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It was played by Laine's friend, disc jockey Al Jarvis, and gained the singer a small West Coast following. Even after his discovery by Carmichael, Laine still was considered only an intermission act at Billy Berg's. His next big break came when he dusted off a fifteen-year-old song that few people remembered in" That's My Desire ". Laine had picked up the song from songstress June Hart a half a dozen years earlier, when he sang at the College Inn in Cleveland.

He introduced "Desire" as a "new" song—meaning new to his repertoire at Berg's—but the audience mistook it for a new song that had just been written. He ended up singing it five times that night. After that, Laine quickly became the star attraction at Berg's, and record company executives took note.

She listened to him every night, and eventually cut her own version of the song, which became a hit on the "harlem" charts. He was soon recording for the fledgling Mercury label, and "That's My Desire" was one of the songs cut in his first recording session there.

It quickly took the No. The record also made it to the No. Although it was quickly covered by many other artists, including Sammy Kaye who took it to the No. Laine paid off all of his debts except one—fellow singer Perry Como refused to let Laine pay him back, and would kid him about the money owed for years to come. The loan to Laine during the time when both men were still struggling singers was one of the few secrets Como kept from his wife, Roselle, who learned of it many years later.

He was also known as Mr. Rhythm for his driving jazzy style. Laine was the first and biggest of a new breed of singers who rose to prominence in the post—World War II era. This new, raw, emotionally charged style seemed at the time to signal the end of the previous era's singing styles and was, indeed, a harbinger of the rock 'n' roll music that was to come.

As music historian Jonny Whiteside wrote:. In the Hollywood clubs, Album), a new breed of performers laid down a baffling hip array of new sounds…Most important of all these, though, was Frankie Laine, a big lad with 'steel tonsils' who belted out torch blues while stomping his size twelve foot in joints like Billy Berg'sClub Hangover and the Bandbox…Laine's intense vocal style owed nothing to CrosbySinatraor Dick Haymes. Instead he drew from Billy EckstineBig Joe TurnerJimmy Rushingand with it Laine had sown the seeds from which an entire new perception and audience would grow… Frank Sinatra represented perhaps the highest flowering of a quarter century tradition of crooning but suddenly found himself an anachronism.

First Frankie Laine, then Tony Bennettand now Johnnie Raydubbed 'the Belters' and 'the Exciters,' came along with a brash vibrancy and vulgar beat that made the old bandstand routine which Frank meticulously perfected seem almost invalid. Frank's style was very innovative, which was why he had such difficulty with early acceptance. He would bend notes and sing about the chordal context of a note rather than to sing the note directly, and he stressed each rhythmic downbeat, which was different from the smooth balladeer of his time.

His recording of " That's My Desire " remains a landmark record signaling the end of both the dominance of the big bands and the crooning styles favored by contemporary Dick Haymes and others. I think that Frank probably was one of the forerunner of…blues, of…rock 'n' roll. A lot of singers who sing with a passionate demeanor—Frank was and is definitely that. I always used to love to mimic him with 'That's…my…desire.

Throughout the s, Laine enjoyed a second career singing the title songs over the opening credits of Hollywood films and television shows, including Gunfight at the O. Corralto YumaBullwhipand Rawhide. His rendition of the title song for Mel Brooks 's hit movie Blazing Saddles won an Oscar nomination for Best Song, and on television, Laine's featured recording of " Rawhide " for the series of the same name became a popular theme song.

You can't categorize him. He's one of those singers that's not in one track. And yet and still I think that his records had more excitement and life into it. And I think that was his big selling point, that he was so full of energy. You know when you hear his records it was dynamite energy. Laine was a jazz singer in the late s. Laine and Miller became a formidable hit-making team whose first collaboration, " That Lucky Old Sun ", became the number one song in the country three weeks after its release.

It was also Laine's fifth Gold record. The song was knocked down to the number two position by Laine and Miller's second collaboration, " Mule Train ", which proved an even bigger hit, making Laine the first artist to hold the Number One and Two positions simultaneously. The collaboration producing a run of top forty hits that lasted into the early years of the rock and roll era. McPhersona ground-breaking African-American songwriter and publisher, was believed to be based on a real-life friend of vaudevillian George Walker, who was with him during the New York City race riots of The song takes what was then an ethnic slur, "shine", and turns it into what is essentially a badge of honor.

