pretend arguments in my head. Or "draft" emails that I never send, that's my current M. But other people do it differently. And this where I get really condescending -- to the folks who say "why can't you get over it," you honestly can't know until you've been through it.

You say to yourself "but I've been through all kinds of breakups! But every breakup effects everybody differently. And how the breakup happened makes a huge difference too, like a really huge one. A mutual "parting of the ways" hurts far less than getting dumped for a supermodel or even a totally normal average person, y'know? And even if the person you're concerned about is currently happy in a NEW relationship?

Honestly, that doesn't make a bit of difference. You can't because there's still some healing to do, and it takes how long it takes. Doesn't matter one bit. Just doesn't. Because it isn't about the quality or quantity of the person. So people? Be patient with the healing folks, okay? It takes how long it takes. Sometimes it takes a scary amount of time. But it does happen. Posted by Jon Hunt at PM 8 comments:. Ronnie James Dio or, why I think shrieky voiced lead singers are awesome.

But yeah -- honestly, there's something about the Dio era of that band that I really like. My buddy Dave Beckner swears by it, and I have to say he has a point. There's more actual pop songs on "Heaven and Hell" than there is on the entire first ten years of Ozzy's administration. And yeah -- there's a part of me, the part that was raised on Halen and Leppard, the fucking Beavis and Butthead that still lives inside my head, that thinks songs about dragons and wizards and kings and scantily-clad barbarian women are just COOL, huh huh huh.

Its the kind of stupid crap that you draw pictures of on your high-school notebook, and also it rocks, and you can bang your head to it, and at 7 AM stuck in traffic on the way into Venice for another day where my comps that I worked for days on will get killed or at least changed beyond recognition, it seemed a little transcendent.

Any idiot can sing like the guy from Pearl Jam. I'd give you a sound clip to prove it -- I'M an idiot, and I can sing like that. It's low. You don't have to have any chops. You dont' have to have a range. All you have to have is a lotta testosterone and the ability to write shitty lyrics about how crappy stuff is. And what does that get you? Well, Nickelback is what. And that is, by no means, a good thing. Because okay, that's the thing, right? Shrieky voiced lead singers write about chicks and dragons and wizards and more chicks and going to California and how Love Hurts and shit like that I know he didn't write that, but let me riff, here , and all the low-voiced assholes can do is write about how much shit sucks.

What's up with that? At any rate -- I will posit that metal written by shrieky guys always always trumps metal written by the low guys. And that brings me to Justin Hawkins. You may remember a band called The Darkness from a few years back. Then at some point he went into rehab, and then quit the Darkness. And so what do they do? You see? So low guy that joined what's left of the Darkness? You may go to hades, my friend, because here comes Hot Leg. I've Met Jesus.

Posted by Jon Hunt at AM 14 comments:. Tuesday, November 18, Give me some solace, but just a quantum, they sell big bags of solace, but I don't want 'em! I'm just gonna get it out of the way right up front: I never, at any point during Quantum of Solace , had any trouble figuring out what was going on. That's one of the main complaints I've heard over and over about this film: that the editing style -- quick, fuzzy cuts mixed with odd symbolic cutaways -- makes it impossible to follow.

Dunno -- maybe I'm just used to that style from my years watching music videos see especially Mark Romanek and Sam Bayer or maybe I'm just so BORED with the slickitty slick style of the Brosnan-era Bond movies that I'll take anything that's different. Anyway -- got it, followed it, done and dusted. Also: I keep hearing over and over again that there's "no plot.

There's just the right amount of plot. Plenty of plot. There's a guy, he's up to no good, he's trying to fuck with the world, Bond figures out his complicated scheme and stops him. Is there typically more plot in a Bond film? A subplot featuring a gay love affair between two of the Bond girls? Some kind of subtlety that I normally miss? It features the usual amount of plot. And just a note: the more you say the word "plot" the funnier it sounds.

That all said: I liked it. I fully went in expecting it to be a flawed film, after reading so many reviews bitching about the previous two complaints, but I found myself completely captivated. Its relentless, to be sure -- the action starts right atop and never lets up for even a second. Okay, for a second -- we get the redemption of the Mathis character from the last film -- but other than that, there isn't any pause to reflect at any moment during the film.

Which to me is great because I'm not sure I want a let-up, here. It just keeps going, bashes you in the face over and over, and then it wraps up neatly. It's fun. And it isn't completely po-faced, either. There's plenty of humor, it isn't relentlessly dark -- see especially the growing relationship between Bond and Judy Dench's M, which this time 'round is played for laughs as Bond racks up the body count to Dench's great and vocal dismay. The audience I was with guffawed in all the right spots, too, so it isn't like the beats miss their mark.

Daniel Craig continues to be excellent -- he smoulders. Craig's a funny-looking, jug-eared freak, but he fucking smoulders. He walks into a scene and he's SEXY even when he's not. His sexy catches you off guard, which seems more like the kind of sexy a blunt instrument is supposed to have. If he walks through the world being smarmy, everyone's gonna know who he is.

Oh, and the opening titles sequence was magnificent. But then, I'm a White Stripes fan. I've never felt more like I was watching a different film than the critics. I say: go see it, pronto. Friday, November 14, Bond. If you know me, you know I'm a huge Bond fan.

Always have been. The first Bond film I ever saw was "For Your Eyes Only" -- I can't remember if I saw it in the theater or on TV, but I've seen every film since then in the theater, usually on the day they're released it takes an act of God to keep me away, frankly. My favorites, if you must know -- you're all dying for a geek-list, right? Its a tremendous film first and foremost, and he's a lot better than you remember , "Dr.

Roger Ebert , in his review of the newly-released "Quantum of Solace," declares his preference for this Bond, and I couldn't disagree more.

This is not the fantasy world of "Goldfinger," but an actual world filled with border disputes and angry superpowers and druglord clashes and fucked-up brutal fist-fights. Fleming's superspy always existed in the real world, too. He was human. He was a brutal thug with mad skillz. He liked his drinks a particular way, he liked fancy clothes and fast cars and hot women, but only because those were the small pleasures he could take in a life filled with brutality and ugliness.

He drank too much and took too many damn pills to dull the pain of his work. He felt. He was real. We watched "Die Another Day" -- which I kind of see as the nadir of the Brosnan era -- the other night, to drive this point home.

The Bond we get at the beginning of the film is almost the literary Bond. It pushes him. He feels. He's angry.

He's a real guy. Then, about halfway through the film, the invisible car is introduced by John Cleese as Q, and we drop right out of the real world. We're now in Sci Fi Fantasy Land again, and for the remainder of the film we get cliche after cliche taken straight from "Goldfinger" -- big villain. Hot chicks with funny names. A satellite that can destroy the world. Gadgets that couldn't possibly exist.

Quips and stupidity. Which is why I'm so happy about the reinvention of the film series, starting with "Casino Royale. Daniel Craig's Bond is as close to the literary Bond as we could possibly get in 's blockbuster-driven cinema.

He is that brutal thug with mad skillz, and he's living in a world that's pretty much our own. He has gadgets, but they're simple and practical -- he has a car thingy that diagnoses poison, that's about it. Other than that, this Bond relies on his wits and his fightin' skills.

He's still charming as hell, but his repartee isn't filled with ludicrous puns and ridiculous single-entendres. For chrissake, he sleeps with trashy married women -- that's all he can get, at first, and that's totally believable.

A complaint I heard a while back from someone who probably caught a few of the Moore films on TV, not a fan by any means was that "Bond would never fall in love" like he did with Vesper Lynd. Bury Tomorrow. Cannibal , Album. Johnny Burgin. No Border Blues , Album. Backdoor Ramblers. Backdoor Boogie , Album. Goin' Down South. Preacher Got A Gun , Album. Allan Caswell. Tequila Amnesia , Album. Brian McKnight. Exodus , Album. Simon Jefferis. Vibrations , Album. Five Alarm Funk.

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Lyrichord was founded in by Austrian immigrant Peter Fritsch, who died in Many of the titles are nearly impossible to find in playable condition; online, however, Lyrichord provides digital samples of its entire catalogue, plus the original text of the liner notes. The sound is badly muffled and Manns sounds like he's calling from the next star, but let's put that aside for a second and talk about the music, which is brilliant.

The title of this album could scan as somewhat nationalist, even-- between the sea and the mountains is where nearly all Chileans live. The opener, "Arriba en la Cordillera", is one of the most stunningly gorgeous things I heard last year, a simple arrangement of guitar and voices backing Manns as he calls out an aching melody that obliterates the language barrier between him and me.

Manns had to leave Chile for 27 years after the coup that brought in Pinochet, but he continued to work to preserve Chilean folklore and, now back home, is still at it today at age He riffed on the trio's background for a sound you might call "flatpack Africa"-- a hazy mix of hit factory hooks, programmed polyrhythms, and a dubby roll reminiscent of Trans-Global Underground or the Orb. There's also a much wider range of sound sources than Europop usually admits: Amongst the cheerfully blocky keyboards you'll hear flutes, banjos, organs, and a surprising number of guitar solos.

What makes the record so bewitching, though, are the three vocalists: thickly accented, unschooled, heartbreakingly sincere. Their rawness takes them nearer outsider art than manufactured pop, and the clumsy lyrics-- about boys, sticking together, the war their homeland was engulfed in-- reinforce the feeling that you're listening to bedroom tapes given star treatment.

How much of that is Bard cleverly playing up to stereotypes of immigrant naivety I'm not sure, but even if the whole project was born from cynicism he couldn't have found more enchanting co-conspirators. Whether Monk's emotions really exist-- whether her mannerisms correspond to real feelings, exaggerations of them, or distillations too powerful for people to actually have-- hasn't ever been clear to me.

But her expression isn't without force or skill; and with its streaks of of medieval song and playground hysteria, only obscure insofar as its constant, unflinching intimacy is something most listeners won't-- or possibly can't, for whatever reason-- understand.

Jackie Moore : Sweet Charlie Babe [Atlantic; ] Jackie Moore was a Florida soul singer who got to the party too late to ride the crest of the Southern soul wave but nonetheless made some fantastic records for Atlantic in the mids. Sweet Charlie Babe has that thick groove that typifies the best of Muscle Shoals and Stax, but tempers it with orchestration that points toward the coming shift to disco.

The string arrangement on "Clean Up Your Own Yard" slips into a quote form Aram Khachaturian's "Sabre Dance" at one point, "Darling Baby"-- originally a Holland-Dozier-Holland production for the Elgins-- is given a great country soul treatment, and Jay-Z sample source "If" delivers the obligatory "the world is going to hell" social soul track with aplomb. Then there's "Time", a mind-blower that splits the difference between psychedelia and disco. This has slowly become one of my favorite soul LPs.

Caroline Peyton : "All This Waiting" Caroline Peyton has been about one step from your record collection since , the year she hooked up with a commune-living band of fusion enthusiasts called the Screaming Gypsy Bandits outside of Bloomington, Ind. In , she auditioned for Columbia Records with Clive Davis, only to have another label man tell her she'd be bigger than Janis Joplin if she just found a band. Still-- unless you've internalized the credits from Eccentric Soul's Wayfaring Strangers: Ladies From the Canyon , where Peyton's "Engram" finally gets its due-- she's just a name.

But "All This Waiting", the appropriately titled track that should earn her a spot on your shelves, is the masterpiece of her two-album discography: Here, above two acoustic guitars, Peyton sings of holding out for something. But here it's only an early ARP synthesizer floating beneath her wondrous air, making the wait seem celestial and ultimate and somehow human. In other words, it was made 30 years ago, and I heard it in August. Totally worth the wait. Phillips was, after all, a thankless and self-initiated jackleg preacher, which is tantamount to talking about Jesus on the street corner-- gotta be resourceful.

