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Ululate / Heartless (3) / Martyrdom - 348 ? (CD, Album) download full album zip cd mp3 vinyl flac

Behind the Trees Toil - Demo 1 " Toil one man project by Lurker. This is the first demo released out of four demos by other various labels. In this earliest stage of Toil the music Moving forward in style but retaining that GOTH rhythm and feel Connecticut based duo creating impressive, experimental music.

A fusion of drone-doom, shoegaze, rock, and An epic 75 minutes! Released originally by the band on tape in Tormentor - Anno Domini The ultimate underground classic album!! Recorded inrepressed in Communist Hungary but with tape trading managed to spread into Scandinavia Emit - The Mysterious Unknown Treading a path that few dare to follow, Emit A raw Extreme heaviness filled with crushing The Ruins of Beverast - Rain Upon the Impure The second full-length-output of German Ruins Of Beverast moves another step further into the mental abyss of loathsomeness, disgust and unease.

The founding member This recording is Wolfmangler - Dwelling in a Dead Raven for the Glory Perhaps even more lumbering Includes "covers" i. Wraiths - Oriflamme Scottish droning noise, Oriflamme was the first work by Wraiths and originally released on CDr in very limited quantities.

Black wax, black inner Band formed with inspiration from Sarcofago, Venom, Bathory and recorded this shortly after at Dead Wood - Sunday for Everything Manipulated field recordings and subtle electronic oscillations from Adam Baker, who also runs the excellent and under-appreciated Dirty Demos label.

First disc "Ikeburo Incinerator" is Vomir - No Entertainment! One long track of unshifting "harsh noise wall" from prolific frenchman and Maison Bruit head Vomir. Overwhelming white noise static that takes no Various Artists - L. Noisescape The compilation of L. An exhaustive collection of thirty-six artists covering 76 minutes of the most brutal and exotic frequencies Bondi is a solo artist recording excellent Korperschwache - A Mountain of Skulls for the Clueless Cowboy Recorded on the third anniversary of the invasion of Iraq, "Clueless Cowboy," is a torturous assault rife with layers of blown-out, feedback-drenched Harm Stryker - Harm Stryker music for condemned, boarded up and forgotten spaces.

Part requiem for our architectural history, part vitriol-fueled sound in opposition to the box Macabre Noize Royale video New Ghast tracks. Or directly at the official site. Posted: Sat Sep 30, pm.

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Posted: Wed Nov 08, pm. Posted: Sun Nov 12, pm. Posted: Sun Nov 19, pm. Posted: Sun Nov 26, pm. Posted: Tue Nov 28, pm. During the experiments, Xehanort discovered the Heartless and named them. Ansem's Report 3 One of them leads him to the heart of Radiant Garden. After further study, he built the Heartless Manufactory inside Ansem's castle and created the first artificial Emblem Heartless.

Ansem's Report 8. After discovering his apprentices' experiments and realizing his error in trying to interfere with the nature of the heart, Ansem the Wise ordered his apprentices to cease their research. However, they overthrew Ansem, banishing him to the Realm of Darkness while Xehanort took his name. Their continued experiments eventually led the group to lose their hearts, turning them into Heartless and Nobodiesand Xehanort's Heartless, Ansem, Seeker of Darknessbegan planning to find and take the power of Kingdom Hearts.

In the meantime, the Heartless consumed most of the world, leaving only Hollow Bastionand they began spreading to other worlds. Ansem began manipulating Maleficent and her allies to use the Heartless in their bid to conquer all worlds and take Kingdom Hearts.

Maleficent sends the Heartless to invade many worlds, to consume their hearts and search for the seven Princesses of Heart. Many of her allies use the Heartless to advance their own plans, in many cases to conquer their own worlds.

Sora encounters Heartless within his Dive to the Heartincluding a Darkside. A few days later, when Riku opens the door to the heart of the world, the Heartless invade en masse, and they succeed in devouring the islandsdespite Sora obtaining the Keyblade and attempting to stop them.

After he escapes to Traverse TownSora meets Leon and Yuffiewho explain to him the nature of the Heartless and tell him his Keyblade both draws them to him and is the best weapon against them. This leads Sora to fight the Heartless alongside Donald Duck and Goofyin an effort to save the worlds. Sora eventually learns that the Heartless are being used by Maleficent to capture the seven Princesses of Heart and open the door to Kingdom Hearts, so that she and her allies can rule over all worlds.

