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Since she has taught, performed, and choreographed tango around Argentina, Mexico, and the U. Makela Brizuela is especially known and appreciated for her attention to detail and her passion for teaching.

Acknowledging that every student has individual goals, she is deeply committed to helping each and every one of her students in their tango growth. In order to incorporate the cultural aspect of tango in her teaching, Makela has organized several immersion classes during which she has taken her students to Buenos Aires to experience, appreciate, and learn about tango culture. Makela was the first Argentine instructor to ever teach and perform in Maputo Mozambique, Africa to a group of enthusiastic students who previously had very little exposure to tango.

She also performed on TV Univision and Tangojuniori featured in many short films. Classical dancer since she was 3 years old, graduated from the Royal Academy of Dance in Londonwith great experience in many styles of dance classic ballet, jazz, ballroom dance, samba, flamencoHelena Fernandez becomes an international tango dancer and choreographer after 10 years of study and dedication to this dance. She was on tour to teach workshops and to perform in several shows in Europe, Asia and America.

Together they form one of the most prestigious Argentine tango dance couples for their artistic versatility that allows them to interpret the most diverse styles, from tango salon, fantasy and traditional to the most modern and innovative. Leandro Oliver is Argentine. He has been dancing Argentine Tango since he was 8 years old. Leandro is Master of many renowned teachers. He has started being a Tango Professional Dancer since he was very young.

For more than 12 consecutive years, Leandro has developed his Artistic Career next to her partner Laila Rezk. Laila Rezk was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has been developing her artistic and professional Career next to Leandro Oliver, who has been her partner for more than 12 years. Among the major events stand out, having danced at the Vatican in celebration of the birthday of Pope Francisco.

Since then, he travels the world teaching both professional and amateur dancers. Silvana Nunez has been a professional tango dancer since She has been teaching tango in many schools in Argentina and has been part of the jury panel in various official tango championships and competitions.

In August they worked as artistic directors of the International Tango Festival in Montreal free style tango. His was a very special edition as it brought together many World Champion teachers in their respective categories: salon and stage! Accomplished artists as well as experienced artistic directors and Tangojuniori, they are an important creative reference for many dancers. In the Tango de Pista category, couples will compete in group performances, dancing to three recorded songs, selected by the Organization.

In the Stage Tango category, each couple will compete individually, dancing to one song of their choice. The music piece shall not exceed 4 minutes and must be handed in to the Organization in digital format two CD copies in good condition or mp3.

Since Tangojuniori jury will evaluate the variety of choreographies exhibited, it is recommended that participants perform different choreographies for each of the Qualifying rounds, although this is not exclusive. Professional dancers and amateur dances of intermediate level and above compete in the same category according to the rules established by Tango Buenos Aires Dance World Cup.

Adherence to these rules qualifies our Tangojuniori to be recognized as valid by the main Buenos Aires event. There are dancers for whom tango is their main source of income. They are likely to be good instructors, but their level of dance and performance can vary: the professional couple can be excellent at dance or not so great. On the other hand, there are good amateur couples who do not teach tango and get no income from performances, but have achieved an exceptional level of dance.

There is also the case of stage dancers who only dance choreographed pieces, but are helpless when it comes to social dancing: they cannot dance in milongas. Finally, there are very skilled social dancers people who only dance in milongasbut who neither teach nor perform tango.

They might be excellent salon dancers. The Qualifying Round : All registered couples must participate. Couples will dance one qualifying round on Saturday April 20, Tangojuniori, There are no residence restrictions.

She studied jazz and contemporary dance specialising in modern dance. Omar is an exceptional and gifted dancer, a passionate milonguero and folklorista. Omar quickly progressed to be the lead dancer and dance master of the company, travelling round the world with them for eleven years.

As a choreographer Omar is an exponent of all the Argentinean dance forms. Ten nights. Tango Program:. Friday class schedule. Eduardo Saucedo. His professionalism, clear Tangojuniori and positive energy motivates and inspires everybody, His teaching is creative and practical focusing on subtle details of the movement and body language. Saturday class schedule.

