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Nobody has a public editor! We're not the only ones that made the decision to not have a public editor. My main point is, yeah, we do get beat up more. And I think we just have to own up to [inaudible] in the process. Should I, do you want me to walk through what happened in this headline again, or is that'-- Staffer: I would like to know. I mean I think in this specific case that's now been made public. But in general, kind of, how does this happen? Baquet: I mean, I think that if I had to and I will engage in a little bit of self-criticism, I made a decision.

So we're talking about print headlines here for a second. I made a decision that I still think was the right decision for the New York Times.

We're not just a print newspaper anymore. We have a television show. We have a podcast. We have a daily website that reaches tens of millions people. I thought that the days when the executive editor sat and sort of picked the stories, fly spec-ed the headlines ' I just thought that that was sending the wrong signal to the room.

What does that say to our video team if executive editor only cares about the print front page? I also, by the way, assembled a remarkable group of people who worry over the print front page.

I'm going to also say that nobody puts out a print front page like the New York Times. Don't let getting whacked the last couple of weeks make you forget that. But I think I should probably spend a little more time thinking about it. You know, again, I've said half of the big decisions I've had to make as executive editor I've made in my bathrobe at home.

You know, I didn't look closely enough at it. I should make sure that the front page of the New York Times, which is still our glory, gets more scrutiny than it does, and we should all look at it. In this case, I've said it before, I think the layout boxed in the print hub in a way that probably made it impossible to put a great headline on it.

But I think I should probably spend a little more stewing on the front page. Does that answer your question? Staffer: Kind of. I mean, I think'-- Baquet: Push! Push, man. They've never been shy. Staffer: I do think, I mean, I guess I see it as not a matter of like getting beat up over the past couple weeks.

I feel like there's a sort of weariness with the share of the criticism directed towards us that is about the headlines that detracts from the discussion that we'd like to be having about the actual [inaudible].

Baquet: I agree, but I'm going to say one thing. And then [associate managing editor and Metro editor] Cliff [Levy] wants to say something. We let it distract us, if you don't mind my saying. You know, there's a little bit of ' There's a little bit of a wallowing gene in the New York Times. Look, I don't think any executive editor has owned up to more mistakes than I have.

I don't know if that means I've made more mistakes. Maybe it does. Or if it means I just believe in transparently owning up to your mistakes. But the last few months of the New York Times, we have produced some remarkable reports. Before I came in here, somebody from the national desk sent me a note pointing out just how amazing our coverage of El Paso was and how much it happened to have been driven by Latino reporters who felt powerfully about that story and wanted to surface it. We've got to move away from the position where we want to just beat ourselves up and not think about that stuff a little bit, too.

Cliff wanted to say something. Cliff Levy: I just want to kind of delicately push back a little bit on this question of headlines. Headlines are very, very hard, as you well know. I spent a lot of time thinking about headlines. My colleagues on Metro might tell you that I'm kind of obsessed with them in an unhealthy way.

A lot of the pushback that we often receive about headlines, particularly on social media is from people who have never written a headline, don't have an understanding of how hard it is, the burdens on a headline. Particularly the burdens on a headline in print space where you are really limited. But the burden's in digital, as well.

We are limited by length and SEO and all these other factors. People who criticize our headlines'--particularly people who are not in this newsroom'--you'll say to them, ''Well, what would you want this headline to be?

You know, people want headlines that blitz out any nuance. They want headlines that say, ''Donald Trump Is a Racist,'' or ''Donald Trump Is a Liar'' or things that really take out all the texture and fabric of the article itself.

And I will just say, you know, they're extremely hard to do well, and I think in general we do them extremely well. And I think Phil would probably want to add something to that. Philip Corbett: I did want to push back just a little bit more.

Sorry, we're all pushing back on you. This might not be a widely held view, but I would dispute the idea that when we have made mistakes about headlines in the last months or couple of years that they have always been in the same direction, which I think is how you put it.

In other words, that the mistakes you're seeing are when we're going, shall we say, too easy on Donald Trump. There certainly have been headlines where I feel like that has been a failing. But I will say, honestly, there have been headlines that many of us have been concerned about or asked to have changed or have had discussion about where I felt the problem was the opposite. Where we were showing what could be read as bias against Trump, and were perhaps going too far in the opposite direction.

So this goes to Cliff's point that headlines are hard to write anyway, and we're going to get them wrong sometimes. But I would not accept the criticism that the ones we get wrong necessarily show that we're bending over backwards in one direction, because I've Let It Be (Unity) (Vox Mix 1) - Anthony Young (4) F/ Joey Washington - Let It Be (Unity) (Vinyl) seen headlines that I've been uncomfortable with that have fallen too far on both sides of the line.

Staffer: So I share the concerns about how coverage can be done aggressively, but not from a default point of view, which can feed into outcomes that repeatedly read to a number of people across the newsroom'--and then outside as well'--being too cautious or winding up in a zone that fails to accurately represent the situation to the readers.

Which is, of course, the mission that we all do believe in. And I have had conversations and exchanges with a number of colleagues in different roles, from different backgrounds across the newsroom in the past week. And one of the things that I've brought up'--and I know, Dean, you and I have talked about this a bit, too, is that some people, despite your welcoming stance as far as bringing feedback to you, are hesitant to speak up. Or don't necessarily feel like they can do that safely, or have the standing to do that.