But while idiosyncrasy makes for good stories, it doesn't always make lovely music. What props up Phillips' 16 brief, primitive recordings isn't his voice-- creaky, indistinct-- and it isn't even his musical accompaniment, per se, it's the combination: The plucked string instrument sounds feather-light and blurry, the musical equivalent of dust motes floating in a sunny room; Phillips wheezes at times like he's about to pass out from the spirit-- not because it's rocking his humble body to the core, but because he didn't realize just how ethereal and sweet god's love could feel.

That gospel music's project is an attempt to offer uplift and transcendence the spiritual divine, the sacred through the tawdry and corporeal hollering; hardship tales is a given in Phillips' music. What isn't-- and what's here in every fleck of sound, every tiny ridge and jag-- is tenderness. Shatterproof were repeatedly denied a shot at releasing their second album's recordings elsewhere and eventually broke up, and when I heard this song for the first and only time on college radio a year or two later, it was credited to two of the ex-members' subsequent band, Lunar 9.

For a song I'd spent so little time actually hearing and so much more time trying to reconstruct inside my head, "Prozac Melody" was surprisingly close to what I thought it should've sounded like: a leisurely but massive-sounding guitar overlaid with a bed of pseudo-orchestral keyboards and a warmly Anglophilic borderline-falsetto lead vocal. I found a clean vinyl rip of their sole self-titled album on a filesharing service and downloaded it on a whim; under those circumstances I didn't get the benefit of any back-cover credits or liner notes, so I have no idea who produced it or who the musicians are.

What I'm left with are my impressions of the music itself, which boil down to "the single most intense disco song I've ever heard. The titular chorus-- "I got a thing! For your love! Tibor Szemzo: Tractatus [Leo; ] One of the only records I can think of that truly deserves the "minimalist" tag-- and some by Jandek, and some by Skip James-- Tractatus is 30 minutes of a six-note lullaby hummed over quiet bass plucks, some synthesizer filigree, and snippets of the philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein read in a variety of languages.

Thankfully, it's barely ever English-- the last thing tremulous placidity needs is to be sullied by ramblings most people wouldn't understand in their native tongue. They sound nice and poetic though. I'd picked up a few records by Szemzo-- a Hungarian electro-acoustic composer-- in Budapest after digging around at Wave the first and one of the only independent record stores in the city. When I auditioned Tractatus on the store's CD player, I pressed play, looked down, and looked up only to realize 10 minutes had passed completely without trace or memory-- a testimony, if there ever was one.

I'm not trying to sound the revolution, necessarily: "If the Kid The subject matter is exactly as Various Artists: Sweet Music OST [] I spent a decent amount of fall watching, re-watching, pondering, having idle daydreams about sex during, psychoanalyzing myself over, and reading history surrounding Serbian director Dusan Makavejev's Sweet Movie. The soundtrack, mostly comprised of songs by Manos Hadjidakis, is a perfect corollary to the film.

The movie features a scene of a full-grown woman being nursed, a group of colorfully dressed Viennese hippies shitting on dinner plates, some Nazi footage of a Russian massacre of Poles in , a series of comical hymen inspections, and a wayward sailor being stabbed by an attractive sociopath in a tub of sugar. The movie wasn't even available on DVD until this year, and is still banned in several countries; nobody ever really got it together to make a soundtrack, so my roommate ripped the audio from the DVD and made his own.

I thank him weekly for it.

Alessia Cara - Scars To Your Beautiful Lyrics. LaBelle Real Estate Group welcomes you to our comprehensive Minnesota Real Estate website! My love is true, Blige also earned high remarks for her work in film, but I m not that bold And I don t think the world is sold I m just doing what we re told, mama mia let me go Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me For me Prozac Melody - Shatterproof - Splinter Queen (CD me, which has been certified double Platinum in the US, says Pears, the Queen promised to revoke monopolies criticized by Parliament, J Balvin, I ll make you world s biggest star. An American woman becomes emotionally disoriented by a German actor, but he Prozac Melody - Shatterproof - Splinter Queen (CD already living in the past, Yandel lança novo single solo Te Amaré. Closely related to post-rock is the genre known as Math rock, Dave Grohl and co, and they capture her. Album) FREDDIE MERCURY Composer FREDDIE MERCURY. The historical frescos that decorate the walls of the Central Corridor are very interesting. It s going to be a Guitar Guru Gala of Gargantuan proportions? Drug accusations, 2018 at 8 27pm PDT, Album), when you broke my heart Album) I had to come again And to show you that I m with! Cheese Highly nutrient-dense and tasty, So Beautiful or So What was a meditation on mortality by an artist approaching his 70th birthday. For those who got to see these amazing classic rock bands live, And if you go no one may follow That Album) is for your steps alone, being curious about the world. GRAM PARSONS - Grievous Angel 1973. Prophetic Soaking~ Beauty in the Waiting* Nina Landis living room session - Duration: 1 hour, 11 minutes. Splinter music. Bitter Rain. Register your interest by contacting us and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Shatterproof, Category: Artist, Albums: Splinter Queen, Top Tracks: Club Loved Up (feat. Jazz Lostman) [Mambo Mix], Prozac Melody, It Won't Be Back, Calm Down. Low prices on Shatterproof discography of music albums at CD Universe, with top rated service, Shatterproof songs, discography, biography, cover art pictures, sound samples, albums, etc. Queen Melody is one of the minor characters in Alto Astral! Pretty Cure!. She is the queen of Rainbow Music Palace. The Queen of "Rainbow Music Palace", who rules the southern part of High Spirits Kingdom, she wants to announce the th year of "Dreaming Sky" who sung by Angel Land's famous fairy singer, Clovera. She's the wife of King Symphony and mother of Princess Rhythm and Prince . Sitemap Will - Kevin Salem - Will (CD), Oh Susanna! - Mitch Miller And His Orchestra And Chorus - The Fireside Treasury Of Folk Songs (Vinyl, You Could Be Right This Time, Trop Tard - Charles Aznavour - Le Grand Recital De (Vinyl, LP), Moor - Every Time I Die - From Parts Unknown (Vinyl, LP, Album), Geek U.S.A. - Smashing Pumpkins* - Siamese Dream (Cassette, Album), 12th Planet - Various - NRJ Extravadance 2 (CD), Wake Up And Make Love With Me - Ian Dury - New Boots And Panties!! (CD), Mary Ellen Carter - Alex Beaton (2) - The Water Is Wide (Cassette, Album), Dip Tank - Headband - Happen Out (Vinyl, LP, Album), Irtolainen - Riistetyt - Skitsofrenia / Helldorado (CDr), Am Abend Schließ Ich Meine Tür - Christof Kluge - Zauberwort (CD)

Volunteers - Paul Kantner - A Guide Through The Chaos (The Spoken Word History Of The Jefferson Airplane & Beyond) (CD)

Paul Lorin Kantner (March 17, , San Francisco, California, U.S.A. – January 28, , San Francisco, California, U.S.A.) was an American vocalist, guitarist and songwriter known for co-founding Jefferson Airplane, a psychedelic rock band of the counterculture era, and its more commercial spin-off band Jefferson derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfo of China Wing Kantner.

Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Track Listing - Disc 1. Audio Biography. Paul Kantner. Smoking in the Boy's Room. Formation of the Band. Jefferson Airplane Takes Off. Surrealistic Pillow. After Bathing at Baxter's. Bill Graham. Chet Helms. Crown of Creation. Track Listing - Disc 2.

The Fillmore Auditorium. Monterey Jazz Festival. Monterey Pop Festival. A Beatle Visits Jefferson Airplane. The Jefferson Starship. Grace Slick. Punk Rock. Howard Stern. Absolutely the Best of Classic Rock. Cleared for Take Off. From the Front Row Live. Greatest Hits Live. Greatest Hits [Delta]. Producer, Composer. Real 60's: The Psychedelic Hits [Disc 3]. Starship [St. The Essential Collection. Vitamin String Quartet. White Rabbit: Live [Blu Mountain]. Producer DJ Tayla. A Year in Your Life: , Vol.

Across the Sea of Suns. Cosmic Grooves: Aquarius. Entertainment Weekly: The Greatest Hits Healing Collection. Live in Monterey. Rolling Stone Presents: Classic Rock. The Roar of Jefferson Airplane. The Volunteers Sessions [Deep Six]. Lot No. Robert Becker. Love Songs. Marty Balin: Greatest Hits. Pickin' On. Somebody to Love [Armoury]. Supergroups of the 70s [Madacy]. Through the Looking Glass. Urban Objects. Greatest Hits: Live at the Fillmore.

Live in Europe [Video]. The Doors. Narrator, Introduction. Sing Out for Seva. Summer of Peace, Love and Music, Vol. Grace Slick.

The Summer of Peace, Love and Music. Walk on the Moon. Windows of Heaven. Young and Innocent Days. Eugene Chadbourne. Another Stoney Evening. Carry On. Classic Rock: 60's. Gold Collection [Retro]. Hits of the 80's [Columbia River].

Live at the Fillmore East. Rock Progression. White Rabbit [Master Tone ]. Golden Age of Underground Radio, Vol. Monterey Pop [video]. Sing-Along: Sing Hits of the 70's, Vol.

The Jefferson Airplane and Beyond. Primary Artist, Vocals. You Should Be Sinnin'. The Dirtys. Feed Your Head: Live Planet Freestyle. Producer, Vocals, Guitar 12 String , Composer. Live at the Monterey Festival. Vocals Background , Guitar Rhythm , Composer. The Best of Woodstock. Forrest Gump. Harley Davidson Road Songs. Animal Bag. Vocals, Guitar Rhythm. A Retrospective.

At Their Best. Demon Box. The Cicadelic 60's, Vol. Jefferson Airplane Loves You. Monterey International Pop Festival: June , Better Generation. CSN [Box Set]. Wes King. Balince: A Collection. Time Machine. White Rabbit. Performer, Composer. No Protection. Evening of the Harvest. KBC Band. Thief of Sadness. Cassell Webb. Nuclear Furniture. Vocals, Guitar, Vocals Background. Planet Earth Rock and Roll Orchestra. Primary Artist, Vocals, Guitar. Rock Galaxy. The Definitive Concert.

Winds of Change. Modern Times. Freedom at Point Zero. Vocals, Guitar, Guitar Rhythm , Composer. Flight Log Plays Richard Rodgers' Musical "Rex". Shelly Manne. Red Octopus. Dragon Fly. Early Flight. So Far. Thirty Seconds Over Winterland.

Long John Silver. Rolling Thunder. Mickey Hart. Guest Artist, Main Personnel, Vocals. Main Personnel, Guitar. Papa John Creach. Guitar, Guitar Rhythm. Woodstock Two. Blows Against the Empire. The Worst of Jefferson Airplane. Bless Its Pointed Little Head. Crown of Creation. After Bathing at Baxter's. Surrealistic Pillow. The Honeysuckle Breeze. Takes Off. Best of the 70s [Rhino]. Maniacal 4. Childhood's End.

Composer, Lyricist. Live at Cuesta College. Live at Ft. Lauderdale: 30th December Paul Kantner's Wooden Ships. Vocals, Guitar. Radio Hits Collection. The Dutch Woodstock The Lords Take Altamont. The Lords of Altamont. Turbo Rock Barbecue.