However, Ansem, possessing Riku's body, uses the Keyblade of heart to drown Maleficent in her own darkness and transform her into her dragon form. After she is destroyed by Sora, Ansem reveals that, like the other villains, she was being used by the Heartless. Ansem challenges Sora in order to claim Kairi 's heart and complete the Final Keyholebut Sora defeats him. Sora then uses Ansem's Keyblade on himself, in order to free Kairi's heart and complete the Keyhole so it can be sealed.

Although he succeeds, he loses his own heart and becomes a Shadow Heartless in the process. Kairi's light restores Sora to his human form, and he soon travels to the End of the World to stop Ansem from reaching Kingdom Hearts.

Ansem uses a great many Heartless in an effort to defeat Sora, but he is finally beaten in front of the Door to Darkness. Ansem reaches out to Kingdom Hearts to try and control the darkness he expects within, but he is destroyed by the light of Kingdom Hearts. In order to stop an immeasurable wave of Heartless from emerging through the Door to Darkness, Sora closes and locks the door with the help of Riku and Mickeywho are stuck in the Realm of Darkness.

The Heartless appear inside Castle Oblivionvariously formed either from Sora's memories or Riku's darkness as they seek to indoctrinate the two boys.

In the memory-copy of Agrabahthe Heartless caused enough mayhem for Jafar to take control of the city, and attempt to force Aladdin to waste his wishes stopping them. In the memory-copy of Halloween Townthe Heartless appeared as a result of Dr. Finkelstein creating a potion to retrieve true memories. Axeldue to his friendship with Sora's Nobody, Roxasis fascinated by Sora's Heartlessas Sora was able to hold onto his mind and feelings when a Heartless should be mindless and instinctual, something that only one other Heartless, Ansemwas able to accomplish.

After Maleficent and Ansem's defeat, the Heartless run wild without a guiding will behind them, although villains like Pete are able to summon and control small groups of them. During one of his early missions, Marluxia introduces Roxas to fighting Heartless, explaining to him the difference between Pureblood Heartless, which contain no hearts, and Emblem Heartless, which release hearts upon defeat. He tells Roxas that the hearts he collects will gather to form Kingdom Hearts, the ultimate goal of the Organization.

Marluxia and Zexion emphasize the importance of Roxas's role in collecting hearts for the Organization's purposes. Xemnas creates Xion to duplicate Roxas's abilities, as a failsafe should Roxas have proved inadequate for the purpose of collecting hearts. After Xion's death, Roxas attempts to reach the Organization's Kingdom Hearts in the hopes of bringing her back. However, he is stopped by numerous Neoshadowswhich he slays with the help of Riku.

After Sora awakens in Twilight Townhe travels to the Mysterious Towerwhere he meets Pete, Maleficent's second in command, who is working to make an army of Heartless for Maleficent's use. After defeating his squad of Heartless, Sora realizes that the worlds are still in danger. He meets with the Tower's master, Yen Sidwho explains Sora's new mission, telling him that although Sora and company prevented a catastrophic invasion of the Realm of Light by Heartless, there are still many Heartless throughout the worlds.

Maleficent and Pete continue to use the Heartless in their attempts to conquer worlds, and as Axel reveals during the Battle of the HeartlessOrganization XIII is using Sora to release the hearts of every Heartless he destroys to create Ululate / Heartless (3) / Martyrdom - 348 ?

(CD own Kingdom Hearts. In Halloween TownDr. Finkelstein creates an "artificial" Heartless called The Experiment. When it comes to life, it chases presents, hoping that the joy of the presents would be enough to give it a heart. Kingdom Hearts is damaged when Ansem the Wise fails to encode it as data, causing hearts to rain down over the Dark City, spawning a great swarm of Shadows that attack the castle. Maleficent and Pete take on the swarm, sending Sora and company to defeat Xemnasatop the castle.

Ululate / Heartless (3) / Martyrdom - 348 ? (CD representations of the Heartless appear within the datascape of Jiminy 's Journaljust as they had appeared in the real worlds. The bugs infecting the Journal also appear as various species of Heartless. The source of the bugs, the digital representation of Sora's Heartlessabsorbs the defeated Heartless in order to increase in power, but it is defeated by Data-Sora and King Mickey, and the journal is repaired.

Ienzo reveals to Lea that when a Heartless and Nobody are destroyed and their hearts find their vessels, they are returned to the place they became a Heartless and Nobody. However, if that world is destroyed or otherwise unavailable, they would appear in Traverse Town. During their closing research into the New Seven Hearts and Replicasthe real Organization XIII regularly employs Heartless, alongside Nobodies and Unversedto both further their experiments and rebuff Sora 's attempts to stop them.