Or some may not even have the access to do that. I wondered if it would be OK for me to share some of the feedback that I got that people asked for to be anonymous, but that I thought was thoughtful and could be useful. Baquet: Sure. Staffer: OK, so here's just a selection that I thought was thoughtful. Our stylebook would never allow it in other circumstances. I am concerned that the Times is failing to rise to the challenge of a historical moment.

What I have heard from top leadership is a conservative approach that I don't think honors the Times' powerful history of adversarial journalism. I think that the NYT's leadership, perhaps in an effort to preserve the institution of the Times, is allowing itself to be boxed in and hamstrung.

This obviously applies to the race coverage. The headline represented utter denial, unawareness of what we can all observe with our eyes and ears. It was pure face value. I think this actually ends up doing the opposite of what the leadership claims it does. A headline like that simply amplifies without critique the desired narrative of the most powerful figure in the country. If the Times' mission is now to take at face value and simply repeat the claims of the powerful, that's news to me.

I'm not sure the Times' leadership appreciates the damage it does to our reputation and standing when we fail to call things like they are.

Why can't I or one of the editors who actually worked on the story just write it? We had created a front page, because we had two big stories, one of which had a two-column headline. One had a single line, four-column headline. It was designed with the print hub, but I don't think I sat and thought about, what can you really say in four words. Now, I do not scrutinize the print hub headlines before it goes to press. I happen to think that many of the people on the print hub are some of our best editors and are extremely talented.

The second I saw that headline'--I always get the front page that night'--I kind of put my head in the hands. And I called in before I knew there was a Twitter storm and said, you know, this is off. We've really got to fix this.

But I think in some ways, you know, those of us involved that day did a disservice to our colleagues, because it was a very hard thing to write. They were writing it on deadline. And because the headline had seemed fine on the web all day, it didn't occur to me it would be problematic. But on the web they had a very large banner, and I think one of the things we've learned is that, if we're going to do something that's a banner, more of us should be involved. But I think I should've thought more about, if you have just four words, what can you write?

I had been envisioning something like ''A Day of Reckoning. About the push for social media and audience engagement, it's very clear that the direction of the paper and of management is to incentivize and reward more engagement on social media. But then you have the things that get the most traffic on social media or something like people's Twitter accounts, where it might push them to write inflammatory or stupid or ill-thought-out things.

So we're kind of incentivizing people to get eyes, but that also incentivizes people to say stupid things on social media. Baquet: You know, other people can jump in here, I'm sort of unconvinced that the tweets that have made me uncomfortable happened because people wanted to get eyes. I mean, I don't think the tweet that sparked part of this discussion, from an editor in the Washington bureau, was because he wanted to get eyes.

I think he just. We somehow have convinced ourselves that Twitter is not the real world, and that you can say things on Twitter that you wouldn't be able to say in a newspaper story. And we need to just convince ourselves that that is not true. I mean, others should jump in, but I'm not sure that the tweets that have made me uncomfortable are tweets that were just done to attract attention. But others?

Staffer: I'm wondering what is the overall strategy here for getting us through this administration and the way we cover it. Because I think one of the reasons people have such a problem with a headline like this'--or some things that the New York Times reports on'--is because they care so much.

And they depend on the New York Times. They are depending on us to keep kicking down the doors and getting through, because they need that right now. It's a very scary time. And when something like this happens, or we have opinion columnists'--because people really can't tell the difference between op-eds and news anymore'--but when we have people who post and tweet incendiary things, like Bret Stephens, people don't understand. I think they get confused as to what we're trying to do.

Baquet: Yeah. Staffer: And I'm just wondering, how can we tighten that up? Baquet: Are you talking about coverage, or are you talking about social media? Staffer: I'm talking about all of it. Baquet: OK. I mean, let me go back a little bit for one second to just repeat what I said in my in my short preamble about coverage. Chapter 1 of the story of Donald Trump, not only for our newsroom but, frankly, for our readers, was: Did Donald Trump have untoward relationships with the Russians, and was there obstruction of justice?

That was a really hard story, by the way, let's not forget that. We set ourselves up to cover that story. I'm going to say it. We won two Pulitzer Prizes covering that story. And I think we covered that story better than anybody else. The day Bob Mueller walked off that witness stand, two things happened. Our readers who want Donald Trump to go away suddenly thought, ''Holy shit, Bob Mueller is not going to do it.

We're a little tiny bit flat-footed. I mean, that's what happens when a story looks a certain way for two years. I think that we've got to change. I mean, the vision for coverage for the next two years is what I talked about earlier: How do we cover a guy who makes these kinds of remarks?

How do we cover the world's reaction to him? How do we do that while continuing to cover his policies? How do we cover America, that's become so divided by Donald Trump?

How do we grapple with all the stuff you all are talking about? That, to me, is the vision for coverage. You all are going to have to help us shape that vision. But I think that's what we're going to have to do for the rest of the next two years. This is no longer a story where the Washington bureau every week nails some giant story by [Washington correspondent] Mike Schmidt that says that Donald Trump or Don McGahn did this.

That will remain part of the story, but this is a different story now. This is a story that's going to call on different muscles for us. The next few weeks, we're gonna have to figure out what those muscles are.

