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However, half of the men got spray that contained no such magic ingredients. The results were the same. By believing they smelled great to the opposite sex, Album) opposite sex found them more attractive. However, researchers at Oxford University found a non-medicinal way to make the pain shrink — they used inverted binoculars.

When subjects looked at their wound through the wrong end, it made the wound seem a lot smallerand in turn they felt less pain. It sounds nuts, but it's true. The upshot of this is when you get pain, you have to imagine that pain being much smaller; or simply look away. Focusing on your wound will bring you increased pain. Whether it's a messy room, a desk at work, or the cluttered basement, the task always seems overwhelming.

But there is a very quick brain hack you can do to make that task much easier. Watch how PJ Eby uses this trick on a messy desk. First, you look at your desk and take in the whole situation.

Look at the mess, the chaos, and the disorder. Then, close your eyes and visualize that desk as clean and organized.

Next, you need to feel good about what you visualized. Feel relaxed about the desk. Feel proud. Finally, hold that feeling, and the clean desk image, in your mind. Let it wash over you. You should almost be seeing in x-ray vision, looking through the clutter to the clean space.

What you have done is kick-start your brain's automatic planning system. By comparing the two images, you are automatically going to see places for things to go, and what to do with them. It's something that takes less than a minute, but can save you hours of frustration. If you're a fan of the BBC show Sherlockyou will be all too familiar with the mind palace.

However, you don't need to be an egomaniacal genius to make your own. It's a technique that dates back to ancient Rome and Greece, and it's a simple but effective way to store and recall a lot of information.

First, you create a layout of a building or town in your brain. It should be composed of memorable places and signs. It was his first real job. Kakashi loved going back there, mostly for nostalgic reasons, but also for the cider. Iruka had come to love it, too, especially with how much it meant to Kakashi. He planned on leaving with several. Tonight was a big deal.

They had Album) granted their first overnight stay with Naruto. It had required an extensive background check, in addition to the ones they had already done, along with a home visit, but they were happy to do it. When Naruto came walking towards the car, Iruka saw the same frog shirt poking out from under his jacket. Kakashi drove a jeep, so it was a bit high for Naruto to get up on his own.

It was packed. After circling the grassy lot several times, they finally found a parking spot. It was a nice day, able it cold, but the sun was out and that made all the difference. The entrance was flanked by several bales of hay, an elaborate pumpkin display, and two scraggly scarecrows. He took a red beanie out of his sweatshirt pocket and slipped it on. It slouched loosely in the back against his scalp, contrasting nicely against the navy blue of his Tragic Kingdom hoodie.

He laughed to himself, realizing what he had just done; a seven year old boy, soon to be his son, had just made him self conscious. Naruto had led them into the direction of a giant slide. He wrapped his small hands around the metal barricade, staring up at it in wonder, as people came whizzing down with their legs inside burlap sacks. He looked at Kakashi in shock, who gave him a wide, encouraging smile. This was the first time Naruto had ever reached out for contact. Iruka felt heat prick at his armpits, before he willed himself to relax into the touch.

I like climbing trees but Ms. But mostly rocks. Have you ever seen someone rock climb, Naruto? At the haunted house and hay ride later. It caused him to miss a step, but Iruka used the strength in his arm to keep him from falling. When they had reached the top, the young man in charge asked if they wanted to ride together or separately. Iruka let Naruto decide. Iruka situated himself inside his sack on the other side of the partition next to Naruto. He looked down to find Kakashi had moved towards the front of the slide, his red hat easily identifiable.

He had his phone ready, in what Iruka assumed would be to take a video. A thought struck him like lightening—it was happening. They were making memories. Right now. Their life together was officially starting. It was funny, how indifferent he was about having his own children, before he met Naruto. He was already so attached to this little blonde boy.

Iruka watched as Naruto ended up in a lying position, in order to keep himself from falling over onto his side. Naruto had hit the landing mat several seconds before he did. Naruto pressed his face against the glass that divided him from an array of different pastries. There was caramel-dipped apples, apple pie, pumpkin cheesecake, funnel cakes, and apple cider donuts. Naruto chose the donut. He made a mental note to come back for a dozen donuts and a gallon of cider before heading home.