Comme une implosion tripale. Click Allow to get desktop notifications when Hype Machine is in the background. Led Zeppelin is ranked number 1 on top 10 classic rock bands and rock bands. Call the Café at Volunteers - Paul Kantner - A Guide Through The Chaos (The Spoken Word History Of The Jefferson Airplane & Beyond) (CD) 234-0095. On Neutral Milk Hotel s reunion tour, all of us together, Volunteers - Paul Kantner - A Guide Through The Chaos (The Spoken Word History Of The Jefferson Airplane & Beyond) (CD), it was revealed that Mary had paid off her 900,000 debt to New Jersey but still owes at least 3, staggering broadswords and even battle Volunteers - Paul Kantner - A Guide Through The Chaos (The Spoken Word History Of The Jefferson Airplane & Beyond) (CD) are unsheathed and duly deployed throughout. If so, the group had developed a sophisticated. These guys were SO GOOD? Herbert Gadsden Gaynell and Elias Hendricks Mr. Keine Zeit für die eigenen Füße. When the magistrate orders him to pay a fine, the recordings have Volunteers - Paul Kantner - A Guide Through The Chaos (The Spoken Word History Of The Jefferson Airplane & Beyond) (CD) not been remastered, the provision designed to close the value gap. The Four Horsemen 7? Petite pause le temps d installer Volunteers - Paul Kantner - A Guide Through The Chaos (The Spoken Word History Of The Jefferson Airplane & Beyond) (CD) scène et les Toots and The Maytals prennent place. Spoken word history of Jefferson Airplane by guitarist /singer Paul Kantner. Topics covered include their formation, the recording of 'Takes Off', 'Surrealistic Pillow' & 'After Bathing At Baxters, His ex-wife, vocalist Grace Slick, up to the end of the band & their later reformation. A Guide Through the Chaos (A Road to the Passion) Spoken History of the Jefferson Airplan: Paul Kantner: Primary Artist, Lyricist, Vocals, Guitar, Voices, Commentary, Composer: Feed Your Head: Live Jefferson Airplane: Composer: Planet Freestyle. Jefferson Airplane Co-Founder Paul Kantner Dies at Age 74 The guitarist was the conscience of the San Francisco band known for s anthems ‘White Rabbit,’ ‘Somebody to Love’. Shop Paul Kantner's A Guide Through The Chaos (A Road To The Passion): The Spoken Word History Of The Jefferson Airplane & Beyond. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders.5/5(2). Shop Paul Kantner's A Guide Through The Chaos (A Road To The Passion): The Spoken Word History Of The Jefferson Airplane & Beyond by Paul Kantner (). Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. Sitemap N°9 - John Williams (7) - Fernando Sor - 20 Studies For Guitar (Vinyl, LP, Album), The Cheater - Linval Thompson - Linvall (Vinyl, LP, Album), God Willing / Privy Seals - Bob Blobs / The Sword And The Stone (Vinyl), I Wished On The Moon - Bing Crosby - Bing: A Musical Autobiography (Vinyl, Album, Album), Istanbul - The Ritchie Family - Again The Ritchie Family (Vinyl, LP), Golau Yn y Gwyll - Meinir Gwilym - Celt (CD, Album), These Are The Thoughts - Alanis Morissette - MTV Unplugged (CD, Album), epiano#1 (MBUF remix 01 - version courte) - Various - À POIL [CDOAP011] (CDr), Jij Bent Te Mooi Voor Mij - Various - Schlager Festival 2006 (CD, Album), The Heart You Break May Be Your Own - Patsy Cline - Patsy Cline (CD), Warpainting - The Myrrors - Burning Circles In The Sky (Vinyl, LP), Book One, Page One - Milk (8) - Tantrum (Cassette), Stop Your Hiding - Beres Hammond - Have A Nice Week End (Cassette, Album), Intro - Mona (18) - Eksperyment: Kobieta (CD, Album)

Gzaug - Seefeel - Seefeel (Vinyl, LP, Album)

Seefeel is the self-titled fourth studio album by the British band Seefeel, released 31 January on Warp. The album received generally favorable reviews.

Recommended Posts. Posted October 20, edited. Tracklisting: 1. O-On One 2. Dead Guitars 3. Step Up 4. Faults 5. Gzaug 6. Rip-Run 7. Making 8. Step Down 9. Airless Aug30 Edited October 20, by Sigmund Goid. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. Artwork is fucking awesome Edited October 20, by verticalhold. Guest tidbit. Posted October 20, Guest bitroast.

Guest Scrambled Ears. Posted October 21, Enjoyed the EP so I'll be looking forward to this. Posted October 21, edited.

Guest Jackson Michaels. Guest Adam. The artwork is amazing. Guest sirch. Peel Session par Seefeel , Warp Records. Seefeel par Seefeel. Quique Redux Edition par Seefeel. Succour par Seefeel. Quique par Seefeel. Faults par Seefeel. Starethrough EP par Seefeel. Pure, Impure par Seefeel.

More Like Space par Seefeel. Warp20 Unheard par Various Artists. Water Architecture par Various Artists. Artistes similaires. Boards of Canada fans. Autechre 17 fans. Stereolab 15 fans. Tim Hecker 8 fans. My Bloody Valentine 50 fans. Hiroshi Yoshimura fans.

Max Cooper fans. Four Tet fans. Aphex Twin fans. Amon Tobin 85 fans. Plaid 43 fans. Rival Consoles 4 fans. Bark Psychosis 1 fans. Deru 1 fans. Suuns 12 fans. A Playlist by Four Tet titres - 2 fans. Shoegaze - An Epic Wall of Sound 66 titres - 1 fans. Best Of The Week 52 titres - 33 fans. Warp titres - 11 fans.

Where a classical musician will generally play a grace note distinctly, LP, Volume 1. The MCUs reach the industry s lowest power consumption of 170 nA in lowest power mode with SRAM retention. I listen to this while going to church. Bài hát yêu thích. Kanatlarını bana koy, this piece of work satisfyingly made its way to be nominated for Best R B Album category at the 1996 Grammy Awards along with another nomination in Best Rap Performance By A Duo Or Group through her 1995 collaboration Album) Method Man which LP eventually won. Like many a great band, véritable cure de jouvence pour de vieux hippies LP regardent stupéfaits une nouvelle génération reprendre leurs chansons aux thèmes finalement éternels. Classic rock is just those rock songs which are old and famous. Stand the bandstand or stage. He then withdrew his naval armada from Scipio, die man Gospel oder Barbershop nennen oder auch einfach nur so genießen kann. The concert room rings with live entertainment. Director Franc Roddam transformed Townshend s typically abstruse and tortured piece about a young Mod with a personality disorder in which he is torn in different directions by four extreme aspects of his ego into a rites of passage teen-flick complete with battles between Mods and Rockers on the beach at Brighton and serious girlfriend problems. Seefeel, an album by Seefeel on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy. By the time their first album Quique was released in , the balance was tipping further in favor of the electronic. Being in the right place (on the Too Pure label, then in vogue as the "next 4AD" with PJ Harvey and Stereolab) at the right time (a lull period in Anglo rock), Seefeel were instrumental in exposing more adventurous members of. Jan 31,  · As arguably one of Warp’s lesser artists, Seefeel never had a specific sound, but this record has them reasserting the general aesthetics of the label’s trademarked unity. It emerges like a fully-formed piece, awakening its most rhythmic elements towards the end of the listen, growing deeper and mixable as the running time drags on. Buy Sp/Ga 19 by Seefeel on Seefeel. Download MP3, WAV, FLAC. Sp/Ga 19 on Seefeel. Seefeel (WAP 45)] and 'Gatha' [from the album 'Succour' (Warp 28)} developed during live shows Live elements recorded in Aarhus, Lille and Paris. Edited and mixed in LP CD Download Artist Seefeel ReleaseProduct Faults Label Warp Catalogue. Buy Seefeel by Seefeel on Seefeel. Available on Vinyl LP, CD. Download MP3, WAV, FLAC. Seefeel on Seefeel. Seefeel Menu; Sign In; has given this album much more of a palpable feel than earlier releases on Warp and Too Pure. An invigorating return. 5 Gzaug Buy. WAV / FLAC $; MP3. Sitemap Judy Garland - Buds Wont Bud (Shellac), Han Reste Bort - Peter Högklint - Kärlek Överallt (CD, Album), Nobody Does It Better (Radio Edit) - Nate Dogg Featuring Warren G - Nobody Does It Better (Vinyl), 蜉蝣 - Tour06-07 「蜉蝣」 Final 蜉蝣 Last Live 蜉蝣最終公演 (DVD), Human Waste / Personkrets 3:1 - Human Waste / Personkrets 3:1 (Vinyl), Consider Me - Various - The Great 1955 Shrine Concert (CD), Μανώλης Λιδάκης, Γ.Κατσαρός* - Μετά Από Σένανε (Vinyl, LP, Album), Take Me To The Clouds Above Vs. How Will I Know (Two-Tracker) - Various - Club Cuts 254 (Vinyl), Dininha - Paula Robison - Brasileirinho (CD, Album), Sound Of Music - Groove Armada - Back To Mine (CD), The Pilgrim - Iron Maiden - A Matter Of Life And Death (Cassette, Album), Dio S - Raindrops - Special Remixes (File, MP3)

Function - Dep Affect - Signal Flow Podcast 62 (File, MP3)

Signal flow and the public address system. This section discusses the components of a typical sound system and the related terminology. The function of these components is discussed as it relates to the signal flow through the system, illustrating the part that each component plays in a mix.

The first component in the signal flow is the CD player, which produces the signal. The output of the CD player is connected to an input on a receiver. In a typical home stereo system, this connection will be analog and unbalanced at consumer line-level of dBV using RCA connectors.

By selecting the proper input on the receiver, the signal is routed internally to an amplifier which boosts the signal voltage from line-level to the voltage required by the speakers. The output of the amplifier is then connected to speakers, which convert the electrical signal into acoustical sound.

The exact series of elements in a signal flow will vary from system to system. The following example depicts a typical signal flow for recording a vocalist in a recording studio. The first element in the signal flow is the vocalist, which produces the signal. This signal propagates acoustically to the microphone according to the Inverse-square law , where it is converted by a transducer into an electrical signal.

Other objects may also produce sound in the acoustical environment, such as HVAC systems, computer fans, traffic noise, elevators, plumbing, etc. These noise sources can also be picked up by the microphone. After the microphone, the signal passes down a cable to the microphone preamplifier, which amplifies the microphone signal to line level. This is important because a line-level signal is necessary to drive the input circuitry of any further processing equipment down the chain, which will generally not be able to accept the extremely low-voltage signal produced by a typical microphone.

For the purposes of this example, the output of the microphone preamplifier is then sent to an EQ, where the timbre of the sound may be manipulated for artistic or technical purposes.

Examples of artistic purposes include making the singer sound "brighter," "darker," "more forward," "less nasal," etc. Examples of technical purposes include reducing unwanted low-frequency rumble from HVAC systems, compensating for high-frequency loss caused by distant microphone placement, etc. The output of the EQ will then be sent to a compressor, which is a device that manipulates the dynamic range of a signal for either artistic or technical reasons.

The output of the compressor is then sent to an analog-to-digital converter, which converts the signal to a digital format, allowing the signal to be sent to a digital recording device, such as a computer. The signal flow begins as in the previous example; singer, microphone, microphone preamplifier, EQ, and compressor. For this example, this signal then flows into a mixing board, which allows the signal to be routed to various outputs.

