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I wouldn't mind getting random with Andre from Outkast. I'd let him dress me up in some of his clothes then we'd make some beautiful music. When did you last break the law? Last night, smoking innit. But I've moved on from hash, I had a bit of skunk. I don't see smoking weed as breaking the law either really. Once I was sick and my cat ate it, has anything like that happened to you? This is disgusting yeah, can't believe I'm telling you this it's grim.

I was in the bath once and I'd left a packet of sanitary towels on the floor. My dog came in and ran off with a load. By the time I got downstairs the dog was covered in them and had left a trail of torn up sanitary towels all over the lounge. What Dirty Dozen question would you ask yourself? Maybe the best rumours I've heard about me. There's some good ones at the moment, apparently I've got five kids and am checking Riko. If I said I'd pay for plastic surgery what would you have done?

My little toe, I think it looks a bit Freestyle - Target* - Aim High Volume 2 CD&DVD Spectacular (CD). I don't want it removed, just corrected.

Who was the last person you kissed? My mum, she's just had an operation and I went to visit her in hospital. She's doing a lot better now. Where's the weirdest place you've slept?

When I was little, well about 10, I used to make a tent in the garden using two chairs and a sheet, one night I stayed in it all night.

Then the next morning my brother cracked my head open. He threw a pile of mud at me but there was a stone in it, nearly knocked me out. Do you have groupies? I have some mad fans, some stalkerish ones. A lot of these ones want me to meet their mums which I think's well weird. Favourite porno? Whatever's on, at home I only have normal TV so it's whatever channel 5 come up with.

I watched some funny ones on the D12 tour, Titch had one Booty Call, he had a whole pile. What's your ultimate fantasy?

I don't know but it would probably involve marshmallows, chopsticks and nestle cream, if you've ever tried it you'll know what I'm talking about. So, what underwear are you wearing? Well I've got this bra on, it's one of those naughty ones from Anne Summers with no top half.

It's black and baby blue. I've got shorts on, no knickers. And one sock. She has a 4 track EP coming out soon. Twenty two year old Chris Reed aka Plasticman hasn't been spending much time at his humble Thornton Heath abode of late. Hell no. Since hooking up with Rephlex Records, taking over Croydon with his dubstep-grime mashup's and producing some breathtaking moments of musical mayhem, it's been one long arse journey around the world By I had left the company and started producing under the Plasticman name to further my DJ career.

At the end of I started on Rinse FM. And now, I'm still on Rinse, still making beats and running my label - Terrorhythm Recordings. Achievements: Noteable ones - Having two number one tracks on the 1Xtra chart.

Signing with Rephlex is also probably one of my top achievements. Ambition: Just to help people get really into grime - whether it's played with or without vocals. People raving again. It's starting to happen already - I'm not the only person involved in the scene who wants this i'm sure! What are you working on at moment? My album which should be getting a Rephlex release later in the year after the summer.

I'm currently trying to put together a 4 deck mix CD. It's really complicated though and has been getting the better of me for the last few weeks! I just want to take my DJ'ing career further really - thats the whole reason I started making music. I've also been collaborating with some very big MC's. I can't say much at the moment but just watch this space - you won't be disappointed. How about your label plans?

I want Terrorhythm to be a label for the whole scene to be proud of. I'm trying to make it look and run as professionally as possible. I've made some basic merchandise available online and the feedback has been great on it. I just want to have a label that people who aren't into grime can access easily - it caters for all tastes in grime music from basic riddims for MC's right up to the kind of twisted bangers you would hear at FWD.

You've been touring world with Rephlex could you tell us more? Since the release of the compilation album 'Grime' they've gathered interest for me from promoters around the globe. Most of the other bookings have come directly to me though - Brussels was a good one, in a train station which was shut for one night! I went to Japan with Pascal and Hazard from True Playaz - it was really good to share the experience with people like them who are veterans to the whole touring thing! Let's talk global then.

Most people don't even realise the underground UK dance scene is popping abroad, right? Belgium was mad - around people in a massive train station, the people were really up for it and I took Nika D and JSD out there with me. Japan was absolutely crazy - I really like going to other countries almost like a tourist, and just being surrounded by the culture there was unreal - almost like being on another planet, and the hospitality was first class.

Rome was probably the most beautiful city I've seen on my travels - I went into the Colosseum and saw all the old ruins when I wasn't listening to all of the great music at the Red Bull Academy. Amsterdam was The party there was really good, DJ Gomes is working extremely hard out there for our scene and he had a really good crowd of educated grime supporters. Austria was a funny one, I got an indirect flight which was delayed and meant I missed the change-over in Germany, which resulted in my bags and records!

