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He put down a heavy box of vampire costumes that, to be honest with himself, even HE didn't know was there. He lifted up the stained stuffed animal and squeezed it. The incredibly old sound box inside made a muffled and distorted "Ei wuv oo" before breaking off in a buzz.

Steven smiled at the familiar catchphrase, but quickly went back to searching. He found the empty spot where the cannon once stood and approached it curiously. I was doing a concert in town and she was the only one that showed up.

Steven looked around and was about to keep searching when he spotted a small piece of paper on the grimy floor. He pushed a spare box aside and reached for it. And you, of course. Steven picked up the paper and held it to the dim light. It was an old postcard from Beach City, showing a faded image a setting sun over sparkling waters. He turned the card around and read the writing on the back. Greg picked up the postcard with a bemused expression on your face.

Greg was still staring at the postcard as he walked outside. Steven ran to his side to see what he was so shocked about, and let out a yelp of his own. The sky above the ocean was turning a light purple, and he could clearly see the comet in the sky, steadily approaching Beach City. They were so busy searching that they hadn't noticed how close it was getting until then. They only snapped out of their stupor when something small, red, and yelling flew past the comet and into the ocean.

Greg didn't give a single retort as he and Steven raced for the van. Greg accelerated for the beach, beads of sweat the size of bowling balls running down his face. The sky continued to change colors, and the image of the comet grew. When they made it back to the beach, Ruby was running up to Opal, dripping wet.

She shook her head like a dog, sending water everywhere, and demanded, "Shoot me again! I almost made it this time! They only then noticed Steven approaching them, and Opal immediately questioned, "Did you figure it out? Steven turned to the cannon and shouted, "If every pork chop were perfect, we wouldn't have hotdogs! There was a beat of silence, and eventually, Ruby sighed. The nozzle of the cannon "bloomed", petal-like pieces opening upwards as the inside emitted a pale pink light.

Suddenly, it fell down heavily to the sand. They aimed, and Steven could feel it trembling beneath his fingers. The cannon fired, and Steven felt himself being thrown into Opal at the blast.

A beam of light was shooting out from the cannon, and as Steven watched, it took on the vague form of a woman's silhouette just seconds before finally colliding with the comet.

The effect was immediate. The purple tint of the sky disappeared, and the comet shattered in a cloud of white smoke. Debris and pieces fell to the sand and sea in flames. Ruby whooped a cheer and drew Steven in for a rough hug while Sapphire politely clapped her hands.

The three of them froze when Opal grabbed all of them into her long arms and squeezed them to her. Greg sighed in relief and fell back against the side of his van.

No more than a second later, a flaming piece of the comet fell right onto the roof of Greg's van. The debris' flames had extinguished, but it was still caving the roof of the vehicle.

Ruby snickered to herself as Opal stepped forward to help lift it up. Even Sapphire was biting back an amused smirk. Steven laughed, too, but still curiously stared at the fallen debris.

What was it, anyway, if not a comet? Jamie - residential mailman of Beach City - craned his neck around the beach to see if he could find a mailbox of sorts. There was an order for an address written "Giant Woman Temple on the Beach", and although he could see a house built into the hands of the depicted woman, he couldn't find a mailbox anywhere. He held the package up in his hands.

Jamie looked around a bit to see who had spoken. Underneath the patio of the house, a tent was set up in the shade. Something moved around inside, and the zipper on the 'door' moved.

A small boy with curly brown hair and a pink T-shirt crawled out a moment later, stumbling in the sand in his haste to run at the mailman. Steven took the clipboard and took a minute scribbling his name down on it. In the end, it was kind of sloppy and surrounded by several cartoon-y stars.

Steven's big brown eyes were shimmering happily as he proclaimed, "Only the most amazing thing on the whole planet! That doesn't answer my question, but whatever you say! Steven almost tripped several times in his sprint up the stairs to his room. He threw the door open with far too much force and ignored the sharp crack it made against the wall.