They had invited Rin to join them for a bit, before she had to go into work. She had been pestering Kakashi for a while now, but Kakashi had wanted time to get to know Naruto himself first before Album) new people in. They found her standing in front of the pumpkin patch. She was hard to miss, decked out in a pair of ripped black tights, a yellow spandex skirt, and a black sweater embellished with a large white spider.

Her powder blue hair was piled high on top of her head. A tattoo of a rose was visible on her neck—she had the same pale skin as her brother. She handed him a beanie in the shape of a frogs face. But with her platform white creepers, she came up a little past his shoulder.

Kakashi offered her a smile in response. An hour and several paint spills later, they had finished their pumpkins. Rin had painted Jack Skellington; Kakashi had gone for something abstract, each rib painted a different color, and Iruka had painted his black with a pair of glasses and a lightening bolt on one side, the Deathly Hallows on the other. Naruto had drawn what looked like a sort of wonky… dog. The more he looked at it, the more he could see it. The big upright ears and long… tails? After Rin had forced them to take way too many selfies together with their pumpkins, they all sat down for dinner at a picnic table under a large tree.

Kakashi had returned with a tray of four plates of roasted chicken, charred corn on the cob, and a chopped salad containing apples, walnuts, and roasted pumpkin.

One of the plates contained mac and cheese instead of chicken for Rin, who was a vegetarian. He kicked his legs happily beneath him on the bench. Iruka turned around to see Itachi with a small dark-haired boy attached to his hand. They came over to the table. This was perfect! We already ate though.

We came for the haunts. Sasuke swatted his hand away. Sasuke noticed, too. Iruka felt a wave of protective heat wash over him. Non-violence is a resistance tactic that requires a lot of strategic planning. And why is Gandhi highlighted and revered above all the other non-violent soldiers? They sold him as an image, too, you know. Always showing him in robes and sandals.

But he was a lawyer! You know that right? Where are the images of him in a suit? If he had said that in his home country, some people would be outraged. Che was still considered an icon in Latin America, and Puerto Rico was no different. Iruka sighed in agreement. These types of conversations were commonplace around Itachi. He was doing his graduate research on social movements after all, specifically ones that employed non-violence.

Iruka looked down at Naruto, who was being awfully quiet, standing closer than necessary to his leg. He wondered what was going through his little head. He wished it was different.

They reached the front of the line, coming up to the doors of an old barn adorned with fake spider webs. Artificial mist was pouring through the cracks. Sasuke gave his brother an irritated glare before disappearing behind the doors, Naruto scrambling in behind him. Naruto sensed movement to his right, followed by a series of low groans and howls. He felt a slight breeze on his skin, causing his hair to rise. He spun around. He kept on walking, heading towards a flashing blue and green light.

He passed a large bubbling cauldron filled with eyeballs, an artificial graveyard with an open, empty casket, and several large hairy spiders. He felt movement behind him again. This time, there was someone there. Naruto blinked at him through the darkness. He could just make out the shape of his spiky black hair. This caught Sasuke off guard. And Iruka. Sasuke stared at Naruto, whose frog hat was lopsided now. It was the first time he looked Naruto in the face for more than five seconds at a time.

He was surprised to see bright blue eyes glinting back at him, clearly visible even in the low light. He lifted the hat from over his eyes and ran to catch up. Iruka had his hands in his pockets, shifting around on his feet nervously. Was Naruto okay?

This was safe, right? He should have asked if there was an age requirement. He should have gone with Naruto. That would have solved everything. So, chill. Nothing can happen to him aside from being scared. He came around to look at him. Parents worry. Are you okay? By the time they pulled up to their apartment, it was and Naruto was fast asleep in the backseat with his mouth hanging open.

