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But the ONE big misconception that big money is pushing is that it's all about THC that and maybe some terpenes for deelish flavor. But it's not true that just adding some terpenes to nearly pure THC recreates the full effects of any given strain.

Both the healing effects, and the innocuous nature, of Cannabis are tied to the sheer number of related compounds that it gives off. Kids sucking huge amounts of purified Delta-9 THC with chem lab terpenes is not the same.

Medically, who knows, but historically it's just uncharted territory. There's no reason the carts can't be better and offer true strain-specific vapes, with all the complexity. We need to push the concept that " It ain't just the THC " and get people to demand real strain-specific concentrate in those pens. Am I delusional? Last edited: Aug 18, They've been doing strain specific carts for a while now here in California, Stiizy does distillate flavored with cannabis derived terpenes, Beezle does distillate flavored with a high terpene live resin sauce pour-off, NATIV makes distillate flavored with rosin sauce, and Blue River is making full solventless rosin sauce pods.

I think your canned beer analogy is a good one, but in the same regard if I go to a liquor store, they are going to offer a whole selection from low to top tier prices, and carts are going the same way.

At the end of the day the cartridge is just a delivery mechanism, it's all about what's inside. You can get nasty beer or good beer and they all come in the same bottle.

These Co2 oils contain minor cannabinoids and natural terps. Beezle needs to get their ass to LA though. Honestly hits like a nail hit in a ccell cart. I'm really surprised at how stoned its been getting me as I typically have 2 enails going at once lol. I agree that's the future of carts, I don't think many people will even bother dabbing a live resin and lose half of the dab to reclaim and the dab tool when it could be loaded in a cartridge pen for on demand enjoyment.

As long as that single source terpene pour off is being added, the only major difference between live resin in a glass jar and a sauce pen like Beezle is THCA vs THC. Thanks for the recommendation! I have seen them around the Valley. Brite sells Co2 "wax" as well. I don't mind Carts, but I prefer something with more open airflow like the Nexus. I think Select pust out some decent Co2 oil as well, and they're about to roll out syringes to SoCal.

They all make claims, like "all plant-based terpenes". Yeah, like a big drum of D-Limonene extracted from some citrus tree. Anybody try Eden Extracts? Last edited: Aug 19, Well, I did, just now. The Diamond cart is different in that it has top air inlets. No leaking out the bottom connector. The cart also has a lower resistance, 1.

The ABX and the Sublime put out a light tasty vapor at watts, and they're going strong at 7. The White Diamond gorgeous cartridge puts out nothing at that level. And the air flow is massive. I ended up putting a finger on one of the two vents. At 9 watts you're in light vape. But what a strange taste. On the intake it's kind of automotive, like old motor oil, not diesel. On the exhale it has hints of the alleged Sour Diesel strain.

If you run it on a 3. But the taste ranks a solid C if not lower. Kind of hard to understand. Like this batch just turned out this way? These outfits that make these are pretty modest operations, we're in the boutique phase still, and it's trial and error, but at least they're working on it. If this oil were better blended, this cart would have good potential.

Sell the runt to the people down the street for less. Well, but One cautionary thought. If you're a nicotine AND a cannabis vaper, it's important not to get them mixed up.

KeroZen Chronic vapaholic. Farewell fernand! I still think it tasted like ass. A bit of analog nostalgia, masterful digital emulation of carts. They've been doing strain specific carts for a while now here in California.

Southern California and Northern California have different "brands" in the dispensaries. JigMelon Well-Known Member. When I see a Beezle cart that's strain-specific to something I know, I'll grab one. Last edited: Aug 21, Vape Donkey All vape, no smoke please. Who do you think is buying Divine Tribe products? I don't think it's your typical prefilled cart crowd. Only the most hardcore of vapor hobbyists will take 5 minutes to program a box mod for these sub ohm atomizers.

That takes real dedication! I think at this point its the battery that is the bottleneck for many folks, they really just want to push a button and get vapor. Smarter temperature control algorithms are the future I think, like the Omni mini board in the Vaporesso Nexus.

It hurts to say, but I set up a bunch of people with V3's on Evic Basics with a custom TC profile, and even with that big head start, their lack of interest in learning a box mod did cause them to go back to the YoCan. And with lack of TC those YoCans taste like a combustion pen I actually think the prefilled cart is the future of cannabis vaporization though. That CCell hits like a dab rig, with the right oils it's just as good as any top tier setup.