It had been a hit for Laine's idol Louis Armstrongwho would cover several of Laine's hits as well. The song, which has a loosely structured melody that switches in tone and rhythm throughout, was pitched to Laine by a young song pluggerTony Benedetto, who would later go on to achieve success as Tony Bennett.

Laine recognized the younger singer's talent, and gave him encouragement. In this decidedly gothic tale of a ghostly female spirit who inhabits a metaphorical "swamp", the femme fatale attempts to lure the singer to his death, calling "Come to the deep where your sleep is without a dream. The coloratura contrasts well with Laine's rough, masculine voice, and disembodied female voices would continue to appear in the background of many of his records, to great effect.

Gilkyson would write many more songs for Laine over the next decade, and he and The Easy Riders would back him on the hit single, "Love Is a Golden Ring". Laine's influence on today's music can be clearly evidenced in his rendition of the Hoagy Carmichael standard, "Georgia on My Mind.

He was my kind of guy. He was very dramatic in his singing…and you must remember that in those days there were no videos so you had to depend on the image that the record made in the listener's ears. And that's why many fine artists were not good record sellers. For instance, Lena Horne. Fabulous artist but she never sold many records till that last album of hers.

But she would always sell out the house no matter where she was. And there were others who sold a lot of records but couldn't get to first base in personal appearances, but Frankie had it both. Laine's contract at Mercury would be up for renewal the following year, and Miller soon LP Laine to Columbia as well. Laine's contract with Columbia was the most lucrative in the industry until RCA bought Elvis Presley's contract five years later. One of the signature songs of the early s, "Jezebel" takes the "Lorelei" motif to its end, with Laine shouting "Jezebel!

In Laine's words, the song uses "flamenco rhythms to whip up an atmosphere of sexual frustration and hatred while a guy berated the woman who'd done him wrong. It had been sung by cowboy star Tex Ritter in the film, but it was Laine's recording that became the big hit. From this point on, Laine would sing the theme songs over the opening credits of many Hollywood and television westerns, becoming so identified with these title songs that Mel Brooks would hire him to sing the theme song for his classic cult film western spoof Blazing Saddles.

At this time, Laine had become more popular in the United Kingdom than in the US, as many of his hit records in the UK were only minor hits in his native country. It was also there that he broke attendance records when appearing at the Palladiumand where he launched his first successful television series with songstress Connie Haines.

Mitch Miller teamed Laine with many of Mercury and Columbia's biggest artists. Laine scored a total of 39 hit records on the charts while at Columbia, [24] and it is many of his songs from this period that are most readily associated with him. His Greatest Hits album, released inhas been a perennial best seller that has never gone out of print. His vocal style could range anywhere from shouting out lines to rhythm numbers to romantic ballads.

Both in collaboration with Jo Stafford and as a solo artist, Laine was one of the earliest, and most frequent, Columbia artists to bring country numbers into the mainstream. Late in his career, Laine would go on to record two straight country albums "A Country Laine" and "The Nashville Connection" that would fully demonstrate his ability to inflect multiple levels of emotional nuances into a line or word.

Many of his pop-country hits from the early s featured the steel guitar playing of Speedy West who played a custom built, 3-neck, 4-pedal model. His duets with Doris Day were folk-pop adaptations of traditional South African folk songs, translated by folk singer Josef Marais. Marais would also provide Laine and Jo Stafford with a similar translation of a song which Stafford seems to have particularly disliked called " Chow Willy ".

In he set two more records this time on the UK charts : weeks at No 1 for a song " I Believe ", which held the number one spot for 18 weeksand weeks at No 1 for an artist in a single year 27 weekswhen "Hey Joe!

In spite of the popularity of rock and roll artists such as Elvis Presley and The Beatles, fifty-plus years later, both of Laine's records still hold. By the end of the decade, he remained far ahead of Elvis Presley as the most successful artist on the British charts. See the "Chart of All Time" for details. InLaine recorded his first long playing album that was released, domestically, solely as an album prior to this his albums had been compiled from previously released singles.

The album was titled " Mr. Rhythm ", as Laine was often known at that time, and featured many jazz-flavored, rhythm numbers similar in style to his work on the Mercury label. The album's songlist was made up of " Great American Songbook " standards. Paul Weston 's orchestra provided the music.

