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One night, Styx showed up to check out the club. Someone tripped over an amp and unplugged something important, causing a massive sound failure. After 10 long minutes of silence, he stalked back to the sound booth, pissed off. He started checking the sound equipment, unplugging and re-plugging cables.

As they were pulling him away, he reached out and flipped a switch. The sound came back on. Eppelsheimer, one of the guys who'd been grabbing Styx, stood him up and brushed him off. Styx became a full-time employee. He and the others fixed the lights, arranged furniture and built stages and DJ booths.

He even made one booth out of a glass door that used to be part of a walk-in freezer. Danny "Danny Boy" Hundley worked security at the club. He'd never been much of an EDM guy, but he found he loved coming to work. Many clubs ban the gloves because they're supposedly an accessory to getting high on Ecstasy, but they were a common sight on the DarkSide floor. The DarkSiders don't dispute that there were drugs in the club, like any other nightclub in the city.

But they say they tried to be proactive about getting rid of the drugs, and often called police to report drug activity, a claim somewhat backed up by police reports. They were strict about checking bags and pockets, Styx says, but drugs were ferried in people's underwear. Small amounts of confiscated drugs were put into a drop safe for the night. After the club closed, they'd call the police to come pick them up. If they confiscated a large amount, he says, they'd call them to come over right away.

The staffers themselves filed a number of police reports over the year the club was open, two of them drug-related. According to one, on July 16,a girl from Lewisville had taken two hits of acid and "was having a negative reaction to the drug.

Two weeks later, a staffer reported that while she was searching the bags of people entering the club, she found "a large plastic baggie containing what is believed to be hallucinogenic mushrooms.

The would-be mushroom-taker told the staff "he forgot he had them. He was riding a green motorcycle and wearing a Superman costume. He's a slim black man with a trim goatee and a shiny, bald dome, and, according to an interview he did with The Dallas Morning Newshe grew up near Denver, raised by a strict Baptist grandmother. Emails and calls to Hudson went unanswered.

Hudson tried Darkside Of Life (Club Mix) open a few restaurants in the Denver area, he said, all of which failed, before moving to Dallas 15 years ago.

Records show that he filed a few assumed business names here, but none of the ventures seem to have ever gotten off the ground. He earned three misdemeanor criminal convictions in andtwo for marijuana possession and one for unlawfully carrying a handgun. About five years ago, when he was 34, Hudson married a year-old Dallas woman.

She filed for divorce five months later, but the divorce wasn't granted until this year because she had some trouble locating Hudson. Another marriage license a few years later expired without Hudson marrying the woman. He told the Morning News he was engaged and had a 9-year-old son. For Hudson, "everything was spiritual," says Danny Boy, the former security guard. Everyone contained a positive and a negative spirit, he would say, and both positive and negative energy flowed through the universe.

Danny Boy had lost any faith long ago, but he'd find himself nodding in agreement. A lot of times we questioned what was going on with the money, what was going on with the club.

The club's financial operations were suspect from the beginning, says John Wayne, starting with the very first day he worked there. It was a sweltering August afternoon, and only one of the large portable AC units worked. Hudson told John to wait at the club for some guys who would deal with the AC.

John didn't know what that meant, exactly, but he did as he was told. Eventually three guys in a truck pulled up. They grabbed the only working AC unit and rolled it out. When John called Hudson to tell him what had happened, "he Darkside Of Life (Club Mix) like he had no idea who the AC guys were," John says. And he didn't remember telling John to wait for anybody. John had to work for free for three months straight, and other staff did as well, Danny Boy says, with their wages going to repay the unit John "lost.

When people started getting paid, finally, it was all in cash. Staff members signed a note card to signify they had received their money. Hudson didn't come around much, mostly only showing up at the night's end to collect the money. Other times, he sent friends in his place. Hannah Dill was 17 when the club got going. A budding graphic designer, she made fliers promoting the club; other times, she worked the door Darkside Of Life (Club Mix) ran errands. She remembers two of Hudson's associates coming by frequently, a girl named Tiffany and a guy who went by "Face.