When the Seven Guardians of Light arrive at the Keyblade Graveyardthe Organization sends the remaining reserves of their armies to quash the heroes. Sora and his friends are able to repel the first assault, but after Terra-Xehanort confronts them and leaves them in disarray, the swarm attacks again and is able to extinguish the guardians. However, before the Lich can consume their deaths, Sora exploits the power of waking to bring them back, and in the process generates a singularity that returns them to before the battle.

This time, the Lingering Will drives off Terra-Xehanort, allowing the spirits of the fallen Keyblade wielders to rise up and help Sora finish off the massive swarm. In one last attempt, Dark Riku summons a final swarm of Heartless, Nobodies, and Unversed to overwhelm the guardians, but Yen Sid arrives and uses his powers to clear a path to the waiting organization.

As naturally occurring Heartless, Pureblood Heartless look more primitive and tend to use more chaotic fighting styles. When they are not possessing objects or using them as armor, Pureblood Heartless are predominantly dark-toned with eerily-colored veins, antennae, and tendrils on their bodies.

Some Pureblood Heartless have chains hanging off their bodies. Particularly strong Pureblood Heartless look somewhat humanoid and possess a heart-shaped hole in the center of their torso. Emblem Heartless have more varied shapes and colors than their Pureblood cousins.

They are also branded with Xehanort's emblem to differentiate them from the Pureblood ones. The Heartless emblem resembles a heart with a fleur-de-lis at the bottom and a spiky "X" crossing through the center. They possess unique abilities, for example, the Leechgrave uses its tentacles to eat other Heartless. When the Marionette possesses toys, the Heartless emblem appears on them. Pureblood Heartless are natural Heartless, born from the darkness in people's hearts.

They are more common in places that are close to or saturated in darkness. Upon their destruction, they simply disappear in puffs of darkness, without a heart leaving its body. Emblem Heartless, on the other hand, were originally created from a machine designed to reproduce the process of a heart being consumed by darkness.

They are more common on the worlds within the Realm of Light, and usually mimic the shape of creatures or objects within that world.

The machine fell into disuse after Kingdom Heartsdue to the Villains losing the control of Hollow Bastion. Heartless — Emblem or Pureblood — possess several key characteristics that define them as Heartless.

Pureblood Heartless are generated naturally from the darkness within people's hearts. Heartless are born when a heart is consumed by the darkness within it, or when a Heartless steals the heart. They can also be drawn out by a dark being like Maleficent or a source of dark power like the Keyblade of heart. But what they desire above all are the hearts of worlds, and thus they enter worlds in search of the way into the hearts of the worlds.

When they consume these colossal hearts, the remains of the world form new worlds, such as Traverse Town and End of the World. At the same time, Heartless seek out the users of the Keyblade, since the Keyblade holds the power to lock and unlock hearts. In order to stop the users of the Keyblades, the Heartless use the Keyblade itself as a homing beacon, but ultimately desire to take the heart that commands it.

Because of this, Keyblade wielders are under constant attack. Magic can also destroy Heartless, but only temporarily; after losing her Keyblade briefly, Xion explains this fact to Roxas and Axel. The strength of a Heartless is proportional to the depth of the darkness from which it was born. The darker the heart forming a Heartless, Emblem or Pureblood, the more powerful and more monstrous the resulting being will be. This is a contrast to Nobodies, which determine rank according to the strength of the heart, and whose appearances become more human as they increase in power.

Furthermore, as beings of elemental darkness, some Heartless are able to take possession of other beings or even inanimate objects, granting them immense dark power and often reshaping their very forms to suit their purpose. The Heartless, being mindless, usually have no master to direct their actions and instead act on the instinct to consume more hearts.

However, there are some higher beings who can command them. Heartless will obey those with an affinity for darkness and a strong will. If many people attempt to control them, the Heartless will side with whomever is most powerful. On the other hand, higher ranking Heartless, like Xehanort's Heartless, can fully command other Heartless without endangering themselves.

Also, Organization XIII is able to command them as well with their strong wills, but are not endangered of being consumed by them for their lack of a heart. Heartless make use of the " Corridors of Darkness ", inter-dimensional pathways that connect the many worlds. These pathways are located in the Realm of Darkness, and thus are very dangerous to use if one is not accustomed to the darkness.

While the Heartless were not researched with the intent of creating a fighting force, their very nature as manifestations of the destructive force of darkness made them naturally suited for conquering and destroying the various worlds.

