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Pulverizing sonic devastation from this LA band. A relentless Dis-inspired frenzy although you can hear some Japanese touches in there, as well. From the opening drumbeat that sounds like it could be pulled from Disorder's "More Than Fights" and the primal yell, there's no looking back. A wall of thunder and the vocals are buried into the mix a bit. Seven out of the eight songs are fast rippers and the sole slower one, "Indictment," has an otherworldly guitar line--or maybe it's keyboards, I can't tell.

And the bombastic conclusion doesn't end until you drag yourself off the floor or away from the wall you've been pinned to after this album's aural bombardment. Yep, 'tis pretty damned good. Painful emanations fused to an encrusted d-beat attack. Ten expressions of pure unharnessed rage, done with ruthless precision. What more do 'ya want? Stud it up! Anus and Mr. They released one album called "Hey!

It's A Teenage House Party! The download includes another '85 session and live set from CBGB. Landlords were ostensibly a hardcore band but worked in melodic touches and some metallic shredding the liner notes claim an affinity for Tank's "Filth Hounds of Hades" album.

There are even a few abraso rock excursions for "Stigmata," "Press The Bar" and "The Strange House" that showed them moving into something a bit darker.

Metal Urbain were one of the first French punk bands and "Panik," recorded inis one of the all-time great songs from that period. Razor-sharp guitar, synth washes and mechanized drums and harsh vocals. This song also has one hell of a screaming guitar solo.

Metal Urbain truly didn't sound like anyone else at that time and still sound fresh almost 40 years later. With members from Sydney and Melbourne, some of these geezers used to be in AVO and the drummer was in Depression years and years ago. If you're engaging in tongue-in-cheek schtick, it's always a good idea to have the musical chops and songs to go along with it and these Scum do have that. And read between the lines and it comes across like an environmental cautionary tale.

From a musical standpoint, it's not primordial, sluggish ooze, even with a heavier, stomping song like "Sludge Castle. Well, they did break up but squeezed one more release before their demise, this ten song effort. There's an abundance of speedy hardcore but they add edgier, nervier touches, mainly in the sputtery guitar playing, along with the nightmarish vocals.

Some of the songs hit a punchier groove, especially "Building," "Infernal Sludge Castle - Mutant Scum - Field Recordings (Cassette) and the title track. They've certainly spent time listening to post-"Damaged" Black Flag and early Die Kreuzen, probably while reading books about both bio-devastation and devastation throughout history, as well.

The production on this one is rougher than in their recent history and it ups the abrasiveness level. It isn't clearly stated in the lyrics nothing is clearly stated--they tend to go for something more oblique but 70 AD is the year the Romans destroyed Sludge Castle - Mutant Scum - Field Recordings (Cassette), including the Temple. It does ask "have things really changed? Has the world shifted? Sorry to see 'em go. Your basic boot party with tough-sounding vocals and semi-tuneful arrangements.

The others follow a traditional early 80s UK route with plenty of speedy burn distortreality. On the cover, it says, "fuck hardcore, this is power beat.

Rarely is drone done by experts. Here is a tape that beats the odds in both categories. While not as pure as the Nu-Age revolution, currently going on in both noise and noise-rock alike see Infinite Body, Abe Vigoda, HEALTH, etcdemands; there are also enough bells and synths worked in here to turn on anyone hip to the now.

And not that I want to put down the Nu-Age movement because things must always stay in motionbut these recordings will definitely still sound alive and amazing in 10 years while much of the genre-creating of Nu-Age probably will not.

Just enough to make things sizzle and vibrate, but not so much that anything becomes murky or aggressive. Put this on the next time you celebrate a victory! Tags: 8MMGolden Cup. The VV jam is a ragged trawl through gross blown-out electronics with no light at the end of the tunnel, just another tunnel leading into another tunnel. This is what it sounds like to a mole digging through the dirt beneath a war zone: loud and shitty. I made the crazy mistake of rocking this CS on headphones.

Tags: ExcitebikeOublietteVilla Valley. The bulk of this CS sounds submerged in…. Strictly for diehards. Tags: ExcitebikeStrange Water. Well, in all pop music actualy, but in a unique way for noise due to the particularly abstract nature of the sounds. While emotional pitch is definitely well under control by the experts, even the masters often use non-musical elements to help steer an act into a very particular place in their listeners' minds.