In terms of how to keep people from having these discussions on social media, I'm not percent sure. I think we should tighten the rules a little, which always upsets people a little bit. I Let It Be (Unity) (Vox Mix 1) - Anthony Young (4) F/ Joey Washington - Let It Be (Unity) (Vinyl), there were tweets that people at the New York Times retweeted or liked last week that were really painful for this newsroom and Let It Be (Unity) (Vox Mix 1) - Anthony Young (4) F/ Joey Washington - Let It Be (Unity) (Vinyl) me personally.

So I'm gonna keep saying that, and maybe we should talk about the rules, too. Staffer: It appears to be that the public narrative around the headline is different from the internal narrative that I've been hearing. So for example, I know that the copy desk thing was a slip.

But I have also heard that someone actually raised concerns about the headline and was overruled. So, I'm just trying to reconcile what I'm hearing from my co-workers internally and what I'm hearing from my other co-workers in the public. Baquet: I reached out to the person who raised questions about the coverage that day, who works on the print hub, and it's a little more complicated than that.

She was leaving town, and I was leaving town. She thought it was a bad headline, but mainly she thought that particular story shouldn't led the paper, Let It Be (Unity) (Vox Mix 1) - Anthony Young (4) F/ Joey Washington - Let It Be (Unity) (Vinyl). Her complaint was different than the narrative that has developed, which is that one person on the print hub threw their body in front of the headline.

In my exchanges with her, that wasn't the case. She thought that that story should not have led the paper. And she thought the headline was bad, but mainly she thought the whole package, the whole architecture'--but mainly the story'--is what was wrong. And I told her frankly, in my exchange with her, which was good and helpful, I said look I disagree with you on this one.

I'm happy to sit down and talk to you in person. I thought that was the right lead of the paper. I would not have minded, by the way, if she'd wandered into my office, knocked on the door, which I told her and which I will keep telling her when I talk to her in person. If she had come in and said, I think you picked the wrong lead of the paper, that's a little bit of a different narrative from the headline narratives. That make sense?

I just kind of wanted to return to the internal debate before the headline went to print. Do you think there was a breakdown there other than space pressure or time pressure? And if so, I wonder what you think that that breakdown was? Baquet: Again, I had this exchange with an editor as she was going away and I was going away. I'm not sure that was a breakdown. I think the breakdown was that we drew a page that was really, really, really hard to put a thoughtful headline on.

This was a really complicated story. It was not a story that said, Trump said X. In fact, what was wrong with the story is that the ''Trump said X'' headline wasn't enough to capture the hypocrisy and all the kind of nuance we're talking about.

So I think we built a page on deadline that made it really hard to put a headline on it. So we set it up for a bad headline, and the people who were in a position to judge it quickly and change it, like me, did not look at it until too late.

So I guess this is a system breakdown. We didn't have a system in place where the people who would recognize it and then change it'--And maybe, by the way, the right change'--if you want me to tell you'--the perfect scenario for this headline would have been like this: The print hub'--I'm not blaming the print hub, I'm blaming me, because I set up this system'--the print hub comes in and says, ''We tried, we cannot put a headline on that story with this layout.

You need to redraw the page. That would have been, in retrospect, the ideal situation. Staffer: But the editors were looking at it, do you have the impression that they felt that that was necessary, or there was a recognition that there was a problem? Baquet: I should ask [associate masthead editor] Tom [Jolly] and others on the print hub. I mean, there was a recognition among the masthead when it got sent around.

As soon as the mockup of the front page got passed around, I looked at it. Matt looked at it. Everybody looked at and said, ''Oh shit. Does that answer it? I'm trying to walk you through the process a little bit. Go ahead. Staffer: It just seems like the people who could have recognized that, perhaps, did not or were not on the team to look at the first edition.

Baquet: Tom, do you have a thought about that? Tom runs the print hub. Tom Jolly: Well, I think, a the problem was that the editor felt like that difficult headline had to tie directly into the lead story. If we had made it a broader headline that addressed the package of four different stories, ''the day of reckoning'' or something along those lines, it would have solved it.

In terms of a system problem, print hub had a meeting Thursday, and one of the things that we've realized is, we need to be looking at the front page.

First of all, we need to be talking to the editors who are going to be writing the headlines that come in in late afternoon. They're not a part of the discussion during the day. We need to talk to them, give them a sense of what the storyline is.

And then we need to review the page before it comes out. One of the problems here was that the page was already published, and that page goes to half of our print readers. So at that point, there was no bringing it back. So yes we've addressed system issues that we've identified, and I've also talked with the editor from the stories going around. And she doesn't feel that she was rebuffed.

Obviously, we would never want that to happen. And I think as Dean explained that was a little bit of a bigger issue. But I think the biggest thing is discussing the storyline at a time in the late afternoon or early evening when the editors who are just coming in have an opportunity to think it out one more time.

Baquet: Can I say something in support of the print hub? Because just for the record, I'm not sure I love this narrative of these sort of anonymous editors you know sitting on another floor fucking up the New York Times. The print hub builds the front page of the New York Times every day. Pick up today's front page. It is it is a thing of beauty.

They do it every day. They're not some anonymous nobodies. They're fine journalists, assembled from across the newsroom, assembled from other news organizations.

The original sin, I can say since I'm a Catholic and a former altar boy, the original sin was ours. Was setting up a front page that was really, really difficult to build a headline around. But don't, do not' Go visit the print hub. I mean these are journalists just like us. I talked to the editor who wrote the headline.