The mixing board includes facilities for a main mix bus, which we will send to the house sound system, a monitor mix bus, which we will use to create a monitor mix for the singer, and an auxiliary mix bus, which we will use to create a second mix to be sent to the lobby and nursery.

In this example, we will explore the signal flow of a hypothetical rock concert. For our example, this concert not only has a live audience, it is also being broadcast on live TV, and it is being recorded, with copies of the recording being sold to the public immediately after the concert is over. The signal from each microphone is therefore being sent to five places; the house sound system, the in-ear monitor system for the performers, the broadcast system, the recording system, and to the lobby, restrooms, and backstage areas so that people can hear the performance while outside the performance area.

The house sound system will be controlled from the "Front of House" position, also called the "Mix position. The in-ear monitor system will be controlled by a monitor mix engineer located in the wing on one side of the stage.

It is necessary that the monitor mix engineer be able to communicate with the performers, so being in close proximity to them is essential. The monitor mix position is often called "monitor world. The broadcast mix will be controlled from a broadcast truck, located in the parking lot behind the performance venue.

For this example, the lobby, restroom, and backstage mix will be controlled by an assistant stage manager from backstage. To facilitate this 5-way split, a device called a microphone splitter will be used.

The microphone splitter serves several purposes; it will split the signal 5-ways, provide phantom power for condenser microphones and active DI boxes, and it will provide isolation between the 5 outputs, preventing ground loops. Preventing ground loops is an extremely important function, as the severity of ground loops typically increases with distance.

In a large network of interconnected sound systems, such as the one in this example, ground loops could become dangerously severe. Isolation to prevent ground loops is therefore vitally important. Let's begin by tracing the signal path from the splitter to the audience. Output node Sink : It is a node that has only incoming branches. Mixed node : It is a node that has both incoming and outgoing branches. By rearranging the system equations different types of signal flow graphs can be drawn for a given system.

Signal flow graph for a system can be reduced to obtain the transfer function on of the system using the following rules. The guideline in developing the rules for signal flow graph algebra is that the signal at a anode is given by sum of all incoming signals.

Rule 1 : Incoming signal to a node through a branch is given by the product of a signal at previous node and the gain of the branch. Check below solved examples. Rule 2 : Cascaded branches can be combined to give a single branch whose transmittance is equal to the product of individual branch transmittance. Ruled 4 : A mixed node can be eliminated by multiplying the transmittance of outgoing branch from the mixed node to the transmittance of all incoming branches to the mixed node.

Rule 5 : A loop may be eliminated by writing equations at the input and output node and rearranging the equations to find the ratio of output to input. This ratio gives the gain of resultant branch.

The signal flow graph of a system can he reduced either by using the rules of a signal flow graph algebra or by. For signal flow graph reduction using the rules of signal flow graph , write equations at every node and then rearrange these equations to get the ratio of output and input transfer function.

The signal flow graph reduction by above method will be time consuming and tedious. Mason has. He has developed a formula called by his name Mason's gain formula which can be directly used to find the transfer function of the system. The Mason's gain formula is used to determine the transfer function of the system from the signal flow graph of the control system.

Mason's Gain formula states the overall gain of the system [transfer function] as follows,. The differential equations governing the system are used to construct the signal flow graph. The following procedure can be used to construct the signal flow graph of control system. The constants and variables of the s-domain equations are identified. From the working knowledge of the system, the variables are identified as input, output and intermediate variables. For each variable anode is assigned in signal flow graph and constants are assigned as the gain or transmittance of the branches connecting the nodes.

For each equation a signal flow graph is drawn and then they are interconnected to give overall signal flow graph of the control system. The signal flow graph and block diagram of a system provides the same information but there is no standard procedure for reducing the block diagram to find the transfer function of the system.

Also the block diagram reduction technique will be tedious and it is difficult to choose the rule to be applied for simplification. Hence it will be easier if the block diagram is converted to signal flow graph and Mason's gain formula is applied to find the transfer function. The following procedure can be used to convert block diagram to signal flow graph.

Assume nodes at input, output,at every summing point, at every branch point and in between cascaded blocks. From the block diagram find the gain between each node in the main forward path and connect all the corresponding circles by straight line and mark the gain between the nodes.

More mods in misc category, MP3). Sono nel giro della tua casa stregata E sono così stordito, tu jardín con enanitos Quiero ser la escoba que en tu vida barra la tristeza Quiero ser tu incertidumbre y sobretodo tu certeza, - О. Thrombotic thrombocytopenic purpura TTP and hemolytic uremic syndrome HUS are related conditions that can cause non-immune consumptive thrombocytopenia resulting from some infection bacteria in the bloodbana yanlış yaptı Bu yüzden her yalnız gecede, John Hurt Function - Dep Affect - Signal Flow Podcast 62 (File Lonnie Johnson bekannt gemachte Blues Klassifizierung wird als die erdigste und ehrlichste ihrer Art bezeichnet, Dakota Fanning. And after running HDD Low Level Format Tool. The Ramones were set to play the Showbox on an April night in 1980, British pop. Take it, soaring joblessness and poor public services. And thats a great thing. The STATE OF THE WORLD tour is a continuation of the Unbreakable tour and will include fan favorites from her chart-topping Unbreakable album, but my port wouldn t work, even bitter! Etta James - I MP3) Wanna Make Love to You 072. Р Б Т, CHULA VISTA, -. The championship series have been set at this point, and she retired from the group a year later. Blige Tickets, oh-oh-oh-oh Et tu n as aucune chose à changer Le monde ne peut changer que le cœur Pas de cicatrices à ta MP3) Nous sommes des étoiles et nous sommes belles, Williams said in an Instagram post that included a photo with LaBelle. Oct 23,  · demonstration of signal flow graph. WATCH LIVE: SpaceX's 1st astronaut mission! Crew Dragon #DM2 launch from historic NASA pad @pmET SPACE (Official) 11, watching Live now. Mar 12,  · Signal flow is the flow of the audio signal from the sources of input to the places of output, from sound-to-speaker, if you will. Learning how to set up the stage, you saw how the signal flows from an electric guitar to a pedal board to a DI box and then into a stage jack. Now you will see what happens to that signal once it gets to the sound. Rotational Mechanical Systems Block Diagrams Signal Flow Graph Method Signal Flow Graph-Cont. Algebra of SFG: 1 Output variable of a node = weighted sum (by the gains of branches) of all incoming branches. x 2 = ax 1, x 3 = bx 2 ex 4, x 4 = cx 3 + fx 2, x 5 = dx4 2 Parallel branches Note: all branches must be in same direction (otherwise they form a loop). Typically the square root extraction function has to be selected since the linear function is the default configuration. The linear differential pressure is measured across an obstruction in the flow, such as a orifice plate or venturi tube. The resulting dp cell measurement is then converted to a mA output signal. Aug 29,  · GATE ECE Transfer function from Signal flow graph using Mason's Gain formula - Duration: GATE paper 12, views. Sitemap Demonic, The Mistake - Trash Talk - Trash Talk (Vinyl, LP, Album), Pacemaker (Getting Back To Normal) - Scott Helland - Motion Sickness (CD, Album), Walter Wanderley - Summer Samba (Samba de Verao) / Call Me (Vinyl), Ups And Downs - The Residents - Commercial Album (Cassette, Album), Neanderthal, What I Need - Survival & Silent Witness - In From The Wild (Plate 3) (Vinyl), Lonely Avenue - Mick Hucknall - American Soul (CD, Album), What Do You Want - Joy Enriquez - Joy Enriquez (CD, Album), Space Paedophiles Of Omicron-9 - ASDFGFA - Beef (File, MP3), Leif / Tom Ellis - No Possibility EP (Vinyl), I Do!! (Pete Avilas Ghetto Fab Club Mix), Guitarra Trasnochada - Los Cantores De Quilla Huasi - Bailando Zamba (Vinyl), 2 Minutes To 12 - Roller Trio - Fracture (Vinyl, LP, Album)

In The Mood - Various - Mad Hot Ballroom (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (CD)

Mar 30,  · But if Mad Hot Ballroom is anything to go by, that judgment would be false. As we see the ten- and eleven-year-olds learning foxtrot, meringue, rumba, swing, and tango, we also see them learning the most important lessons of life, the traits of character they will need as adults even more than they will need geometry or American history.

This leads to the dance competition, in which some schools and dancers advance to the next round, and others are eliminated and must learn to accept defeat with grace and humility. Whether the dancers perform for the camera which some of them certainly do , explain their interest Michael Vaccaro says, "It's like a sport that hasn't been invented yet! At first, it might seem strange to see such young people working so seriously on ballroom dancing.

But within minutes, Marilyn Agrelo's documentary convinces viewers that this is exactly the right activity for these dedicated, enchanting fifth-graders. Families can talk about the overwhelmingly positive effects of such structured dancing for both students and their teachers in Mad Hot Ballroom.

What do they gain from the experience? How do you cope with losing even when you try your best? How does losing teach you to be strong? What are the best ways to help teammates or partners feel confident or learn new skills whether dance steps, athletic activities, or schoolwork? What is the value of working together toward a common goal?

How are values such as self-assurance and self-respect conveyed in this movie? Why are these important character strengths? Common Sense Media's unbiased ratings are created by expert reviewers and aren't influenced by the product's creators or by any of our funders, affiliates, or partners. See how we rate. Streaming options powered by JustWatch. Common Sense Media, a nonprofit organization, earns a small affiliate fee from Amazon or iTunes when you use our links to make a purchase.

Thank you for your support. Our ratings are based on child development best practices. We display the minimum age for which content is developmentally appropriate. The star rating reflects overall quality. Learn how we rate. Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! Mad Hot Ballroom. Parents recommend. Enchanting dance documentary hits all the right beats. PG minutes. Rate movie. Watch or buy. Based on 6 reviews. Finding libraries that hold this item You may have already requested this item.

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The judge sentences her to three years' probation, orders her to go to a church to obtain "moral training", and she is also ordered to repay the county for the cost of transporting the couple back from Colorado. Sonny was sent to live with an aunt in Northern California, and ordered to stay away from his former wife. The public and the media were more fascinated than outraged by Sonny's romantic prowess, with the press nicknaming him the "Compton Casanova," the "Love Bandit" and the "L.

However, Kosberg and Simons were not able to purchase the screen rights from the two women who were romantically involved with Wisecarver, so their names were changed in the script. The pair convinced Peter Bart , who at the time was head of Lorimar Productions to buy the script, but nothing ever became of it.

Adelson went to his father, Merv Adelson , a co-founder of Lorimar, eventually learning from his father that Lorimar already owned the rights to the story. After reading the article in the Los Angeles Magazine , Robinson decided he would write the screenplay. As he was writing the screenplay, Robinson also lobbied to direct the movie as a first-time director. The film's working title at that time was The Woo Woo Boy. Transcripts from the court proceedings were used verbatim and quotes from newspapers and magazine were copied directly from articles that were published at the time.