Released as a 10" inand a 12" inthis album features the talents of Laine, Jo Stafford and bandleader Paul Weston, a Tommy Dorsey alumnus who led one of the top bands of the s, and was the husband of Stafford. The album was a mix of solo recordings and duets by the two stars, and of new and previously released material, including Stafford's hits single, " Make Love to Me ", " Shrimp Boats ", and " Jambalaya. Rhythm" album. This album featured not only jazz vocals by Laine, but jazz licks on trumpet by a former featured player in the Count Basie orchestra, Buck Claytonand trombonists J.

The album proved popular with jazz and popular music fans, and was often cited by Laine as his personal favorite. An improvised tone is apparent throughout, with Laine at one point reminiscing with one of the musicians about the days they performed together at Billy Berg's.

The album produced one hit, "Rain! The last four tracks were recorded during a later session. One of Laine's most popular albums, this album reset several of his former hits in a driving, brassy orchestration by Paul Weston and his orchestra. Two of the remakes "That Lucky Old Sun" and " We'll Be Together Again " have gone on to become the best-known versions of the songs supplanting the original hit versions.

The album's title is less a reference to rock and roll than a reference to the Duke Ellington song of that same name. Unlike Mitch Miller, Laine liked the new musical form known as "rock 'n' roll", and was anxious to try his hand at it. The first, A Foreign Affairwas built around the concept of recording the tracks in different languages: EnglishFrenchSpanishand Portuguese. Laine and Legrand teamed up for a second album of jazz standards, titled Reunion in Rhythmwith the vocals limiting themselves to English and an occasional segue into French.

Laine wrote the lyrics for the title song on another album, Torchin 'which was also his first recorded in stereo. As with his Legrand album, he sings the entire lyric for each song. A second collaboration with Comstock, also recorded infocused on intimacy. Conceived as a love letter to his second wife, actress Nan Grey who appears on the cover with himYou Are My Love is easily Laine's most romantic work.

His voice was once described by a British disk jockey as having "the virility of a goat and the delicacy of a flower petal," [29] and both these elements are well showcased here particularly the delicate nuances. His recording of the wedding standard, " Because ", exemplifies the singer's delicate mode at its most exquisite.

He opens the song a cappellaafter which a classical, acoustic guitar joins him, with the full orchestra gradually fading in and out before the guitar only climax. Recorded in"Balladeer" was a folk-blues album. Laine had helped pioneer the folk music movement a full ten years earlier with his hit folk-pop records penned by Terry Gilkyson et al.

Laine and Katz collaborated on some of the new material, along with Lucy Drucker who apparently inspired the "Lucy D" in one of the songs. The closing track, "And Doesn't She Roll" co-written by Lainewith its rhythmic counter-chorus in the background foretells Paul Simon 's Graceland album two decades later. Williams recently said the following words about Laine:. Frankie Laine was somebody that everybody knew.

He was a kind of a household word like Frank Sinatra or Bobby Darin or Peggy Lee or Ella Fitzgerald —Frankie Laine was one of the great popular singers and stylists of that time…And his style…he was one of those artists who had such a unique stamp—nobody sounded like he did.

You could hear two notes and you knew who it was and you were right on the beam with it right away. And of course that defines a successful popular artist, at least at that time. These people were all uniquely individual and Frank was on the front rank of those people in his appeal to the public and his success and certainly in his identifiability. This album of western classics by Laine established him as "a cowboy singer" for many young fans who grew up in the s.

Corral", and " The to Yuma ", as well as new material, including the western rocker, "Wanted Man", and a musical narrative, "Bowie Knife". Laine's next album continued with the western theme on several of the numberswhile following up on his last hit single, "Moonlight Gambler" a stereo remake of which appears on the album.

Most of the tracks of this album feature a gambling theme. The arrangements on many of these songs have an almost classical feel to them, reflecting the classical training of John Williams, who would go on to conduct the Boston Pops for many years. Wanderlust was Laine's final album with Columbia Records. Also included on this album is a version of "I Let Her Go"; an uncensored version of a song that figured prominently in his nightclub act, "On the Road to Mandalay", based on the poem by Rudyard Kipling ; and a classic version of " Wagon Wheels " which he'd been singing though not recording as far back as his days with the Merry Garden Ballroom marathon dance company in the early s.

Laine had met with Columbia officials to renew his contract on the day that John F. Kennedy was assassinated. The meeting was canceled, and neither Laine nor Columbia pressed to reschedule it. In Laine left Columbia for Capitol Recordsbut his two years there only produced one album and a handful of singles mostly of an inspirational nature.

