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Broken Links. Be the first to leave a comment on this publication. Users of Guests are not allowed to comment this publication. Similar Popular Rating. What is you oppinion about that? Manak : Majority among us didn't vote. We all have shitty jobs, some of us are also studying I don't think that the act of voting is something good : left wing is the same as right wing, except that left wing is hiding its fascist face.

The problem is Democracy, not right or left wing, if radical left wing passed, I really think the problem would have been the same : there would have been misery in the streets etc I just regret that people here didn't react with much more protest There weren't so much riots hahaha Bastien I fucked my vote twice. Bastien :: My opinion : fuck that shit! I'm not for the act of voting and I don't believe in it, but I think that Sarkozy is a kind of Bush-like and we're preparing ourselves to live in a fascist way during five years but we'll keep our fist in the air!

You know, we've been pretty fucked up and we're waiting for his first new laws with a lot of apprehension. HC: I forgot, from which part of France do you come from? And how does you enviorment effects your life and music? Bastien : We come from Clermont Ferrand, in the center of France. An industrial city. Some of us work or study or make the revolution by killing old people.

We try to make our days better than the crap we support around us everyday. Manak : It's a That city is pretty curious, it has always been a left wing town, because there were many factories here, mainly working class people. We live between volcanos, I'm glad to live there, the countryside is not so far. DIY gigs have always been booked here, we have few squatts, but that is pretty new.

Some of us live in a town called Lyon, about km far from here, it's also a great moving city but with more police HC: Do you have some kind of youth centres that support young people to express themselves? Manak : Nothing. And even if we could have some support, I don't think we would accept. I don't want my music and my opinions to have relationships with those institutions. It's not my ethic. In france there are not any youthcenters, people always say that french culture is so "mature", but in fact, contrary to Germany, Scandinavia, Benelux, that is absolutely not the case Squatts are being kicked out, there are not so many places to play in That's really difficult, so we just try to build our own stuff.

HC: If you make tribute songs, what band would you choose and why? Manak : haha, that's funny you're asking that, we're going to record a tribute song for a band called Tantrum. I have much respect for those guys Noise Hardcore heroes from Montpellier. Bastien : I've always wanted to make a tribute to Def Leppard but I guess I am the only one in the band who want to do that.

HC: Of what release are you assamed of and you have it in you collection :? Manak : A friend of mine gave me a mixtape with about 30 crusty songs, they are all good except one which sounds horrible And in my "official" discography I don't know I fucking love what he does huhu!

Bastien : I'm proud of each release I have in my discography even my Kiss records. Or maybe some Choking Victim stuff. HC: Let's get back to Sofy Major. What it is? Is it a personal name or some kind of medical term, or some kind of…what? Seb Manak : That is a kind of personnal name. I'm not a former member, I can't really tell. Jules, the first guitar player took the history of that name with him when he left the band Bastien have an explanation.

Sofy Major means End of Being. Bastien : Sofy Major is the girl we never want to meet for the reasons Manak told you. HC: Is there any chance for you to visit Balkan countries, cause here there is a bih hunger for that sound you play. Bastien : Are you inviting us?

When you want dude! Manak : That would be a pleasure for us to get there. Maybe for our next recording, I don't know Some of our friends got there when they were touring, it seems to be a nice place to play.

HC: When we talk about Balkan countries, have you heard about Analena, or Entreat that had some European tours and play something like you do. Bastien : Sorry but I don't know those bands, but when I played in Slovenia with my old band we toured with a croatian Oi!

Manak : That's funny you talk about Analena, I really appreciate that band, as a matter of fact, it was the first gig I promoted I don't remember, maybe it was two or three years ago.

Unfortunatelly the band cancelled its tour It was Analena with Sons of Saturn. I'd really like to see that band live!

HC: Before the end I think you should say a little biography to remember. Manak : I'm the bass player of Sofy Major, I also do some back vocals. Sofy Major was born inwe released one 12" and one CD, which can be described as an "EP" not to say a "debut album"we've toured across France last april.