The Crystal Gems were inside his room, Ruby leaning against the far wall with crossed arms, Sapphire seated at the island with her arms folded neatly in her lap. Opal was leaning against the counter with a piece of aged parchment spread out before her for inspection. Silence was held for a good five seconds before Sapphire finally said, "It's a backpack shaped like a sandwich. It looked like a giant plush cheeseburger with two straps on either side of the bottom "bun".

Ruby curiously stepped forward to get a closer look at it. Steven handed it to her, and she turned it this way and that in her red hands, shook it experimentally and scoffed, "What's so great about a backpack-cheeseburger? Everything in it is a pocket. The cheese, the lettuce, the tomatoes Sapphire turned to Opal and gave her a single nod. Opal opened the old parchment to Steven, one hand at each corner. There were a series of diamonds and arrows spread across the material.

The ink was slightly faded from years of age. She let the parchment roll back into her fingers. We have to leave immediately if we want to make it in time. Ruby shook her head vigorously and made an X with her arms. No way. It's way too dangerous for you. Steven sighed and threw his new backpack around his shoulders. He kept his voice surprisingly even as he said, "How am I supposed to be a Crystal Gem if you guys never let me go with you guys?

A glance was passed around the Gems, and Opal was the first to speak. Steven nodded and ran for the stairs to his loft. He spent a good fiften minutes tearing through his items, either tossing them aside or stuffing them into his backpack.

He put the safety blanket, first aid kid, and emergency food aside in favor of some crossword puzzles, glow sticks, a roll of duct tape decorated with ducks Things that would surely come in handy. Steven hastily zipped up all the pockets and darted down the stairs to the awaiting Warp Pad. What with the size of it, he, Ruby, and Sapphire squeezed in side-by-side with Opal towering behind them.

A moment later, the Warp Pad beneath him lit up, and jets of light were rising around him. The Crystal Gems were used to Warping, as they did it on nearly a daily basis. Steven was not. As the others only slightly lifted from the Warp Pad, Steven kept rising and rising, until Opal eventually sighed and grabbed his hand to keep him anchored. Eventually, the jets of light vanished, and gravity returned. Opal caught Steven when he came falling down and helped him land on his feet.

Steven gasped as he looked around them. They were in a sea of white clouds as far as the eye could see, and strong wind was everywhere. At the moment, they were standing on an "island", a small grassy area connected by a white bridge to the Tower itself. The Tower was shaped like a teardrop, the walls made of ancient stone decorated in runes, opalescent pillars on all sides. Other islands branched off from it, and Steven watched as a flock of pale pink birds flittered underneath them. She held out a long finger, and smiled warmly when one of the pink birds landed on it.

The bird suddenly dove for the parchment in Opal's hands, tearing off a small piece of the corner. Opal shooed it away and glared at it as it disappeared into the clouds. A light bulb lit over Steven's head, and he pulled his backpack off of his shoulders. Opal held up the parchment and clicked her tongue thoughtfully. Will you be careful with it? Opal groaned to herself. They crossed the bridge the Gems growing antsy when Steven walked a bit too close to the edge to the tower.

The ground floor was a vast area, and the ceiling and floors were covered in exquisite drawings still pristinely polished. Steven tried to take in as many of the images as he could, but Ruby's growl of disdain interrupted him.

In the middle of the room, there was a large circular area of the floor missing, and Steven could see clouds for miles below. There was a missing space on the ceiling above it, too, and a strong current of wind was pushing through them. Here we go! Steven took out a wad of blankets from his backpack and unraveled them.

At the Crystal Gems' confused stares, he explained, "We can use them like parachutes and ride the wind up! Opal glanced back at the current. That had the possibility of working, but if it didn't, they'd be falling for miles. She turned to Sapphire and asked, "Will that work? Steven passed one blanket to each Gem, the largest one going to Opal. He helped them tie the corners around their arms like straps, and when they were done, they stood on the edge of the current, obviously unsure.

