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Heaven really needs visiting hours! The older I get the more I understand what you tried to tell me that was so important about life. Everyday I remember you holding my hand at the hospital and telling me to straighten up because life goes by faster everyday from here on. You were so right! I'm worried about mom! She misses you so much. Not having you with her and being alone is taking its toll on her in many ways. If I could be there I would be. No one could ever replace you for her. And I know how being alone is so aweful I love mom and cant do enough for her.

Im at a loss. I love you Dad! Be with mom's heart, fill it up with happiness instead of sorrow. This would have been our 55TH Wedding Anniversary. I miss your smiles, laughter and mischievousness, Dottie Faye - One Little Girl / I Am So Lonely (Vinyl). I feel like your are watching over me and like Pocwhachee hiding the TV remote and my cell phone.

We almost made it to our 50TH, your health just gave out, we were together 50 years. I miss you so much, my life will never be the same, but I feel you are watching over me all the time, and still hiding the TV remote and my cell phone like Pocwhachee does sometimes. I miss your mischievousness, smiles and laughter. I will always love you. Better a day late than a dollar short or two I've been doing a lot of fishing as I have a small lake just across the street from me.

Not catching anything big, but it keeps me Dottie Faye - One Little Girl / I Am So Lonely (Vinyl) of trouble. You can now call me Grandpop Cottontop as Noelle and her husband have blssed us with a healthy baby grandson - Tru Wynne! The Duckworths' have been so blessed with a wonderful family. Prayers have been sent!!!!! Happy Birthday "Old Man" from your soon to be old wife. I know we are the same age but I am younger. I am sure starting to feel our age, having survived yet another back surgery and without you.

It was a difficult recovery, but your were always on my mind. Thank God for healing me. I miss you so much. Brother, I watched the Super Bowl last night and I just know you were looking down rooting those 49ers on. They did good but just a little short. When the power went off at the Super Dome I figured you were just a little frustrated and flipped the switch off hehe.

When you turned the power back on the team really picked up the pace. We really miss you but rest assured that you and your family are in our prayers!!!!!! Dear Dad, Here it is Superbowl Sunday again. Your favorite holiday. Your 49ers are playing.

I'm watching the game with friends, thinking about you. It's been 5 yrs. I know you have the best seat to watch the game now! I miss and love you more then ever. I am75 years old today. Jerry called me from work to wish me a happy birthday this morning, Gale called me, Melinda called me, Julie called me and Eugene called me.

I called my brother to thank him for the book he sent me. Sandy Pike treated me to lunch with Houston and Jamie his girl friend. After lunch the kids went me to see a cute Pixar Disney movie, tomorrow Jerry will give me a party to celebrate. I am so blessed and miss you so much, your love and laughter. Keep watching over us. I think I miss you even more now because I find myself watching others spending time with their Dad's and I get all sad because you not here with me.

I miss you so much! Your my hero Dad and my heart is full of joy and love when your on my mind! Happy 54TH Anniversary. At least we had 50 years together, and some said it would never last. I feel like your are watching over me and our family. I dream of you often. Rosie is in Dog heaven. She was so sick, but Lorelei and Jerry knew it was best. Take her for a walk sometime. Our Black Velvet rose is thriving, sometime a give a few to Sophia, she always gives me a hug when I do.

Pray for me please, all of us need your prayers. I miss your smiles and laughter, that was part of the "glue" that kept us together. Love you, Phyllis. Happy Birthday Big Brother!!!!! We have successfully transitioned to Richmond. I have spent a LOT of time in the yard trying to get it under control.

Many trees, which brings on leaves and also a healthy crop of poison ivy. Got a good case of the itch and had to make 2 trips to the Dr. Got a small lake across from me but haven't had a chance to wet a hook. Miss you much and you and your family are always in our prayers. Little Bro - Cottontop. Happy Birthday Dad! Your constantly on my mind and in my heart!

I have been talking to you everyday about Jenna's granny Sonja. She joined you in heaven last month. She has finely got to know how wonderful you are.