And we're going to record a 10" split with a french band called One Second Riot some kind of Noise, you should listen to it, they released a split with Neptune. We had a chance to talk to them after the gig they had in our town Nis. Let's hear what they have to say. Lets start with the most actual thing, your tour you've just finished. It lasted for about two weeks. Where have you played and what were the impressions?

How you liked gig in Nish where we met? The gig in Nis was fine, in particular the people who organised it and the ones who we met. The place where we played was nothing really interesting ofcourse; but that's something to be expected in small cities. You travel a lot and CiD played in different countries. Are there any differences between playing for example at Turkey, in Serbia or Swiss?

Yeah fortunately there are still differencies. As things go all places tend to become the same; a no-place full of advertisements, coca cola, lost time and fragmented space. But still there are differencies, especially in balcan countries like bosnia, serbia, bulgaria or macedonia. Things are somewhat less professional with its good and bad aspects the people who come in the concerts are usually few but very much concerned about the music in contrast with places like germany or switzerland where sometimes the people seem saturated with new music and many times they come in the concerts but they don't really bother to listen.

What were the usuall and unusuall places you played, squats, exhibitions,?? We played mostly in squatts and social centres. But there were gigs in clubs like the one in nis for instance or another in turkey and we also played in a sort of gallery in pancevo. We don't have a lot of control over the places where we play especially in small cities, we trust the good taste of the people who help us to make the gig, sometimes it is hard to find anything else apart from small clubs or bars.

You are from Athens and Ruedi is for Swiss. How did you met and started to work with CiD? What was the connection and common with you too? We met with ruedie nine years ago and are friends since then. Ruedi spends a big part of his time in greece, we actually live together in athens and we used to live together before We started making sounds in the studio of our squatt back in working as a trio, together with cellist yiorgia.

After big gaps, travelling etc we ended up as a duo and changed also our sound a lot. Since Ruedi lives in Swiss and you in Athens how often can you play?

As i said above ruedi mainly lives in greece. That is he is in athens for months every year. But we don't actually play a lot, since there is a lot of travelling, work and other things inbetween us, we ususally first arrange some oncerts and then decide to go in our studio and start playing.

I know that you recorded your tracks live but do you record your stuff in studio or something like that? Not really. We usually start with some ideas either some sounds, loops or bass lines and we improvise on them, keep what we like, play again etc. The result is not the same of course. In show in Nish you used laptop, effect petals, bass, some kind of pots and screwdriver I think, and metal-glass objects. What else you use to create the atmosphere?

In this tour this is more or less what we use indeed. That is, a laptop with 2 effect petals, bass, contact mics, metal and glass objects, amplified coils and mic. It The Gallant Crow - Various - Entering The Levitation - A Tribute To Skepticism (CD) like the Greese noise scene is well developed. How noise and experimental performances are frequent?

How well connected are you? Same goes for RottingHam and Violex labels. When they also come from greece and they are into experimental music then that's even better, The Gallant Crow - Various - Entering The Levitation - A Tribute To Skepticism (CD).

But for me, the way you deal with your music is more important than the actual genre you happen to play. For instance i am closer to some guys who are into noise techno and we see things more or less in the same way, than with various experimental artists who regard their music as a product. Experimental concerts are frequent ideed the last years.

BUT, it is mainly in fucking clubs and art houses as experimental music is becoming a posh new thing for the art world. Small diy concerts with noise music happen much less frequent.

In fact in athens we as a company of people are the only ones who do it on a regular bsis and there are people as well in thessaloniki and kavalla. You released 9 compilations and numerous releases. How do you pick bands that you release and what is advantage and disadvantage of having your own label?

Almost 15 years have passed from then though and things obviously changed quite a lot. I still try to release honest. One basic rule for any of my releases is anticopyright. Then of course it's the impression i get from the guys i am in contact with, as long as you can understand anything through emails, i am looking for people who don't see their music as another product to sell and try to find new channels for communication.