Their natural ability to travel to various worlds through the use of Corridors of Darkness makes it virtually impossible to fully defend a world from Heartless, and the method in which they are created and exist makes it practically impossible to cut them off at the source. Even fighting them once they appear is made difficult due to their immunity to standard weaponry. According to the Ansem's Reportsa Keyblade can lock the heart of a world away from the Heartless forever.

However, this does not keep the Heartless out of the world; it simply prevents them from destroying it. The citizens of the worlds remain Ululate / Heartless (3) / Martyrdom - 348 ?

(CD game to the Heartless. Although the Door to Darkness was sealed, the Heartless continue to exist naturally in fewer numbers due to the darkness still existing in people's hearts. However, evil beings such as Pete and Organization XIII seek to create abnormally strong Heartless by forcing beings with strong hearts to succumb to darkness.

Thus increasing the threat the Heartless pose. The primary weapon for destroying the Heartless is the Keyblade, as it is both specially suited for manipulating the bonds between heart, body, and soul which create Heartless, and it is the only object able to thwart the Heartless in their goal of devouring a world's heart.

However, in the absence of the Keyblade there are several other options. Magic is effective against the Heartless, as are magical weapons. In either situation, invading Heartless can be made disorganized by defeating the major Heartless which leads them, or the dark heart which attracted them to that world. While this does not by any means purge the world of its Heartless, it gives no small respite from their threat.

Emblem Heartless that are destroyed by a Keyblade release the heart within them, sending it to a Kingdom Hearts where it waits for its body and soul to be freed, so that the person it once was can be woken once again. The Heartless reside wherever darkness is abundant, especially the Realm of Darkness. However, they also reside in places such as the End of the World, a collection of the remnants of worlds that is located near the darkness. Another area that the Heartless live in is The World That Never Was, the world of the Nobodies that rests dangerously close to the darkness upon which the Heartless thrive.

Heartless, as they seek and consume hearts, also desire to return to the greatest heart, the heart of all worlds, Kingdom Hearts, that resides deep within the Realm of Darkness. And because of this, Heartless seek immense darkness, enough to completely consume the Realm of Light. The entryway into this place of great power is the Door to Darkness, the door that separates the realm of light and the realm of darkness. However, with the efforts of Sora and the King, the Ululate / Heartless (3) / Martyrdom - 348 ?

(CD is closed, which causes the worlds lost to the darkness to be restored, and prevents a massive army of Heartless from pouring into the realm of light. The forces of the Heartless were extremely weakened after the door to Kingdom Hearts was sealed off, though there were still many left. It should be noted though that Yen Sid has mentioned that the only true way to destroy all Heartless is to have all people have light filled in their hearts and no darkness, leaving nothing to create a Heartless or something for them to thrive for.

Sora's Heartless: Shadow. Wayward Wardrobe 's high-heeled boot Heartless. Sora's Heartless: Offshoots. Sora's Heartless: Neo Darkside. Strawberry Flan. Watermelon Flan. Ansem, Seeker of Darkness [13]. Scar [14]. Ansem's Recreated Data. Flare Shooter. Strike Shuttle. Wing Spinner. Rocket Manta. Dazzling Ball. Heavy Laser. Prize Box. Float Lantern. Frost Penguin.

Sonic Diver. Cave of Wonders Guardian. Jump to: navigationsearch. This section of the article is a stub, Ululate / Heartless (3) / Martyrdom - 348 ? (CD. You can help by expanding it. Wayward Wardrobe 's branchees Heartless.

Wayward Wardrobe 's skirt Heartless. Dark Inferno. Dark Follower. Shadow Stalker. Dark Thorn. Gargoyle Knight. Gargoyle Warrior. Gargoyle Wizard. Chocolate Gargoyle.

White Chocolate Statue. Massive Possessor. Cloudy Sunrise. Pink Possessor. Flappy Bug Swarm. Dark Hide. Ansem: Robed Figure. Shadow Magician. Stealth Soldier. Pumpkin Soldier. Black Ballade. Spring Metal. Sapphire Elegy. Turquoise March.

Emerald Serenade. Vermilion Samba. Malachite Bolero. Emerald Sonata. Wicked Watermelon. Large Watermelon. Huge Watermelon. Festive Fireworks. Large Fireworks. Huge Fireworks. Jack O' Lantern. Round Rice Cake. Large Rice Cake.