From where they stood, the strong air still ruffled their hair and clothes. Immediately, the blanket on his back swelled with air, and he was drifting upwards with incredible speed. He laughed to himself - it worked!

Sapphire was as still as always, Ruby was trembling like a startled Chihuahua, and Opal was holding her knees to her chest as she squealed in fear. Ruby finally let her body relax, and let out a strained sigh. She turned her head to see how many levels they had passed - at least twenty, surely.

She cracked a grin. If we keep going we can - AGH! Steven looked up just in time to see what she was staring at. One of the openings above - Steven noticed that they were getting smaller and smaller the farther up they went - was blocked by a fallen pillar. Sapphire reached out and held him to her body, taking the force of the blow when they collided with it. Ruby followed after, hitting it with a yelp, and Opal just barely managed not to crush any of them when she followed last.

With their blankets crumpled, they began to fall, but Opal quickly extended her limbs outwards to catch onto the sides. The others fell atop her, and used her body as a bridge to get to safety. When Opal crawled on after them, her hair was an unruly mess and she was clearly disoriented, but still managed to give Steven a thumbs-up. Ruby ran a hand down her face. Let's keep moving so we can get out of here! They walked around the floor for a bit, searching for another way to continue upwards, and eventually managed to find an island with two bridges connecting their floor to another.

Outside, the clouds were turning a pale blue color as the evening approached. He swung his backpack around and carried it in his arm as he opened it. I have some leftover Opal J - Oof! The floor was filled with hundreds upon hundreds of the pink birds, perched on every surface, nests in every crook and cranny.

In the middle of the floor was a massive nest of soft grass, and an equally massive bird with bright pink feathers and a razor-sharp beak was resting in it. Each and every bird had turned to them. Their feathers were ruffled, and even Steven knew that they were poised to swoop down and attack.

The Crystal Gems were frozen, trying to find out how to get out of this situation without triggering the birds, which seemed impossible. She slowly lifted her hands to her Gems to summon her bow as she continued, "The two of you grab Steven and - ". Steven had ripped open the pack of gummy worms in his backpack and threw the contents into the air. The colorful gummy candy fell onto the floor, and after staring down at it for a moment, the birds swooped down to feast.

All together, they looked like a giant pink mass of feathers and talons. They continued up the tower, finding whichever ways they could to continue their descent. Eventually, they found themselves stuck on a floor near the top of the tower, and walked outside to another island to see what they could do. The wind was as strong as ever, but the clouds were now blue and purple, and Steven could see stars in the spaces between them. The topmost floor was a considerable distance from them, maybe fifty or so yards.

Ruby smirked at him and nudged the backpack with her knuckles. Steven pulled his backpack off of his shoulder and opened all the pockets to find something useful. Crossword puzzles - no. Glow sticks - no. Floaties - no. Seeing the look of anxiety on his face, Ruby started to pump her fists up and down, urging him on.

Sapphire joined in, but her monotone voice sounded more like a broken record. Steven rummaged to the bottom of his backpack and finally gave a gasp of surprise. A grin spread from ear-to-ear and he pulled out a large ring of rope. The Gems waited for him to explain, so he did: "We can attach this to an arrow from Opal's bow and fire it to the tower to climb across! The Gems burst Straight From The Box - Minmae - ¿Ya Te Vas? (CD into cheers for him. As Ruby ruffled Steven's hair, Opal summoned her bow and pulled the string back so a blue arrow appeared in her fingers.

She held it out to Sapphire to tie the rope in a tight knot around it, and Sapphire held the rest of the rope to keep it from flying off. Opal aimed, paused, and fired. However, after only two seconds, Sapphire ran out of rope to hold and was forced to let it go. The arrow embedded into the side of the tower above, and the rope dangled only about three yards beneath it.

The arrow then disappeared, and the rope fell into the clouds and out of sight. An awkward silence followed after this, and it was only broken when Steven let out a disappointed sigh.

