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TELE 6. Demba Camara plays some sparkling guitar and marimba with Maitre Mamadou A. Barry on flute and saxophones. HAFIA 2. Sona can really belt out the songs when she gets going and this album is no exception. Her crisp vocals are delivered at lightning speed with pinpoint accuracy and tremendous power. The up-tempo but still very traditional sounding music owes a lot to the artistic interpretation of Cheick Smith.

SOKO 3. KADIA 4. Every bit as good as 'Doubaya' and still sticking firmly with the traditional sound of Guinea but on a mellower note. Guitarist, Moutou Kouyate along with n'goni player Garba Tounkara and kora player Djely Moussa Conde provide the tinkling string sounds for which guinea is famous while Djely Modou Kouyate provides some lovely balafon playing.

Bembeya Jazz National feature on four out of the five tracks on this album. The instrumental number 'Petit Sekou' allows Sekou Diabate to exhibit his prodigious talent and another good performance by the band is found on 'Kana Sarakabo'.

This release also contains the only recorded performance by the group Super Lion, who were the all-male orchestra of the National Gendarmarie of Guinea. KITI 2. Released back in this album is stunningly beautiful with guitars cascading notes in all directions, a great bit of drumming to back it all up and great vocals to finish it all off. AYA NA 3. Wonderful compilation of some of Guinea's top bands and singers. He's been going since the early 60's but probably hasn't released any albums abroad.

The crazy thing is that both these albums are brilliant from start to finish. A compilation from two LP's plus a track from a compilation album. And now for something totally different The drums pound out the beat to some really power packed vocals from Flani and her chorus girls, Djenabou and Saran Doumbia.

However its the wonderful sound of the tam tams of Sekouba Traore and Adama Sanogo Moneba 'talking' their way through the songs that steals the show. Backed by the doun-doun and doun-dounba drums of Chaka Dembele and Petit Moussa, for me, the drummers and the smashing rhythmic mixture they are knocking out are definitely the high points in this lovely album.

FATOU 6. Super compilation of tracks which span the twenty years of Francois's career. Not as you would expect, a collection of crackling old recordings but a brand new recording of the old hits that have been spiced up. Superb vocals from Francois and backing girls Awa Gombo and Zita - guaranteed to set the dance floor ablaze from end to end. While side 'B' is totally different, starting off with some gorgeously sung 'Du Slow' tracks and then into the thumping rhythms of 'Polihet' dance music.

Gospel music with a difference. It's beautiful in every way you can think of. Recorded in the U. Softly played guitars pick out the tunes with perfect timing and Jess and Brenda's vocals are just stunning. Starts out with 'Ile de Goree', about a Princess caught by slavers and sent to America, acoustic guitar and soulful vocals abound.

The other tracks are lovely ballads with Jess playing some great harmonica. Side two kicks off with the catchy 'Sehe Voule' with overtones of Bob Dylan, harmonica and guitars to the fore. A perfect marriage of African and Country music? LOUE 5. One of the first African records I bought back in the 80's which I was told came from Cameroon although I now know that she actually comes from the Ivory Coast. Mattha sings ever so sweetly like some little girl lost while Kitsuku and Meiway play some haunting guitar alongside Dje Kimo's intruiging keyboards.

This record is superb and so different from anything else that it has remained a favourite of mine since the day I bought it. Pure Magic.

SAYA 4. Nayanka is one of the most perfect singers I've heard in years, her voice is smooth, sharp, clear and powerful all at the same time. In other words wonderful but that's not all, the music is gorgeous too! Not surprising as Boncana Maiga is in charge of a line-up that includes Yves N'jock and N'doumbe Djengue on guitars, Moriba Koita on n'goni, Papa Kouyate on percussion and djembe and a magic trio of horn players in Hatot, Slominski and Bolognesi.