With all these processes being developed for extracting plaint resins into clean wicking oils,eventually the costs will trickle down and sauce pens won't cost much more than simple distillate pens of today. I don't think tons of people will really even want to load and dab live sauces if they can just puff it out of a cart with no reclaim or mess.

Unfortunately, I think you're right that pre-fills are the future. I'm a nic vaporist as well. Every one of my friends who vapes nicotine now buys Juul pods, even though they cost more and offer a worse experience than filling your own tanks.

I'm starting to see the same thing with cannabis. I don't have a major issue with pre-fills. Especially with a quality oil inside Rove come to mind. I DO have an issue with all the extra waste. Single use disposable cartridges bother me.

I wish more quality oil filled syringes were available near me. Getting people to fill something like the Vaporesso Nexus seems more doable than getting people to use a load as you go wax atomizer. I think refillable syringes will be more widespread in due time. As these oils get cleaner and cleaner, they shouldn't really need to be replaced too often since they don't have that much non vaporizable plant contaminant to gunk the atomizer up.

I hear you about the waste thing but I think ultimately its a very small amount of waste compared to other mainstream disposable products like razors and plastic utensils. I'm totally on board with more re-usable pens though, too bad the Trinity doesn't seem to live up to its expectations, as that ability to clean and re-purpose had me really sold on the platform.

I'm pretty new to Ccells, gave up carts years back and have strongly been a die hard LAYG advocate, really have had a lot of negative thoughts about prefilled pens in general, but after trying some Co2 pens recently I'm pretty blown away by how hard they hit when not diluted.

I have two e-nails going at the same time and still was reaching for that pen. I think there's of course a conflict of interest for manufacturers to develop rock solid products when they are used to selling something disposable in huge order quantities.

I know Divine Tribe posted a pic on IG recently of a ceramic cart so who knows what we'll be seeing from Matt in that sector! Last edited: Aug 22, My posts aren't long. Your guys' 8 posts that Terps* - THC : Hardcore Session (CDr) quoting are karmakid64 said:. I've been tightening but even that is not working so well any other tips? Is this firmware for specific Joyetech mods? Kendrick was the hero of Divisional Series win over the L.

Louis Cardinals. But, his World Series had been less than stellar. As he came to the plate, he was sporting an average of just over.

The year-old part-time starter, who was the Nats leading hitter for average during the regular season, drove a Harris pitch down the right field line where it hit the screen just inside the foul pole for a two-run homer that put the Nats ahead to stay With help from Adam Eaton and Juan Soto, the Nats added three big insurance runs in the eighth and ninth innings.

Patrick Corbin, normally a starter, but also pitching out of the bullpen in the postseason, threw three scoreless innings in relief for the win.

Daniel Hudson closed it out with a thee-up, three-down ninth inning. Then pandemonium broke loose. So, the Nats completed an amazing resurrection from a start to World Series Champs, beating the heavily favored Astros. Lots of credit to Manager Davey Martinez for righting the ship after many were screaming for his head back in May. Congrats again to the Nats and their organization, particularly the Lerner family which owns the team and brought baseball back to Washington.

They join the Caps and the Mystics in bringing recent championships to D. Game seven from Houston tonight at 8 pm on Fox. This is the first time in major sports playoff history that the visitors in this case, the Nats have won six games.

Tonight, Max Scherzer hopefully goes for the Nats after missing Terps* - THC : Hardcore Session (CDr) five in DC with severe back spasms. However, two batters later, Anthony Rendon saved the day by blasting a majestic two-out, two-run homer to give the Nats some breathing room.

Go Nats! Deaths of women and children trying to cross into U. Roberto the coyote can see a stretch of border fence from his ranch in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, about a mile south of El Paso.

President Donald Trump tries to stop the flow. A deadlier one, too—especially for women and children, who are increasingly dying in the attempt. Roberto says he was taken aback in July this year, when he was approached for the first time by parents with young children. Roberto asked around among his peers.

That helps explain one of the grimmer statistics to emerge from all the turmoil on the U. Some give up and go home; some wait and hope—and some try evermore dangerous ways to get through.

Women are dying in greater numbers, too—44 in the year through September, versus 14 last year. A 9 month-old baby sleeps inside El Buen Pastor migrant shelter, on Aug. Many of those families are fleeing crime epidemics in Central America, as well as economic shocks. Prices of coffee—a key export—in the region plunged this year to the lowest in more than a decade, crushing farmers. Making matters worse, climate change will produce more frequent crop failures for those growers that will, in turn, drive more migration, said Eleanor Paynter, a fellow at Ohio State University.