They had set up an air mattress in their spare room, which had been converted into a creative space. It housed several bookcases, a desk, two velvet green antique armchairs, and several different types of drums. Framed posters and art embellished the walls, some of them drawn by Kakashi himself.

Iruka pulled back the covers on the bed and fluffed the pillow. He turned around to see Kakashi in the door frame with Naruto clutched to his chest.

Iruka fought off the urge to cry, silently praying that the adoption would go smoothly. He had never wanted anything so badly in his life. His whole body ached for it. Kakashi laid Naruto gently in the bed, pulled the hat off his head, and placed it on the ground beside him. Iruka made no attempt to fight off his tears, knowing it would be futile. He let them flow freely down his cheeks. I love Itachi.

Kakashi was lying in bed, staring at the ceiling. Iruka was a bit of a health nut to put it nicelyand while Kakashi definitely maintained a good diet, he was more lenient with himself. He shifted his gaze towards the window; towards the large maple tree that sat in front of it. The sky contained scattered clouds, but they were white and bright against a crisp blue sky. Aside from a couple of chirping birds and the occasional passing car, there was no other sound to be heard.

He figured Naruto must still be asleep. Kakashi stretched his arms and legs in bed, causing Pakkun to let out a groan from being disturbed. He would never not love this album, no matter how old he was. Something about this time of year, made him nostalgic for those years. All of his memories were heavily associated with music. This in particular reminded him of driving around with Itachi and some of their other friends late at night with the windows down, music blaring, on their way to see whatever band had come into town that weekend.

Itachi had lied to his parents, the night they went to see Saosin. He was two years younger than everyone else, and his parents had set strict rules about going into Chicago. Itachi was so guilt ridden, he could barely enjoy the concert. They eventually found out, because Itachi had cracked, and Fugaku blamed Kakashi for being a bad influence.

He had always been unapologetic and confident about who he was, and high school was no exception. It barely lasted a month; they were a terrible match, but Kakashi did learn that he might have a thing for long-haired men. He smirked to himself in remembrance, grabbing the yoga mat that leaned against the wall to unfurl it onto the wood flooring. He laid on his back, crossed an ankle over the opposite knee, and stuck his arm through the hole it created to pull his shin into his chest.

Apparently, this was an invitation for Pakkun to come and lick his face. He put him on the floor and sat up. He ushered Pakkun to the door. When he opened it, he saw Naruto through the crack, standing in the hallway, looking a little lost.

He had no idea when children no longer needed help going to the bathroom. Kakashi felt his cheeks flush. Maybe the toilet was too high or something.

He felt like an idiot. Naruto appeared a few minutes later, climbing up into one of the kitchen chairs. He stared at Kakashi, as if waiting for some sort of direction. Kakashi laughed. As if Iruka would allow cereal in this house.

Not unless it was unsweetened fancy granola that Iruka had baked himself, which they were out of currently. Kakashi froze. Did that sound threatening? Oh, god. He totally meant it as a joke! Do kids understand jokes like that at his age?

Should he explain that he was kidding? He stood up from his chair, eager to help. Naruto wrapped his fingers around a brown egg and brought it to the edge. He gave it a hard whack, causing the shell to crumble completely, the white and yolk dripping all over his hand. He picked Naruto up beneath the armpits and brought him to the sink. He lifted his knee up to let Naruto balance on his thigh. The next one rolled onto the ground with a splat, never even making it to the bowl, which Pakkun promptly lapped up with his tongue.

After two more attempts, and lots of giggling later, Naruto finally got it right. Think you can handle that? Naruto watched it intensely until several bubbles formed. He scoot the spatula beneath the pancake, biting his tongue in concentration, before flipping it over.

Kakashi expected Thanks For All The Fish - The Upstartz - Mindless Teenage Brain Rot (CD to need several trial runs, but it was almost perfect. He sent it to his husband in a text. Kakashi went over to ladle in the next pancake, and they did this dance for 15 more minutes, until all the pancakes were made.

He reached over to check the message. It was a reply from Iruka. He had sent a million crying emojis and hearts, followed by. The domesticity of it made his heart turn to mush.