Case in point: Shitty Vibe Smasher. In other words, Sludge Castle - Mutant Scum - Field Recordings (Cassette), they are politics in action. By name they set forth on the more rarely blazed trail of "happy noise" And with Patrick Mair aka Glamorous Pat at the helm you know that the sunny side of noise is well represented.

Of course, this is not just Pat's act, this is a group And it is here, at long last, that we get to the actual review in this text: As a member of Shitty Vibe Smasher, Daniel Rizer sacrificed self for the benefit of the whole and to lift identity to it's hoped pinnacle. Cassette manipulation, 4-track mixer feedback, and a passion for finding the true energy of sound are the tools used.

Still extremely positive sounding, the use of aggressive loops and growling half-magnetizations invokes foot stomping at its most wild and foreshadows even more rock when being pensive. Daniel Rizer's silly stage name only elevates his expert use of the wide world of possible sounds from murky to shrill to you name it to put together a uniquely rock sound by virtue of the smile you wear upon seeing the whole picture.

Not a surprise coming from a member of Shitty Vibe Smasher. Not just amazing music, but masterful entertainment all around. Tags: Budweiser SpriteIatrogenesis. With a nice J. Earl fold-out j-card that reminds me of some Krazy Kat warped western landscape: a simple horizon line, some moons, a tree, and emptiness. It really just sounds exactly like a Behringer plugged into itself and casually fucked around with…that aimless putt-putt-putting noise everybody who owns a mixer is familiar with.

Tags: PedalphileWagon. You know those bands with band names where it sounds like they got so tired of trying to think of good names that they ended up picking something bizarrely literal and boring? I dunno. These three cassettes, the first a c20, the latter two c30's, were all released simultaneously, in nearly identical packaging.

Taken together, the result is a satisfying eighty minute piece, far exceeding the expectations of a listener put off, perhaps, by what may be the dumbest band name in underground music right now. If they were to actually pay tribute to the influences to which they so shamelessly refer in their music, a more appropriate name might be Wolf Police Hair Eyes. Which brings me to my dilemma: the music on these tapes is good, really, but from my old codger-like perspective, it Sludge Castle - Mutant Scum - Field Recordings (Cassette) pure throwback.

If I hadn't seen the artwork, I could have been convinced that these tapes were Wolf Eyes recordings from eight years ago. The horror movie atmosphere and spooky vocals, the buzzsaw electronics and slow pounding beats, the dogshit production quality.

When done right, it really worked. Which prompts the question: when a bands moves on before its audience is ready, who fills the void that is left? It's certainly possible that pleasure may still be mined from the methods that Wolf Eyes left behind years ago.

If it's still good when Blue Sabbath Black Cheer show up and start reassembling the pieces, should the audience just shut up and enjoy it as the next best thing, or attack them for being creatively bankrupt rip-offs?

I'll take the former approach and say that these tapes should be enjoyed, even if one does it as nostalgia. Truth be told, this stuff is really engaging. BSBC are a tight, well rehearsed band, with thoughtfully composed tracks and an undeniable energy. Some of the material on these tapes come from live shows in Seattle and Portland, and they must have been impressive experiences for everyone present. The rest of the tracks were recorded "in a shed in the woods" in case anybody doubted the band's kvlt authenticity.

Unique Oil Free Air has a few other releases on this Australian label, although this untitled cassette might collect the earliest material from what looks to be a very long-running project. Given that the liner notes state "tracks produced from to ," one wouldn't be surprised to hear the sort of distorted sample collages and feedback loops that the likes of Gerogerigegege was known for during the same period.

If that reference gets the juices flowing, you would probably do well to check out the samples on UOFA's Myspace page here. Includes glossy color insert. On side one, a zither strumming harplike arpeggios emerges from vibrating background static.

Also on hand is a droning acoustic instrument called a "wyrn," a construction of Fernie's which according to the label description is like an Irish digeridoo. Sludge Castle - Mutant Scum - Field Recordings (Cassette) to this a violin, thumb piano and other assorted small instruments and percussion as well as humming electronic tones and you've got a very textually diverse arrangement. Considering this, the sound is quite sparse with quieter acoustic sounds in the foreground shadowed by feedback-heavy bass oscillators for most of the duration.

