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She started to look away from the Santas — only to realize something very odd. Her head snapped back and she stopped. The shots missed them by inches. Rose slammed the doors shut behind them, hurrying up to the console. Donna screamed as she was thrown backwards. It took a bit of work, but Rose finally managed to get them back to the vortex. Donna was clinging for dear life to a coral stalk, clearly terrified.

And with good reason. Donna was about to step away from the coral stalk when she caught sight of the coat hanging over it. She grabbed it, examining it critically. Rose grabbed the jacket away from her, turning away. She needed a break. They landed, and Donna hurried out, wanting to be away from the mad box. She sighed, looking around. She looked back to see a sonic screwdriver sitting on the console. She scooped it up, stowing it in her pocket. Donna wrapped her arms around herself, shivering a bit, and after a moment of hesitation Rose set the jacket on her shoulders before settling down next to her.

He step out for a space walk and never come back? She looked away, eyes scanning the rooftops for a moment. Rose shrugged. Met them last Christmas. I spent Christmas day with a friend. And my mum. And an ex. Rose shook her head, eyes snapping open again. He brought me coffee every day! And he nagged, and he nagged me…and he just wore me down. And then finally, I gave in. Donna raised an eyebrow. Third time was indeed a charm, and this time Rose landed without issue right where they needed to be.

They walked through the doors…. And saw everyone dancing away and partying. It took a moment for them to notice her and for the fun to stop. A dark-skinned man forced his way through the crowd. Very funny! What the hell happened?! How did you do it? Everyone started talking at once, babbling on, and finally Donna burst into tears. Everyone stopped talking instantly, and the man Rose assumed was Lance shuffled forward, wrapping her in a hug.

Rose stepped back as everyone else started applauding — except Nerys. Rose felt bad for a moment — until Donna caught her eye and winked. And just like that, the party resumed. Everyone went off to dance, and Rose went to stand at the bar, watching the party go on.

It was nice, she supposed, seeing everyone so happy. She pulled out her phone, leaning against the bar as she searched HC Clements, scrolling through the site.

Boring, boring…. She looked up, looking around again, and she caught sight of someone filming the reception. After a moment she worked her away across the room to the man. When the bride disappeared? I said, more like the news. I was clapping. Something was wrong. She hurried to the doors, throwing them open — and her eyes went wide when she saw the robot Santas approaching. Rose tried to yank her away, but she was frozen to the spot, panicking. She threw it Better Pack Ya Hats (interlude) - G-Rock (2) - Maniac (CD — and froze when she saw the Santa robots there.

She slammed the door shut. Everyone stood, frozen, as the baubles flew into the crowd — and promptly exploded. All hell broke loose, people screaming and tripping over themselves as they tried to get away, people being blasted away by the explosions. But there was nothing to be done. A screech echoed through the room, vibrating the robots until they fell apart and the baubles fell harmlessly to the ground. Oh that had been stupid…. Both were understandably shaken up. She had never done this on her own, without anyone to back her up.

Donna stared at Rose, rather stunned. After a moment Rose heard the sonic screwdriver beep, and she looked down, blinking in surprise at the sudden rush of information that ran through her mind. She shook her head, dazed, trying to sort it out. Was that how the Doctor always used the sonic to examine things? I need a lift. Part 2 - Rose continues trying to navigate her first adventure without the Doctor. Donna is somewhat helpful.

Skies over London full of Daleks. Rose shook her head, tugging at the hair. You keep missing it. Torchwood was destroyed — thank god — but HC Clements clearly stayed in business. Looks like someone else came in and took over the operation.

Donna was sweet and from the sounds of it living a life that was far below herbut she was Better Pack Ya Hats (interlude) - G-Rock (2) - Maniac (CD human as the next person. Anything top secret? Special operations? Do not enter? Why am I even explaining myself? What are we talking about? Rose made a face, moving to a computer and zapping it with sonic to boot it up. A whole floor not on the official plans. Rose responded by buzzing the button with the sonic screwdriver.

Right then. This girl needed all the help she could get. They rode the elevator down in silence, peeking out cautiously when the doors open.