Nayanka started singing during the 80's as a member of the 'Orchestre de la R. Superb Album. AHOU 3. Stupendous, Magic, call it what you want but this Paris and Ivory Coast recorded album of South African style music is one of the best I've ever heard. The tunes are all so catchy that you'll be hearing them in your sleep. Beautifully played and sung throughout the whole album. It left me so stunned that the only thing I could think of was 'Why can't the South Africans produce an album as good as this?

The music is pure African and literally throbs from start to finish with an incredible performance from keyboard wizard Ibis Adou and guitarist Briscard 'Pacheco' T-Kat. Sax player Seydina excels throughout as do the wonderful backing singers. Ustin who sings, plays drums and also doubles on bass guitar is marvellous and gets the music going at a cracking pace! The sound of Congo D. Mind you, after you've heard the intro track 'Last Time' you won't care where it comes from.

Index: Take your pick. I loved 'em all. ANAZE Probably the biggest star of benga music in Kenya at the moment with a load of cassettes out. Having written that in mid 98, about four months ago I've just been informed that he's died. The bass guitarist really thuds it out while the drummer seems to concentrate on snare as an interesting sideline to his once lucrative drumming job.

However his drums will certainly get the old pins going like pistons in the sebens. Never heard of Gabby and Omondi? Well you're not alone, neither had I until this CD popped onto my desk. Now I wouldn't part with it for all the tea in china. Superbly tailored singing from this talented duo is supported by some of the most wonderful guitar playing I've heard in years. The drummer belts out the toe tapping beat with a little intriguing help from what sounds like our strident old friend - the Fanta bottle.

Just wait till you hear 'em go on Baba Otonglo, now thats what I call supersonic guitar. An absolute cracker of an album from end to end and not to be missed. Top Kenyan star Kabaselleh with his Lunna Kidi Band and their hip swiveling old style rumba that's worth its weight in gold.

Velvet vocals laid over glittering guitar riffs and all driven by the drummers pounding bass. It might have been recorded back in the 80's but time means nothing to music of this quality as it sounds as fresh and danceable today as it did twenty years ago. SIJE 2. JELA 4. The beat pounds on while the harmonious vocals of John and the group swirl around the tinkling guitars and horns. Stunning 14 track album which came to me re-recorded from an old cassette before I transfered it to CD-R for my own collection.

Although the front cover of the cassette has Mutikanjikie on it, the spine says Wira Ni Wira. Call it what you will it is still fantastic. A real throbber of a locally produced album featuring a mainly percussion backing to some very interesting sounding local string and wind instruments. However the boys vocals are up front all the way through.

COM 2. REGE 6. More fragrant Zairumba from the group with one of Kenya's sweetest sounds. The guitar picking is exquisite, the horns heavenly and the singing is simply out of this world. What an album - a guaranteed cracker. One of Kenya's best Zairumba bands which was formed back in and has since then been regularly topping the charts except when they got deported for a while in after making this album.

Led by Bwamy Walumona their beautifully played music and vocal harmonies are simply breath taking. The guitar playing is wonderful but it shares top of the bill with a tremendous horn line up that has layer upon layer of brass cascading in all directions. Take a good listen to the title track to see this in all it's glory and while you're at it you'll hear the vocals in English - not roughly put together but masterfully fitted to the music - so suprised on hearing it that I nearly fell out of my seat and I was strapped in at the time!

Recorded in Zimbabwe at Shed Studios obviously as a tribute to Mr Mugabe and has some cracking guitar play. Just blows you away with its sparkling guitar, velvet harmonies and superb horns, what more could you ask for. Extra tracks like Pambana, Halleluya and Maboko Pamba. Nganga-Kimetu and Ekubuku. The other two tracks on the album - Mangelepa Kamili and Sakina were released as part of the Golden Hits album.

Real magic from the group, twelve strong at this point, which was recorded live on a tour of Malawi back in Although the applause does sound a bit canned to my ears the music is just wonderful. Their super smooth vocals are enhanced by some wonderfully picked guitar to say nothing of the horns when they breeze in and blow you away.