He pulled his backpack back on and felt himself being lifted up a moment later. Opal smiled down at him comfortingly as she picked up Ruby and Sapphire as well.

With the three of them tightly in hand, Opal took a great leap upwards. She first landed on a tiny piece of rock hovering in the air, and then leaped again to the top of the tower. Steven was set on his feet and looked to see what awaited them. It looked like a dashboard of sorts, covered in four diamonds colored blue, white, pink, and yellow.

The tower suddenly swayed left. Steven felt Opal grab his shoulder as their weight shifted, but the tower went upright soon after. Ruby stood upright and ran to the dashboard.

Steven nodded and reached into his backpack. He went through the first, and then the second When the last one was searched, he started to hastily tear through them again, tossing items over his shoulder in a desperate attempt to get them out of the way. Steven gulped, sweat running down his face. This was bad. Really, really bad. He pulled the crinkled parchment from his backpack, earning a sigh of relief from all of them. Steven chuckled as he unfolded it and turned to the Gems with a crooked smile.

Steven's jaw hung open and his eyes were wide open. He turned to the Gems to see that they looked exactly the same. The Tower trembled again, and Steven felt his stomach jumped when they dropped several feet. He ran to the control board and looked at the diamond-shaped buttons. He hovered his hands above the buttons. Sweat continued to collect on his brow, and he whispered, "I have to do this very carefully.

He attacked the buttons at random, smashing them with his fists and finishing it by simply sliding his arms over them back and forth. They held their breaths as they waited to see what would happen. The Tower trembled, and they flinched, but slowly, it began to lift into the air. They were frozen with shock, and Ruby barked a laugh as she cried, "It actually worked!

Screams filled the air as they were lifted upwards from the force of Straight From The Box - Minmae - ¿Ya Te Vas? (CD wind. The clouds engulfed them, and everything around Steven turned into a panicked haze of confusion.

He hardly managed to realize that the clouds had broken, and he could see dark blue water for miles and miles, before he slammed into the floor again. The tower had hit the water and was steadily sinking down. He could hear the loud gurgling sound, and watched as hundreds of pink birds took to the sky to escape. The Tower vanished into the dark waves of the sea.

The rippling saltwater settled, and there was only silence in its place. The half-moon shimmered on the crests, and dark clouds passed lazily overhead. Soon, a bubble popped on the surface, then another, and another, until there was a flurry of them, and the Gems and Steven broke through the water, gasping for fresh air.

Steven sighed in relief - the purple floaties on his arms kept him suspended. Sapphire's skirts were swollen around her, keeping her afloat, Opal's mane of white hair was concealing her face, and Ruby was trying her hardest to keep her legs kicking as hard as possible.

Steven sighed and, with tears pricking his eyes, murmured, "I'm sorry. I screwed up everything Opal pulled her dripping white hair away from her face to smile at him. It could have happened to any of us. When she finally calmed down, Ruby pushed her sodden headband back and added, "Yeah, and you still helped us out. A for effort! Steven smiled appreciatively. And here, I have floaties for everyone! Ruby snatched hers at once and went to puffing into it vigorously.

The journey back will be three days, minimum. A stunned silence followed. Steven chuckled and reached back into his backpack. Any takers? Just me? Sadie shrugged one shoulder as she finished taping the flyer to the front window of the Big Donut. Steven was holding another flyer with a confused expression on his face. The flyer talked about some kind of "dinner party" that would be held that evening at the beach, and judging by the black-and-white colors and regal silhouettes, it was a rather gallant affair.

It was kind of stuffy, but everyone left early when we found out that the oysters they were serving were rotten. Steven continued to stare down at the poster. The Crystal Gems never went to things like these - Steven couldn't remember a single time when they'd so much as held a conversation with a human, let alone a party with a group of them. But he imagined that they would enjoy it.

They had stories that people would love to hear about, right? Who wouldn't want to talk about fighting a giant shark or a giant bear or a giant lemur? Opal is great at dancing, Sapphire could do karaoke if they had it, and I'm sure I Straight From The Box - Minmae - ¿Ya Te Vas?