Available for private classes Sunday class schedule. Claudio Asprea. Claudio Villagra. Viviana Laguzzi. Makela Brizuela. Christy Cote. Helena Fernandez.

Leandro Oliver. Laila Rezk. Second in the metropolitan city tango salon championship Bs. As Finalists of the world championships in stage tango and tango salon on several occasions. He has worked as a choreographer and consultant for various dance groups from Argentina.

Gimena Herrera. As, She has worked as a choreographer and consultant for various dance groups from Argentina.

Competitors participating in the official categories of Tango de Pista and Stage Tango may register to all or any festival workshops and take private classes with all festival maestros on Saturday and Sunday. However competitors are allowed to take classes with world tango champions Cristian Palomo, Melisa Sacchi, who will not be Judges at the Competition.

Contestants may participate in different categories with the same or a different partner. However, no contestant may participate more than once in the same category, regardless of whether they do so with a different partner. A registration cannot be shared and is not transferable. If a contestant withdraws from the competition after the registration fees have been paid, no refund of the registration fees will be granted.

All competitors must read the Evaluation Criteria per category to get ready for the competition. All the competition rounds will be open to spectators. All data provided at the time of the accreditation will be considered as a sworn statement.

Any contradiction will be penalized. Contestants must be at least 18 years old by the date of the competition. The Organization of the Preliminary reserves the right to record all the stages of the Championship, by any means known or to be known—including but not limited to filming, recording, photographing, digitalization, etc. The recorded material obtained will be exclusive property of the Organization of the Preliminary, who will have to turn a copy of it, to the Office of Festivals.

Couples will dance first and second qualifying rounds on two separate days: First Qualifying round on Thursday April 18 and Second Qualifying round on Friday April The Semifinals: Couples who have been selected in the Qualifying round will dance one round in the Semifinals on Saturday April Dancers of any nationality are eligible to apply for the competition.

Those who do not check in will not be able to participate in the championship. At the time of accreditation, contestants will have to complete a form with their personal details, and with any other additional information required by the organization. On this form, they shall inform if they have had a work, professional or personal relationship with any of the members of the jury at the competition, during the last days prior to the championship.

He has worked with excellent dancers such as his current partner, Guadalupe Garcia. Her deep commitment is to extend to others the quality, versatility and experience that she has attained through the pursuit of her passions and the collaboration with the many talented associates. The views expressed in this post are the author's own.

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Tangojuniori-kilpailussa osanottajat ovat 8—vuotiaita. Kilpailun järjestää Suomalaisen tangon satumaa -yhdistys, jonka yhteistyökumppanina on Tangomarkkinat. Suomalaisen tangon satumaa järjestää myös tangoseniori-kilpailun, jossa kilpailee perjantaina joutsenolainen Oiva Makkonen. Satumaa-laulukilpailu. tykkäystä · 3 puhuu tästä. Satumaa-laulukilpailu on valtakunnallinen lasten ja nuorten laulukilpailu. Find album release information for It Takes Two to Tango - Junior Delgado on AllMusic. FIESTA TANGO (JUNIOR BRONZE DANCE TEST) Music -Tango 4/4 Tempo measures of 4 beats beats per minute Pattern -Set Suggested Introductory Steps: RFO (2), LFO (2), RFI (4) for both partners. Woman starting on man's left. The dance starts in reverse Kilian hold. At steps 10 and 11, partners change to Kilian hold while. Tangojuniori-voittajan haaveista tuli totta. vuotias Aino Niemi on toinen vuoden Tangojuniori-voittajista. Nyt hän pääsee esiintymään lavoille, mikä muuten on . Lauantaina Skandic Eden Nokia: klo Satumaa-laulukilpailu. klo Tangoseniori-laulukilpailu. derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfo: Tangoes Jr. Skill-Building Preschool Tangram Game with Kid-Friendly Portable Carry-Case Featuring Challenges for Ages 4+: Toys & GamesReviews: Kouvolan Inkeroisista kotoisin oleva vuotias Aino Niemi voitti Tangojuniori-kilpailun Seinäjoen tangomarkkinoilla. Kirsi Partanen tavoitti Aino Niemen sukunsa entisiltä mailta, . The new site is blocking access once you post to the forum once or even try to edit a post. Once I post a reply. I can't access the site for hours. If I try accessing site from a different IP block, it work fine until I post a reply and then that IP block will be rejected. Whatever intrusion prevention product you're using, it. Tangojuniori-sarjan finaalissa Seinäjoen Tangomarkkinoiden Lauluteltassa kruunattiin seuraavat voittajat. tytöt: Wilma Kontro, Imatra pojat: Theo Maijala, Tampere. Tuomareina vuoden tangoseniori Petri Ritari, puheenjohtajana ja jäseninä luokanopettaja, kuoronjohtaja Riikka Kivisaari, lehtori Risto Mikkola ja musiikkipedagogi, laulunopettaja Leena Saunanen.