Sludge metal is a subgenre of Metal that combines the slow, dark instrumentals and atmosphere of Doom Metal with the aggressive, harsh screams and shouts credited to Hardcore Punk.A typical sludge song places heavy emphasis on guitar feedback, groovy riffs, and angry, pained vocals. It also isn't uncommon for songs to engage in occasional quick bursts of speed and technicality attributed to. Nil By Mouth Recordings ‎– NBM35TAPE – – ITA “This release is a heavily structured mass of sounds, consisting of pulsating analogue oscillators, field recordings, concrete drones, grinding steel pipes, voice samples from documentary archives, distant screams, oil drums and the vibrations captured by contact microphones. Oct 02,  · SLUDGE SCAN NOTES – Read This Stuff First! Some of you might see some numbers and say, "But so and so went Gold and you don’t have them listed as such." Well certifications (such as Gold and Platinum) are based on shipments to retail accounts from the . Mar 11,  · Olivia Tremor Control "Dusk at Cubist Castle" - psychedelic pop that turns into free jazz, field recordings, ambient jams drenched in acid etc; specializing in small run vinyl and cassette releases. Disclaimer: These albums are for promotional and preview purposes only. Please delete them within 24 hours. Dick Goddard's Wintery Forest. Presented as a deluxe cassette release that includes a 5x5 cloth patch and a black and white enamel pin showcasing Reuben Sawyer's artwork on both. Clear cassettes with printed J-cards. Noun; A generic term for solids separated from suspension in a liquid. * {{quote-magazine, date=, volume=, issue=, page=28, magazine=(The Economist), title= High and wet, passage=Floods in northern India, mostly in the small state of Uttarakhand, have wrought disaster on an enormous scale. A residual semi-solid material left from industrial, water treatment, or wastewater. The infamous (but lovely) Blank Tapes cd on Trente Oiseaux. Such conceptual faves, along with gobs of shambolic, shamanistic 'rock' music spread across many, many DIY tapes and cd-r's and other formats since , constitute the bizarre legacy of one of the most unusual and eccentric sound-making units of our era, Reynols. The sludge is still allowed to attack heroes from underground biting at their ankles and causing quite a bit of damage. Tremor: All large bosses do not attack C4 and Claymores, but their heavy footsteps do damage to nearby C4 and Claymores. True Sight: All bosses have truesight in a large radius. CRUCIAL BLAST DIGITAL RELEASES. These digital album downloads include high quality kbps mp3 files, cover artwork, and a derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfo booklet that includes all liner notes and most of the artwork that is featured on the physical release. Discover releases, reviews, credits, songs, and more about Mutant Scum - Field Recordings at Discogs. Complete your Mutant Scum collection.4/5(1).


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  1. Mutant Scum by Mutant Scum, released 27 November 1. Mutant / Scum 2. Rise And Slime 3. Dirt Bath 4. Sludge Castle 5. Cognitive Pollution 6. Out Of The Sewers, Onto The Streets 7. Scabpicker 8. Caesium 9. Black Mayonnaise The Nightmare Of Being Sludgy metallic punk played by mutant-human hybrids. An environmental cautionary tale of toxic waste, wanton corporate neglect, and the.
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  7. The one, the only-Charlie Mcalister. A bizarre, unique pastiche of lo-fi folk and field recordings that really defies classification. There truly is no one like Charlie Mcalister. Charlie Mcalister "Wheel of Fortune" From Little Mafia { LM } { 7 inch } { out of stock } Four tracks of lo fi psych folk by eccentric genius Charlie Mcalister.
  8. Sludge Metal. Products (Total Items: 4) Sort by: Mutant Scum, Field Recordings, Cassette tape, EP (0) Your Price: $ Now Shipping Noisy Neighbors, Self Titled, 7" Vinyl Record (0) Your Price: $ Now Shipping Various Artists, Organ Dealer, Invertibrate, Nerve Grind, 7" Vinyl Record, EP.

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