(CD convince Ruby to get on the dance floor! She likes to break things. Sadie chewed on her cheek thoughtfully. It's a really fancy party. Like, ball gowns-and-tuxedos fancy. Steven hopped off of his seat and laughed. I'm sure that I'll get them to go! Bye, Sadie. Steven ran off, and the door slowly closed after him. Sadie was left in the silence of the shop, thinking to herself, and finally murmured, "He's right Steven cupped a hand around his mouth as he called for them.

He couldn't hear any response, so either they weren't there or they were in their rooms somewhere. He heard a familiar 'ping' behind him, and turned to see Ruby standing on the Warp Pad. She was holding up a Bubble in her hand, and waved to Steven as she stepped off the Pad. Ruby scanned her eyes down the paper and scratched at her headband. Steven shook his head. A bunch of people are going to meet down by the beach tonight.

I thought it would be cool for all of us to go. Ruby spoke slowly, clearly not trying to upset him, but trying to be clear all the same. We don't really GET humans. It's weird to hang out with them for us. It looked like a simple white wall with a star printed at its middle. The star had a gemstone at each point, pink, white, purple, red, and blue.

Ruby held her palm up so that her Gem faced the door, and both it and the red gemstone glowed once before a red crack ran down the middle. Ruby stepped into her 'room', and turned back to say, "So sorry, but I'm out.

You can ask the others, though. The door closed shut, but opened again just long enough for Ruby to say, "But hey, if they have oysters or anything, get some for me to break. The door closed again and the crack disappeared. Steven sighed disappointedly, but didn't give his hopes up. He didn't think Ruby was going to say yes, anyway, but Opal and Sapphire still might. Speaking of Opal, she walked through the door just then, bending down considerably to avoid hitting her head.

She smiled and waved at Steven warmly. You like dancing, right? Opal chuckled and stepped a long leg over Steven, gracefully turning and swayed her arms as she did so. She held her long arms above her head in a pirouette, and slowly sank down to the floor in a graceful split. Opal hummed thoughtfully as she approached the temple door.

The white and purple gemstones flashed, and it split into four pieces. She gestured for Steven to follow her inside. Opal hummed thoughtfully, and Steven took the time to look around her "room. Steven could see that there were sections around the room, each belonging to one of Opal's collections. These boxes over here were filled with spoons of different sizes, designs, and materials. This dresser over here was filled with snow globes from all over the world.

These jars over here were filled with glass eyeballs arranged by color. Steven frowned at the unsure way that she said that. She clearly wasn't comfortable with going Straight From The Box - Minmae - ¿Ya Te Vas? (CD the party, dancing and food regardless. He wanted her to come, but was the point if she didn't want to? The movement caused her thick ponytail to sway. I said I would. Opal sighed, but her small smile was grateful. She reached down to run a hand through his messy brown curls.

Steven waved goodbye back, and turned to leave He and Opal had both forgotten that the door disappeared after use, and now, with Opal gone, he was alone in her Room. He looked around for some kind of exit, and then decided to search around for one. He passed by more of Opal's collections - shelves of DVDs, stacks of vinyl records, crates of fake insects - until he finally found something. It looked like a tunnel, and just as it curved away from sight, he could see a faint white light emitting from it.

Steven's curiosity won in the end, and he set forward to investigate. The white light was coming from small iridescent crystals embedded in the walls of the tunnels. The more he walked, the more frequent the crystals appeared, and the more the temperature dropped. Not freezing, but enough to have goosebumps appear on his arms and a shiver to run down his back. He finally found something at the end of the tunnel, and stepped forward into another 'room.

It was really a miniature forest, now that he looked at it. The floor was flat but covered in soft teal grass that tickled his feet as he walked. The trees spread around had white bark like birch, but the leaves were stark blue and frosted in white. Cylindrical, glass-like shapes hung from the trees, and when Steven held an ear to one, he could hear a soft melody.