He's sick, you know. I mean he feels terrible. He feels more terrible than he should, to be frank. But it feels terrible, and I don't want to walk away from this with all of us thinking that they're a group of fumble fingers on another floor of the New York Times secretly fucking up the New York Times.

They're not. One more. Staffer: When it came to actually changing that headline, how much influence did the reader input have? I mean, OK, all you guys didn't like it. You were unhappy. But was a change in the works, or was it the response?

Baquet: We were all'--it was a fucking mess'--we were all over the headline. The print hub. Probably [assistant managing editor] Alison [Mitchell]. We were all over it, and then in the middle of it, [deputy managing editor] Rebecca Blumenstein sent an email'--but we were already messing with it '--saying, ''You should know, there's a social media firestorm over the headline.

My reaction was to essentially say, ''Fuck 'em, we're already working on it. We had already lost half of the papers, and it was too late to redraw the whole page. We would've lost the whole thing. Baquet: Can I just say one thing? This is a hard story. This is larger than the headline. This is larger than the other stuff.

This is a really hard story. This is a story that's going to call on like all of our muscles, all of our resources, all of our creativity, all of our empathy. Including all of our empathy for each other. It's going to call on us to be maybe a little less harsh with each other, because we're gonna make other mistakes.

It's going to call on us to listen to each other more, including me listening to you all more. If you ask me how we end up getting through this with the best coverage, it's by having honest conversations. It's by inviting people into the Trump story who ordinarily might not have played on stories like this and making sure they get to participate in the coverage. But I hope this is a start, and I hope people take me at my word when I say you may come into me and tell me something you don't like.

I may not agree with you. I will be direct, and I will say I don't agree with you. But I promise you I will listen and I promise you that in the end all of this influences the coverage. So thank you. Thank you. Help us continue covering the news and issues important to you'--and get ad-free podcasts and bonus segments, members-only content, and other great benefits.

Virtually every email that was sent to and from the Clinton-email server was forwarded to ''carterheavyindustries gmail. Shandong Carter Heavy Industry is a Chinese manufacturer of excavators and heavy machinery. The company did not respond to a request for comment. Rucker told Congress that Strzok was ''aloof and dismissive'' and didn't ask many questions.

Strzok has since gained notoriety for text messages he exchanged with FBI attorney Lisa Page, with whom he was having an extramarital affair. The pair expressed bias against then-candidate Donald Trump and in favor of Clinton during the presidential campaign. McMillian told Congress that her understanding of the Carter Heavy Industries email address was that it was a ''drop box'' to which the emails from the Clinton server were sent in real time.

Rucker told Congress that it appeared that the Carter Heavy Industries email address was inserted into Clinton's server ''based on his reading of the metadata. The investigator told Congress that it appears that the Carter Heavy Industries email was inserted into the routing table of Clinton's server, but that he could only be sure if he examined the server, which he did not have access to.

There could be an alternative explanation as to why the email address was in virtually every message, Rucker said. The committees released unclassified versions of those transcripts along with several sets of supporting documents on Aug. The documents include several emails from Clinton and her staffers with message metadata showing the Carter Heavy Industries email address as a recipient. Horowitz had promised Congress a year ago to look into and report on what the FBI did to investigate the matter.

Combetta allegedly created the Carter Heavy Industries email on Aug. Combetta then used the email as a ''dummy email'' in order to transfer messages archived on Clinton's second private server to the Platte River Networks server in early What Combetta did with the email account between and and who else had access to it before and after the transfer remains a mystery.

Combetta's use of this email account is addressed in Horowitz's report, although it is referred to as a ''dummy email'' instead of revealing the actual address. Horowitz and Atkinson do not explain how Combetta came to pick the email address.

Combetta, through an attorney, refused to be interviewed by the DOJ inspector general about the matter, according to the letter. He also said he had no documents responsive to subpoena about the issue. Horowitz wrote that his office did not find any evidence to contradict the claims of Combetta's lawyer. Correction: the headline and text of the article have been adjusted to more accurately reflect the source documents.

AP ATLANTA '-- A federal judge on Thursday ordered Georgia to stop using its outdated voting machines after this year and to be ready with hand-marked paper ballots if its new system isn't in place for the presidential primaries.

A federal lawsuit filed by election integrity advocates and individual Georgia voters argues that the paperless touchscreen voting machines Georgia has used since are unsecure, vulnerable to hacking and can't be audited.

They have been seeking statewide use of hand-marked paper ballots. A law passed this year provided specifications for a new system. Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger certified a new system last week and said new machines will be in place for the state's presidential primary election on March But the plaintiffs had asked Totenberg to order the state to immediately stop using the current system, which it plans to use for special and municipal elections this year.

They also said they feared that the timeline for the implementation of the new machines is too tight, which could result in the old machines being used for elections. Totenberg's order made it clear that she shares that fear: She said that if the new system is not ready by March, the state cannot default to the old machines.

Lawyers for state election officials and for Fulton County, the state's most populous county that includes most of Atlanta, argued it would be too costly, burdensome and chaotic to use an interim system for elections this fall and then switch to the new permanent system next year. Totenberg said she believes a switch to hand-marked paper ballots for this fall would be feasible from a timing and cost perspective.