They walked down the corridor for a bit, coming to a stop in front of a bulkhead door with the Torchwood symbol on it. Lance just gaped, and Rose took that as the okay to go ahead. She got the door open, revealing a ladder leading up. Lance and Donna leaned in to watch her go. What the hell are we gonna do? Rose, meanwhile, had reached the top of the ladder, and encountered another wheel-operated door. She turned it with some difficulty, pulling herself out….

She climbed back down to Lance and Donna. They walked a bit further, finding another locked door. There were bubbling tubes covering every table surface. While they argued, Rose grabbed a small container with a nob on top, holding it up to examine it.

As soon as she touched the glass, a faint song began in the back of her mind and she blinked rapidly, shaking her head. And the entire scene seemed to shift before her eyes. It was beautiful…. And just like that, the trance was broken. That…was a good question. I promise. The trio whirled around just in time to see the wall in front of them slide up. I knew they were involved in this. Rose jut looked at her. That film, Under the Earth, with dinosaurs.

Rose took a deep breath, holding herself up tall, fists clenched. They watched in shock as what looked like a giant red spider-like creature transported itself into the lab.

Or are you the only one? Rose gritted her teeth, looking around. Her eyes settled on a web above their heads. HC Clements, did he wear those ugly black and white shoes? Rose swallowed hard, pointing to a pair of feet sticking out of the web.

A pair of black-white-and-shoe-clad feet. Donna looked up, eyes widening. If the rest of your race is gone how did you survive? Where do I fit into all this? Answer me! It was only then that Rose saw Lance sneaking behind the alien with an ax. Now, do it! Lance started to swing the ax as the Empress turned to hiss at him.

For a moment the scene froze — then they both started laughing. Get her! The redhead looked utterly lost. And then I was stuck with a woman who thinks the height of excitement is a new flavor of Pringle. Oh, I had to sit there and listen to all that yap yap yap. Oh, Brad and Angelina. Is Posh pregnant? Dear God, the never ending fountain of fat, stupid trivia. I deserve a medal. As Lance went on, Donna visibly deflated. Rose squeezed her shoulder tightly, trying to offer as much comfort as she could in the moment.

Rose had to try very hard not to be offended at that. That seemed to snap Donna out of her trance. This stuff, this stuff inside Donna, it activated and drew her inside my ship. So, in theory, what would happen if you reversed it? And with that she turned the knob on the container. Donna started to glow again, and Rose thought she heard the Empress give the command to fire, but it was drowned out by the song in her mind. Rose dimly heard the Empress screaming as she turned the knob again, turning the container off, and the glow faded away from Donna, the song dying in her mind.

But we need to find out what the Empress wants. Since the Earth was created. She turned to look at Donna, who looked rather close to tears. Beginning of Earth. Donna moved to look at the screen on the console. They walked over, and Rose pushed the door open. Marking time with calendars and holidays, weddings, anniversaries, birthdays.

Besides, when you were turning that knob and making me glow, your eyes were glowing too. The redhead started to answer, but was side-tracked by a peculiar rock floating by. Rose followed her finger, eyes narrowed at the seven-pointed star rock. That must be it. They came out here to escape it. As they watched, the rocks and dust began forming around the spaceship.

Their ship was the first rock. Donna had barely closed the door before the ship gave an almighty jerk, nearly throwing them to the floor. It was an unsurprisingly bumpy ride. When it finally ended, Rose was scared to peek outside — to find out if it had worked. It was a relief when they came out in the corridor. They stopped in front of the door, Rose staring at the Torchwood symbol. Donna struggled and kicked, but it was no good — she was tied up in the web next to Lance, directly above the hole.

Tell me, do you want to be released. They started to glow, and the particles inside them flew down into the hole. The web star shall come to me! Donna winced as something started climbing up the hole. They need sustenance. Perish the web! The Empress does not approve. She missed the robot that was making its way up the steps. So you might as well unmask, little girl! Alright Donna? The web came loose, and Donna grabbed a long strand, swinging across. Donna just glared at her. I can find you a planet.