My bags arrived just 20 minutes before my set and I got to the club with about 5 mins to spare! France was massive - a huge indoor festival called Nordik Impakt, I was playing in the "chillout" room, but as the night went on it got less chilled out by the minute! At one point in my set Luke Vibert told me I had more people in our room than any other room in the venue, and he could see them all dancing from the VIP lounge which was up on a blacony overlooking the huge hall.

There must have been around 6, people in the room at that time. Half of which were skankin' to FWD riddim! This trip provided me with one of my funniest experiences - as I was playing my set I noticed a really wasted couple trying to make Freestyle - Target* - Aim High Volume 2 CD&DVD Spectacular (CD) to each other at the front of the crowd.

All the people around them were too busy raving to Wiley's Ice Cream Man tune to notice, but I didn't miss the opportunity to grab the video camera and record the err How did you get involved with the Redbull Music Academy?

Zed Bias called me one day to tell me I had been shortlisted for the annual event to appear as a guest tutor on the academy. I was really pleased to find this out, as he told me there were three people on the committee to put my name forward, none of them from the UK. It was a good feeling to think people outside London let alone the UK were actually into the new sound, and they were prepared to give me a great opportunity to share my knowledge of the scene with a group of extremely talented musicians from around the world.

It was an amazing experience for me - the kalibre of musicians involved there was absolutely astonishing. I met some really cool people and also got the opportunity to see Rome, the city.

I rate that trip as one of the most life changing experiences in my life - it really made me realise how far I've come and how I must never take for granted all of the experiences I've had in my music career. How has the recent closure of Big Apple, a shop integral in pushing the Croydon and grime sounds, effected you?

It's made record shopping a mission! It's also made it more difficult for me to link the Croydon heads for new dubs, Freestyle - Target* - Aim High Volume 2 CD&DVD Spectacular (CD). I think it's probably difficult for young people in the Croydon area to get hold of new records now.

If they don't drive, getting to Independance is difficult and it's the closest store to Croydon. I expect the online stores of shops like Uptown, Independance and Rhythm Division have been much busier since Apple closed down. People often get it twisted about what you play, how would you describe your style? It's just my take on grime music.

I've always been a grime DJ and I started producing purely so I could further my career in the scene. I think the reason people get it twisted is because I try so hard to sound original, whereas a lot of other producers in the scene just bite whatever is the top selling sound at the time, and therefore fall into the boundary of a typical grime production.

When producing my tracks I try to make it sound interesting enough to stand alone in a set without an MC on top of it, which normally means making it more complicated. As grime is generally publicised as a pretty simple and minimal genre, any kind of attempt to make it sound complex is going to confuse people who aren't really in the know. Dubstep takes massive influence from dub reggae. People like Digital Mystikz show such a clear link between the two genres in their production and for me they really represent the sound more truly than anyone else in the scene.

Dubstep tends to sway more towards the sub bass and steers clear of anything synthy, which gives it a really analog sound. The beats are normally quite spaced out which gives it a slow feel, but the beats are also regularly backed up by drum loops - usually ethnic sounding loops - probably an influence from the jungle scene which a lot of the producers involved grew up on.

The sub bass is the key element here, as it is the main component of the track. The bass really helps the tune along, and fills in all of the gaps left by the usual absence of any catchy riffs or melodies.

Grime for me is normally slightly more simple in the beat department but is more busy than dubstep in all other parts of the tunes. Riffs and hooks are normally present to help carry the track through and make it more "song-like". I think that this is due to the evolution of grime from UK Garage - which was always very catchy in it's melodies.

The basses in grime are less subby and normally make up part of the midrange of the track, as it is important the bass sounds are heard as well as felt. The main difference for me is that Dubstep is usually designed to be played on it's own, whereas grime is more designed for vocals or MC's. This is probably the main reason my sound is always confused by a lot of people - by making a grime track sound more complex I'm twisting what a lot of people believe to be "playstation" music from what they've read in the press.

A lot of people who aren't really in the know about our scene would place me in the dubstep genre because of this. You can book Plasticman via Live Agents liveagents hotmail.

Real sick hearing these pricks talk shit, Get their throats slit cause they're talking to me like I'm thick, And I'm real tired of all these bullshit guys, They best go hide cause I'm looking for them on the sly, Cause i've had it up to here, right up to here, Might have to do it Reservoir Dogs style and slice off the ear, Cause I've had enough of bredders acting tough, Trying to get rough when it's obvious they're ain't rough enough If you've listened to the 1Xtra sessions, recently viewed warscribe.

Right about now Sick To Death is speaking volumes to me. And this is a proper exclusive that I've kindly been given permission to donate for your listening pleasure next stop Tofuhut. Click the link below or drop me a line and catch some of this here mindset Plan B So to the 2nd part of last night Was actually loosing my 1Xtra virginity and like most first times it resulted in a few minor complications, a bit of pain but thankfully, there's no need for a transfusion yet.