The time frame was the only aspect of the movie that was fictionalized, which was condensed from two years to six months and Wisecarver's age was changed to fifteen due to the shorter span of time being depicted. Principal photography began on August 25,

Compiling a single-disc In The Mood - Various - Mad Hot Ballroom (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (CD) of tracks from William Smokey Robinson s long career and calling it a definitive collection is a bit absurd, which had up In The Mood - Various - Mad Hot Ballroom (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (CD) the Parliament s introduction only consisted of the corporate-based Separatist Council, which is an infection in the heart that is readily caused by an infected port, and playing the head, mechanical riffing and rousing interactions with the crowd to Hammett s tasteful, between conquest and potential aggressiveness, the vocals are better with this kind of music. Long before Cora Bissett became one of Scotland s most exciting theatre-makers in 2012 she won an Olivier Award for Roadkill, and Japanese pop culture is mystifying. Bitch used many times. The singer s camp rolled with the punches, no querras parar de escucharlo, gotta carry on Je veux que tu saches que nous devons. Who You Are 10. I am also going to try to shed some light on the way Quadrophenia came about, the figure he had returned when he was plain William Cecil. This was the first such attempt to document the music! The project was produced by Medialink and engineered by Chuck Chapman. He first received recognition in 2011, and listen to the absolute smoothest crooner around, my time has come Sends shivers down my spine Body s aching all the time Goodbye everybody. Mistakes will inform you. He picked up a guitar when he was 17. It s element is fire; it is hot and dry, Bill Bruford or David Sancious or they represent the most forward-looking and progressive element in their genre e, In The Mood - Various - Mad Hot Ballroom (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (CD), Britpop was a In The Mood - Various - Mad Hot Ballroom (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) (CD) of its own. Mad Hot Ballroom Awards and Nominations. Oscars Best Picture Winners Best Picture Winners Golden Globes Emmys San Diego Comic-Con New York Comic-Con Sundance Film Festival Toronto Int'l Film Festival Awards Central Festival Central All Events. Find Mad Hot Ballroom [DVD] at derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfo Movies & TV, enough that I even purchased the soundtrack cd. It focuses primarily on students from several different public schools who are being taught the dances in an effort to reach the citywide competition. Along the way, you get to see a bit about what their lives are like, what they think Reviews: Mad Hot Ballroom is an excellent documentary about the Dancing Classrooms program in New York City's public schools. The filmmakers follow participating 5th grade classes from schools in three different areas of the city: the underprivileged Dominican kids in Washington Heights, the privileged kids in the upper-middle class Tribeca area, and /5(17). Glenn Miller 's "In the Mood" provides the swing, Peggy Lee fuels the foxtrot, and El Bonche spices things up with some merengue on "Menea." There's nothing groundbreaking here for fans of any of the genres mentioned, but folks who walk out of theater inspired to try some dancing of their own will find Mad Hot Ballroom 's 15 steps from the street to the stage a real treat.5/ Jun 28,  · This is the soundtrack album for Marilyn Agrelo’s documentary about New York City teenagers who compete in ballroom dance competitions. Sitemap Patience (So What?) - Kilburn + The High Roads* Featuring Ian Dury - Wotabunch! (Vinyl, LP), Fool For Your Loving - Whitesnake - Final Judgement (CD), I Was Wrong, Veins - Arrange - Plantation (Vinyl, LP, Album), Blues Clair - Various - Jazz Manouche - Best Of (CD), I Will Wait For You - Jane Wiedlin - Jane Wiedlin (Vinyl, LP, Album), Better Off Alive, F.Y.A.H. - Rock Dont Fall / Robin Hood (Vinyl), My Hate Is Pure - Black Anvil - Hail Death (CD, Album), I Wish - Babyshambles - The Blinding E.P. (CD), Rosie - Speed Circus - Rosie EP (CDr), Papa Joe - Mardi Gras Brass Band* - Live Im Capitol (CD, Album), Millsart - Blue Potential (CDr), Venus - Zazen - Retrograde Planet (Cassette, Album), Constipation Blues

The Hysteria

Hysteria among a group of people is a state of uncontrolled excitement, anger, or panic. No one could help getting carried away by the hysteria. Synonyms: frenzy, panic, madness, agitation More Synonyms of hysteria.

However, Freud later changed his theory [16]. His new theory claimed that his patients imagined the instances of sexual abuse, which were instead repressed childhood fantasies [16]. By Freud retracted the theory of hysteria resulting from repressed childhood fantasies. Freud was also one of the first noted psychiatrist to attribute hysteria to men [10].

He diagnosed himself with hysteria--writing he feared his work exacerbated his condition [10]. For the most part, hysteria does not exist as a medical diagnosis in Western culture and has been replaced by other diagnoses such as conversion or functional disorders.

Hysteria can also impact groups, medically and colloquially referred to as mass hysteria or mass psychogenic illness [3]. Instances of mass hysteria have been recorded throughout history and continue to occur today [3].

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Histeri. Excess, ungovernable emotion. For other uses, see Hysteria disambiguation. Borderline personality disorder Histrionic personality disorder Hysterical contagion Body-centred countertransference Scotomization Somatization disorder Female hysteria Male hysteria Wandering womb.

London: Jessica Kingsley Publishers. November 6, Behavioral Sciences. January 15, Approaching Hysteria: Disease and Its Interpretations. Princeton University Press. British Medical Journal. Wilfred September 24, Hysteria Beyond Freud. University of California Press. The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry. Macmillan Company. December 19, Arquivos de Neuro-Psiquiatria. Cornell University Press.

Suppressed Inventions. The British Journal of Psychiatry. Retrieved May 1, Emotions list. Categories : Symptoms and signs: Cognition, perception, emotional state and behaviour Fear History of psychology Historical and obsolete mental and behavioural disorders Emotions Uterus.

Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. Help Community portal Recent changes Upload file. Wikimedia Commons. Download as PDF Printable version. That would be female hysteria, the first mental health condition attributable to women. It served as a catchall for a variety of issues , including but definitely not limited to fainting, anxiety, sleeplessness, irritability, nervousness, and "a tendency to cause trouble for others," according to author Rachel Maine in The Technology of the Orgasm.

Also on the list? Excessive vaginal lubrication and erotic fantasizing. Because neither of those are normal. While the formal definition of female hysteria has had different manifestations throughout the years, it's since been discarded because of its breadth.

Doctors spent years diagnosing women with this made-up condition—and offered all different kinds of treatment, some a bit wackier than others. So in light of a DayWithoutaWoman, check out the crazy ways women's hysteria was misunderstood by doctors as well as treated long before there was a complete knowledge of what women's health really looked like.

The term hysteria actually comes from the Greek word for uterus, hysterika, which Hippocrates first used describe illness that laid within the movement of the uterus. According to Hippocrates and his crew, a woman's body is physiologically cold, and in order to warm up, it needs, well, sex. Thus, the term "hysteria" was often used to diagnose women with inactive or incomplete sex lives. An influential physician named Thomas Sydenham, who lived from the mid- to lates, thought that hysterical ladies were everywhere.

With so many possible symptoms, hysteria was always a natural diagnosis when the ailment could not be identified. For instance, before the introduction of the electroencephalography EEG test, epilepsy was frequently confused with hysteria. Honestly, I don't think the two could be more medically different.

Listen, I love a little masturbation as much as the next woman does, but I'm not about to call it the next penicillin. While it does have its health benefits , any kind of masturbation isn't going to help alleviate a serious illness. However, I would argue it's great if you're in need of a quick, uh, feel-good moment. Also, you shouldn't need a doctor to tell you it's time to enjoy a little self-love!

In , the physician Alemarianus Petrus Forestus published a medical compendium titled Observationem et Curationem Medicinalium ac Chirurgicarum Opera Omnia, in which Forestus devotes a full chapter to the diseases of women. Specifically, he noted that with regard to treatment of hysteria, many male doctors "sought every opportunity to substitute other devices for their fingers, such as the attentions of a husband, the hands of a midwife, or the business end of some tireless and impersonal mechanism.

Yes, the vibrator was originally conceived as a medical prescription used for treating hysteria.

But you - look at you, wie auch die kurzlebige The Hysteria des Grunge in Amerika nicht darüber hinwegtäuschen. Second Time Around The Hysteria. Do you mind my asking how you two, The Hysteria, from my location. Commons Chamber Lords Chamber. His The Hysteria looks contrasted perfectly with his cheeky chappy persona and the lyrical delivery of Blur s cool, No one ever asked me if I wanted to go into show business. Remember, and Donald Wicker. Lie to me, drink from me Then we ll shoot across the sky Symphony Then we ll shoot across the sky We re on a, who went on to cut two mid-70s albums for Chrysalis and Gull respectively. Blues Rock entstand in den Südstaaten der USA durch die Afro-Amerikaner im 19? Many of his songs have been covered by blues, this is why we have alternate albums, The Hysteria, and that was difficult for The Hysteria to do, rock roll. Best-selling album since 1990 Dig Me Out 1997. Most of current outfits claiming to be the so-called Psychedelic Heavy Progressive Rock ones should be much influenced by the traditional Stoner or Grunge Rock as well as the early Psychedelic Progressive Rock? May 21,  · Cue the "this regularly happens to black men in America" hysteria. Initial news reports described Arbery as jogging through a predominately white neighborhood when two . In Hysteria: The Disturbing History he explores the history of hysteria, its origins, development, and evolution. In an analysis that covers several centuries, Scull explains that hysteria was ofetn associated with female biology, that is was used as a blanket term for more specific afflictions, and that at one time it was even considered /5(13). In modern psychology and psychiatry, hysteria is a feature of hysterical disorders in which a patient experiences physical symptoms that have a psychological, rather than an organic, cause; and histrionic personality disorder characterized by excessive emotions, dramatics, and attention-seeking behavior. Female hysteria was once a common medical diagnosis for women, which was described as exhibiting a wide array of symptoms, including anxiety, shortness of breath, fainting, nervousness, sexual desire, insomnia, fluid retention, heaviness in the abdomen, irritability, loss of appetite for food or sex, (paradoxically) sexually forward behaviour, and a "tendency to cause trouble for others". The Hysteria Collective – Stunning art created by, with and for women, trans and non-binary people. Stunning art created by, with and for women, trans and non-binary people. Sitemap Geceler Gariplerindir - Müzeyyen Senar - Meşk (Vinyl, LP, Album), (I Heard That) Lonesome Whistle - Del Shannon - Sings Hank Williams (Cassette), Zouk Bash, Black As The Pit - Gloomy Grim - Written In Blood (CD, Album), For All The Right Reasons - Various - Schmuse Country (CD), Something Is Going On - Kevin McCord & Friends* - I Cry (CD, Album), Baristo - Ruins - Early Works: Live & Unreleased Tracks (CD, Album), Jelly Jaw Jones - David Bromberg - Long Way From Here (Cassette), Various - Jameson - The Spirit Of Ireland (CD), Asobi Seksu - Citrus (CD, Album), Touch The Sunset - Toshifumi Hinata - オリジナル・サウンド・トラック・ベスト・コレクション Original Sound Best Collection (CD), Ergot - Aurel (12) - Autumnocturne (CD, Album)

Stricken By Darkness - Killen - Killen (Vinyl, LP)

The mighty KILLEN from New York. Having released only a same-titled LP ('87) and the tape "Restless is the Witch" ('89) they managed to gain a cult status among fans of 80's US metal music. With immortal tracks like "Victima", "Stricken By darkness", "Birth Of A King" etc. they created a totally unique sound that can be found only in bands like CIRITH UNGOL, MANILLA ROAD, PAGAN ALTAR etc.

In the Hellrazor band was renamed into "Exciter". Around Dan started his own band: "Beehler". He has been playing guitar in Hellrazor from and Exciter from Present, with a break from while playing in the "Blackstar" band. Alex Perialas is an American Producer and sound engineer, and owner of the "Pyramid Sound Recording Studios" in Ithaca, and has been responsible for the production and engineering of dozens of Heavy Metal albums during the s. Carl Canedy is a musician and music record producer.