They sent her and John Wayne to deal with the cops. As the club reached its height in lateEppelsheimer kept buying new stuff: more strobe lights, more lasers, more sound equipment. But sometimes, things went out just as fast as they came in.

One night, just before New Year's Eve, several people say, nearly everything in the club was stolen. A police report from around that time lists thousands of dollars' worth of stolen equipment, including subwoofers, lights, sound equipment, speakers, a cooler door, an office door and a front door.

Undaunted, Styx promptly started building new speakers out of junk he found in the closets. The trouble wasn't limited to DarkSide. On Valentine's Day inrecords show, Hudson flagged down officers outside the police substation on Northwest Highway and told them he was a DJ at the Playground, a swingers club on Harry Hines Boulevard that he also operated.

The vast majority of the time, though, the place was fully occupied with swingers. The ambience of the club lives on in reviews from swingers' forums. Some of them sound suspiciously glowing "Puts the sex in sexy! In Maythe club promoted an appearance from a porn star named Mr. Marcus, who later admitted to being the starting point of an enormous syphilis outbreak in the adult-film industry.

He'd originally only signed on to work two nights a week at DarkSide, but it got to be a lot more. He ran errands, moved heavy stuff with his truck and even worked security at the Playground. A s things at the club started to change and grow murkier, Lacey says, so did the Brotherhood.

Whatever was going on didn't stay in the club's walls for long. Unluckily for Hudson and Epplesheimer, it landed on the desk of Melissa Miles. Miles is a lawyer in Dallas' code compliance litigation section, which investigates code violations.

She'd already spent time in the area of town where the clubs were located: Inshe and a police lieutenant got rid of several storefront brothels on Harry Hines, some of which were offering up underage victims of sex trafficking.

Miles is "super smart and tough as nails," says Lizard Lounge's Don Nedler. He had a "run in" with Miles a few years ago, when his club held a "tits and ass, booty-shaking" competition. Pictures leaked onto the Internet. Miles spied some illegally uncovered nipples. After receiving the complaint in early summerMiles contacted Hudson. She told him he couldn't legally operate a dance hall in DarkSide's current location, or a sexually oriented business in the Playground's.

But Hudson and his attorney disagreed. The clubs were perfectly legal, they told Miles, because they were registered spiritual organizations. DarkSide and Playground, they said, were churches.

At Miles' urging, the Dallas Police Department launched an undercover investigation to get a closer look at these spiritual activities. It was part of a broader investigation into EDM clubs, which were "gaining a reputation for providing a venue for kids to use a number of drugs, including Ecstasy, and that kids were overdosing and dying as a result," Miles told the Observer by email. In Augustyear-old Matthew Allen died after taking Ecstasy at Afterlife, another after-hours and-up club.

Once inside DarkSide, detectives found clubbers "openly ingesting and under the influence of illegal substances, dancing and engaging in various sex acts," according to a complaint Miles filed in civil district court. The cops were "continuously approached" by people offering to sell them drugs, including ketamine, LSD, Ecstasy, mushrooms, morphine and pot.

They bought drugs 15 times — and observed zero religious services. In court filings, prosecutors even accuse the Brotherhood of being an organized criminal gang, composed of the club's security staff and led by Epplesheimer. They say he told the staff to confiscate drugs from DarkSide patrons, then resold them in the club.

But it was more than just drugs. Although Epplesheimer had pushed to make DarkSide and-under, the clientele Darkside Of Life (Club Mix) looked even younger, including girls photographed by the Observer 's nightlife photographer and displayed in a slideshow.

The slideshow has since been removed. Danny Boy says the club's security was scrupulous about checking people's IDs. However old they were, some of the youngest girls showed up with Epplesheimer, Gypsy says.