Heard the Tsunami track for the first time and although of course recommend supporting it as in buying it when it actually comes out I don't actually like it. Nor does the remix. In all fairness the beats are probably tuff but haven't heard instrumentals yet so overall judgement reserved.

As we all know you have to filter through the weeds to find the flowers, grime needs a serious visit from Ground Force but then which scene doesn't. Later on the evening it transpires Demon started calling for Roll Deep and not long after Riko.

Someone later mentioned Wiley too, not entirely sure if that was Demon or Ghetto though. Everyone seemed surprised except maybe Essentials who were blatently going for Lethal B earlier on at Cargo much to the crowds amusement, these clubs are different, not even a gun finger to seen.

I haven't heard the audio yet but word is it wasn't pleasant. Roll Deep are back murking the airwaves very interesting selection from Max and Karnage as Freestyle - Target* - Aim High Volume 2 CD&DVD Spectacular (CD) type.

I crawled in at about 4am and didn't think much of it. And I do hope I won't need to think much of it cause it would be a shame if the two camps allowed seemingly pointless beef to divert attention from their record label projects, both of which equate to a much bigger picture. Need I go into it again? When relaying events to Miss Collins she recommended anyone in this to watch Beef.

I will be and taking notes because for various reasons sometimes we feel we're in the wrong place at the wrong time. It's a long story and not one for public consumption but trust me, I'm nearing the front line. JME and Wiley sprayed some bars but Skepta, come on why were you lurking in the shadows? And as Skepta duly noted I've never uploaded a picture of him another blog reader you seehere we go.

And if this ain't Skepta then he's gotta have a twin brother. Big up Remerdee for the CD too, give that a spin tonight. Think it's in shops now folks. Mike Skinner popped in later in the evening to bless the crowd with his verse from Routine Check. I cut out after that anyway For those that didn't pick up a copy of the Lady Sovereign Random single with limited edition artwork or manage to nab The Sov A spokesperson told The Sov 'Everyone wants to be a goddam midget since Mini Me started getting the odd menage-a-trois' but we need to cap the ass on this one.

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Throughout the competition you get all kinds of nifty camera angles of the crowds, production scaffoldings, and winter scenery. I love how the snowflakes really stand out against the lights at night. There are six events: downhill skiing, ski jumping, snowboarding, freestyle aerials, slalom skiing, and two-man bobsleigh. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Freestyle's Greatest Hits Volume 2 on Discogs. Freestyle Explosion (Vol. ) [5 CD Box Set] by Various Artists | May 2, out of 5 stars Audio CD $ $ $ shipping. Only 8 left in stock - order soon. Best Seller in Patio Rocking Chairs. GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker Portable Folding Rocking Chair. Feb 18,  · Football Freestyle Skills Volume 2 - HD - Duration: Lorenzo F7 Recommended for you. DJ ASH - FREESTYLE MEGA MIX VOL 2 - Duration: DJ ASH Recommended for you. FREESTYLE Vinyl Records and CDs: Brimming with tributes to hip-hop, electro and Ragga, the Freestylers' blend of party-pleasing vibes and raise-the-roof jams ropes off a special spot for these veteran b-boys in the Big Beat arena. Amidst a blissfully disorienting rush of electro rips, pilfered sound samples and nuclear basslines, these floor. Find DVDs at low prices from Target. Free Click + Collect on all orders over $ Free delivery on orders over $ Find DVDs at low prices from Target. Free Click + Collect on all orders over $ Bluey: Grannies And Other Stories - Volume 4 - DVD $ 16 Was $ Rated 5 . Freestyle Explosion (Vol. ) [5 CD Box Set] Various Artists. out of 5 stars Audio CD. $ My Ultimate Freestyle Hits Collection Various Artists. out of 5 stars 3. Audio CD. $ Greatest Hits Expose. out of 5 stars Audio CD. $ Freestyle Explosion Volume 4 Various Artists/5(19). FREESTYLE Vinyl Records and CDs: Brimming with tributes to hip-hop, electro and Ragga, the Freestylers' blend of party-pleasing vibes and raise-the-roof jams ropes off a special spot for these veteran b-boys in the Big Beat arena. Amidst a blissfully disorienting rush of electro rips, pilfered sound samples and nuclear basslines, these floor. Target* Aim High Volume 2 CD&DVD Spectacular DJ Target: Aim High Music Vol.1 ‎ (CD, Mixed) Aim High Music: none: UK: Sell This Version: 1 – 15 of Show. Reviews Add Review. Lists Add to List. Videos. Freestyle Explosion (Vol. ) [5 CD Box Set] Various Artists. out of 5 stars Audio CD. $ Freestyle's Best Extended Versions Volumes 1 & 2 Various Artists. out of 5 stars Audio CD. $ Freestyle Explosion, Vol. 1 Pretty Poison. out of 5 stars Audio CD/5(26).


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