The demand side is equally fluid. When the Great Recession hit ina slumping U. Today, the reverse is true: Record-low unemployment in the U. The U. But none of those factors fully explains why so many families are now willing to take such great risks.

Many would cross the border, turn themselves in and apply for asylum, then wait in the U. That route was especially favored by migrants with young children, who were likely to be released from detention faster.

They might wait in shelters for months for their number to be called, with only 10 or 20 families being interviewed each day. That pushed thousands of families into making a tough decision. Roberto has infrastructure in place for both options. A mother and her 5-month-old baby has lived in a migrant shelter since July, waiting for their November court date, on Aug. For the family going across the bridge into El Paso, Roberto wanted to send the parents and children separately, to attract less attention.

Ideally, the kids would be asleep, making the guards less likely to stop the car and ask questions. But that raised another problem. He resolved it by arranging for a woman on his team to visit the family and spend three days playing with the children. Roberto says the family made it safely into the U. But people are being stopped and turned back, and the number of migrants caught crossing the U. That has allowed Trump to portray the new policy as a success.

Enrique Garcia was one of those arrested. They slipped into Mexico in August on a boarded-up cattle truck, Terps* - THC : Hardcore Session (CDr) eight other adults and children, and drove the length of the country, to Juarez.

After 45 minutes in the summer heat, Garcia was getting worried about his son, who was falling behind and calling out for water. His coyotes had managed to reestablish contact with the group, and most of them—with children in tow—had decided to try again.

Clemens, at the Center for Global Development, noted that illegal immigration from Mexico dropped in recent years after U, Terps* - THC : Hardcore Session (CDr). Illegal crossings by Mexicans have plunged. Most of all, he sees no end to the ways he can make profits off the border crackdown.

He makes a joke out of it. They should not be allowed to escape accountability for their gross derelictions of duty which are killing kids with regularity and unconscionably abusing vulnerable asylum seekers on a daily basis. USCIS has issued a new fee waiver form eliminating the means-tested benefits section. Any submission postmarked on or after December 2 must use the new form.

The new form instructions include detailed documentation instructions, requiring tax transcripts or proof that tax transcripts are unavailable for most scenarios.

At some locations, immigrants now wait an average of four years before their hearing is scheduled. AILA Doc. In north Louisiana, sheriff and private prison operator trade prisoners for ICE detainees. Louisiana is now the No. The Trump administration is still separating children from their family members at the border.

Inside a hidden crisis. Guardian: A federal judge in San Diego ordered the Trump administration in the summer of to reunite families and stop separating most parents and children.

Children Die at Record Speed on U. Border While Coyotes Get Rich. Criminal misconduct by US border officers has reached a 5-year Terps* - THC : Hardcore Session (CDr). Arrests of officers and agents increased annually starting in and hit a high of in before going down again. They attempted to locate and was negative. Police will run checks if any of them had criminal history, another official said.

NYT: A pattern that has persisted for a century: They tend to outperform children of similarly poor native-born Americans. The Immigration Judge terminated removal proceedings after finding that DHS inappropriately subjected respondents to the MPP program since they were not arriving aliens. Supreme Court to throw out a California immigrant-sanctuary law that restricts local police from helping federal authorities round up and deport people who are in the country illegally.

In an appeal filed this week, the administration said the measure undermines federal immigration enforcement efforts. If a client should have already reached the days and is ready to file for an EAD, attorneys should call the local court directly to manually resolve this issue. Unpublished BIA decision holds that IJ erred in denying continuance to await adjudication of U visa application solely because it was not a form of relief that could be granted by the court.

Special thanks to IRAC. Unpublished BIA decision finds that respondent did not necessarily engage in polygamy by marrying second wife before being officially divorced from first wife.

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  3. Cop Killing Bastage Is On The Loose. Damn is all I can say. Police in Washington state say the suspect in the killings of four police officers in a Seattle-area coffee shop is not inside the house that they've surrounded since early Monday morning.. Negotiators spent the night trying to communicate with year-old Maurice Clemmons, but discovered after a search of the Seattle house and that.
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  5. Label: EMI - EMGS • Format: Vinyl LP • Country: Hong Kong • Genre: Pop • A quick note before we begin, there are other meanings to these words, such as a cutting saw, but, today, we are only going to deal with the sense of visual eyesight.
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    Explorez les références de Viracocha sur Discogs. Achetez les Vinyles, CDs de Viracocha, et plus encore sur la Marketplace Discogs.
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