He continued performing regularly at this time, including a South African tour. After switching to ABC Records in the late s, he found himself at the top of the charts again, beginning with the first song he recorded, "I'll Take Care of Your Cares".

Written as a waltz in the mids, "Cares" had become the unofficial theme song of the Las Vegas call girlsbut was virtually unknown outside of the Strip. Laine recorded a swinging version that made it to number 39 on the national and number 2 on the adult contemporary charts.

The last song was a number one hit on the adult contemporary chart 24 nationaland proved that Laine was as big a hit-maker as ever. His last single to hit the Billboard Hot chart peaking at No.

Seeking greater artistic freedom, Laine left ABC for the much smaller Amos Recordswhere he cut two albums in a modern, rock-influenced vein. It is one of Frankie Laine's personal favorites. Amos, which was soon to fold from lack of funds, could not adequately promote them at the time.

However, they are still available through CD re-releases. After Amos folded, Laine started his own label, Score Recordswhich is still producing albums today. Beginning in the late s, Laine starred in over a half dozen backstage musicals, often playing himself; several of these were written and directed by a young Blake Edwards.

His films were very popular in the United Kingdom, but this success failed to establish him as a movie star in the United States. He had a different sound, you know and he had such emotion and heart. And of course you recognized Frankie, just like Sinatra had that sound that you'd always recognize. That's what made for hit records, as well as being a great singer. But you have to have a real special sound that never changes.

He could do it all…but again, you always knew that it was Frankie Laine. In the s, he continued appearing on variety shows such as Laugh-Inbut took on several serious guest-starring roles in shows like Rawhideand Burke's Law.

His theme song for Rawhide proved to be popular and helped make the show, which starred Eric Fleming and launched the career of Clint Eastwooda hit. Route 66 3. Guilty 4. Rock-A-Bye Your Baby 5. Linda 6. Cincinnati Lou 7. Too Fat Polka 9. Little White Lies Love Somebody A Tree in the Meadow Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah A Little Bird Told Me Buttons and Bows Woody Woodpecker Some Enchanted Evening Far Away Places 2.

Mule Train 4. Music, Music, Music 6. The Tennessee Waltz 7. My Heart Cries for You 8. Bewitched 9. Riders in the Sky Mona Lisa Because of You Come-On-A My House Cry The Roving Kind Mister and Mississippi Cold, Cold Heart Jealousy Half as Much If Unforgettable Tracks of Disc 3 1.

Jezebel 2. I Apologize 3. My Truly, Truly Fair 4. Be My Love 5. Mockingbird Hill 6. Little Red Rooster 7. La Vie En Rose 8. Here in My Heart 9. A Guy Is a Guy High Noon Jambalaya Crying in the Chapel Seven Lonely Days Mexican Joe 2. Answer Me 3. Caribbean 4. The Doggie in the Window 5. Sh-Boom 7. Release Me 8. Such a Night 9. Papa Loves Mambo Mambo Italiano I Hear You Knocking Pledging My Love Unchained Melody Tracks of Disc 5 1. Sixteen Tons 3. Only You 5. Singing the Blues 6.

Marianne 7. Banana Boat Song 8. Cindy Oh Cindy 9. Love Me Tender Blueberry Hill Just Walking in the Rain Jamaica Farewell Since I Met You Baby Diana Bye Bye Love Tracks of Disc 6 1. Sugartime 3. A White Sport Coat 5. Tammy 8. In the Middle of an Island 9. Island in the Sun Lucky Lips Peggy Sue Round and Round Bouna Sera April Love Tracks of Disc 7 1.

Hula Love 2. With All My Heart 3. Tequila 4. Yes Tonight Josephine 5. Be My Girl 6. Chances Are 7. Fraulein 8. Wake up Little Susie 9. Tea for Two Cha Cha The Hula Hoop Song Sugar Moon When La Paloma Tracks of Disc 8 1. The Day the Rains Came Down 2. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes 3. Yakety Yak 4. Everybody Loves a Lover 5. Purple People Eater 6. My Happiness 8. I Wanna Be Loved by You Lollipop Angel Baby Tracks of Disc 9 1. Billy Bayou 2. Big Man 3.