Also is able to rest after a longtime of living with many illnesses! I know your making her laugh. You so alike in many ways as her husband, we call him Pop. I miss and love you my papa! Your family misses you so much. Houston has a new car, he is 17 now and a very young man. Our roses are so pretty this year, Jerry pruned them for me this past year. Our Colorado Blue Spruce must be feet high and there is a quail next in it. Jim you are always in my heart. Must of really impressed me because we now live in Richmond.

We sold our house in Dover. We are now closer to family. You know how important a loving family is!!!!! We all miss you and you will be forever in our thoughts and prayers. How about those 49ers! Cotton Top. There are no words to tell you just how much I need you and miss you. I ask God to give me the grace to go on with out you. The conversations we last shared are fresh in my memory. They were filled with all the loving and comforting feelings that only a father and daughter could share that I will hold in my heart always.

Your Loving Daughter, Julie. Dad, This flame burns hot enough to hold together my shattered heart and gives me strength to miss you with grace. Julie Duckworth. Four years ago you fell asleep in my arms. I miss you so very much, more now than ever.

Sometimes I do cry myself to sleep, however God always looks after me. Your lemon tree flourishes, I sell most of them to Oliver's Market. Little Lily is going to be 5, on Feb. I made a little princess dress for her. She is a little Fashionista.

Our grand-son Houston got his driver's permit. He should be getting his license one of these days. His girl friend Jamie is sweet. He joined the wrestling team at school.

I haven't seen him wrestle, yet. Maybe some day. Ask God to send us some rain, please. We really need it. Please pray for our family, we can use all the prayers we can get.

I Love you with all my heart. I will be going to Jerry's for a BBQ. You know that I will miss you. What would have been our 53RD. We had a good time. I had my very first massage, Hurt a little bit. We had two rooms at the Beliageo. I ordered room service for breakfast. Great coffee and excellant food. Celebrating for you. With love and pleanty of Dove Chocolates, Phyllis.

Know how you loved the races. These birthdays are starting to catch up with me!!! Hard Dottie Faye - One Little Girl / I Am So Lonely (Vinyl) believe that little bro is now Just wanted to let you know that you are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Rest in Peace. You know I loved you very much and miss our conversation. Finally able to post a letter from my heart to you on your 74TH Birthday, old man. This day will forever be in the history books, and you know why. On to joyful and happier thoughts. Lily is four years old, an a precious little girl, Nick and Anna's daughter. She is a bright little girl.

Her brother, Toby was born on my birthday, he will be three years old on June A precious birthday present for me. Jerry said it best, you would really enjoy their company, darling little Munch Kins. These two children fill some of the void in my life and put some of the joy back, after I lost you. Everyone is fine. Last year, I had a great Birthday present. My brother, Bob came from New Mexico with his wife Sherry. I had not seen him in 35 years and I met one of my nieces for the very first time in April, Shaheda, she is Juanett's daughter.

Forty Two years, old, born in Trinidad, came to when she was 13, put herself through U. Berkeley, received her Master's Degree in Dance and now she teaches dance for the City of Berkeley I miss Dottie Faye - One Little Girl / I Am So Lonely (Vinyl) more every day.

Sunday's are the worst, I become very lonely, however I know you are here, especially in my heart. Have fun blowing out all 74 of those candles on that triple chocolate cake, today. Be sure to top with with chocolate frosting, chopped pecans and chocolate ice cream. All my love and prayers. Dearest Dad, The little light of this candle burns like a bond fire in my hearts memories of you!

There is no possible way that it will ever burn out. There are no words to express how much I wish you were here right now. We have become the loving family we tried so hard to be in the past. That you are very much a part of. You are still and will always center of attention. Jenna is a new member of our family and I know you would love her as much as I do.

Everyone accepts and loves Jenna as much as I do. I'm Happy now Papa! Happy Birthday Papa and I love you! My dear husband of 52 years today! Happy Anniversary. Over a half a century. And people said it would not last. If you were here we would be dancing on the ceilings.

I did not forget your birthday, just forgot to send you a birthday message. I have been keeping busy, sewing and gardening.