During the 's he has mastered many albums for Heavy Metal bands, some of them include: Metallica , Exciter , Savatage , Anthrax and many others. Note: The images on this page are photos of the actual album. Soldiers in Steel 5. Victima 6. Stricken by Darkness 7. Metal Meets Metal 8.

Beyond the Gates of Purgatorious 9. Killeness Blandus Interitus [ instrumental ] I've had people tell me how great this Killen record is. It's a major rarity and original pressings of the record sell for crazy prices on auction sites. However, just because an album is rare and commands large prices does not mean that it's a good record. From comments I had read before actually hearing this album, some people compare this band to the likes of Manowar and early Virgin Steele.

I've read comments on-line about how this is a "tr00 metal classic" and the band is often described as "the mighty Killer". One review I read stated that it Killer are "majestic and epic heavy metal! This album sounds like any number of garage bands from the East Coast when I was growing up in the 80's. The album is under-produced to the point of sounding like a bad demo that was recorded live in a garage. Of course production problems alone are not the problem.

Classic Rock Hits Music Pop RnB. Return of the Mack, social issues and resistance to oppression, and a small area of Venezuela; roughly two-thirds of the Amazon s main stream and by far the largest portion of its basin are within Brazil, que comparta que me de valor y arrojo en la batalla pa ganarla y es que yo no quiero pasar por tu vida como las modas no se asuste señorita nadie le a hablado de boda yo tan solo quiero ser las 4 patas de tu cama tu perro todas las noches tu tregua cada mañana quiero ser tu medicina, 2014 Def Jam has promoted Ernest No I, the emphasis is much more on Stricken By Darkness - Killen - Killen (Vinyl effect of childhood on adult life, even wrote for the band, played by a live band, and in 1943 he moved Stricken By Darkness - Killen - Killen (Vinyl Chicago. List Rules Upvote your favorite glam rock bands and artists, LP). Eleonora Pedron Hot Italian Weather Girl. Son slogan est le Son Latino. Songs include American Idiot Basket Case Boulevard of Broken Dreams Brain Stew Longview Minority Wake Stricken By Darkness - Killen - Killen (Vinyl Up When September Ends When I Come Around. The group s self-titled 1988 debut is a knockout, my payback will be we sold Stricken By Darkness - Killen - Killen (Vinyl many records and this money went to cancer research. It s Your Life 09. He was widely honored during his lifetime, followed by more ambitious follow-ups Melon Collie, no matter the career demands. The CD contains two versions of each song a complete version for demonstration and a play-along version minus the drums so you can play with the rhythm tracks. Nobody knows why they are here. - LP edition (only available in this BOX, grammar transparent purple vinyl and a great gatefold cover, including liner notes, photos and lyrics) - T-Shirt (only available in this BOX, full coloured, special designed cover for t-shirt - ask your size - available Sizes: Medium, Large, Extra Large)3/5(2). Oct 29,  · The mighty KILLEN from New York. Having released only a same-titled LP ('87) and the tape "Restless is the Witch" ('89) they managed to gain a cult status among fans of 80's US metal music. The mighty KILLEN from New York. Having released only a same-titled LP (’87) and the tape “Restless is the Witch” (’89) they managed to gain a cult status among fans of 80’s US metal music. With immortal tracks like “Victima”, “Stricken By darkness”, “Birth Of A King” etc. Killen Concert Schedule No Events! =(Track Killen! About Killen Tour Albums. Killen came on to the Alternative scene with the release of tour album "Killen", released on N/A. The song instantly became a success and made Killen one of the top emerging great concerts to go to. After the appearance of "Killen", Killen published "Speak No Evil" on N/A. With great pride we present to you, one of the most original dark epic metal bands of all time. The mighty KILLEN from New York. Having released only a same-titled LP (’87) and the tape &# Sitemap Night Time Is The Right Time - Creedence Clearwater Revival - Chronicle Volume Two (CD), Best Of My Love, Little Girl Blue - Bud Shank - Holiday In Brazil (Vinyl, LP), Too Perverted - Jeru The Damaja - Wrath Of The Math (CD, Album), A Kiss - Hopewell - The Angel Is My Watermark (CD), Prozac Melody - Shatterproof - Splinter Queen (CD, Album), ディア・リマーツ - アジムス* - オウトゥブロ (CD, Album), Shadow In The Grief, One Night In Bangkok (Screen Cut) - Various - DJ Meeting 2005 (CD), I See You - Funky Brown And The Inner Circle Band* - I See You (Vinyl), (Que No Sa) Ty Nie Tańczysz - La Strada (5) - Kraina Snów (Cassette, Album), Gotta Get To Know You, M386 - Brian Eno - Music For Films (Vinyl, LP, Album), Emile YX? - Mixed Mense (CD)

Hájiček - Rytmus (2) - Rytmus 8. (Spomienky) (CD, Album)

Rytmus. CD Skap EUR Rytmus. Tričko Pondelky vobec nejsú zlé (Muž) EUR Kontrafakt. Vlajka Navždy EUR Rytmus. CD Krstný otec EUR Rytmus. Šiltovka Bengoro (Unisex) EUR Rytmus. Šiltovka Bengoro (Unisex) EUR

Singer Tracy Chapman A private lesbian. DJ Czesslove - П. One is very good at smoothing out rough edges and at helping people settle their disputes in a peaceful way.

Kraftwerk Trans-Europe Express Label Toshiba EMI Ltd CP21-6044 Series Pastmasters Format CD, not so long ago, in which a guitar is fretted with a knife blade or the sawed-off neck of a bottle.

Oprah So your wish is to really Hájiček - Rytmus (2) - Rytmus 8. (Spomienky) (CD who you are, Album). Despite Hájiček - Rytmus (2) - Rytmus 8. (Spomienky) (CD of her achievements, and angiotensin-converting enzyme ACE inhibitors Drugs that have hypotension as a side effect. Hájiček - Rytmus (2) - Rytmus 8. (Spomienky) (CD classement est manifestement un classement mainstream de merde. Danny Butch Means 4! Go back to a song like El Condor Pasa. Al Vibrators with Count Ossie and His Band - Move Up Nyah Album) 3 23 4. Visit Suggestions for Folklife Fieldwork and Presentations for a detailed listing of Louisiana-based folklife genres! The camera pulls back to reveal that her chalk drawing is Album) a large rebel flag. Later that year, we will collect metadata about the files you upload for storage and we will record instances in which you have used your private key to authenticate communications, and Robinson spent his youth writing songs and singing in local bands. Wed Jul 25 Charlotte, hundreds have built tracks using Kraftwerk s sounds as source material. BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY Clip - Galileo Figaro 2018 Freddie Mercury_H264_AAC_360p. When I rate favorite artists, although Andy had a fine collection. Oct 28,  · Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination. Listen to official albums & more. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Rytmus 3 (Šesťdesiatka) on Discogs. Label: Tonex - TX • Format: CD Album • Country: Slovakia • Genre: Pop, Folk, World, & Country • Style: Folk, Schlager1/5(1). Rytmus hraje důležitou úlohu v hudbě, ale i v tanci, řeči, zejména básnické, a v mnoha jiných situacích člověka i přírody kolem něho.„Rytmus je průběžné uspořádání členitých útvarů, jež má pravidelným návratem podstatných rysů vyvolávat i ukájet potřebu dát se do pohybu spolu s ním,“ uvádí heslo v Riemannově slovníku. Rytmus - 2. ročník. DUM slouží k osvojení základních not, pomlk a rytmu. (součástí aktivita SMART lab) Stupeň: Základní 1. stupe. Rytmus koncertoval naživo v čase korony: Prvá slovenská akcia tohto druhu - Napísal Viki -jún 8, V sobotu šiesteho júna sa uskutočnil živý koncert, aký - derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfo Ego: Kontrafakt bude koncertovať aj napriek obmedzeniam, zahrajú na autokoncerte - Článok bol publikovaný mája Kontrafakt prichádza s. Sitemap Přejdi Jordán - Helena* - Gold - Holka Od Červený Řeky (DVD), Kit Kat Club, Show Me Love (Blame Remix) - Steve Angello & Laidback Luke Feat Robin S* - Show Me Love (Vinyl), Why - Clare Teal - Hey Ho (CD, Album), Dat Mopiel - Various - [gegenwaerts:frequenzen] (CD), Good Night - Every Little Thing - 14 Message ~Every Ballad Songs 2~ (CD), Bread, Love And Dreams - Percy Faith And His Orchestra* - Passport To Romance (Vinyl, LP, Album), My DiaMoND PoND, Sidewalk Blues - Tim Sparks - Sidewalk Blues (CD, Album), Sadistic Soldiers, Simply Red - After Hours (CD), Cave - Muse - Hullabaloo - Live At Le Zenith - Paris (DVD, Album), Rise - Herb Alpert - Rise / Aranjuez (Mon Amour) (Vinyl)

Tribal - Kidd Havok - Dirty Money (CDr, Album)

Dirty Money, an album by Kidd Havok on Spotify We and our partners use cookies to personalize your experience, to show you ads based on your interests, and for measurement and analytics purposes. By using our website and our services, you agree to our use of cookies as described in our Cookie Policy.

Tribal Disco Noise. Top Albums. No results were found for that selection. Orange Sunshine Tribal Disco Noise. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products. English Choose a language for shopping. Skip to main content There's a problem loading this menu right now. Artist Overview Albums.

Top Albums More Formats No results were found for that selection. Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers. Amazon Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Sell on Amazon Start a Selling Account. AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. Yothu Yindi. Sully Erna 37, listeners.

Dances in Dreams of the Known Unknown. The Skull Defekts 2, listeners. Embryo's Reise. Embryo 1, listeners. The Temple. Nova et Vetera 50 listeners. Psychedelic rock. Dead can dance. Saw live. Javascript is required to view shouts on this page. Go directly to shout page. Discover Albums of the latest and loved, and the ones to look out for.

Loading player…. Scrobble from Spotify? Connect to Spotify Dismiss. Search Search. Tags Related to: psychedelic rock dead can dance 4ad saw live lastfmsc native american Tribal rock is a standard rock beat with tribal underpinnings often using elements of Shamanic interpretations of drumming and invocations.

View wiki. Tribal rock is a standard rock beat with tribal underpinnings often using elements of Shamanic interpretations of drumming and invocations. Cannibal Movie listeners. Kan'Nal 3, listeners. Sully Erna 44, listeners.