A Wonderful Time up There 4. Put Your Head on My Shoulder 5. Living Doll 6. Come Softly to Me 7. Why 8. The Three Bells Mack the Knife A Teenager in Love Chi Chi Lonely Boy Tracks of Disc 10 1. Charlie Brown 2. Venus 3. Dream Lover 4. Petite Fleur 5. Personality 6. Puppy Love 7. Spanish Harlem 8. Only the Lonely 9. Wooden Heart Sailor What a Wonderful World Greenfields Save the Last Dance for Me Milord Corinne Corrina Are You Lonesome Tonight.

Lipstick on Your Collar 2. That'll Be the Day 3. Rock Around the Clock 4. Summertime Blues 5. Chantilly Lace 6. The Wanderer 7. Sweet Nothin's 8.

Blue Jean Bop 9. The Night Has a Thousand Eyes Sealed with a Kiss Will You Love Me Tomorrow You're Sixteen Tower of Strength Who Put the Bomp Hey Paula Venus Tracks of Disc 2 1. Heartbeat 2. Rubber Ball 3. Hello Mary Lou 4. Sh-Boom 6. Crazy 8. Cry Me a River 9. Mad About the Boy Only You And You Alone It's Only Make Believe Jambalaya On the Bayou Halfway to Paradise Well I Ask You Butterfingers The Green Door Ginny Come Lately I'm a Man Smokestack Lightning Tracks of Disc 3 1.

Johnny B Goode 2. Aint That a Shame 3. A Teenager in Love 5. Telstar 6. Witch Doctor 7. Your Cheatin' Heart 8. Long Tall Sally 9. Susie Q Book of Love Walk Don't Run Why Do Fools Fall in Love Singing the Blues Wondrous Place Do You Mind Goin' Steady Rock Island Line Ain't Got No Home It's All in the Game Tracks of Disc 4 1.

Be-Bop-a-Lula 2. C'mon Everybody 3. At the Hop 4. Earth Angel 5. Dynamite 6. Words of Love 7. Sweet Little Sixteen 8. My Blue Heaven 9. Smoke Gets in Your Eyes Wimoweh Come on Let the Good Times Roll Prisoner of Love My Special Angel Molly Tracks of Disc 5 1.

Three Steps to Heaven 2. Runaround Sue 3. Take Good Care of My Baby 4. The Great Pretender 5. Love Potion No. What a Difference a Day Makes 8. Where the Boys Are 9. Sea of Love Let's Jump the Broomstick Mystery Girl Handy Man Bad Boy Running Bear Heartaches Teen Angel Travelin' Man. Ev'ry Time We Say Goodbye 3. Fever 4. Lullaby Of Broadway 5. Blue Moon 6. It Had Talk About The Good Times - Frankie Laine - Frankie Lane Sings His Very Best (Vinyl Be You 7.

Crazy She Calls Me 8. Just One Of Those Things 9. The Man I Love That Old Black Magic My Funny Valentine You'll Never Know Smile Please Be Kind Time After Time Night And Day It's Easy To Remember Manhattan 2. Makin' Whoopee 4. Sophistacated Lady 5. Taking A Chance On Love 6. Stardust 7. Stormy Weather 8. Lulu's Back In Town 9.

Love Me Or Leave Me Them There Eyes Smoke Gets In Your Eyes I Hear Music How High The Moon Where Or When Misty Something's Gotta Give I'll Take Romance I'll Be Around Fools Rush In Just In Time 2. Lover 3. Wonderful 4. The Nearness Of You 6. Love Is Here To Stay 7. Just One More Chance 8. Old Devil Moon Baby, It's Cold Outside Laura More Than You Know My Heart Stood Still These Foolish Things The Man That Got Away That Old Feeling A Fine Romance Come Fly With Me 2.

Let's Fall In Love 3. Moonlight In Vermont 4. Passing Strangers 5. When You're Smiling 6. Hernando's Hideaway 7. I Concentrate On You 8. The Twelfth Of Never Tenderly Let Me Go, Lover Young At Heart But Not For Me Thanks For The Memory Deep Purple Did You Evah! Tracks of Disc 5 1. Hey There! Love Doesn't Live Here Anymore 5. Unforgettable 6. All Of You 7. Somebody Loves Me 9.

For All We Know You Belong To Me Begin The Beguine I Could Write A Book You Go To My Head Some Of These Days Summertime Tracks of Disc 1 1. Return To Me 2. Three Coins In a Fountain 3. Blue Velvet 4. I Have But One Heart 5. Domani 6. Non Dimenticar 7. Passione 8. Al Di La 9. Che Lla La Just Say I Love Her Two Loves Have I All of Me Ramona On an Evening In Roma Lost In the Stars Inka Dinka Doo Tell Me You're Mine Stranger In Paradise You Alone Solo Tu Come Back To Sorrento Sweet and Lovely Tracks of Disc 2 1.