But she expressed concern about the state's capacity to manage an interim solution while also transitioning to a new system. The integrity of Georgia's voting system was heavily scrutinized during last year's midterm election, in which Republican Brian Kemp, the state's top election official at the time, narrowly defeated Democrat Stacey Abrams to become governor.

The plaintiffs in the lawsuit had asked Totenberg last August to force Georgia to use hand-marked paper ballots for that election. The judge said then she had serious concerns about vulnerabilities in the voting system and chastised state officials for ignoring evidence of the problems.

But she said it would be too chaotic at that point to switch so close to the November election. After notching an initial court victory last month, allies of Stacey Abrams will now attempt to prove through their lawsuit that Georgia's election was so flawed that it prevented thousands of voters from being counted, especially African Americans. The lawsuit links civil rights and voting rights with the aim of showing that elections are unfair in Georgia because racial minorities suffered most from voter registration cancellations, precinct closures, long lines, malfunctioning voting equipment and disqualified ballots.

More than 50, phone calls poured into a hotline set up by the Democratic Party of Georgia to report hurdles voters faced at the polls. If successful, the case has the potential to regain voting protections that were lost because of the U. Supreme Court's ruling in a case involving the Voting Rights Act, the landmark legislation approved in The court decided that several states with a history of discriminatory practices, including Georgia, no longer had to obtain federal clearance before making changes to elections.

Bringing Georgia back under the Voting Rights Act will be tough because the lawsuit would have to prove intentional discrimination in the state's election laws and practices. But the plaintiffs see an opportunity to try to make that case. Free from federal supervision, voter suppression has been on the rise in Georgia, said Allegra Lawrence-Hardy, an attorney for the plaintiffs, which include Fair Fight Action, an advocacy group founded by Abrams, along with Ebenezer Baptist Church and other churches.

George Ross of Mldlethian VS. Walter Hoffman and Mrs. Paul Fletcher of Norfolk. All are aecreidited judges of the Vio- let Society of America.

Ames won the sweepstakes award with points to her credit. Lockwood was sec- ond with points. C Mallory was third with points. Harry Blllups won a years subscription to the African Vio- let Society of America Magazine for her largest specimen plant.

The show had entries and the club wishes to thank the non-club members who exhibited plants. Winners in the 15 classes were; Class I gold, blue - Mrs. Hadsell, blue - Mrs. Brown, Mrs. C Mallory, Mrs. Red - Mrs. Garrison, Mrs. Lockwood, Mrs. All are invited an urged to at- tend this service.

Ford, Mrs. Class XI. Gold, blue - Mrs. In class XH, there were no en- tries, it being plants grown un- der arttfical light. There were no first. Class Xrv. Blue, gold - Mrs. Blue - Mrs. Ames, Mrs, C. Dim Mrs. Class XV. Odd, blue - Mrs. Wro- ton, Mrs. Mildred speak on rj Each club member is to bring a gift for the" Girl Camp.

Powell Is well known here hav- ing been with Western Union Company for the past 38 years. Powell will devote full time to the travel service operation. The travel service firm' offers service in all types of travel re- servations, Including airline, rail- road, bus and other modes of transporation. The firm will also arrange sightseeing tours and they make travel reservations to all parte of the world as well as those within the United States.

Speaker will be Mrs. Avenue now open from A. Anderson, Jr. He will return after two weeks to Hew York where he will open a studio. Tranendoue power! Weight only Here's the saw everyone's beea looking for.

Norfolk If, Vs. Class HI gold, blue - Mrs. Blllups, Blue - Mrs. Diggs, gold, blue - Mrs. Lachman, Mrs. Hadsell, Mrs. Class IV. Class V. Mallory, Red - Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Frank Tarrelf. Class VI. Harry Billups. Class VII. Mal- lory. Clyde Ab- salom. Class VIII. Bartie, Mrs. Class IX. Garwood, Mrs. Tarrell, Mrs.

Leo Bllley, Mrs. Class X. Ames, Mrs. You drive with PowerFlite. And with Pull-time Power Steering and power braking. Weary, a retired Ohio business- is the announced campaign manager of the anti- group of candidates in the forthcoming city councilmanic election to be held on June 8th. We would like to quote part of a paragraph from that statement. It reads: "I gladly join them the candidates in aahunmous pledge that not one word of personal abuse will be addressed to any opposition leader, under any circum- We will run as gentlement.

Weary addressed to Herbert A. Holt, Jr. In that letter Weary refers to Wallace T. Clark, the board secretary, as a non-resident. We wonder what Weary calb himself, a resident of Ohio and a qualified voter of the State of Ohio. Weary's caustic worded letter certainly belies the statement contained in his penciled release to the SUN-NEWS and is filled with apparent bitterness, another point he stated he would have no part of. We wonder if Weary is sincere since he has, from the outset, broken the promises he so carefully worded into his statement when his appointment was announced.

We, again, repeat that a- non-resident, non-voter is an un- usual type of campaign manager. We believe this requires some sort of definition. Does this group of candidates pro- pose an administration that would function without coopera- tion from Princess Anne County, or without aid of any kind from the State of Virginia or from our Federal government when such aid or cooperation is desirable to the welfare of our community?