I don't release major acts or people who are into fame or money from their music. Ofcourse i also have to like the music in the first place. Or at least feel that it is something that worthes to be heard. The above procedure is not failsafe. Both were people who, as i realised later, should have nothing to do with the label cause they belong to another world completely. But what to do, things like this happen, i just hope mistakes are helpful to broaden your understanding and make you able to avoid them in the future or enjoy repeating them.

One obvious disadvantage of having your own label: YOU have to do all the running, printing, losing money, "promoting", spending time and effort in general.

Advantages: i really enjoy most parts of the procedure of printing something, that is mastering the sound, designing the artwork, printing it in our silk printing installations, emailing people around to for trades. And you meet nice people, listen to new music. And most important: you are part of the building process of a community of like-minded people. PS Stamps Back is you solo project. I'd say ps stamps back is more concrete stuff. I don't know, the differencies are mostly in live gigs playing with another person gives you more freedom to improvise and experiment live, while when i play alone i have to keep everything under control which is usually not only difficult but sometimes tiring as well.

What and when was the key moment when you said "yes noise experimental is the right thing for me"? Never said enything like that. When i do sounds i don't have in my mind a music genre or style from before. I do what expresses me better with the instruments i can use - yeah this usually comes out as experimental music. But this is not something i choose ; i am happy when i like some sounds i do, regardless of the genre they might belong.

There are influences ofcourse, too many to mention, i think a major one was listening the treetop drive cd by deathprod. At the end I hope you enjoyed the interview as I did.

For the very end please say something about noise conspiracy. When is noise gonna dominate and rule the world or it is maybe rulling allready? The most charming things, make you wanmna puke when they become part of the "ruling" process. Same goes for noise. Thanx for your interest and good luck for your zine. Ulaz se otvara na WWW. Posted by Helly Cherry at AM 1 comment:. Ovaj 1.

Ruma, Harolds, 22h, ulaz besplatan. Beograd, Livingroom, posle 22h, ulaz kinti. Thursday, April 3, Dark Scene vol. ExYu is a region in Balkans Europe where former Yugoslavia was. Somnifera Profunda - Sejv Ez Sybelmyne Fade to Black - Call Me Sin PnDc - Thin Moon f Housework Dischotomy Engine - Last Three Minutes Weird Cop The Gallant Crow - Various - Entering The Levitation - A Tribute To Skepticism (CD) I Am a Star Vien Lur - Tim Burton Ubikvitetna Eritrofobia - Sceptic Neurotech - Transhuman Claymore - Papercuts Maltreat - Junk It Children Egoism - Insekt Jaroslaw Kirstenowski - Robo Caterpillars Schmiz - Hazardski Pjesnik Smetnja - Old Horny Erekta - Pest 2 Dva Winampa - Ispiranje NETa ovoga meseca ocekujte skrivene specijal brojeve.

After touring all around the world UK, Japan, Brazil during last few years they go back to South Europe for the first time since Check out: www. New Endless Conflict EP! Pungenday, day 28 in the season of Chaos, Anno Mungi. Hail Eris! To resubscribe or to unsubscribe, and for more information on Liber Aarni, piss off to www.

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Aarni, in its current form at least. Aarni itself has of course always existed and will exist, because it has arrived here from outside existence itself.

This feels hard to express verbally and to comprehend Anyway, I indeed initiated the current Aarni back in ev as the less retarded among you possibly already surmisedbut didn't bother with releasing any music until ev. Nostalgia ain't like it used to be Epidemie Records has recently sent an unicorn dolphin elder to us, which stated in no certain terms that the release date of Tohcoth has been set to the 12th of February ev, that is if everything goes according to the secret evil master plan.

Finally cometh the anticlimax to everyone's long wait! Preferably to Aarni, because that way everyone wins After all we don't need very much money anymore as all the Aarni members have reached the grade of Knight Of The Outer Void in Antimasonry and we have taken a vow of mental and physical poverty. Cheap at twice the price and in any case music stores if they still exist will probably charge you lots more We don't want to change the future so we probably will.

Yea, Aarni appears "officially" now on Last. Doomintroll banters there every now and then, repressing nothing and oppressing everything. It has likewise been written that curious factoids regarding Tohcoth shall be revealed on the Works page at the Aarni webshite. Nostradamus was King Kong but after another manner.