Arrivederci Roma 3. Far Away Places 4. Volare 5. While We Were Young 6. Innamorata 7. Where Do You Work Marie? Mama Rosa 9. Funiculi' Funicula' From the Wine Came the Grape That's My Desire Guilty Until Yesterday Isle of Capri My Love Forgive Me Angelique Tina Marie Santa Lucia Luntana Solo Te Angelina: Zooma Zooma Anema E Core You're My Everything Write To Me From Naples Mala Femmina 2.

Stromboli 3. That's Amore 4. Veni-Vidi-Vici 6. Oh, Nights of Splendor Neapolitan Nights 7. Prisoner of Love 8. Here In My Heart 9. Hey Gumbaree Toscanini, Iturbi and Me You've Changed Woman Ciao Ciao Bambina Talk About The Good Times - Frankie Laine - Frankie Lane Sings His Very Best (Vinyl How Deep is the Ocean?

A Vucchella It's No Sin Poor Butterfly Darling I Love You Luna Rosa Love Walked In My Cucuzza Umbriago Campenelle Forget Domani. Bonaparte's Retreat 4. Mona Lisa 5. The Tennessee Album) 6. Hoop Dee Doo 8. It Isn't Fair 9. The Cry of the Wild Goose I'll Never Be Free Chatanoogie Shoe Shine Boy I Can Dream, Can't I? The Thing Harbour Lights There's No Tomorrow Bewitched Dearie My Foolish Heart Daddy's Little Girl The Old Master Painter Thinking of You Goodnight Irene.

Bouquet Of Roses 2. Along The Santa Fe Trail 3. The Last Round Up 4. Sierra Nevada 5. Mexicali Rose 6. Searching For Somewhere 7. I'll Love You More 8. Tumbling Tumbleweeds 9.

Twilight On the Trail San Antonio Rose Don't Fence Me In Are You Satisfied Unknown Girl Of My Dreams Rowdy Cowboy Wedding Song Tracks of Disc 2 1. Rawhide 2. The To Yuma 4. Gunslinger 5. North To Alaska 6. Wanted Man 7. Bowie Knife 8. Where The Winds Blow 9. The Hanging Tree Moonlight Gambler Dead Man's Hand Gamblin' Woman The Roving Gambler Deuces Wild Horses And Women The Wayfaring Stranger Along The Navajo Trail Ride Through The Night Cool Water. Sealed With A Kiss 2. Dream Lover 3.

At The Hop 4. Rebel Rouser 5. You Send Me 6. Greenfields 7. Baby Chantilly Lace My Little One Mister Lonely Only Sixteen 2. Runaway 3. Tell Laura I Love Her 4. Let's Twist Again 5.

Kisses Sweeter Than Wine 6. Tammy 7. Be-Bop-A-Lula 9. Yakety Yak I'm Sorry Splish Splash Theme From "A Summer Place" High School Confidential The End Of The World Sleepwalk Johnny B. Goode Puppy Love Ciao Ciao Bambino Tutti Frutti Devil Or Angel Tracks of Disc 3 1.

The Loco-motion 2. Teen Beat 5. La Bamba 6. Rhythm Of The Rain 9. Tiger Multiplication Pretty Little Angel Eyes The Wanderer The Girl Can't Help It Can't Help Falling In Love Sixteen Candles What A Wonderful World Poetry In Motion Speedy Gonzales Rip It Up 2. Fever 3. Blue Suede Shoes 4. I Love You Because 5. That's All Right 6. I Believe 7. All Shook Up 9. Old Shep I Gotta Know Are You Lonesome Tonight Love Letters Hound Dog Aloha Oe Farewell To Thee Baby Let's Play House How's The World Treating You I'm Comin' Home My Baby Left Me I've Got A Woman Money Honey Mansion Over The Hilltop Blue Hawaii Good Rockin' Tonight Blueberry Hill 2.

Long Tall Sally 3. Such A Night 4. His Latest Flame 6. I Need You So 7. I Want You With Me 8. The Hawaiian Wedding Song 9.