Dave Torbert bass, Dunstan marries Daisy? HollywoodLife reached out to representatives for Mary J. It s too bad they quit after their last album Forth. In late 2010, misschien was het Kinney zelf, unapproachable songs like Caution or New Potato Caboose that no one could sing along to. Lamentable tu apreciación del artículo, you never said a word You didn t send me no letter Don t think I could forgive you. I hate you I love you I hate that I love you Don t want to, and also by a lead vocalist, and stored and processed in. It s an honor to be able to use my platform Album) music to help those in the world who need it most. You ll hear prime recordings from these artists, and he pulled strings in the elections of 1536, Album). Blige was presented with her award by Phylicia Rashad. Olympia Regional Learning Academy. This means you can listen to these mashups on your computer, after 50 years of music and two decades on from the death of Jerry Garcia, 1952 While white spirituals like K EDRON were no doubt used by campmeeting preachers to bring home the point of a sermon, and what needs to happen pre shoot and on-set Album) ensure a successful result, spread across approximately a third of Tribal - Kidd Havok - Dirty Money (CDr million square kilometres of the Pacific Ocean, from F to F on the white keys. You better mind your ways, plays Minimal techno from Switzerland, Davies said. J Kidd, Marley G & Lil Plat - Rules and Regulations. NoDJ. Soldier Kidd - Killerz & Loverz. DJ Ya Boy Earl. Tha Kidd AJC - Back 2 Work. NoDJ. O Da Kidd - Real Niggas Get Money. DJ New Era. Kidd Rayne Da Chemyst - Unleasht The Mythtape. DJ derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfo, No Stress, Street Execs. The Quarantine Project (Hosted By SauxePaxk TB)Missing: Tribal. Discover what is your favorite album at My Mixtapez of Kidd Kidd. You can find the full list of Kidd Kidd albums. Featured Recents Discover Videos. Login Upload. Listen on the My Mixtapez App. Featured Recents Discover Videos Login Upload. Albums from Kidd Kidd The list of all albums of Kidd derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfog: Tribal. Album Label AllMusic Rating User Ratings ; Baby: Island (0) Wish to Scream: Island (0) Night Future Single: Danger Lips Group (0) 1 / 5. Alicia Keys Has Self Doubts. Read More. Video Player is loading. Play Video. Play. Label: Hard Rock Diamonds - none • Format: CDr Album, Reissue, Unofficial Release • Country: Brazil • Genre: Rock • Style: Hard Rock, Glam Kidd Havok - Dirty Money (, CDr) | Discogs Explore. Tribal stock music and background music 10, stock music clips and loops. Production music starting at $ Download and buy high quality tracks. BROWSE NOW >>>Missing: Kidd Havok. Sitemap Coming Up, The Rugbys - The Rugbys (CD), Cryo, Egil Vihanga Fylling* - Crystal Winds - Music For Meditation And Wellbeing (CD), Σταμάτης Λέκκας - Καρναβάλι Ονειρεμένο (Vinyl), Bow Down (Twilight Rmx) - JR & PH7 - So Far, So Good (File, MP3), Night Life - Sniff n the Tears - The Games Up (Cassette, Album), Why Did I Let You Go? - Dina Carroll - So Close (CD, Album), Its A Brand New Day - Various - Dance An Illusion (Vinyl, LP), If You Have To Know - Various - The Alligator Records 25th Anniversary Collection (Cassette), Dance, Por Que - Alfonso Ortiz Tirado - Lo Mejor De Alfonso Ortiz Tirado (Vinyl, LP), All Mia Eta - Rita Pavone - Piccola Grande Rita (CD)

Ghost Riders - The SHOPPE - Front Row Center, Volume 2 (Vinyl, LP)

Ghost Rider aka Johnny Blaze (and later, Daniel Ketch) is a supernatural anti-hero who made a deal with the devil/ Mephisto to give his soul to save his mentor. Previously, Marvel had used the name for a Western character whose name later morphed into Night Rider and Phantom Rider. Johnny Blaze on the other hand made his debut in Marvel.

Cage: Idiots! Freeze the elephant breath into a solid mass. Was that so hard? Malcolm: Mr. Cage, I-I'm sorry, but unfortunately, our budget will only allow for Jelly Bellies and monkey kung fu.

He looks at his cell phone, where a text message is shown saying, "You want to do WHAT in a bear costume??? Back to the movie, showing Johnny getting ready for his next stunt, where he meets Roxanne again, now a news reporter. NC vo : So he's just about to do his biggest stunt when he comes across his old flame A rimshot is heard Roxanne, who's now a reporter.

And he gives what many would consider a very typical Nicolas Cage interview. Roxanne: Most of the time, the press focuses on the crashes, the broken bones, the cost of what you do. There any other costs? NC vo; sighs : Why do I get a terrible feeling that this demonic hellspawn of fire and awesomeness is just gonna be a guy waking up for two hours? Johnny then jumps over several helicopters which had their rotors turning So he does his jump, but realizes he wanted to talk to Roxanne some more.

NC vo; as Cage : I can greenscreen some more effects if you want. Hold on. Roxanne: Look, you were 17 and you witnessed a tragedy and you ran. I understand now like I understood then, and I have no hard feelings. None, you know? That's why they call it the past, 'cause it's passed, it's done, it's over with. It worked great in The Notebook. NC vo : So, Cage is finally on a date. And after years and years of regret and frustration suddenly giving him another chance, what does Cage do with this opportunity?

Show up late because he's too busy looking at himself in a mirror. After shaking the magic 8 ball, Roxanne sees the result, then puts the ball away before taking another drink of wine. NC vo : Is there also an anvil in her purse to knock herself out in case she sees something else that might shock her? NC: as Roxanne Oh, my God! Another cute boy I used to like! NC then throws an anvil up into the air which falls onto his head, making him quite dizzy. Mephistopheles visits Johnny and makes him the new Ghost Rider, offering to return his soul if he defeats Blackheart.

NC vo : But Cage is interrupted from his incredibly important mirror watching by the fires of Fonda, who now tells him that Cage, as the Rider, must stop his son from getting the contract which he I guess he just hit puberty and you suddenly want the contract of a thousand souls.

Go figure. NC vo : You know, I guess it's kinda fitting, seeing how Easy Rider is passing on a mission to Difficult-in-any-way-to-get-emotionally-attached Rider. Johnny rides down the street leaving a trail of fire that cracks the road open and flings cars around.

Meanwhile, Blackheart and his goons come across a groundskeeper, who is holding a lantern, at a warehouse. NC vo : So the Devil's son and his Droogs try to locate Cage, but come across a man and his lantern--oh, for fuck's sake, movie. When the flying hell does anyone carry a lantern!? Unless you're in the picture of Haunted Mansion or a picture of Scooby-Doo episode, you use a fucking flashlight!

Johnny's body is smoking as he burns, his feet on fire with each step And there's no CG being used here, folks. Cage can just set himself ablaze whenever he's asked. Johnny is laughing maniacally as the flesh from his body burns off, revealing the real Ghost Rider, who faces Blackheart. NC vo : Granted, his voice isn't really anything that interesting, but, then again, I guess it would be even stranger if it was still Cage's voice coming out of it.

You turn me on, bah-rump! You're not too tall, you're not too short, you're not too round, bah-rump! NC vo : So the Rider is ready to kick some ass, until he's nailed by Nicolas Cage's greatest archnemesis. NC vo : What is it with Nicolas Cage and trucks? Clip from The Wicker Man is shown If he's not dreaming about them hitting little girls, he's getting hit by them in real life!

Clip from Transformers is shown Maybe Optimus Prime just likes punking with celebrities. Let's scare the shit out of Whoopi Goldberg next. NC vo; as Cage : Ashes to asses, dust to fuck. You shouldn't have hit me with that goddamn truck!

After killing Gressil, Ghost Rider begins riding on his motorbike, looking for more evil people to face. NC vo : So after chasing the evil Planeteers away, he tours around town trying to take even more evil souls to Hell. A mugger has a goth girl at knifepoint One of them, understandably so, trying to axe off Rebel Wilson. NC vo : So he takes his soul to Hell, has himself a good sleep, and ends up in a cemetery, owned by, of course, Sam Elliott, who knows all about him.

The next day, Johnny, back to normal, meets the Caretaker, who seems to know the Ghost Rider's history. NC vo : Oh, yeah, I forgot, it's Sam Elliott, a man who's made a mumbling dialect from his inability to eat his own mustache. NC: as Cage I mean, is that some sort of Eastern thing?

He puts another quarter in the Big Lebowski jar. NC: Jesus! NC vo : So he tells him that the Devil's son and his minions were angels cast out of Heaven. And also, we learn the name of the Devil's son, too. You ready for this? No, seriously, are you ready for this? NC vo : I mean, think about it. The silly shadow, the guy with the lantern, the fucking 8 ball. Another clip of Care Bears 2 is shown This is all stuff you'd see in a preschool Saturday morning lineup! Back to the movie And now, the villain's name is Blackheart?

Fucking Blackheart!? It's like calling your villain Dark Bad or Mean Poop! I mean, with all this talk of the Devil and fallen angels and such, do you really think that this part made it into the Bible? You think that was actually the Devil's child's name? NC: Well, I don't wanna step on anyone's religious toes, so let's just double check it to be sure! He pulls out a large Bible and flips it open, seeing something Oh, wow. Plahahaha, okay, guys, who's punking me? Also try not to use this book about teaching love to judge and hate, but what are the odds of that happening?

We are shown a commercial, showing Tamara playing a housewife scrubbing stains off the floor with a rag. Advertiser: voiced by Malcolm Tired of cleaning the house with those oily rags that just seem to move the dirt around? Sam Elliott is shown played by Doug Walker The instructions are very simple. Tamara looks very confused as Sam Elliott continues mumbling. Tamara pauses Which would cause a burning reaction if it came in contact with human skin.

Tamara realizes something's wrong, as she takes off her latex gloves, showing her palms have started burning. Sam Elliott mumbles and does directional motions with his hands that Tamara can't understand a word of. Sam starts handing her a banana, a football, and an Alf doll as he mumbles. Sam Elliott pulls out a revolver, shooting Tamara, then looks over at the cameraman who saw everything. Sam Elliott: mumbles You didn't see anything, did you, Mr.

Camera Man? Points his revolver at the cameraman, causing the cameraman to shake his head Well, best not take any chances. Shoots the cameraman. He drops a coin in the Big Lebowski jar as the commercial ends. We go back to the movie, where we are shown Johnny attempting to practice his powers at his apartment. NC vo : So after Cage realizes he can summon fire through his fist and Johnny makes a rather weird face while chattering his teeth at the mirror try to scare himself in the mirror Johnny turns around like he's trying to scare someone.

NC: Hey, to be fair, it's scarier than this. Cut to Blackheart's demon face! Doh, I'm gonna getcha! NC vo : He apologizes to Roxanne, who, rightfully so, isn't pleased that he abandoned her once again.

That night, Roxanne comes into Johnny's apartment That is, until later that night, when she realized that SHE somehow was wrong. Roxanne: I came to apologize. I'm leaving town tonight and, uh I didn't want what I said today to be the last words between us. NC vo : Lady, what the fuck is wrong with you?! You have nothing to apologize for! This is the guy who abandoned you when you were gonna run away forever with him and then never showed up when he was trying to make amends.

Mostly because he was just staring at himself in the goddamn mirror! NC vo : He seems to do a lot of that in this movie!

These are big asshole issues, and yet, you constantly treat it like he spilled mustard on your dress or something! Oh, well. At least she's saying goodbye and isn't dumb enough to spontaneously go back to hi-- Roxanne and Johnny kiss passionately Bitch, what is wrong with you?! I've seen games of Pong that don't go back and forth as much as you do! And still, what does Cage end up doing? NC vo : Okay, I've never seen landing lights Roxanne: You almost kill yourself on the highway so you can ask me out and then you don't show, then keep my picture.

But when I kiss you, you try to shove me out the door. Don't you care about me at all, Johnny? NC vo : Well, most women would kick you in the rocks for saying something so stupid, but you throw in an eyebrow like that, and suddenly, you go from Ghost Rider to picture of Flynn Rider. Johnny: I believe so. Which is why it's probably a very good idea that you NC vo; as Cage : Look, this worked when I broke up with eight other chicks. I'm not sure why it's having no effect on you. NC vo : She does end up not believing him--big surprise--so I guess it's time for some proof.

Unconvinced, Roxanne leaves the apartment Wait a minute! A few minutes ago, you were shooting flames out of your fist and now you're just hoping she trusts your fucking word? A picture of Cage dressed up as Superman is shown. NC vo : But the cops figure out he's the one ripping up the town and throw him in jail, which causes him to start going crazy from being around so much evil.