Would you beleive, I did plant tomatoes and new azaleas, the frost took a few of them. Jerry planted a new peace rose for me and repaired our sprinking system. He is doing your honey "does". God Bless him, he really does look after me. We saw "Ironman" II. I know you would have liked this, even the first Ironman was good so was Avitar. Howdee Big Bro: I wrote you a note on the 4th, but I must of forgotten to put a stamp on it - only a retired mailman could do that.

I guess it is up in cyberspace floating around. You know that I'm a lowtech redneck! Just wanted to let you know that you and Phyllis are always in our prayers.

We miss you, but are assured that you are in God's hand. Talked to Phyllis yesterday and she was doing well. God Bless Big Brother, Cottontop! My darling husband. It is hard to believe that you left us two years ago. Since my last message to you I was not well, had knee surgery that went well, it was the recovery that took a long, long time.

We always took good care of each other weather we were ill or not and that few months was extremely difficult. My faith and all the prayers really helped. I do miss your laughter, the teasing and all the good time we shared. I am so much better now and doing for myself and getting out more.

My friends are so dear to me. Gino put lights on our beautiful tree for Christmas. I was beautiful. Christmas was also great. Cindy, Tom and Wyatt are so generous to me. Jerry and Lorelei the Pikes were too. I love you Jim. You are my one and only true love. Love, Kisses and Hugs. You were always a great father to our children, Julie and Jerry also a great-grand-father to Houston.

You would be so proud of Houston, he is 14 years old and graduated from Middle School, into High School next year. Your Roses are so beautiful, I can hardly keep up with them. I am Nana to Lily and Toby, Nick's two children. Toby was born on my birthday last year. Anyway …. The songs are available elsewhere, but it is nice to have the singles all in one place. While much of this material had been available in the past, it had been allowed to slip out of print so it is nice to have it available again.

Their material has been unavailable for quite a while. Another British label, Ace Recordsusually does a nice job with reissues. Unfortunately, was a sparse year for country reissues with a Johnny Lee Wills reissue available only as a digital download being about it this year.

Many of these tracks have been previously unavailable — a real find. They are good, but rather more harmonica than I care to listen to at one sitting. On the other hand, the one truly significant set released is a doozy. Bear had previously released vinyl and CD boxed sets on the legendary Lefty Frizzell.

The original Bear set was beyond great and if I had unlimited cash reserves I would buy this set which includes the following:. As for domestic reissues our friend Ken Johnson helps keep the folks at Varese Vintage on the straight and narrow for their country releases.

We reviewed it in September here. The thirty-six song collection is hardly essential but it is a nice introduction to the era, showcasing the obvious artists along with the likes of Marcia Ball, Rodney Crowell, Stevie Ray Vaughan and Willis Alan Ramsey. Omnivore Recordings spent several years releasing the recordings of Buck Owens.

Neither of the latter two albums are essential but the Brumley collection highlights just what a great steel player was Tom Brumley. I suppose I should again say a few words about the Gusto family of labels. It appears that Gusto still is in the process of redesigning their website, but plenty of product can be found from other on-line vendors or from retail outlets such as Pottery Barn and various truck stops along the Interstates.

As I mentioned previously, with the exception of the numerous gospel recordings made by Porter Wagoner during the last decade of his life, there is little new or original material on the Gusto Family of labels. Essentially, everything Gusto does is a reissue, but they are forever recombining older recordings into new combinations.

To be fair, some of these eight and ten song collections can be worth having, if they represent the only recordings you can find by a particular artist you favor. If you have a favorite first or second tier country artist of the s or s, there is a good chance that Gusto has an album or at least some tracks on that artist.

The song offers sympathy and fellow-feeling to a friend with marital woes. It is about a former cheater obsessing after the tables have been turned:. This is an excellent album. It is not readily available as such, but the tracks can be found on iTunes in the relatively poorer quality reproduction noted previously. It shared its title with his first rock-and-roll album that had come out seven years earlier.

Although he had grown up listening to country and professed that it was his first musical love, he was initially viewed by many in the country music community with skepticism and suspicion. This is a hardcore, steel guitar drenched country album from start to finish, that largely eschews the Nashville Sound trappings that were prevalent in the 60s.