I can find you and your children a place in the universe to co-exist. Take the offer and take it now. At arms! The Time Lords of Gallifrey. And with that she threw the decorations into the air, directing them towards the ceiling and detonating them. The explosions resulted in holes in the corridor wall, letting the Thames come pouring in, and all hell broke loose as fires broke out, manhole covers burst up under the pressure.

My children! Rose just stood up on the platform, hands tight around the remote control as she watched the chaos below. Tears filled her eyes, slipping down her cheeks, masked by the water pouring over her. She shook her head, snapping back as she looked down. They came up on top of the Thames Barrier just in time to see the Racnoss ship be shot down.

Tough old ship. See a bit more of planet Earth. Walk in the dust. Just go out there and do something. Everything we did today. Do you live your life like that? I thought I knew you but then you were just standing up there like no one I had ever seen before. Christmas dinner. Everyone needs someone. No one should ever be alone. And you need someone to stop you. She ignored it. Thanks then, Donna. Good luck. Donna finally let her go, and she stepped up to the console, sending them back into the vortex.

Rose stared at it for a moment before walking over, picking it up and wrapping herself in it. Jackie Tyler at eight months pregnant, however, was hell on two legs.

The Doctor and Pete spent a lot of time at the office, needless to say. Which worked fine for Jackie, she hated both of them. She was just very pregnant and very swollen and and missing her daughter more and more with every day that passed.

Besides, them being out of the house served her purposes perfectly fine. Her first order of duty was to make sure the mansion was completely decked out. The staff was happy to accommodate her, though. Pete was a bit easier to Better Pack Ya Hats (interlude) - G-Rock (2) - Maniac (CD out, least, but what did aliens want for Christmas?

Did they even have Christmas on his planet? Probably not. She never had gotten around to returning it…. But anyways she had no idea what he would like. She spent an entire day in the department store, buying every single thing she thought he would like or find remotely interesting.

At some point she had to get lucky, right? Christmas morning dawned bright and early, with Jackie refusing to get out of bed. She did not feel good, and nothing was going to convince her that anything was worth getting up for. And just like that she was up and waddling out of bed. The most amusing part of the entire morning was definitely making the Doctor open every single present nearly fifty when all was said and done. Pete sat on the couch with his own presents, laughing too hard to even worry about the fact that his wife had probably maxed out three of his credit cards.

It stopped being funny after the fifth or sixth time. The Doctor was thinking the same thing as he sat on the floor, unwrapping yet another present. He knew Jackie had gone out of her way to buy all these presents, distracting herself from the glaring absence of her daughter.

This was her family, her life. The Doctor was an interloper at best. She waved a hand at him, trying to get his attention. She cut off with a grimace, blowing out a breath with a pained noise.

He stood and shuffled out, muttering something Better Pack Ya Hats (interlude) - G-Rock (2) - Maniac (CD calling a doctor. Jackie just shook her head, leaning back on the couch. Daft man. And speaking of daft. The Doctor transferred himself to the couch, settling down beside Jackie. The Doctor finally looked over Jackie. After a moment he scooted closer, wrapping her in a somewhat awkward due to her enlarged stomach hug.

But she had the Doctor. And that, surprisingly, was something. Time felt like it passed slower than usual in this world — which was ironic.

It took him a moment to process this. He looked up finally, blinking owlishly behind his glasses. The Doctor hurried around the desk, grabbing Jackie and letting her lean on him as she tried to breathe through the contraction.

You should call Pete. We can try again when we get to the hospital. The Doctor only almost crashed once. She and the Doctor had a very different idea on what not so bad was. The Doctor sat in the waiting room while Jackie was settled into a room. He tried to call Pete again, but again there was no answer.

He sighed as he left another message. Seven hours, fifty-six minutes, and fourteen seconds later, Jackie was well into the active stage of labor. The contractions were strong, about five minutes apart, and her water had broken just a few minutes earlier. She gripped his hand tight as another contraction ripped through her.

Another hour passed, and Jackie was getting closer and closer to having to push. And flat out refusing. Oh thank god. Pete ran into the room, looking harried and panicked, and Jackie could honestly say she had never been happier to see him.