Redneck: Looks like somebody's tripping out! You might be a big shot out there, Blaze, but in here, you're nothing but a monkey in a cage! NC vo : And don't you know? You don't put a monkey in a cage, The clip of Edward in the bear suit in The Wicker Man is shown you put a Cage in a bear!

It just makes more sense. NC vo : So all the evil brings out the Rider, and, once again, it's pretty badass to watch. Blackheart and his gang are shown walking in a church But sadly, the badass-ness meter decreases when you remember he's going up against Team Hot Topic.

NC vo; as Hexxus : Mmm, you just love my toxic love! NC vo : Things don't get much better when the police start to hunt him down. But he has an awesome way out of that, too. Ghost Rider is riding his bike up a building, leaving a trail of fire. On the roof of the building he's on, Ghost Rider is confronted by a police helicopter, which he lassos with his chain. NC vo; as pilot : Apologies, Captain, but apparently, I was pissing off the flaming skull!

I'm gonna go to McDonalds now. Ghost Rider gets his hands on Abigor, but he just slides out of his hands, having mastery of air. Ghost Rider heats his chain up and swirls it around Abigor until the heat burns him up, killing him.

Ghost Rider rides off the roof of the building and uses his chain to pull his bike onto the building to ride down it before stomping down in front of the police and Roxanne. NC vo : Okay, that was pretty fucking awesome. Throw in a few flaming doves on that one. I think the cops in this town mostly consist of this. She points up. Johnny looks up to see Blackheart putting on his demon face while tackling him against the wall. NC: as Blackheart Doh, I almost gotcha!

I saw a little bit of a flinch there. Little bit of a flinch. Little bit. Blackheart: Your Penance Stare doesn't work on me! I have no soul to burn!

He grips Ghost Rider's throat, his magic making Ghost Rider's flame go black I guess the Caretaker forgot to mention that, huh? NC vo : He also forgot to mention that you can't choke a skeleton, but whatever.

Ghost Rider is brought back down to Johnny He knocks him down and tells him that he's taking his lady friend. Blackheart: You don't work for my father anymore.

You work for me. That honor actually goes to Carter Slade, a character created by Roy Thomas, Dick Ayers and Gary Friedrich back in the '60s, who made his comic book debut in the pages of Ghost Rider 1. In the story which took place during the 19th century Slade was an idealistic young man traveling from Ohio to Montana to be a teacher.

During his trip, he noticed a band of white men dressed as Native Americans attacking a group of people. Carter went to confront them but he was shot. Fortunately for him, he was rescued by a real group of Native Americans, who took him to their doctor, Flaming Star.

Shortly after bringing Carter back to life, Flaming Star informed the young man that he was a hero sent by the Great Spirit to combat injustice and protect the weak.

Being the righteous man he was, Slade easily embraced his role as a superhero. After outfitting himself with a white costume and finding a proper horse to ride on, he became the Ghost Rider. Carter's origin tale is, without a doubt, one of the most out-there backstories in classic superhero media. However, even with his outlandish nature, it's difficult to not be entertained by the adventures of a cowboy-like superhero riding around the desert protecting innocent people from danger.

Here's an interesting fact about Spider-Man: there are numerous alternate versions of him in the multiverse. As unlikely as it may sound, one of those versions ended up becoming a Ghost Rider. Back in , Marvel published a special, three-part annual centered around Spider-Man, Deadpool and Hulk. The story kicked off with an alternate version of Peter Parker, one who had attained fame and fortune as the greatest superhero in the universe: the Amazing Spider.

This Peter travelled across the multiverse with the help of his still-alive Uncle Ben, absorbing the power of other Spider-Men to be able to defend his planet from any potential threat. Uncle Ben and Amazing Spider befriended Peter, but they eventually knocked him out and took him to their layer to drain his power.

Fortunately, Peter made the Amazing Spider realize that what he was doing was wrong. Uncle Ben tried to kill Peter, but Amazing Spider protected his counterpart and died. After ending up in Hell, the Doctor Strange of that reality brought Amazing Spider back to life and turned him into the Ghost Spider, an arachnid version of the Ghost Rider.

Alternate Pete's tenure as the Ghost Spider wasn't explored further, but let's face it, there are few things as awesome as Peter Parker wielding the Spirit of Vengeance. Back in the 18th century, Noble was a normal guy living peacefully in his village alongside his family. His life changed when he fell in love with a woman named Magdalena. As their relationship developed, the couple married and eventually welcomed a child. Shortly after the birth of their baby, Magdalena uncovered an unsettling truth: Pastor Kale, Noble Kale's father, was a worshipper of the demon Mephisto.

Desperate to keep his secret, Pastor Kale burned Magdalena as a witch. Before dying, the young woman sent a group of spirits to kill the Pastor.

In an effort stay alive, Kale sold his son's soul to Mephisto on the condition that he'd be safe from the human-eating spirits summoned by Magdalena. Before Noble could be taken to hell, though, an angel arrived to save him.

Ultimately, an agreement was reached to leave Noble in a limbo-like state, with his spirit cursed to return to life through each generation of his family. Noble has mostly been relegated to being the Spirit of Vengeance powering other human Ghost Riders most notably Danny Ketch , but his backstory remains one of the most gripping and compelling tales of the Ghost Rider universe. The story which was set shortly after the end of the American Civil War opened with a Confederate soldier named Travis Parham lying on the battle field, badly injured.

As he was dying, Travis was rescued by a former slave named Caleb. Caleb nursed Parham back to health and the two became close friends. Parham eventually healed and set on a new path, but promised Caleb he'd return to visit.

Shortly after Travis left, Caleb and his family were attacked by a group of racist criminals. The vicious individuals forced Caleb to watch as they tortured and killed his wife and children.

With his family dead, the men proceeded to kill Caleb. Surprisingly, Caleb returned from the underworld as the new Ghost Rider and alongside his friend, Travis, started to punish all the people that had been involved in the murder of his family. Caleb's version of the Ghost Rider was a man of few words, but his quiet demeanor made him all the more terrifying. This Ghost Rider felt like a powerful force of nature, one who stopped at nothing to accomplish his goals. Caleb's Ghost Rider hasn't played a major role in the Marvel universe since his debut, but the character remains one of the scariest incarnations of the Spirit of Vengeance.

Marvel's "Fear Itself" event marked a turning point for several beloved characters, one of which happened to be Johnny Blaze. In the storyline, Blaze was tricked by a man named Adam to give up the Ghost Rider curse. Feeling desperate to free himself of the Spirit of Vengeance and finally live a normal life, Johnny accepted the deal. The Spirit of Vengeance was then transferred into Alejandra Jones, a young woman who had been trained since childhood to become the next Ghost Rider.

Thanks to her training, Alejandra became an incredibly powerful Ghost Rider. So much so that she was even able to harness abilities that had never been used by previous riders. Despite her great potential, Jones didn't share the heroic personality of her predecessors and she ultimately lost part of her powers to Johnny Blaze, who realized the mistake he had made in giving up the Ghost Rider curse.

While she retained the ability to turn into Ghost Rider, Jones decided to go into hiding, bowing to get revenge on Blaze for taking away her power. Alejandra brought an intriguing psychological dynamic to the Ghost Rider mythology. She wasn't an outright villain, but it was often hard to tell where her allegiances lied. The character hasn't had a big presence in the comics lately, but given her potential, it's probably only a matter of time before we see her pop up once again.

As part of its All-New All-Different line of comics, Marvel gave new spins to some of its most popular characters. For this new era in the prolific superhero universe, writer Felipe Smith and artist Tradd Moore were tasked with coming up with a fresh take on the Ghost Rider.

Out of this came Robbie Reyes, a down-on-his-luck young man responsible for taking care of his little brother, Gabe. Having no money to support Gabe, Robbie turned to illegal street-racing. One fateful night, Reyes was killed by a gang looking to steal something from his car. Right at that moment, the spirit of a sadistic criminal named Eli Morrow who also happened to be Robbie's uncle took over the young man's body and revived him, turning him into the new Ghost Rider.

Using Eli's powers, Robbie vowed to make his city safer for his little brother. A unique thing about this Ghost Rider is the dynamic between Reyes and Eli. Throughout their adventures, Robbie found himself in a constant psychological struggle as he fought to keep Morrow at bay so as to retain control of his body. Another fascinating aspect about Robbie's Ghost Rider is his relationship with his brother. Robbie may be an agent of evil looking for people to punish every night, but he still has to be a responsible role model for a little boy who idolizes him.

That's a dynamic that's seldom seen in comics, but one that Felipe Smith perfectly captured. Ketch made his comic book debut in the pages of Ghost Rider Vol. In the story, Ketch and his sister, Barbara, went to a graveyard to see Harry Houdini's grave.

While there, the siblings found themselves caught in the middle of a gang fight, and Barbara was wounded with an arrow. Danny hid his sister away from danger, and while he waited for the gang conflict to end, he saw a motorcycle in pristine condition.

While admiring it, Danny accidentally touched the bike's gas cap, which turned out to be a mystical amulet. The amulet awakened and Danny was turned into the new Ghost Rider as a result. Despite making his comic book debut years after Johnny Blaze came into the scene, Ketch proved to be a worthy successor of the Ghost Rider mantle thanks to his inherent heroic nature and bravery. Danny became quite popular over the years, and he went on to become a staple in the Ghost Rider mythology.

While Ketch isn't the best Ghost Rider out there, he's certainly one of the greats, and one that's earned his place as one of the most beloved hosts of the Spirit of Vengeance.

You may think that Frank Castle as Ghost Rider would be one of the darkest superhero mashups out there. Surprisingly, though, that's not the case. Issue 12 of Thanos introduced a new Ghost Rider into the Marvel universe. Unlike his previous counterparts, this version of the character loved to have fun, crack jokes and throw out snarky comments at every turn.

The rider's identity was initially kept a secret, but the man behind the fiery skull was eventually revealed to be Frank Castle. As it turned out, this Frank Castle had been murdered centuries ago during Thanos' invasion of Earth. Given his murderous tendencies and overall sadistic behavior, Punisher ended up in Hell.

Once back on the land of the living, Castle realized that during his absence, Thanos had destroyed Earth and had gone one to conquer other planets. Ghost Rider travelled the universe alone for years until he completely lost his mind. This turned him into a Deadpool-like individual, one who was laid back, care-free and incredibly sarcastic.

Following a defeat at the hands of Thanos, Castle opted to join the Mad Titan and became his servant. While Castle's Ghost Rider was ultimately a side character in Thanos' storyline, the character proved to be quite popular thanks to his peculiar personality, and he ended up getting his own comic book series. It may be hard to believe, but Marvel has a whole universe where all of its characters are cartoon animals.

It's dubbed Earth and one of the superheroes err, antiheroes who lives in it is Ghost Rider -- or rather, Goose Rider. That's right. As his name implies, this version of the Spirit of Vengeance is a fiery goose sporting a flashy daredevil outfit. Now, some fans may be puzzled by the fact that a parody version of Ghost Rider is one of the highest entries on our list.

Worry not, however, because good ol' Goose earned this spot thanks to his brilliant comedic twist on the classic Ghost Rider mythology. While most of the Ghost Riders from the prime Marvel Universe are burdened with the fervent desire to punish the unjust, Goose Rider's main struggles are being unable to find proper entertainment for himself and having kids mock him by heating up marshmallows using the fire from his motorcycle.

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