All you have to do to be at the concert is close your eyes and you will be in the best seats in the house. Or at least you would be if you were not up and doing that hot carpet shuffle. Go, Go, Go. Great music from one of Kenya's most famous bands. Pure magic from way back in The answer was yes, it was Gospel, however I wasn't prepared for the beautiful and infectiously joyous sounds that came off my little silver disc. Mary, who has been blind from birth, has truly been blessed with an outstanding voice and with backing vocals and simple but superbly played music from her husband Alex, Abel Amoyi and John Katana they have combined to produce an absolutely heavenly album.

I'm not religious but I can't get the catchy sound of Ni Lazima out of my head. There is no F. Index as every track is simply just wonderful. While most tracks are to be found on The Greatest Hits album these are in most cases from different recordings. An absolutely cracking set which makes you wonder why he is still almost unknown outside Kenya.

Stupendous is a bit of an understatement for this somewhat mono sounding recording taken from old 7 inch singles. Just have a listen to the music and you will see what I mean. Incredible album that shows why he is still held in such high regard in Kenya. According to The Rough Guide to World Music - Not much is known about the late Oguta Bobo Otange but that he's a compelling accordion player from among the Luo of western Kenya and his music covered the gamut of topics from serious social commentary to the lighter side of love.

I can't add much to that except that I found Oguta's attractive rather gutsy vocals extremely intriguing when backed by the mixed rhythmic metallic and leather percussion and his simple but precise accordion play. While its no dance floor stomper it certainly is a pleasantly infectious sound.

Just listen to him steaming through Julias Ouma, now that's what I call style. This album contains amongst others their hit tracks Paulina and Pamela. Its crystal clear with lovely guitaring and infectious singing and simply friggin brilliant throughout. Absolute magic miss it at your peril. JI JI 4. NANGA 5. SAMBA 7. Mazembe means 'The Earth Movers' and they certainly did with this internationaly renowned version of a Kenyan classic by Guashi Ntembo which they released in Jane Nyambura has become the top female Kikuyu pop Cubata Dea Rosinha - Ngola Melodias - Ngola Melodias (Vinyl) with a bit of help from four of her brothers and sisters and I might add with very good reason.

Their shrill vocals are beautifully sung in the traditional folklore style to a stunning backing of sparkling benga style guitars with the beat coming from both the bass guitar and the simple percussion. A guaranteed tootsie tapper which will have you skipping round your lounge like a impalla on speed, be warned its infectious! NJUKU 4. UIRU 8. This is the sort of music I just love to bits. Original rumba hits of the 70's and 80's from one of Kenya's most sought after and popular bands.

Wonderful vocal harmonies from Samba and the crew, guitars going mad bouncing riffs in all directions and horns adding a profusion of brassy flourishes to say nothing of the snare driven sebens. Absolute heaven all the way. Index: Kimotho, Betty, Mabiala, Rama. Their superb vocals are crystal clear and with backing from guitars that really can sing, a heavenly horn section that must have turned the Angel Gabriel green with envy and a drummer who's so infectiously toe tapping that I'm starting to wear big holes in my office carpet, what else can you say about Simba Wanyika except - Pure Magic.

All of them had been released before but had changed greatly over the 20 years since the group had been formed originally as Arusha Jazz, a town in Tanzania where they were staying before they moved to Kenya. Four tracks and 37 minutes of pure magic. Four tracks and nearly forty minutes of pure heaven.

Released way back init was an instant classic. Gorgeous vocals from Wilson Peter Kinyonga backed by the rest of the band float over the lovely drumming of Michael Mwita and Tuwail's saxophone displays. However, it is the guitars that steal the show with a glittering display that is hard to beat from anywhere in Africa.