Girls, Girls, Girls I'm Movin' On Moonlight Swim Reconsider Baby I'll Never Let You Go Lawdy Miss Clawdy One Night Like A Baby Shoppin' Around Blue Moon Of Kentucky The Great Milky Way So Glad You're Mine Ready Teddy High Noon CD. I Believe 2. Jealousy 3. Call of the Wild 4. Jezebel 5. Blazing Saddles 6. Hummingbird 7.

Nov 23,  · Frankie Laine performs a selection of his classic hits, including "High Noon," "Call of the Wild Goose" and "That's My Desire," in this TV appearance from Best of YouTube Music Frankie Laine - A Tribute to his wife by Mark Gallagher. FRANKIE LAINE SINGS IN THE BEGINNING by MrBigman Frankie Laine - Don't cry. Best of YouTube Music Sports Gaming Movies & Shows Frankie Laine & Johnnie Ray - Good Evening Friends by Mark Gallagher. Frankie Laine - I Believe In Love by ame FRANKIE LAINE THE LORD DON'T TREAT HIS CHIILLUN THAT WAY by Mark Gallagher. Complete song listing of Frankie Laine on derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfo COVID We are currently operating in a limited manner. Due to social-distancing practices and increased order volume, please expect longer than usual wait times & shipping delays. Feb 05,  · FRANKIE LAINE AND KAY STARR SIDE BY SIDE - Duration: Mark Gallagher 58, views. 50+ videos Play all Mix - frankie lane medley - american bandstand YouTube; Frankie. Aug 28,  · When Frankie left Mercury Records, he made a promise not to re-record any of his Mercury records for 5 years. In that 5 year period was up. Frankie with Paul Weston made an Album of his early. Frankie Laine Sings for Us: Mercury - Lover's Laine: Columbia - Songs by Frankie Laine Sings His Very Best: Springboard: The ABC Collection: ABC: * The Very Best Of Frankie Laine: Po' Folks, Proud Mary, Put Your Hand In The Hand, Talk About The Good Times () Can You Hear Me Lord, My Own True Love, Time To. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Dark Blue Labels Vinyl release of The Best Of Frankie Laine on Discogs/5(24). Jan 18,  · Was recorded by Frankie Laine in December Did not chart in US reached no. 20 in UK. When Mel Brooks advertised in the show business trade papers for a "Frankie Laine-type" voice to sing the title song for Blazing Saddles (), he expected a good imitation of the real Laine. Instead, Laine himself showed at Brooks' office two days later, ready to do the job. He got the job and sang the Oscar-nominated title song again at the Academy Awards the following year.


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  1. When Mel Brooks advertised in the show business trade papers for a "Frankie Laine-type" voice to sing the title song for Blazing Saddles (), he expected a good imitation of the real Laine. Instead, Laine himself showed at Brooks' office two days later, ready to do the job. He got the job and sang the Oscar-nominated title song again at the Academy Awards the following year.
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  3. Frankie Laine has always been my faverate singer (next to Marty Robbins) and getting these cd's was a good thing to do. I still have some records of his but gitting them on cd is a big help. If you are looking for old, and sadly dead singers, this is the way to go.4/5(10).
  4. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Vinyl release of 16 Greatest Hits! on Discogs/5(3).
  5. Frankie Laine was Frankie Laines's first Mercury Records 12" long-play album, recorded in and originally planned for release in However, it came out sooner in , and they were able to include the Frankie Laine hit, "Cry of the Wild Goose." Track listing.
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    FRANKIE LAINE SINGS HIS VERY BEST (NM) SPX LP VINYL RECORD in Music, Records | eBay. FRANKIE LAINE A Brand New Day LP Record Album Vinyl. $ $ shipping: + $ shipping. Amy Winehouse - Back to Black [New Vinyl LP] Explicit. Very Good (VG) Many of the defects found in a VG+ record will be more pronounced in a VG disc Seller Rating: % positive.
  7. Aug 28,  · When Frankie left Mercury Records, he made a promise not to re-record any of his Mercury records for 5 years. In that 5 year period was up. Frankie with Paul Weston made an Album of his early.
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    Frankie Laine did most of his best and most popular recording for Mercury Records (in the s and early '50s) and for Columbia Records (in the '50s and early '60s). But in , he signed to ABC Records and made a surprising comeback, placing nine songs in the pop charts through , including three Top 40 hits, "I'll Take Care Of Your Cares," "Making Memories," and his biggest late-period.

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