Comes of course with the original very professional CD covers and the rest of the TP. All that can be yours for an outrageous 6 eurobucks! But wait, there's more: we still have a few copies left of the Skepticism tribute 2CD. For 10 eurocrowns including shipping planetwide you can help us be rid of them It has recently come to pass that I personally contributed a guitar solo to Umbra Nihil's aka Urban Hill Thergothon cover song.

In the near future I shall probably offer better ones for UN's upcoming album. Meanwhile, we continue our work of inventing musical cures for nonexistent diseases and three future Aarni albums have already been planned Disordo Templi Lemminkaenensis?

We will put out the next spam newsletter issue once Tohcoth actually gets released, just so you'll know. Confess ignorance, MW For more disinformation, go to www. Alister have been confirmed for biggest Serbian Metal festival Castle Fest. Exact date and time for Alister's performance is not confirmed at the moment.

So, stay tuned! Thursday, January 17, New release. Hello, this is Sharan of Deadites Records!!! I think we took enough time to compile Anti-Nazi Net Compilation! To all the bands and artists that applied for this project, thank you!

I am very glad you decided to join this little project which will show the world that we differ right from wrong! I will not add any more material send to me after this date! Please, if you didn't send your material, do that! Send your band name, lyrics in English translate lyrics if necessary! Thank you, www. New, 27th release of Minimalna izdanja. Debut album for OneFellPrey. Thursday, January 10, Fatnom Fest.

Tuesday, January 8, New free for download release. Genre: Avant-Garde. Merde Sur La Mer have released another free online album, which is good because their first album seems to have disappeared. This time they added a bit of punk attitude to the avant garde chaos.

Liver, Skin, Le Zuaro is a full frontal assault from the first track to the last. It is close to 20 minutes of noise, shouts, animals sounds and a little music here and there. I loved it. This is the type of musical madness that gets your attention, slaps you around for a while then gives you a kiss.

My favorite track is "Grease Dance Vibrations" a sort of rhumba from hell. Merde Sur La Mer slows down only for the last track which reminds me of a eerie carnival ride. The entire album is a joyful ride through The Twilight Zone. The album is available in either MP3 or The Gallant Crow - Various - Entering The Levitation - A Tribute To Skepticism (CD) Vorbis format.

Neki noizicni zvuk sa dosta semplova ali i klasicnim gitarom i bubnjevima. Nisma siguran ali kao da je nesto live snimljeno a neki zvuci dodati kasnije u produkciji. Gitara i bubanj podsecaju malo na Crni lilihip, Disciplinu, Sarla. Ili sve ukupno, zbog svoje neuroticnosti na spori Naked city. What A Wonderful Shit!

Compilation Out Now! Tuesday, January 1, Ch. Bonded By Blood vocalist Aladdin has spoken out about how he feels about working with the well known producer: "It feels freaking awesome. Its like a dream come true.

The full track-listing will be as follows: Immortal Life Feed The Beast The Evil Within Another Disease Unusual Punishment Vengeance To A Sickening Degree. Strike Of Fear Sounds Of Torture Necropsy The release features remixes from Clark, Noisia, Boxcutter and Sixtoo and available now through itunes "Foley Room," as you may remember, was built solely using found sounds recorded by Tobin and a team of technicians.

These sounds were then monkeyed about with to create the kind of audio rush that Tobin is rightly renowned for. The title of "Kitchen Sink" hopefully gives you some clue as to the origins of the noises involved, but now these sources have been farmed out to an intrepid and international band of remixers.

Warp's Clark kicks things off with a mix that can only be described as akin to watching a ballerina rise up out of a music box carrying a chainsaw. Dreamy, childlike, oddly funky and scary.

Boxcutter known to his mum as Barry Lynn ups the intensity a notch further with a seething, intricately-detailed dub-stepper on which he drops a backward guitar solo during the breakdown. So there you go. England, Northern Ireland, Canada and Holland. Everything but the kitchen sink. Plus the "Kitchen Sink". Songs posted now! Friday, December 14, Interview with Nest.