Bitter Macaron. Mighty Macaron. Wandering Spook. Vitality Popcat. Pot Scorpion. Trick Ghost. Sheltering Zone. Missile Diver. Aerial Viking. Upright Defender. Reversed Defender. White Mushroom. Pink Agaricus.

History. Ululate was formed from the ashes of another Black Metal band, which Spectre was a part of. His first CD, "We Are Going To Eat You", was. Martyrdom is a pagan black metal band. Albums: 异族圣歌 / Pagan's Hymn. Members: 祖辉, 付良. Labels: Dying Art Productions. Heartless discography and songs: Music profile for Heartless, formed Genres: Powerviolence. Albums include Hell Is Other People, Certain Death, and Casa de Diversion: Covers Vol. 1. Black Ivory Tower‘s reviews are divided into 2 categories: first, we have the ‘proper’ lengthy reviews that the website is known for, in which the album’s aesthetic, theme and history are thoroughly explored. Then, we have the more light-hearted reviews featured in the weekly Don’t Enter segment. The reviews that belong into the latter category are normally around words long and. Heartless is a depressive black metal band. Albums: Suicidal Engagement, Anaesthetization. Labels: Pest Productions. Dec 25,  · 19th April, Fresh soil in the graveyard: EDIEH (Chn) - Northbound Pro CD-R £ Manes (Nor) - Svarte Skoger CD £ Midwinter (Chn) - Enthrone in Blizzard A5 Digifile CD £ SAMPLE Various Artists (Gre) - Hellas - The Black Death Anthology - DCD £ Volkermord (UK) - S/T Demo CD-R £ Dead Reptile Shrine (Fin) - Blood Grail (The Infinite Equinoix) Demo Tape £3. Dec 19,  · Heartless - Heart (Audio/Lyrics) HQ - Duration: Chris John 8, views. 17 videos Play all Heart These Dreams: Heart's Greatest Hits Albumb musicdex; Devil. These are Heartless that are produced naturally by the darkness present in hearts. Heartless produced artificially can be found here. Ululate discography and songs: Music profile for Ululate, formed Genres: Black Metal, Death Metal. Albums include Back to Cannibal World, A Tribute to Burzum: Triumph und Wille, and Ululate / Heartless (3) / Martyrdom: Ululate / Heartless (3) / Martyrdom - ? (Album) 2 versions: Dying Art Productions: China: Sell This Version: 2 versions Ululate: Back To Cannibal World ‎ (CD, Album) Xtreem Music: XMCD: Spain: Sell This Version: 1 – 5 of 5.


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  1. Ululate discography and songs: Music profile for Ululate, formed Genres: Black Metal, Death Metal. Albums include Back to Cannibal World, A Tribute to Burzum: Triumph und Wille, and
  2. Ululate / Heartless (3) / Martyrdom: Ululate / Heartless (3) / Martyrdom - ? ‎ (CD, Album, Ltd, Num) Dying Art Productions: BN China: Sell This Version: 1 – 2 of 2. Show. Reviews Add Review. Lists Add to List. Videos.
  3. - Black Metal Is Plague fait avec Martyrdom et Ululate () ainsi que le titre inédit "The End" qui donne son nom à la compilation. La Box Set sera composée de la compilation ainsi que des albums Suicidal Engagement () et Anaesthetization () le tout accompagné d'un patch et d'une boite au designe exclusif crée par Zaliva-D.
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    Ululate|哀嚎(Chn) - Yazi|伢兹(Reissue) 8 VA - Depression and hatred of 3 years (Pest Productions) 4 VA - Depression and hatred of 3 years with T shirt
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    This lasts until all heartless in the area are defeated or the non-heartless creature dies. If a creature under the influence of a heartless dies it becomes a heartless as well. Even if the Will save is successful, the creature still suffers a -1/hour morale penalty to Willpower saves due to .
  6. 限定枚。 UlulatE Official Site [email protected] HeartlesS Official Site [email protected] MartyrdoM Official Site [email protected] PerfututuM - In Deos Confidimus CD 円 中国 Dying Art Productions CDの表ジャケットとディスクのみで、バックトレイカード無しでのリ .
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    This album is in memory of the outbreak of SARS in China, According to official Chinese figure, there were deaths during the outbreak of SARS. The figure was intended to represent the official figure (which is slightly incorrect), and the question mark that follows it is to raise doubt to the credibility of the official figure.
  8. Dec 19,  · Heartless - Heart (Audio/Lyrics) HQ - Duration: Chris John 8, views. 17 videos Play all Heart These Dreams: Heart's Greatest Hits Albumb musicdex; Devil.

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