The Doctor chuckled quietly as he backed out of the room, shoving his hands into his pockets and heading for the waiting room. Pete just got here. Thank god. They sat in silence for a few, staring at the wall. It was Mickey who finally spoke again. It was a question they all wondered about. But none of them cold provide a satisfactory answer.

And this time was no exception. It was another hour before Pete came out, looking absolutely exhilarated. She smiled tiredly at Mickey and the Doctor, tilting the bundle so they could see the baby wrapped up inside. The Doctor stood in the background, hands in his pockets as he watched. He tried so hard to separate himself, but it was no use. He was part of their family.

His name is Tony. Rose floated around in the vortex for a long time. But eventually the tears ran out and she just sat there, staring blankly at the console until she fell asleep, then woke up again to repeat the cycle. Everything that had happened with Donna had just left her positively exhausted.

And reminded her that once again, she was absolutely useless. The Doctor would have known all this already though. The Doctor would have known what to do. What good was she? She sighed a she hunkered down against the jump seat, letting her eyes flutter shut. And for the third night in a row, she fell asleep there. The ship hummed, clearly unimpressed with Rose. She had nothing left to give.

Nothing to be done. She gave another small shake, and Rose sighed as she stood, leaving the coat on the jump seat and going into the hallway, where the kitchen and library were waiting for her. And Rose sat down to get to work. Being in the vortex — suspended in time — was a weird feeling.

Then she woke up, showered, and the process repeated. And for a very long time, that was how Rose lived. The ship wanted her to get out for a bit.

She landed them with surprising accuracy — she was starting to get better. They ended up in London two-thousand-seven. Need money. London two-thousand-seven. Best place to get chips, bar none. She sat outside the store, looking around, examining everyone that walked by. Before everything had changed forever. Until her eyes settled in on a set of odd coils around the nearby hospital.

Actually she was pretty sure it was both. She found a backpack and headed to the library, packing up a few books and storing her sonic screwdriver in the side pocket. The best way to figure out what was going on in a hospital was from the inside. It almost looked like….

Proper Doctor now, me. Oh that was going to be wonderful. Once she was settled in and left alone, she dug out one of her books to start reading. This particular one was an index of alien species — probably stuff she needed to know.

She ended up reading herself to sleep. And woke up to a man leading in a bunch of young group — interns, maybe. Amaze me. A young, dark-skinned woman stepped forward, looking Rose over. Rose blinked, surprised. Stomach pains you know. The woman — Jones — made a face right back. Have you got a sister? Jones demonstrating failed technique number one — checking the chart. Nobody said anything for a moment. She and the Doctor had met him once.

That earned her a slight glare from the doctor. What an unpleasant man. There was something tingling in the back of her mind. It was…odd. Like she could tell something was wrong, something was going to happen. She spent a little over an hour walking around. Some time in there, it started raining, drops pelting against the window like tiny bullets. This place would probably turn into a zoo soon, rain always brought out the worst in people. That rain looked… weird.

Rose made a face, stepping closer to the nearby window. Was it…raining up? Rose grabbed the window sill to keep from falling as everyone around her screamed, hitting the floor. It only lasted a few seconds, at least. Rose straightened up secretly, looking out the window — her eyes going wide when she saw the barren landscape sprawled outside.

She sprang back to her bed, yanking the curtain shut and hurriedly changing. Rose yanked her shirt over her head.

So how come? Oh she was smart. What was your name? Rose gave her a gentle smile, resting her hands on her shoulders. So take a deep breath now, alright? Breathe and go take care of your patients.

They need you. The woman took a deep breath, swallowing hard, and after a moment she shuffled off. Rose watched her go before turning back to Martha, hooking her bag over her shoulder. Is there a balcony on this floor, or a veranda, or anywhere we can get outside easily? Martha led her to the lounge, and Rose opened the door with a flourish, stepping out with the other woman right behind her.

They each stopped to breathe. They stared out at the landscape for a moment. Martha sighed, hands in the pockets of her lab coat. That spaceship flying into Big Ben, Christmas, those Cybermen things. She worked at Canary Wharf.

I lost a friend too. Martha rested a hand on her shoulder, Album), trying to be comforting. Tyler, we will find a way out. There was something…odd about it. She knelt down, picking up a pebble and tossing it.