The vocal choruses are kept to a minimum. A mid tempo number with a rich melody and plenty of pedal steel, this would probably have been a bigger hit had it been released a few years later.

It charted at a modest 18, but that was enough to give Conway a toehold on the country market. These sound like needle-drop recordings; the original masters may have been destroyed in the infamous Universal fire, but the sound quality, while not stellar, is quite adequate. Wildfire is her third studio album, released in September on the Sharpe label.

Because my purchase was via digital download, the album came with no information beyond the song titles and timings. Like most country albums from outside the USA, there are a large number of covers of US hits, but why not?

I am surprised that neither of the two earlier reviews mentioned how similar in tone and timbre Ms. McHugh is very much a superior vocalist to Swift, so I actually enjoyed the song. This song has a s country feel to it, and appears to have become a line dancing favorite. Come and look at this old faded photograph. Honey, tell me what it brings to mind.

I wish that we could ride it one more time. I still get excited when I think about, The drive-in picture shows you took me to. I wish we still had it today. Remember when we used to park it in the lane, And listen to the country radio? The song reached 6 for Reba:. Suddenly I heard love songs. Playing real soft on the jukebox. Somebody ordered up moonlight. And painted stars all across the sky. Is it gravity or destiny. Looks like I picked the wrong night. Not to fall in love with you. This song is given the full bluegrass treatment.

I very much like this track. Lisa does a nice job with the song. Again, this sounds like s country to my ears. While Lisa sounds a lot like Dolly, Nathan does not remind me of Kenny Rogers, although he is a fine singer. Anyway the voices blend nicely. What will I do when you are gone? Every little dream I dream about you Every little thought I think about you Drives me crazy when you go away I oughta keep you locked up at home Dottie Faye - One Little Girl / I Am So Lonely (Vinyl) like a wild horse I want to break you I love you so much I hate you Every little thing reminds me of you Honey when you leave me here all alone.

Lisa gives this song a very slow folk-Celtic treatment after a spoken narrative. It is very nice and does not sound very similar to any other version I recall hearing.

When I saw the song list for the album, I wondered whether this was the Michael Martin Murphey classic about a horse or the Mac Wiseman bluegrass romp or even possibly the Demi Lovato song from a few years back.

I should note that the Parton resemblance only shows up on some songs — on other songs she reminds me of Liz Anderson mother of Lynn Anderson and a fine songwriter. With the exception of the last song, the instrumentation is solidly country and while the focus is on faster songs, Lisa varies the tempos sufficiently to keep it interesting and sticks within her vocal range. The highlight, of course, is the title track, which is her undisputed greatest moment on record and as well as her biggest commercial achievement.

Tammy had deep reservations about the final product, as well as her ability to hit the high notes at the end.

When her then-husband George Jones also did not care for the song, she wanted to pass on it but Sherrill ultimately persuaded her to record it. It topped the country chart for the week of November 23, and remained there for three weeks.

It also became a Top 20 pop hit and made Tammy Wynette a household name both at home and abroad. Stand By Your Man the album was released in early There were no singles released from it aside from the title track; it was probably selling well enough without the need for any additional hits to support it. However, the other songs, though not well remembered today, are all quite enjoyable. It was covered by Billie Jo Spears in and was a minor hit for her. Two bonus tracks were added to the album when it was finally reissued on CD in the late s or early s.

Neither is particularly exciting. It could certainly be argued that Stand By Your Man contains nothing essential aside from its title track; however, I would counter argue that the remaining songs, while not regarded as classics today, are all well done and allow the listener to enjoy Tammy at her vocal peak.

For me, the apogee of female country singers was reached in the late s and early s. There also were a host of second-tier artists on the major labels and many female artists on minor and independent labels.

Within a few years the likes of Tanya Tucker and Barbara Fairchild would appear on the scene. The ghost of Patsy Cline was also on the scene. This is a very compelling song:. Tammy does as nice job with the song. Tammy gives it a straight ahead reading, but the song works better in the hands of someone with a bigger voice — both Lynn Anderson 3 in and Crystal Gayle 1 in would have big hits with the song in the upcoming years.