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    Intermediate Tango Junior & Guadalupe Useful sequencies for the social dance. Available for private classes: am – pm: Intermediate-Advanced Tango Guillermina & Mariano Figures with sacadas, boleos and enrosques. All Levels Tango Cristian & Melissa WALKING: footwork. Use the base leg & the free leg. The importance of the pauses.
  2. Kouvolan Inkeroisista kotoisin oleva vuotias Aino Niemi voitti Tangojuniori-kilpailun Seinäjoen tangomarkkinoilla. Kirsi Partanen tavoitti Aino Niemen sukunsa entisiltä mailta, .
  3. derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfo: Tangoes Jr. Skill-Building Preschool Tangram Game with Kid-Friendly Portable Carry-Case Featuring Challenges for Ages 4+: Toys & GamesReviews:
  4. Tangojunioreiksi kruunattiin Wilma Kontro Imatralta ja Theo Maijala Tampereelta. He ovat uudet Tangojuniorit: WIlma Kontro ja Theo Maijala. Wilman vanhemmat kertovat imatralaisessa Uutisvuoksi-lehdessä, että matka loppukilpailuun oli Wilmalle ja hänen taustajoukoilleen yhteensä noin puolen vuoden mittainen projekti.
  5. Kyōtango (京丹後市, Kyōtango-shi) is a city located in Kyoto Prefecture, derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfo modern city of Kyōtango was established on April 1, , from the merger of the towns of Mineyama and Omiya (both from the Naka District), the towns of Amino, Tango, and Yasaka (all from the Takeno District), and the town of Kumihama (from the Kumano District).The Naka, Takeno, and Kumano Districts were.
  6. Lauantaina Skandic Eden Nokia: klo Satumaa-laulukilpailu. klo Tangoseniori-laulukilpailu.
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    Jun 15,  · Junior & Guadalupe "Antonio Cervila is known worldwide by his stage name, Junior Cervila. He was born in San Paola, Brazil, and on a trip to Buenos Aires discovered and became enraptured by Tango.
  8. Blue Tango Junior (0 Votes) Login or Register to Vote Save. Submit Video. Word. PDF. Print Small. Print Large. Count: Wall: 2. Level: High Beginner. Choreo: Choreographer: Crystal Lee - KS (Oct10) Music: Blue Tango (CD: The Best Of Ballroom Favourites) Or Music: Blue Tango by Amanda Lear. Available on iTunes. Intro:
  9. Tangojuniori tuntui olevan etenkin naisväen mieleen. Torstaina Seinäjoen Tangomarkkinoiden oheistapahtumana järjestetyn Satumaa-laulukilpailun 8–12 -vuotiaiden sarjan voittanut Jere on iästään huolimatta jo kokenut tangotähti. Tangojuniori laulukilpailun esikarsinta @ Nuorten pajakeskus, Oulu. klo

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