As expected, it bounced off. A forcefield keeping the air in. What happens when it runs out? They stared as aliens came marching out. They ran through the hospital, stopping at the landing above reception as the aliens walked in. They watched as the leader took off his helmet, revealing a two-horned rhinoceros. You will be catalagoued. He scanned the intern again, this time his forehead. Rose did her best not to laugh at that. They hurried off, leaving the Judoon to their work.

Like people who are supposed to be dead and then check in under fake names. Martha ran off, and Rose set to work, using the sonic screwdriver to bypass most of the security — but all the patient records had been wiped clean.

Before Martha could respond, to leather-clad men came down the hall after Martha. They turned down a hallway, and found themselves face to face with the oncoming Judoon. She yanked Martha into the stairwell, and they started up the stairs. Hopefully none of the things chasing them were too coordinated. Up two flights, Rose finally pulled them into an empty room, sonicking the door to lock it. One of the patients. She had those…those things chasing us.

They were working for her. Just brilliant. She was drinking Mr. Well that was no help. The best disguise, of course, is to hide in plain sight. That would explain drinking Mr. Martha stared at her for a moment, then shook her head.

Rose grinned. Rose checked the hall to make sure it was clear and led Martha out. They managed to make it to the end of the hall before running into a Judoon. It brought the the scanner up, scanning Rose over. They hit the stairwell, and Martha started to pull Rose up. At the very least it would buy them some time. They came down on the floor below, walking past people slumped off the floor. The woman Martha had been with before was giving one patient oxygen.

She shook her head. Martha stepped forward to lead the way, and they started walking. Absolutely human. They stepped into Mr. It was completely white. It took a moment to find the right entry. That must be her. Internal shape-shifter. Going to Earth? I told you before that Earth is off-limits, so she probably figured it would be the safest place for her to go. Rose shook her head. She grabbed Martha, holding her back and putting her finger to her lips to caution Martha before they carefully shuffled closer, peeking into the room.

Rose pulled back, finding a nearby closet for them to hide in and nudging Martha towards it. A low crash and a scream reached their ears. Martha I need Better Pack Ya Hats (interlude) - G-Rock (2) - Maniac (CD to go distract them.

Go on. Martha slipped out of the closet, hesitating before hurrying down the hall. Finnegan stared at her, clearly unimpressed. Meanwhile out in the hall, Martha was trying desperately to stop the Judoon. She calls herself Florence. She blinked as they scanned her over. Non-human traits suspected. Whether it had been on purpose or not, it had apparently helped. Authorize full scan. What are you? That would make her look suspicious. I was in it yesterday, they scanned my head.

Is it supposed to do that? A great big magnet? Finnegan waved it off. Call it my little gift. Why would you want to kill everyone? Did I miss an ET department? Rubbish memory, me. Setting two, I think? Finnegan frowned, looking away. Best chips in London. Rose tried not to flinch. I like strawberry myself. My boyfriend likes banana. Finnegan said with a small smirk, stepping forward. Terrified of the world around you. Steady her! The leather thing force Rose to her knees, grabbing her hair to turn her head so the woman had a shot at her jugular.

As promised, it hurt like hell, and Rose let out a gasp, wiggling involuntarily, trying to escape the pain. But then Ms. Finnegan started drinking and everything went hazy…. Martha wiggled uncomfortably as the Judoon finished scanning her. Traces of recent contact with non-human. Continue the search. They walked away, and Martha hurried after them, tossing the booklet aside.

Finnegan say as she approached the MRI room. She murdered her! Finnegan said sweetly, holding up her hand to show them the X. You drank her blood? Finnegan insisted as they scanned her over. Martha swallowed hard, ignoring the tightness in her chest as she focused on Rose. She gave up her life to expose you. And with that, Ms. Finnegan dropped the act completely.

Those pink cheeks and those blonde curls and that simpering voice. She was begging for the bite of a plasmavore! Finnegan darted behind the screen before they could shoot, however, plugging something in, and the Magnetic Overload sign flashed on. Burn in hell! All four Judoon fired at her, incinerating her. One of the Judoon stepped forward, scanning the machine.