There was a small pond in a collection of large chunks of crystals. He had no idea where he was, only that it was somewhere in the Temple.

He followed the voice and eventually came to a wall of thin feathery vines, much to his confusion. He reached out and brushed the vines aside. His breath came out in a white puff as he stepped forward. In the small chamber that the vines and trees made, Sapphire stood over a cushioned basin. Well, hovered, anyway. She was levitating a few feet above it, gently bobbing up and down, and her lips were parted in what he guessed was surprise.

But I was looking for you anyway, so Sapphire hummed and slowly sank down until she rested upon the cushion beneath her. Steven took a deep breath and pulled out the flyer. He nodded awkwardly and rolled the flyer back into his hands. Sapphire's gaze, although Steven couldn't see it, bore into him. Finally, she reached behind her and pulled out a furry periwinkle blanket. Steven was confused, undoubtedly, but didn't question her.

He walked to the basin and crawled inside, and when he was seated cross-legged beside Sapphire, she reached out to wrap the blanket around him. It was surprisingly toasty, and Steven held it to him closely. She faced away from him, but continued, "And I'm sorry to say that I can't explain it too well, but We're just not very comfortable around things that we don't understand. Does that make sense? I guess. The two of them walked out of her "chamber" and headed for the far wall of the room, but Steven paused when he heard a distant voice.

He turned his head this way and that, trying to find out where it was coming from. It sounded like Ruby, but she wasn't in there, was she? He eventually realized that it was coming from the POND, of all places. He curiously crept closer, while Sapphire obliviously continued forward.

He craned his neck over the pond water, and was surprised to find that there was an image to be seen. Reds and pinks and oranges mixed together, and he could see a scarlet figure of what he could only assume was Ruby.

He leaned forward to see better - and rather inevitably slipped forward. He heard Sapphire call his name as he hit the water - although he didn't become engulfed in it so much as he passed through it. The sensation went as quickly as he came, and he was falling through the air, having no choice other than scream in fright. Something small but sturdy caught him before he hit the ground.

He took several breaths of air before he could finally turn to Ruby, his savior, who stared at him with wide and shocked eyes. The room around them was round and nearly everything was red, and there was a pit of fire in the middle.

Above, in the midst of what looked like glass roots, were dozens of Bubbles. Sapphire was poking her head through, staring down at them. Ruby scoffed and set Steven on his feet. Sternly but not harshly, she said, "You're not supposed to be in here until you could open the door yourself. It's way too dangerous here! Ruby sighed softly and turned around, letting a Bubble hover at a fixed point.

Steven curiously looked around her. There were several Bubbles around, but they only continued tiny pieces and shards, not actual Gems. Walsh, in a talk with Jeb Wright of Classic Rock Revisited, actually credits Nashville steel guitarist Bill West — an electrical engineer and first husband of country legend Dottie West — for passing along the contraption during a visit while on tour with the James Gang.

From there, the sound quickly became a signature part of the mids rock soundscape. The Heil box was later perhaps most famously used by Peter Frampton, first on his album Frampton and then on Frampton Comes Alive — the best selling album of Whoever invented it, we gathered around the SER Watercooler to discuss this lost throwback sound, and some of our favorite sides featuring the talk box …. I believe there was one on their last record.

Metallica may have used it on one of the Load records. I only remember like three songs between the two of them, and I try to forget that era existed. Also heard tell of Skunk Baxter using a pedal steel on the mids tours, and that might be the best clue of all.

It seems like it could easily have been added to keyboards pretty easily and effectively. The album of the same name was just this slice of Minimoog heaven. Forgot about that one. Your email? The email you used to create your account. The last part of your Myspace URL. Ex: myspace. Facebook Twitter Email. Full Name? Most people use their real name. Select Gender? This helps us keep people, musicians and brands searchable on Myspace. Please select Female Male Unspecified.

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