Or, do these candidates feel that we should go into our shell, live within our own boundaries and shun all contact with anyone or anything that exists beyond the confines of the City of Virginia Beach? Frankly, the idea is so confines of. Could it be that they mean Home Rule in the sense that the manager of their campaign is a legal resident of the State of Ohio and is not a qualified voter here, thus he is unable to vote for these Home Rule candidates although he has lierv enough, we understand, to ask others to vote for the Horffc Rule candidates.

For years Virginia Beach's Willbughby T. Cooke elemen- tary school, staffed by excellent teachers, has enjoyed an enviable record of achievements among all the grammar schools in the State Virginia. The record of this school has been outstanding. About two years ago the Virginia Beach High School was completed and opened for classes. It is one of the most modern and most beautiful high schools in the State. These two schools presently constitute the educational faci- lities for whites in Virginia each.

Through an arrangement with neighboring Princess Anne County many children living in the fringe areas of Virginia Beach attend these schools. Virginia Beach, not unlike other communities and coun- ties, faced a tremendous task of caring a greatly expanded school population immediately following World War II. One alleviating step after another has been taken by the school authorities in the form of additions to existing facilities, and in the case of the high school, a million dollar plus educational facility was erected.

Despite attempts by some of our citizens who would use tMe school system to gain political ends the pattern of pro- gress in education here has been above the national average.

A person may be "buttonholed" at anytime on Atlantic avenue between 19th and 20th streets and get an earful of whispered propoganda fostered by anti-administra- tion forces, who would use the schools of their own chil- dren as political fodder.

Despite all of these abuses the city schools continue to flourish and enjoy the finest administration in the State. All of the accomplishments and advancements of our city school system has come about under the present political administration. Murray, Frank D. Tarrall, Jr. Senate- Rebate last week on the wool bill represented merely a preliminary skirmish on ' the broad question of what should be done about agricultural price supports.

Administration leaders promised the Senate an early op- portunity to consider a general farm bill and after the Senate had passed the bill making special provisions to encourage production of wool, the Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee In- dicated no action would be taken on this bill by the House until after a general bill had been con- sidered.

The major question at issue is whether price supports for basic crops now fixed at 90 percent of parity should be placed on a flexible sliding scale basis next year, as provided in the present law, or whether the effective date of this change should be deferred for one or more years.

The Agricultural Adjustment Act, passed in was intended for the dual purpose of helping farmers to obtain prices which would keep their purchasing power on a fair level compared to other portions of the population which Is the "parity" concept and assuring consumers an ade- quate and steady supply of com- modities at fair prices.

Inwhen export markets were disappearing and surpluses accumulating, the law was am- ended, putting farmers on notice that the level of future price sup- ports would depend upon their willingness to keep production in line with consumer demand. The whole picture changed, however, when the Korean War started in and the effective date of the change in the price support law was postponed while farmers again were urged to increase their production. Since the end of fighting in Korea crop surpluses again have been accumulating at a disturb- ing rate but I believe it is only fair to recognize that in making their plans for future crops many farmers were influenced by the campaign promises of im- proved export markets and other programs to remove existing sur- pluses without interfering with commerical markets.

There is, therefore, a reason- able basis for the arguments of i those farmers who point out that 1 their buying power dropped eight [percent from to andwho say that brfore they are hit another blow by removal of the existing price supports for basic crops more progress should be made toward a permanent solu-! That solution, in my opinion, must depend upon expanded mar- kets because in the long run rigid price supports and the restric- tions on production which they will entail can only mean stabiliz- ed poverty for our small farmers.

The Unity Ticket is being op- posed by a group of anti-organiza- tion candidates, who formerly were known as the Peoples Ticket group. The Murray-Tarrall-Taliaferro ticket has the backing of the city organization and those people who desire to bring unity to the community. First: because in my mind unity now is, needed more than ever and I feel these men can best create unity.

Second : Our tax rate and assess- ments are very reasonble yet we have good streets, an adequate water supply and a million dollar beach. And, we have the best schools in the State. Fourth: The City is making great headway toward extension of sewer facilities and street im- provement.

Fifth: Our city is in the best financial condition of its history. I believe the unity candidates will continue this efficiency in our government. I have carefully studied the platform of these three men and find myself in complete agreement. I believe the entire community should get behind thesemen for our mutual benefit. Gre- gory, George C. Manson, John W. The two slates of candidates are Virginia Beach, Va.

April 27, Mr. Herbert A. Holt: We have your very courteous letter in re-request for equal break on ballot for both tickets. After most careful reading. It 3 still a Delphic utterance. Yoi say, and I quote: "The Law re- quires that candidate's names bo placed on ballot in orderly manner, and since there are 2 different groups of 3 candidates each, the Electoral Board believes that each group should be placed together and has ordered ballots printed in this manner.

Do we get top position, or do the machine candidates get it by ar- bitrary ruling. Candor, however, compels me to admit that your non-resident col- league, T.

Wallace Clark, almost confessed last Friday that there would be no sporting chance for us underdogs at top position, by lot or otherwise. Clark, as you doubtless know, is not a man to be pinned to any statement. During some 20 of the most amazing and amusing minutes of 68 years, he convinced me only that he hoped I would believe he had not meant what lie had definitely said.

After each challenging question, his typical rejoinders would merely be - "Well, Colonel, I did not say that," -or "Well, Colonel, our Board did the best it could under the law," - or "Well, Colonel, we thought top position is not one bit better than bottom," - or "Well, Solonel, Would you fel- lows have given us a break? Up to that time, I'd thought he was only an Election Official, pledged to even- handed justice for all candidates. And why could he not have pro- moted me to "General" at least once in our interchange?