Labels: Nest. Interview with Moss. Here is a one interview that I did with Moss few months ago. Hope you'll enjoy it. Dom: Jack Black is in Jesu? Labels: Moss. Tuesday, December 11, Kinovia - Knjiga Pelinova. The album is finally The Gallant Crow - Various - Entering The Levitation - A Tribute To Skepticism (CD) and it will be released on Neimenia 7. Basilico 9. Lelej Vaskliknite Bogovi www. Skepticism tribute released. You can get it from various distributions like Foreshadow or Firebox.

More info: Entering The Levitation: a tribute to Skepticism. News from Aarni. Also A. Tolonen the famous weresquirrel gnawing the kantele in Nest currently busies himself applying crowning touches to the album booklet and covers. The long overdue release will most likely happen in January ev, unless the two gentlemen mentioned above somehow become unduly motivated and complete their work earlier. Having stressed ourselves out needlessly over the last three years it has taken to make Tohcoth, we naturally cannot take a healthy break even now Now it has more clarity, presence, bottom end and blah blah.

You can also hear all the bonny bad mixwork, groovy glitches, amazing audio artifacts and climatic clipping much better. The third time saith sooth, so we swear we won't touch those timeless tracks ever again. Let the dead bury the dead Cheap at twice the price.

In other neurotic news, making of the next album has already begun. More "eccentric", HC, counterculture and UG again? I will also be contributing my gleeful guest vocals to a New Worlder music project in the very near future, as well as partaking in the ongoing recordings of the scatomadness that sensitives call Umbra Nihil.

The band plays folk viking metal with authentic instruments. Lyrics are in Finnish and about acts and characters of Scandinavian mythology.

This album is dedicated to memory of founder of the band Teemu "Modsognir" Ollikainen R. Monday, December 3, Ispred Dragstora sound system. It is intended to, amidst the global atmosphere of rejection and suppression of what we believe to be democratic and genuinely critical qualities of this music, try and open the door towards its theoretical grasping, extending the scope of its practice, and its promotion, primarily on the local scale.

We plan to try and bring a closer understanding and a sense of familiarity with this music through interviews with musicians, various articles concerning its history and nature, open discussions, promotion of local events, and practical workshops.

Wednesday, November 28, Interview with Sofy Major. Does mainstream necessairly means bad? Seb : Not necessairly bad. But I just prefer indie bands who are not looking for money and glory Just for the pleasure to play music, to meet people Manak : I don't think mainstream means bad. Some mainstream bands manage to play nice music, that's quite not the point in fact I think it's so far from my ethical and musical way of thinking.

I don't watch television, I don't care about those bands, that's not my world. I just think they're making people more stupid than they already are including me HC: For the end. Did you achieved everything you wanted with this EP, did you say everything you wanted just for now? Seb : Record stuff and come to Balkan countries! Manak : I've always had pleasure and stress with that bandI'm totally happy to play with friends I love. I think I've always done what I wanted with Sofy Major.

This band is a part of my life. Project info The Vault. I started this project in for experimenting the dark side of the electronic music. I'll also explore different aspects of the occult and human sickness. The Vault symbolized how a person can withdrawal into oneself and the oppression of mental sickness.

It also represent a solitary confinement, a hiding-place in our mind to hide ourself from the rest of the world.