The song is an outstanding effort and showcases Tammy vocals perfectly. It too, is given the full Nashville Sound treatment, turning a piece of filler into a worthwhile effort.

The production on this song is very country, including use of a dobro. It is a good song, but it does not appear on my digital version of the album. The production is subdued Nashville Sound. For temptation comes easy To a woman like me. I have no other information concerning this song. Consequently this album features songs with the full Nashville Sound treatment, some songs with scaled back Nashville Sound treatments and a few straight ahead country arrangements.

While Tammy and Billy were still experimenting here, the very next album would answer all the questions and set the trajectory for subsequent albums. Waylon Jennings began the s with the self-titled Waylon.

Nashville Brass founder Danny Davis joined Chet Atkins, Jennings sole producer until that time, to co-produce the project. The track was an early cut for the Texan, who would go on to key prominence in the Outlaw Movement and even be elected to the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame.

Jennings co-wrote the tune, about his third wife Barbara Hood, with Red Lane. An alternate take on the tune was featured here three years later. The Nashville Sound signifiers, namely the background singers, date the recording significantly after forty-five years. Waylon features two tracks that stand above the rest.

When speaking of the big four labels we need to define terms Columbia refers to records originally issued on Columbia, Epic, Harmony or Okeh labels. Okeh was used for so-called minority interest recordings. Columbia also owned Vocalion for a while. There is virtually nothing on any of these artists. I would have said the same thing about Charley Pride but recent years have seen various Charley Pride sets become available, so we can take him off our wish list.

By and large foreign and domestic reissues abound for most of the bigger names, but even here there are some major shortfalls. His outstanding Twenty Years of Hits recast twenty of his classic tunes as western swing. A good three CD set seems in order. From he had thirteen 1 hits and a bunch more top ten and top twenty recordings.

While Sony Legacy issued a decent Johnny Paycheck single disc hits collection, it is long on the later stages of his career and short on the earliest years.

Moe Bandy achieved his greatest commercial success while recording for Columbia. Lee would have a 13 peaking it with the tune. The Forester Sisters would take the tune up the charts again 22 years later where it would peak at 5. Licenced to Curb and packaged as the optimistically titled Classics inthe music shows Lorrie could definitely sing beautifully perhaps a little too sugar-sweet at times on the balladsbut shows little artistic individuality, with the music typical of the pop-country of the latest 70s and early 80s.

The best tracks are all up-tempo. Only the first seven tracks are on the iTunes version no doubt a copyright issue. The CD version adds another three fairly forgettable cuts, which I think come from None is worth tracking down separately.

At this point in her career, Lorrie was showing few signs of star quality, and this compilation is of historical interest only. Being related to a famous country entertainer can be a mixed blessing. Although the family ties can open doors for the aspiring singer, they can also serve to set unrealistic expectations. Just ask Roy Acuff Jr. John Carter Cash has avoided the problem entirely by working behind the scenes.

Jazz guitarist Lenny Breau, son of country stars Hal Lone Pine and Betty Cody, might have fit into this category had he not died young. True superstar success for those with famous kinfolk is indeed rare. As the daughter of one of the best-known songwriters around, and living in Nashville, Tillis was exposed to the elite of the country music industry even before her father had achieved recording star status.

The results of an automobile accident at age 16 derailed her career for a while Dottie Faye - One Little Girl / I Am So Lonely (Vinyl) several years of reconstructive facial surgery were needed to restore her appearance.

Since her only real interest was music, she eventually dropped out of college to pursue her own musical career. After tiring of the San Francisco scene, she returned to Nashville and found work as a demo singer. She signed with Warner Brothers. Unreleased were early versions of several of her later hits, which were released after she achieved success. Her visibility was greatly improved when she started making regular appearances on shows aired on the late lamented Nashville Network, especially on Nashville Nowa nightly variety show hosted by Ralph Emery.

By she had signed with Arista Records, where her career took off. For part of this period until she was married to fellow songwriter Bob DiPiero. The Arista years saw Tillis emerge as a steady and reliable hit-maker as the following list demonstrates:. Homeward Looking Angel reached platinum status.