What's any guy gonna do? They're gonna flirt, they're gonna try and talk. Hannah Dill, the year-old who made fliers for the club, says Eppelsheimer hit on her a couple times. One girl caught Eppelsheimer's eye during a Christmas party. She was 17 at the time, she tells the Observer in an email, and along with her boyfriend, she spent a lot of time there. That night, Eppelsheimer told her that she could keep her jacket upstairs.

She and her boyfriend were following him there when a security guard suddenly blocked the boyfriend's way. Epplesheimer led her into a room with a bunch of chairs and a mattress on the floor, she says. He backed off and led me back downstairs. He pulled me into the room where his 'dancers got ready' and tried to pick me up and put me on the mirror-lined tables, trying to get onto me again. Luckily, my boyfriend had caused a big commotion outside of the door, Darkside Of Life (Club Mix).

The security guard came in looking nervous and said we had to 'hurry up. The guard acted like that was normal. When the girl tried to pull away, Epplesheimer pulled her back. She ran out of the room. She told only her boyfriend and a DJ, asking them to talk to Epplesheimer and keep him away from her. His fondness for teenagers went further — and younger — than that. As the detectives infiltrated the club, they learned that Epplesheimer had had sex with a number of and year-old girls.

The girls told police he gave them drugs and had them perform sexual acts on each other. He also groped a year-old girl who'd been dancing in one of the club's cages, police say, and their reports suggest he may have drugged her.

The girl reported waking up in a bed at his house beside two other girls. Epplesheimer was arrested at his house in Lewisville on July 18,and was ultimately convicted of three counts of sexual assault against a child and one count of indecency with a child. Several child porn possession charges, stemming from images he had on his Blackberry, were dismissed. He was sentenced to nearly 80 years in prison.

To have a good time, dance and laugh in a safe environment and a clean one too. Everyone was treated equal at DarkSide, no matter if you were fat or skinny, ugly or beautiful, Black, White or Green. Everyone could be themselves. Epplesheimer, who's appealing his conviction, claims he never did drugs "and wanted to show others it is possible to enjoy yourself without all the bad things associated in [the] club scene.

Despite the piles of evidence against him, some of the DarkSiders still have a hard time criticizing him. If he did, he did. I'm still not percent on either side of the fence. He was a real good friend of mine. I can't say he's ever done me wrong. I really can't. Lacey says Epplesheimer "was a good man and a good father until all of this came up, and he lost everything because of it.

Most of us did. J ust before Epplesheimer's arrest that summer, the DarkSiders held a couple raves in a field in Hurst, near a horse ranch Hudson said he owned. There's no record that Hudson owns any property in Dallas, Tarrant or Denton counties. John Wayne and Styx were out there for four days before the event, "shoveling horse shit," John says, building stages and DJ booths.

The field raves were a big success, bringing in a couple thousand people total. DarkSide was still open for business; a van shuttled party-goers back and forth. But John Wayne says Epplesheimer paid him and Lacey a pittance, so the two quit in a huff. They came back a couple weeks later, but nothing was ever the same. Epplesheimer's arrest shocked the club. Two days later, Miles filed her complaint against DarkSide, and not long after that she filed one against the Playground, accusing it of providing a place for people to find "random consensual sexual activities.

Miles asked a judge to shut down both clubs. But when Hudson insisted he was the head of a spiritual enterprise and vowed to fight the allegations, her request for temporary restraining orders were denied. In Marchwell after he told John that the Darkside Of Life (Club Mix) were "spiritual organizations" — but four months before Miles and the city got wind of what he was doing — he'd registered a nonprofit with the Texas Secretary of State's Office called N. DarkSide, he said, was an "outreach event" for N.

As for the Playground, he told the Morning News he had no affiliation with the swingers club, and that he ran a marriage-improving group called Members Only from the same location. After Miles filed her complaint, Hudson seemed to realize that DarkSide needed to act more like a church, and fast. He told John Wayne to church the place up. He did some quick Googling: "Any spiritual scriptures that talked about singing, dancing, life.