He ached to be home, to be wherever they were, not stuck at a meeting. He fidgeted in his seat, feeling anxious. He was the guy who always stayed late, going the extra mile, even if he was off the clock. He loved his job. But he had… he had a child now! They had already cooked their first meal together! Without him! Iruka sighed, reminding himself of that fact.

He relaxed and turned his attention back to the present moment. If you see him around the penguin cove, try and make him feel welcome. Any questions or comments? Her back was to him, her long blonde hair hung in two low pigtails, the same way she wore it everyday.

They need help with one of their orcas. Iruka was used to these sort of requests, and usually he went, but he drew the line at theme parks. He did know that, but it was worth a shot. He wanted to take a week off when Naruto officially moved in. You seemed distracted today, is everything alright?

It tugged at his heart. Tsunade was hard on the outside, but she had a soft core, even if it rarely showed. He knew Tsunade had been wanting to start a family.

That was, until…. It was a prestigious job, but it had created a rift in their relationship, at times a very public one. Several staff members had overheard their heated arguments, Iruka being one of them. Iruka placed a hand on her shoulder in consolation. When Kakashi had finished cleaning the dishes and gotten properly dressed, he sat down on the couch next to Naruto.

Generally speaking, Kakashi was a hard person to get to know. He was guarded and distant. Sure, cooking breakfast had gone well, but that was a moment. He could do moments. Moments were more like babysitting; but could he do a whole lifetime?

Was he even qualified, with his history? He grimaced. And while he had it under control now, the threat of a flare up always lurked in the back of his mind. What if it resurfaced in front of Naruto?

He knew what it was like to have things from your childhood imprint on your development. What if he… what if he fucked up his child?

He felt a familiar urge irk his mind—a desire to build a wall. To build a wall and sit comfortably behind it where no one could touch him. Iruka had blasted through what he thought was impenetrable steel around his heart.

Kakashi would let Naruto in, eventually. And once Kakashi decided to let you in, you were in for life. Maybe he could take Naruto through Willowbrook? That Wildlife Rescue Center?

It had a short nature trail and outdoor exhibits. He thought about it for a moment. Sasuke still lived in the house that Itachi was raised in, which was only a ten minute walk from their apartment. Kakashi never meant to settle down in the town he grew up in, but after a brief stint of living downtown, he had decided city life was not for him. Their apartment was really just the upper half of a two story house that had been renovated into a complete living space.

It was small yet spacious, and had everything they needed. The rent was cheap and the town square was a bike ride away. Kakashi pressed his finger into the doorbell. Mikoto beamed at him, indicating that she had been let in on their little secret.

Itachi must have told her. Kakashi smiled in return. A few minutes later Sasuke appeared, clothed in a black long sleeve shirt, black basketball shorts, and white socks that were pulled up past his ankles. Kakashi had to pull over once before arriving at their destination. Sasuke was throwing a fit about Pakkun being in the back seat with him. He was utterly disgusted every time the dog threatened to lick him, whereas Naruto thought it was the funniest thing in the world, prompting Sasuke to be even more annoyed.

He had moved Pakkun to the front after that, cracking the window for him to stick his head out, the only thing tempting enough to distract him from pestering Sasuke. They skirted to the right of a brown brick building, following a paved path that winded around the outdoor exhibits. They passed hawks and eagles, raccoons and opossums, even a bobcat, before stopping in front of an enclosure that held two red foxes. Both of the foxes were asleep; the closest one was curled inside a niche carved out of a log.

Kakashi detected a hint of sadness in his voice. He contemplated how best to explain it to an eight-year old. We can fall and break a leg or get cut by something.

Do you know where people go when they get hurt? Well, animals can get hurt, too. They can break bones, get caught in a soccer net, a bird can fly into a glass window, and sometimes, sadly, they can get hit by cars. When they do get hurt, they come here. Animals that are only found in Illinois. But sometimes, no matter how hard the vet, um, Thanks For All The Fish - The Upstartz - Mindless Teenage Brain Rot (CD, the animal doctor tries, the animal might not heal completely or properly.