I did this for him at parting, and would do it again. No man likes to be a "Buck" all his life. Challenged as to what the law says, he could only afffirm. Is alphabetical lasting disorder- ly? Would top position by lot be rowdy? Or does "orderly" merly mean top position for top political dogs? And how will the voters tike that, Mr; Holt? I wonder!!! Our better nature, the Dr. Jekyll in us, depiores this decision by your good Board.

It is bad far your so-called Unity Ticket, and Jekyll is a sportsman. BUT, Hyde, that low rogue who lurks peren- nially in our innards, is elated. Hyde is always elated when other men act as he would do, if we'd let him. Well, anyway, Mr. Brydges said he'd favor a decent break for rts and I someway gathered you would too. So - - we'll just call it a skirmish lost, or maybe won? May 8 and 9, it was announced this week. Old has bees named chairman of the show and Mrs. Old, m turn, has announced the following committee appointments.

Staging arrangements, Mrs. Lester T. Oayle, Jr. Doggett, co-chairman; staging specimen roses, Mrs. How- ard Adams, chairman; Mrs. Gray Parker, co- chairman. Howard romm, chairman Mrs. Raguet, co-chairman; classifica- tion, Mrs.

Old fashioned Roses, chairman. Miss Margaret Bratten; Judges' clerks, Mrs. George Boush, chair- man, Mrs. MacHn Simmons, co- chairman. Countin points, Com- modore Oscar Smith, chairman, Mrs. George Boush, co-chairman. Admissions, Capt. Carl T. Hull, chairman, Prizes and awards, Mrs. Raymond Pritchard, chairman, Mrs.

Howard, co-chairman. Hostesses, Mrs. Edwin J. Smith, chairman, Mrs. Dismantling show, Mrs. Hull, chairman, Mrs. Throckmorton, co-chairman, Mrs. Manees, co-chairman. Woodhouse, co-chair- man. Sincerely L. Weary, Campaign Manager.

Have you noticed that dread- ful, odor of gas up on 23rd St.? Must be a bad leak in one of the main mains. Virginia Beach, Va. May 2, Mr. Dear Mr. Reeves John- son and myself have been very close personal friends since child- hood, and no thanks to Dunn, still are. I wish to make it perfectly clear to all of Reeves many fine friends as well as friends of myself that I am In no way interested in the Job as Chief of Police, now, in the future, nor have I been in the past.

Although it is not a new tactic, it has been used by the Communist forces since Carl Marx theory. While we are on the subject I feel that the Public should know another of Dunns tactics and it's origin, le And I quote; The Com- munist smear strategy pivots on the knowledge that everybody is human, 'almost nobody can stand close scrutiny, end of quote.

Wit- tness P. Dunn should, in addition to his having read so much of Judicial ethics, include in his studies the ethics of News- paper publishers; they have them too?.

Sincerely R. The guest will include Mrs. Hol- loman, incoming president; Mrs. Led Better, incoming vice- president; Mrs. Nuckols, in- coming second vice- p resident; Mrs. HilfeV, outgoing second vice- president; Mrs. W Jones, rec- ording secretary; Mrs.

Ivan D. Mapp, treasurer; Mrs. Jones, Chaplain. Hill, Mrs. Bragg, Mrs. Winn, Mrs. Seawell, Mrs. Jones, and Mrs. A they. The nominations were made by the Junior Class, approved by the fa- culty, and voted on by the class members.

The quolrf ications which had to be met by each nominee were: Leadership. Robinson was elected recently at a meeting of the dis- trict in Newport News. Robinson has been a teacher in the Princess Anne County school system since and is a native jf Mecklenburg County. The new president has been an active civic and community work- er. Mi, and is a member of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity. Robinson is secretary of the Princess Anne County Citizen's Committee, a jury commissioner for and is research secretary of the Virginia Teachers Associa- tion.

Murray Mal- bon at Oceana for the members of the Jr. Women's club. Twelve new members were inducted in the club. They are Mrs. John Ander- son, Mrs. Arendts, Mrs. Charles Beitnett, Mrs. Charles Kyle, Mrs. Richard Landis, Mrs. Howard Mc- Coy, Mrs. John E. Mortenson, Mrs. Charton Seay, and Mrs.

Murray Yeats. The commission was created by the past General Assembly and empowered to acquire and or operate ferries in the Chesapeake Bay as it may deem necessary and feasible. The announcement was made by Jack Kane, executive director of the club, who is returning to the Surf Beach Club after a two- I year absence. In addition to the I entertainment plans, Kane reveal- ed that extensive improvements have been made to the club this year. Kane indicated that Johnny Long, the popular Virginia, and his orchestra would fill the band- stand for the opening week of the club which will mean that Long and his colorful aggregation win be on hand over the Memorial Day weekend.

Included' in some of the physi- cal improvements to the popular entertainment spot is a completely new dance floor and the removal of the band Let It Be (Unity) (Vox Mix 1) - Anthony Young (4) F/ Joey Washington - Let It Be (Unity) (Vinyl) from the ocean- side to the west side of the club building. In this way a clear and unobstructed view of the ocean Js available to patrons of the club. Membership invitations are now in the mails and several types of memberships are being offered this year.