InArista released her first actually only Greatest Hits album. This collection also went platinum. Afterthe country music market shifted, becoming more youth-oriented and less country, with a resultant drop in both chart and sales success for Tillis. Since Pam Tillis has remained active, both in live appearances, occasionally performing with her father Mel, and occasionally recording. She became a Grand Ole Opry member inwhich was several years before her father, and had the honor of inducting him into Opry membership.

She has tried her hand at acting, both on stage and on television, with considerable success. She still records occasionally. In she fulfilled a lifetime dream of recording an album of songs written by or associated with her father.

She started her own record label, Stellar Cat, and issued her album Rhinestoned under that imprint in All told, Pam Tillis had over 30 chart records including 13 Top 10s. Most of the titles remain in print, others can be located used with a little bit of effort. Unlike country singers from generations before, the Pam Tillis catalog is fairly shallow with a total of a dozen original studio albums, plus some anthologies Greatest Hits, Super Hits, Best Ofetc.

All of her post-Warner Brothers albums are worthwhile and even her debut album which I originally purchased on vinyl has its moments. The Ernest Tubb Record Shop currently has seven of her albums available as well as several anthologies. There is a need for a decent two-disc set containing about 40 of her songs.

Lately, the German label Bear Family has been issuing some less-than-exhaustive sets. Her long-awaited duet album with Lorrie Morgan comes out later this month. I am not sure why this should be true, but the s produced an enormous number of silky-smooth male vocalists. Perhaps it was due to the crossover success of artists such as Eddy Arnold and Jim Reeves. The end result often was some of the blandest music Nashville ever produced — no fiddle, no steel, pleasant but unmemorable voices and songs played at slow to medium-slow tempos.

Hey Little Fool / Baby You’re Wrong (Dead Wrong) Casa Grande. VG+. Boot, RED VINYL. $ Bill Black’s Combo. White Silver Sands / Smokie Part II. Gusto. M. $3. Marcie Blaine / Ernie Maresca. Bobby’s Girl / Shout Shout Knock Yourself Out. Collectables. M. $3. Billy Bland / Solitaires. Let The Little Girl Dance / The Missing: Dottie Faye. POOR LITTLE RICH GIRL has other things going for it, besides Shirley Temple. Jack Haley's hoofing and Alice Faye's warm contralto are two more reasons. "When I'm With You" is a grand song, and I love the climactic number, "I Like A Military Man," which features a fantastic extended tap sequence from Dolan, Dolan, and derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfos: Dec 26,  · ‘So Much For You, So Much For Me’, an anguished look at the division of spoils following a divorce, is a cover of a Liz Anderson single from the 60s. Bill Anderson and Mary Lou Turner write ‘All The Beer And All My Friends Are Gone’, in which the protagonist finally has to face the cold hard truth about his broken heart. West Coast Vocal Group Rarities (Plus One), Vol. 1 CD $ 27 West Coast vocal group tracks plus one bonus cuts of New York artist Little Butchie Sanders and group. According to cover 85% of the tracks have not been on CD before. The surprising new food rules to banish acid reflux for good: Cheese and pasta will help, but DON''t know they have it; The most common symptoms are throat complaints such as difficulty swallowingMissing: Dottie Faye. In full: “Well I don’t know what ever made me write a letter but I guess it’s because I am so homesick and lonely. I just want to tell you that I miss and love you all very much, and I am just counting the hours until I can return and we will all be together again. Dottie West covered Mental Cruelty, Rings of Gold, When I Stop Dreaming, Let's Wait a Little Longer and other songs. Dottie West originally did Loose Talk, Mental Cruelty, Rings of Gold, When I Stop Dreaming and other songs. Dottie West wrote Here Comes My Baby, Is This Me? and Didn't I?.Born: Oct 11, Daddy's Little Girl Who'll Be The Next One: Eddie "Piano" Miller: Lonely Man Am I Out Of The Picture: Randy Carlos: Boy Two Mambo Bolero Cha Cha: Johnny Conquest: Cry, Cry Cha Cha One Lonely Ring Take Me: Julie Monday:Missing: Dottie Faye. Erica appeared in a couple of movies (including The Girl Habit with Paulette Goddard) and several shorts, including a musical showcase for singer Rudy Valee at Paramount in , and a Jack Haley short (s the 20 th Amendment), but found it hard to compete, so returned to New York where she took up modelling. Dec 31,  · US label founded in the early 's by Swiss immigrant Gustav Wildi. Label Code: LC / LC After failing to make it in the pop market, Wildi under the influence of a young student named Creed Taylor changed the labels focus to jazz. Bethlehem distinguished itself as label by granting the artists creative control and being among the first to focus on album art, often designed by Burt Missing: Dottie Faye.