May 10,  · Various Artists - Entering The Levitation - A Tribute To Skepticism () Album Photo by respinmusic. Format: CD. 13 likes. Foreshadow Productions, 67 Various . W r., po pięciu latach starań, Arkadiuszowi Młyńcowi z rodzimego, prawdopodobnie już nieistniejącego, Foreshadow Music udało się doprowadzić do wydawania dwupłytowej kompilacji "Entering The Levitation: A Tribute To Skepticism", będącej hołdem złożonym fińskim pionierom funeral doom metalu. Webzine metal / punk et dérivés (ou pas) Connexion Inscription. Nov 08,  · Atmospheric/Funeral Doom Metal from Finland. Album; The Skepticism tribute compilation entitled "Entering the Levitation" The band's inspiration comes from the old folk and animal tales, as well as from the works of J.R.R. Tolkien and the Grimm Brothers. Kantele, a traditional Finnish musical instrument, is very prominent in the band's music. They contributed a cover of the song "The Gallant Crow" to the Skepticism tribute album "Entering the Levitation". VARIOUS ARTISTS Entering the Levitation - A Tribute to SKEPTICISM Foreshadow Music CD 1: NEST - The Gallant Crow SHROUD OF BEREAVEMENT - Forge SHAPE OF DESPAIR - Aether WHY ANGELS FALL - Shred of Light, Pinch of Endless. Deathcult - Cult Of The Dragon, CD Album Karisma Records, Dark Essence Records - KAR, none Deathcult - The Test Of Time, CD Album Do Or Die Records - DOD Deathcult - Beast Of Faith, CD Album Invictus Productions - IP derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfo Il disco. Questo progetto, voluto dall'etichetta polacca Foreshadow, raccoglie 12 dei maggiori successi degli Skepticism, suonati e rivisitati da alcune delle più famose band della scena doom e funeral doom internazionale. Molti dei brani sono stati pesantemente rivisti dagli interpreti, che si sono adoperati per rendere personali ed uniche le loro esecuzioni. Entering the Levitation-a Tribute to Skepticism - Entering the Levitation / Various - derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfo Music The Gallant Crow - Nest 2. Forge - Shroud of Bereavement 3. Aether - Shape of Despair 4. Of Light, Pinch of Endless - Why Angels Fall 5. The Rising of the Flames - Corpus Omni Domini. The Skepticism tribute album with the Nest cover of 'The Gallant Crow' has just been released. All the participating bands did a good job with some really interesting versions of Skepticism's songs, and it was an honor covering Skepticism who are one of my all-time favorite bands.


Maybe [Album version] - Sub7even - Maybe (CD), Untitled, I Cant Forget - Patsy Cline - Patsy Cline (CD), Et Portrett I Januar - Galeiscenen - Jeg Vet En Vind (CD, Album), Stay In My Eyes - TUBE (6) - Summer Dream (Vinyl, LP, Album), The Lords Prayer - Jim Nabors - The Lords Prayer / How Great Thou Art (Vinyl, LP), Llena Mi Vida - Big Mountain - Wake Up (Cassette, Album), Brave - Various - Smorgasbord Vol. 1 (CD), Fates Door - Age Of Nemesis - Psychogeist (CD, Album), Rockformation Diskokugel - Mit 70 Durch Die Ortschaft (CD)

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  1. VARIOUS ARTISTS Entering the Levitation - A Tribute to SKEPTICISM Foreshadow Music CD 1: NEST - The Gallant Crow SHROUD OF BEREAVEMENT - Forge SHAPE OF DESPAIR - Aether WHY ANGELS FALL - Shred of Light, Pinch of Endless.
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  3. Webzine metal / punk et dérivés (ou pas) Connexion Inscription.
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    Encyclopedia Pestilentia 1. Fullmoon witchery: Moonblood: 2. God of light: Yggdrasil (ITA) 3. Mørkskogen: Muspellsheim: 4. Age of the dark.
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    Deathcult - Cult Of The Dragon, CD Album Karisma Records, Dark Essence Records - KAR, none Deathcult - The Test Of Time, CD Album Do Or Die Records - DOD Deathcult - Beast Of Faith, CD Album Invictus Productions - IP derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfo
  6. Performer: Various Artists Album: Entering The Levitation A Tribute To Skepticism Label: Foreshadow. Made in Poland. Catalog #: FSR Style: Tribute Year: Format: FLAC (image +.cue) Bitrate: lossless Covers: No Cover Amount of tracks: 12 Size RAR: ~ + mb Upload: derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfo Recovery: 3% Password: without a password5/5(3).
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  8. The Skepticism tribute album with the Nest cover of 'The Gallant Crow' has just been released. All the participating bands did a good job with some really interesting versions of Skepticism's songs, and it was an honor covering Skepticism who are one of my all-time favorite bands.

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