She shook her head, running back into the room. One, two, three, four, five. Needless to say, she was beyond relieved when the blonde gasped, eyes flying open, gaze completely unfocused. It was a mess of wires and machinery and she had no idea where to start. She knew what Ms. Finnegan had said, but how did she reverse it? They stood there for a moment, watching the blender spin wildly for a moment before Jackie suddenly darted forward, grabbing the plug and yanking it out of the wall.

The blender slowly died, and she grinned triumphantly. Rose swallowed hard, finding the plug in the wall. She was quite pleased when the humming of the machine died away.

They probably looked like quite the pair, stumbling almost drunkenly toward the window. They saw the Judoon ships fly away, and Martha passed out completely. Rose lowered her carefully to the floor, leaning against the wall to support herself. There was a crash and a flash of lightning…and they were home. Rose drew in a deep breath, coughing as her lungs readjusted. She checked to make sure Martha was breathing and pushed herself up, heading down the hall.

She was unsurprisingly unsteady on her feet — massive blood loss was having quite the effect on her. She managed to avoid anyone trying to help her, though, hiding in a room until the hallway was clear and finally making her way out of the building.

As she walked toward the TARDIS, now humming happily in the back of her mind once more, she saw Martha sitting in the back of an ambulance, talking to what looked like a younger version of herself. Rose smiled, waving a hand in a lazy wave before letting herself in. She managed to get them back into the vortex before she collapsed on the jump seat, passing out.

Rose begins to work out what she is, and seeks some advice from an old friend before going to find a new one. Or a horrible sense of time. So Jackie was understandably suspicious when her eyes groggily fluttered open at a. He jumped, going silent. As soon as he stopped, Tony started whimpering.

The Doctor ducked his head, looking faintly embarrassed. From my planet. Tony had finally calmed down and slipped back to sleep. Jackie set him down carefully. More amused if anything. Rose used to move in her sleep too, she remembered sadly. They both knew the truth, though. And that terrified Jackie and the Doctor, to be entirely honest. Rose sat in the console room, staring blankly at her hand as if she had never seen it before. Her head was spinning.

Another small hum, and the lights near the hallway flashed - she wanted Rose to go that way. Rose hesitated on the threshold. But the TARDIS gave a light nudge against her mind, encouraging her, and she finally stepped in and walked over to the printer, where the ship was printing out a bunch of papers.

In Gallifreyan. She managed to pick up the gist of it though. Something had changed her, right down to a biological level - made her a little more than human.

Evolution took hundreds of years, even she knew that? Rose hesitated for a moment before nodding. Almost nice. And every now and then she would dream about it — golden lights and singing and a pair of warm lips pressed against hers — but none of it made sense and Rose chalked it up to some wishful thinking. But she needed to remember now. Rose gasped as the memories suddenly filled her head — most of it was hazy, covered by a golden light and hard to pick out.

And then the scene changed. She was standing on Platform Five, the Doctor in all his leather-clad glory on the floor in front of her, the Daleks surrounding them, firing…and she deflected the shot like it was nothing. Show more. In this bundle.

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  3. Jul 15,  · Note: This review was written in May of This album was released on February 16th in the year of our lord It's the second album in Tupac's discography. The album cover is dope af. It reminds me of Denzel Curry's 32 Zel/Planet Shrooms cover. .
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  6. This is the most classic westcoast-album. People will still hear it in many years. I love all pacs songs and albums. He is the greatest rapper of all time and I really like life goes on from this ablum The first double CD ever in hip hop from the greatest RAP artist of all time OH MAN! It was made.
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  8. Since another thread is having a discussion as to why the 2 are still so relevant today. Pac: The 7 Day Theory closely followed by Me Against The World Favorite 2Pac Songs:Hail Mary,Can U Get Away.
  9. Priest, sociologist, author, and journalist, Father Andrew M. Greeley () was the author of over 50 bestselling novels and more than works of nonfiction. His novels include the Bishop Blackie Ryan series, including The Archbishop in Andalusia; the Nuala Anne McGrail series, including Irish Tweed; the O’Malley Family Saga, including A Midwinter’s Tale; and standalones such as.

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