Further information re- lative to the club and memberships can be had by telephoning the club office. Beach, Sun- day evening, P. This film will illustrate the emphasis given to the home In the services of the day.

The men will sponsor this service. Families will be recognized at the morning worship services. The largest family will be noted. Pre- sentation of babies will take place at the two morning worship serv- ices, A.

A service of dedication will be given. This convention was held in Rich- mond at the Hotel Jefferson. Those attending were: Mrs. Berry, President; Mrs. Fred Trummer, President elect; Mrs. Ferrell; and Mrs. The theme of the convention was Virginia club women serve the home, the church, and the community. The pur- poses of this exhibit are to im- prove the teaching of science, to reward pupils for gutstanding achievement and to gain greater support for the science programs in the schools of the county.

The number of those saved from cancer could be doubled by early detection and prompt adequate treatment, the American Cancer Society says. Just set it on the top legal limit and you don't have to watch the speedometer.

Asplnwai, et als. Hodges C. And an affidavit having been mads and filed that the defendant is not a resident of the State. It is ordered that she do appear here within ten 10 days after due publication hereof, and do what may be necessary to protect her interest in this suit.

A Copy — Teste John V. Fentress, Clerk E. Atwocd, D. Thomas K. And an affidavit having been made and filed that the defendant is not a resident of the State of Virginia, the last known post of fice address being: Columbia, North Carolina.

It is ordered that she do appear here within ten 10 days after due publication hereof, and do what may be necessary to protect her interest in tills suit. A Copy — Teste: John V. Fentress, Clerk By E. Atwood, D. And an affidavit having been made and filed that the defendant is not a resident of the State of VitKinia, the last known post office address being: Durham, North Carolina. It is ordered that he do appeal here within ten 10 days after due publication hereof, and do what may be necessary to protect his interest in this suit.

A Copy — Teste: Johh V. Fentress, Clerk. Willard J. Moody, p. Princess Anne County, in Deed Bookpage This property will be sold free from all hens and encumbrances. The Court reserves the right to reject or accept any and an bids. The purchasers win be required to deposit twenty per cent of the bid price when the property fa knocked down, and to consum- mate their p-irchase within ten j 10 days after sales are approved by the Court. Acklss, Special Commissioner I certify that the bond required j by above decree has been given j by the Special Commissioner.

John V. Jet Jets Snaek Bar after 4 P if. Across from Oceans 14 AS Gate. Transporatton furn- ished from beach. Phone Pursuant to authority vested in the Commission of Fisheries of the Comonwealth of Virginia by Section of the Code of Virginia, the Commission of Fish- eries will promulgate the following rule: The taking of fish with a haul seine, gill net, or stationary nets of any kind, in the waters of Lynnhaven River and its tribu- taries!

This rule to become effec- tive June 1, Notice is hereby given to the Public that the Commission Will hold a public hearing on such rule at its office in Newport News, Vir- ginia, on Tuesday, May 25,at A. This notice is given pursuant to ed. Copy of this rule may be in- spected by any person at the offic of the Commission of Fisheries and also in the office of the Divi- sion of Statutory Research and Drafting, State Capitol, Richmond, Virginia, during office hours, April 29, Laankford, Jr.

Wilbur F. Yarrington, Secretary. Sand Bridge Beach Being Expanded Sand Bridge Beach, a new ocean front resort community south of Virginia Beach opened last, year, is being expanded with the acquisition by Harvey Lind- say and Company, the developer, of an additional 5, feet of ocean frontage in a tract which runs to a depth of feet.

A spokesman for the company said all of the ocean and semi- ocean front lots in the original holding, which had a frontage of approximately 3, feet on the ocean, have been sold and that 30 cottages have been built or are under construction in this area.

In undertaking the expansion program the company recently opened for development 2, feet cf the new frontage, which lies south of Sand Bridge Road adjoining the original develop- ment.

In a move to eliminate conges- tion at the tip on Sand Bridge Road, the company recently dedi- cated a foot right-of-way along the highway to Princess Anne County to assure space for a foot roadway running through the property. Tho nation's nearly 9. The grand total is 2. On an average day at the Mil- ford Mich.

Year round position, per- manent resident desired. Pleasant working conditions in air-condi- tioned office. Apply in person to Mr. Also full time openings. Write Rawlelgh's Dept. Fully experienced, part time. In- teresting work. Call J or write Atlantic Ave. A truck driver, un- aware of this, proceeded through the intersection to crash broad- side into an automobile and kill two people. Apply Tiny-Tots Sitters. Phone Va. De- sires position. Have references. Lindsey Gre- gory. Tele- phone Va. Beach or M.

Very clean, new paint job, new motor. Can be seen Cavalier Esso Service Station. Also Oldsmobile, 4-door, Sedan, radio, heater. White side- walls. Recent overhaul. Will sel or trade for "truck or panel. Hirtz TV Phone Rebuilt models. Call Norfolk Phone W. A-l running condition. Heavy duty tires excellent. Instal- led. Guaranteed, iree estimates. Beach Free estimates.

Call Shelly's Furniture. Phone orC. Hobeck Appliances, 31st. Jazz Latin New Age. Aggressive Bittersweet Druggy. Energetic Happy Hypnotic. Romantic Sad Sentimental. Sexy Trippy All Moods. Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying.

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