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The Hi-Per 2006 - DJ Bufer - Pumping Frog (CD) reactions Griess were employed for nitrite-nitrogen analysis and the nitroprusside-catalyzed Berthelot reaction Berthelot was utilized for ammonia-nitrogen determinations. This application took advantage of an EOP capable of instant flow direction switching.

The same system was further incorporated with a miniaturized diffusion scrubber Liu and Dasgupta or a droplet sampler Yang et al. Schematic diagram of capillary format SIA system.

Reprinted with permission from Liu and Dasgupta Gan et al. The pump rate increased linearly with the applied voltage from to V. Up to 7. Yang et al. Graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry was used as the detector.

Zhao et al. The system consisted of an EOP, two solenoid valves and an absorbance detector. The method was based on the Griess—Saltzman reactions Griess ; Saltzman to form a colored product which was measured at nm. Pu and Liu manufactured an EOP on a microchip and demonstrated its application for an enzyme inhibition assay. Figure 10a shows the photomask design of the pump chip and Fig, Hi-Per 2006 - DJ Bufer - Pumping Frog (CD). There were three basic steps to accomplish the assay.

Step 1, a negative high voltage was applied to the EOP to aspirate sample and reagents into the isolation channel. Step 2, after the sample and reagents were reacted adequately, a positive high voltage was applied to the pump to propel the product to the detector for measurement.

Step 3, the system was reset this included washing the sampling capillary attached to the selection valve and loading this capillary with the next sample solution. Reprinted with permission from Pu and Liu Electroosmotic pumps offer a simple and cost-effective means to produce adequate pressures and flow rates for capillary chromatographic separation.

Paul et al. Hollow metal tubings were used as grounding electrodes. To characterize the EOP, a pressure transducer was utilized to measure the pumping pressures. To evaluate the performance of the system, a mixture of thiourea, benzene, toluene, naphthalene, phenanthrene, biphenyl and anthracene were separated.

The number of theoretical plates of the column was 2. Reprinted with permission from Chen et al. With this system, the authors investigated the effects of ammo-nioalkyl sulfonate additives on electrokinetic pumping and separation. A gradient solvent delivery system was developed by Figeys and Aebersold using two open-channel EOPs.

One pump was used to pump an aqueous solvent and the other for organic solvent, and a gradient solvent was produced by varying the pump rates. Hi-Per 2006 - DJ Bufer - Pumping Frog (CD) solvent delivery system was integrated with a reverse phase microcolumn and an electrospray ionization ion trap mass spectrometer for peptide analysis.

Lazar et al. The microchip integrated all the necessary functional components e. The overall size of the microfluidic network was so small that two fully functional HPLC systems can be incorporated on a 7. The device was tested for analysis of protein digests obtained from the MCF7 breast cancer cell line. The analysis enabled confident identifications of 77 proteins, demonstrated that these chips can be used for high-throughput biomarker discovery.

Schematic representation of a microfluidic LC system. Arrows indicate the main flow pattern through the system. Reprinted with permission from Lazar et al. Very recently, a microchip LC system integrated with EOP was reported to separate six nitroaromatic and nitramine explosives and their degradation products Borowsky et al.

The pump and LC channels were fabricated on a single quartz substrate. The pump was a channel 3. Jin et al. Electroosmotic pumps have been used in micro energy systems, as well. Water management is a significant challenge in portable fuel cells and particularly in fuel cells with air-breathing cathodes. Water flooding at the cathode of a fuel cell is a common problem in fuel cells.

Excessive flooding of the open cathode can lead to a dramatic reduction of fuel cell power. Buie et al. EOPs have no moving parts, scale appropriately with fuel cells, operate across a wide range of conditions, and consume a small fraction of fuel cell power.

EOPs can relieve cathode design barriers and simplify water management in fuel cells. In their system, two 1. The results showed that removing water from the cathode using integrated EO pumping structures improved fuel cell performance and stability. Fabian et al. A hydrophilic conductive wick was in direct contact with cathode gas diffusion layer and served as a water collector layer that hydraulically linked the entire cathode surface with the EOP located outside of the fuel cell assembly.