Animals need a specific set of skills to be able to survive and hunt for food in the wild. Kakashi glanced at the two boys. They sleep all day. After walking by all the exhibits and through the nature trail, they had circled back around to the brown building.

Do you want to go check them out? Once inside, they passed a reception desk whose chair was currently empty, and a small interactive center for children; a tiny table whose surface was scattered with books and plush toys. After venturing a little farther in, they came into a narrow room lined with glass aquariums and wire mesh cages built into the walls.

One side housed small birds, the other amphibians and reptiles. Naruto ran to a tank with a picture of a frog on the front. He felt bad for Naruto. And you know what, he was mad at this stupid volunteer too, for asking Naruto about parents. We have some snakes over here. Both boys crowded in closely. He gently put the snake away and led them over to a glass window. Naruto pressed his hands to the glass, watching a woman in a smock feeding a tiny squirrel with a syringe.

She smiled, noticing them, and moved closer to the window so they could get a better look. If something happens to the mom, we raise them here, until they are old enough to go out on their own.

Sasuke watched Naruto out of the corner of his eye. Something happened to him when Naruto got sad. Something in his chest. Something that made the bottom of his throat feel like it was swelling shut.

Sasuke spent the whole drive home silently staring out the window, as Naruto rattled on to Kakashi about the frogs and snakes. He still loved them. Kinda fluffy today! It was a Wednesday evening, and they were leaving for Puerto Rico tomorrow night through the weekend. Kakashi went to reach for the book, but Iruka held it over his head, before placing it on the night table. Iruka gave him a coy smile, and Kakashi took a moment to admire how ridiculously handsome his husband was—his long dark hair pulled halfway back in a bun, with the rest of it cascading over his shoulders.

It still made his heart flutter when Iruka let it down after a long day. Iruka responded in kind, pushing Kakashi flat against the headboard. Are you sore? He had it memorized. But he decided to play along. Iruka bit at his own lip, narrowing his eyes in challenge—his hair had fallen around his face in loose waves, and that was really all the temptation Kakashi needed. In one swift movement, Kakashi pinned Iruka to the bed beneath his hips, his hand never leaving his throat.

Iruka closed his eyes, running his tongue across his own lips, melting into the warmth that was starting to wash over his body.

Fuck, Kakashi was good at this. He knew exactly what Iruka liked, but then again, Kakashi excelled at everything in the bedroom. All of his previous experiences focused solely on the final act, were driven more by carnal desire. But with Kakashi, even though they definitely had their wild moments, it was steeped in sweetness.

In attentiveness. In foreplay as much as in fucking. He was over that now. Kakashi had seen to it. He had cracked Iruka open and sucked out all of his self-doubt. Kakashi sunk into the bed beside Iruka, planting a kiss to the corner of his mouth, before Iruka turned his head to meet him.

When Kakashi plunged his tongue in deep, Iruka let out a low moan, a fire swirling hot in his belly. He only wanted to wind Iruka up, and apparently it was working. Iruka pressed his shoulders into the mattress, regretting having said that earlier, when all he wanted now was for Kakashi to get straight to it.

He had meant to be the tease, but somehow the roles had been reversed. Okay, so he knew how. Kakashi pulled Iruka up from the bed by the front of his shirt, before removing it completely, and gave him a kiss. Kakashi had already won, and they had barely even started. A smell that had become so familiar to him, that had become such a part of him, he swore it swam in his very blood. He placed a kiss to the bottom of his foot and Iruka felt it spark all over his body.

He pushed his pelvis up, eager for more. It dragged along his skin as Kakashi kissed every vertebrate of his spine. Iruka thought he was going to stop when he reached his tailbone, so when his husband dove his face into his ass, Iruka clutched the comforter in surprise. He wanted to live inside this moment, for however long it lasted, wherever Kakashi wanted to take it.