Homebase (2) - Centrino EP (Vinyl), Zukunft - Live 96 - Various - Sieger Sehen Anders Aus 2 (Vinyl), Combattre Ou Disparaître - Frakass - Siegfried (CD, Album), Amfibia - Spectral (8) - Back Catalogue Vol.1 (File), Junior Dad, Ronds De Loudéac - Yann Dour - Bal Gallo Volume 3 (CD, Album), Close Shave - Freddy Fresh - Time Again (File, MP3), 모두 어디로 간 걸까 - Toy (23) - Live (CD, Album), Barbara Allen, Stormy Weather - Frank Sinatra - Romantic & Other Songs (Box Set)

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  1. Erica appeared in a couple of movies (including The Girl Habit with Paulette Goddard) and several shorts, including a musical showcase for singer Rudy Valee at Paramount in , and a Jack Haley short (s the 20 th Amendment), but found it hard to compete, so returned to New York where she took up modelling.
  2. DUCKWORTH, James R. - Passed away in the arms of his loving wife, Phyllis, on February 3, He is now resting in God's hands. Born May 2, in Smithville, GA. He served his country in the U.S.
  3. The surprising new food rules to banish acid reflux for good: Cheese and pasta will help, but DON''t know they have it; The most common symptoms are throat complaints such as difficulty swallowingMissing: Dottie Faye.
  4. MH 33 - Twinkle Tunes - Various Artists [] Hey Mr. Banjo/The Bible Tells Me so/Goldilocks and the Three Bears/Bicycle Built For Two/The Bowery/The Sidewalks of New York/Tweedle Dee/Open Up Your Heart/Jack and Jill/Humpty Dumpty/Three Blind Mice/A Tisket A Tasket/Jack Spratt/Little Jack Horner/Mary Had a Little Lamb/Twinkle Twinkle Missing: Dottie Faye.
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    In full: “Well I don’t know what ever made me write a letter but I guess it’s because I am so homesick and lonely. I just want to tell you that I miss and love you all very much, and I am just counting the hours until I can return and we will all be together again.
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    West Coast Vocal Group Rarities (Plus One), Vol. 1 CD $ 27 West Coast vocal group tracks plus one bonus cuts of New York artist Little Butchie Sanders and group. According to cover 85% of the tracks have not been on CD before.
  7. Monday, Dec 9th 10AM 21°C Pain After Drinking Orange Juice What Causes Heartburn (⭐️ To Eat) | Pain After Drinking Orange Juice Acid Reflux Remedieshow to Pain After Drinking Orange Juice for 1PM 25°C Pain After Drinking Orange Juice Best Drinks For (⭐️ Heartburn Relief) | Pain After Drinking Orange Juice Cause Acid Refluxhow to Pain After Drinking Orange Juice for 5-Day ForecastMissing: Dottie Faye.
  8. Dec 26,  · ‘So Much For You, So Much For Me’, an anguished look at the division of spoils following a divorce, is a cover of a Liz Anderson single from the 60s. Bill Anderson and Mary Lou Turner write ‘All The Beer And All My Friends Are Gone’, in which the protagonist finally has to face the cold hard truth about his broken heart.
  9. Apr 11,  · Pretty Girls Everywhere: – The Pastels (2) Been So Long: – Andy Kirk And His Clouds Of Joy: I Know: – The Shells: Baby Oh Baby: – Jerry Butler & The Impressions: For Your Precious Love: – Lee Andrews & The Hearts: Long Lonely Nights: – The Chantels: Maybe: – Bill Samuels And The Cats 'n Jammer Missing: Dottie Faye.

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