Litster et al. The EOP prevented flooding and provided rapid recovery from severe flooding. With this EOP, a 25 cm 2 fuel cell was able to operate at an air stoichiometry of 1. Except for water removal from cathodes of fuel cells, EOPs have also been used as a driving force for fuel delivery. Kim et al. Electroosmotic pumps have been used for electronic device cooling, as well. The rapid increase in power density and total power of microelectronics has spurred interest in miniaturized cooling systems that can achieve high heat dissipation rates.

A compact micropump is therefore a vital component for the high efficiency cooling of integrated Microsystems. EOPs, having no moving structural elements, have received much recent attention because of the potential of achieving both high pressure and large flowrate. Yao et al. The EOPs were fabricated using modified commercially available sintered-glass frits. The frits were porous cylinders 30 mm in diameter and 1. Both deionized water and buffered aqueous solutions have Hi-Per 2006 - DJ Bufer - Pumping Frog (CD) used as working fluids.

Jiang et al. The silicon heat exchanger attached to the test chip 1 cm 2 achieved junction-fluid resistance near 0. The EOP, made of an ultrafine porous glass frit with working volume of 1. The closed-loop system removed 38 W with pump power of 2 W and junction-ambient thermal resistance near 2. Electroosmotic pumps have been demonstrated to be efficient for fluid propulsion in microfluidic systems.

EOPs are capable of producing flows at high pump rates and against high backpressures. Often, high pump rates are obtained at low pump pressures, and vice versa. The most important features of an EOP are that it has no moving parts, generates pulse-free and stable flows, and are readily integratable with microfluidic and MEMS devices. EOF pumps happen to be ideally suited for microfluidic systems in which pulse-free and stable flow is desired. The robustness and reliability of EOPs have been a concern in some applications.

When properly designed, EOPs can be used as a stand-alone pump or integrated into a microchip device to generate adequate flow rates and pressures for miniaturized HPLC Hi-Per 2006 - DJ Bufer - Pumping Frog (CD). National Center for Biotechnology InformationU. Microfluid Nanofluidics. Author manuscript; available in PMC Feb 1. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer. Email: ude. Copyright notice. See other articles in PMC that cite the published article. Abstract Electroosmotic pumping is receiving increasing attention in recent years owing to the rapid development in micro total analytical systems.

Keywords: Electroosmosis, Micropump, Electroosmotic pump, Micro flow analysis. Open in a separate window. Table 1 Summary of the the performance metrics reported for the various EOPs. References Ajdari A. Pumping liquids using asymmetric electrode arrays.

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Transport, manipulation, and reaction of biological cells on-chip using electrokinetic effects. Active water management for PEM fuel cells.

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Monolithic stationary phases for liquid chromatography and capillary electrochromatography. Support Center Support Center. External link. Deep Forest Jump - Frogs [] Abune Dharay - Poreebeb [] Chain Gain - Bouncy Bits [] Syncroflow - Notions [] Deep Churn - Head [] Surch Induen - Aggressive [] Remady - No Superstar Original Mix 2.

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    Mar 10,  · Expect an epic glute pump, my friends. Once you can do 3 sets of 50 reps with your bodyweight, progress to the loaded version by placing a dumbbell on your lap. Do 3 .
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  4. Frog pump industry Co.,Ltd. is located in Taizhou City, Zhejiang Province, China, where is the hometown of China water pumps. The company is an enterprise produces submersible pumps professionally. It has been a leading figure in the same industry. The factory covers an area of square meters, owns more than employees and has a
  5. Suitable for neutral, hardly flammable liquids in non-explosive areas. Liquid examples: Thin-bodied and slightly viscous mineral oils, diesel fuel, fuel oil, cooling lubricants, crude oil, glycerine, fatty acids, linseed oil, etc. Features: No grease fillings Optimized drum drainage Modular, service friendly design Benefits: Lube-free pump tube, thus no contamination of the.
  6. The Frog Pump exercise is a specific variation of glute bridges (one of my favorite exercises for the butt) that has been customized so that you will feel it more in your butt. Changing the foot placement, having the knees splayed out, keeping your chin on your chest, and keeping a posterior pelvic tilt all are chosen specifically so that your.
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