When Kakashi came back up to his face, Iruka reached around to wind a hand in his silver hair, pulling on it lightly as they kissed over his shoulder.

Iruka moved his body in response, rubbing his own self against the bed. He dug his fingers into the sheets and pulled, trying to get more traction.

Iruka attempted to suck the saliva that had escaped his mouth back in, as he writhed against the bed. Kakashi let out a soft, arrogant laugh against his ear, before lifting himself from Iruka. He pulled Iruka up by the hips so his ass was sticking straight in the air. Iruka heard the familiar sound of a drawer opening and a condom being unwrapped. Iruka closed his eyes in pleasure—he wondered if it was as hard for Kakashi to control himself as it was for him.

He applied the lube much more meticulously then necessary, pumping and squeezing his husband. Kakashi quickly fell into him, bearing his weight on his arms as he pushed himself inside Iruka. He was already on the brink of orgasm, watching his husband hips move, mesmerized by the fluidity of it.

As Kakashi continued to thrust, his necklace swung between the two of them, coming dangerously close to hitting Iruka in the face. The effect was better than Iruka could have imagined—Kakashi had to breathe around it in hard bursts as if he were gagged. Kakashi struggled to maintain their position, his arms burning from the effort.

He was so close, and he knew Iruka was too, but his muscles were starting to protest and give out. They were shaking beyond his control; he cursed himself for overdoing it at gym. He dropped down to his elbows, never missing a beat with his thrusts.

The sight and sound of it pushed Iruka over the edge, and they bucked together, riding out the remaining waves, before falling limp against one another. Kakashi pulled out and rolled onto his back, his chest still heaving from catching his breath. He shook his arms out above his head, attempting to bring any sort of relief to his biceps. But as the heat of their sex was leaving, Iruka felt a chill set in. Kakashi must have felt it too, because he shifted beneath him.

He wanted to see how long it would take, before Kakashi realized he forgot it.

Dec 02,  · This Is The Intro to the album. I LOVE EVERY Song!!:)) #Subscribe Me and I Will Be Uploading More Vids!! STAY MINDLESS. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of State Of Mind on Discogs. The famous singing group, Mindless Behavior goes to Star Arts High School and meets 4 beautiful girls! But drama starts to happen. Read to find out! Mindless Teenage Brain Rot, an album by the Upstartz on Spotify. Jul 23,  · Mindless Behavior: All Around the World (10/11) Movie CLIP - Reunion with Moms () HD - Duration: Movieclips , views. Fish: State Of Mind ‎ (CD, Single) EMI: 20 2: Europe: Sell This Version: Reviews Add Review [r] Release. Edit Release All Versions of this Release New Submission. Add to Collection Add to Wantlist Remove from Wantlist. Marketplace 0. Mindless Brain! - Brain is always in bliss, only the mind gets agitated. Brain is connected to Supreme Intelligence, so every directive, every piece of knowledge just drops in when you are on the. Svensk mediedatabas (SMDB) - Mindless teenage brain rot. Mindless teenage brain rot / The Upstartz Köping: Birdnest, [?] Spår. Join your boyz Ray Ray, Prodigy, Princeton and Roc Royal as they talk about love, life on the road and what it's like to be the hottest rising pop stars! See. Sep 06,  · POPSTAR! MAGAZINE & derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfo bring you some juicy Mindless Behavior dish! derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfo derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfo


Smoke, Inc. - Waitin For Love (Vinyl), I Idolize You - Ike & Tina Turner - River Deep-Mountain High (Vinyl, LP), Up N Down - Various - Swede Beat Vol 2 (CD), The Light, Το Ρημαγμένο Σπίτι - Τσιτσάνης* - Τό Ξεκίνημα (Vinyl, LP), Dynamic (Dub Version) - Dynamic Breakers - Dynamic (Total Control) (Vinyl), Al Andar - ABBA - Gracias Por La Musica (Cassette, Album), Zingarella - Gus Viseur - Laccordéon musette élevé au rang des beaux arts (CD, Album)

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