It gave the place "a more enlightened feel," he says. He renamed the rooms, too: the "Laser Lounge" became the "Temple of Lasers. Instead, "we had them sign membership forms, because it was now a private membership club. You've got rave kids tripping on drugs and you're gonna tell them they're in a church? Double Trouble is killed, and VaporlockAmazing Womanand Empathy are captured, and forced to power a machine meant to rid the Everymen of their lingering powers, deemed too unpredictable and unstable to be used by the Dark Side Club.

As a side effect, the still living Infinitors vanish. The Club returns in the Terror Titanswhere the Terror Titans are shown retaining their chief role, and granting the Dark Side Club a more business driven facade, more similar to the Roulette underground fight club.

They manage to capture a cadre of new legacy, semi-obscure heroes, and Clock King hires Ravager as his minion and trainer. Rose begrudgingly accepts, still refusing to embrace the cruel ways of the Club and refusing to give up her independent will, apparently with a secret agenda of her own. In the Final Crisis series, Dan Turpin is shown discovering that the Club has been capturing metahuman children, and teaching them to say the Anti-Life Equation. Former Milestone Comics hero Static was revealed to be the champion of the Dark Side Club, and the strongest of its captured metahumans.

During his match with Ravager, he easily defeated her and unsuccessfully attempted to attack his captors after somehow escaping the effects of the Anti-Life Equation.

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The Dark Side Of Life. likes · 1 talking about this. Different types of everyday life. If you feel the same way as the post share away. Other posts are random things. Hope you enjoy! Thanks! Fictional history. Originating from the Seven Soldiers: Mister Miracle mini-series (there was also an earlier Dark Side Club that appeared in a few issues of Justice League International, but that seems to be unrelated to the current one), the Dark Side Club serves as the stronghold for Darkseid (known as "Boss Dark Side") and the Apokoliptian New Gods stranded on Earth and a recruiting central for new loyal . Electronic music wunderkind Nicolas Jaar joins up with guitarist Dave Harrington for a trip to the Darkside, the "Golden Arrow" quietly throbs into life, diffusing and refracting different sonic texture before clarifying into a steady thump with some slight country . The Dark Side Of The Moon digitally remastered by James Guthrie DISC 2 – CD 2: The Dark Side Of The Moon performed live at Wembley in ( Mix and previously unreleased) DISC 3 – DVD 1, ALL AUDIO: The Dark Side Of The Moon, James Guthrie Surround Mix (previously released only on SACD) in standard resolution audio at /5(3). The Darkside of Life. 41 likes. Ich präsentiere hier die verschiedenen, dunklen Facetten des Lebens. A Day in the Life (Club Mix) Black Riot. From the Album A Day In The Life 9 Jun Start your day free trial of Unlimited to listen to this song plus tens of millions more songs. Exclusive Prime pricing. £ to buy (VAT included if applicable) Listen Now Go Unlimited Start your day free trial. Mar 30,  · Code: OR Code: OR Code: COde: Code: (NightCore) For More: Alan Walker Roblox IDs Related Searches: darkside roblox id darkside roblox alan walker darkside roblox id alan walker roblox darkside id alan walker roblox id roblox darkside id darkside id roblox Related Posts:derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfo - Talk Love Descendant Of The Sun [ ]. Sep 07,  · Our new desktop experience was built to be your music destination. Listen to official albums & more. Oct 07,  · Darkside, Nicolas Jaar’s partnership with guitarist Dave Harrington, follow their recent reimagination of Daft Punk’s Random Access Memories with a . Comment by Darkside. @d-sounderz-official: Merci:) TZ Comment by DimSound. belle track loute:) TZ Comment by GYAZ. Nice kick. TZ. Users who like Darkside - Love; Users who reposted Darkside - Love; Playlists containing Darkside - Love; More tracks like Darkside - Love; License: all-rights.


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