Early pre - benga collection of wonderful Swahili style guitar playing and with some gorgeous singing as well - oh, and don't forget that simple shake, rattle and roll percussion that gives it a touch of real grooving atmosphere. An absolute classic and a must for East African guitar lovers and a real shame it doesn't say who the artists are!

Another compilation album from the Chris Music Store in Nairobi with another five complete 7inch singles. Recorded from vinyl and with side A having virtually no volume on the left chanel for most of the last 3 songs.

Also there is a good bit of crackle and background hum and hiss. They are though very beautiful songs when given a clean up as they are on this CD-R. Imagine it's the late 50's early 60's and Kenya is echoing to the sound of the twist The what When it got over to Africa they didn't have much in the way of drum kits so they improvised as only Africa can with some lovely, if basic, percussion which literally shakes, rattles and rolls along.

The super sweet vocals, almost barber shop in style, are accompanied by some smashing guitar picking. Not to be missed. The 12 tracks were actually 15 and they weren't in the right order anyway! Valiha's are like zither's and if that has you stumped then think of a harp that is played laying flat! The twelve Ensemble members don't all play valiha's, there is also a wide variety of percussion and flutes beavering away as well. Mainly based on traditional folklore the music is far from being slow, twangy and boring it is in fact fast, even furious, has a heck of a beat, a very modern sound and will be loved by everyone who hears it.

Reminded me very much of the music of the Pampas cowboys of South America but much more fragrant. A superb album. As soon as the slightly husky voice of Ninie flows out over the guitars and drums on the title track you know you're on a winner.

This lovely singer hails from 'Nosy Be' or 'Little Island' which is on the North-West coast and although she teaches English at college she doesn't sing in it.

The music was described to me as mainly a mix of bawejy and salegy but it was the funk influenced last track that I found outstanding. Got to No. Watcha, Salegy and Bawejy are the styles of music that the group play on this 60 minute and 12 track album. The inlay says 13 tracks and 70 minutes but somewhere along the line they lost 3 tracks but added 2 others! Watcha with its profusion of guitars sounds gorgeously East African Rumba in style, while the Salegy fairly belts along with it's bounding island beat.

Bawejy seems to melt the other two styles together into a very addictive and distinctive rhythm of its own. Lovely lively vocals throughout and some incredibly beautiful guitar playing, almost Soukous style, have made this my favorite Madagascan album of all time.

Totally different from the 'Euro' releases of Malagasy music, this one is essential listening. If they ever come to the U. A hot and throbbing dance album from Etindraza Enomeany Augustin and Tirike, not to be confused with Tarike which means band.

Also from the land of the thorns, they play a foot stomping style called Tsapika with a bit of Salegy thrown in for good measure. I wouldn't describe their superb guitaring as fast but I hear they've got coolers fitted! Just listen to 'em go on Tsy Mijaly, makes you wonder where Diblo goes for his holidays doesn't it?

At one time the most pirated cassette in Malawi. Fourteen wonderful tracks from the Brothers at the peak of their youthful powers. Pure magic from the the three boys who make up the band, the oldest is 18, the youngest just 12 years old. Gorgeously rootsy guitars, one of which is home made, as are the drums, all vibrantly played with loads of feeling. Sweet vocals add the finishing touch to this really danceable album.

Traditional griot music with modern electrics to really bring it to life. This CD-R is perfect as the first track on the original Cobolt recording was faulty with a gap not long after the start. BENDE 2. SENE 5. GNOKO 7. Gorgeous album of traditional songs mainly played on Ngoni and Balafon with a bit of help from guitar played by Djely Moussa Kouyate. Abdoulaye's singing is really smashing and the girls backing him include Mah Damba and Assa Damba.

As it's recorded in Paris they also got Jean Philippe Rykiel to do the keyboards and balafons. Absolutely fabulous tracks Yaala and Tall are not to be missed. DJIBI 3. SIKI 5. YAALA 6. Abdoulaye turns in a masterly performance with some lovely singing especially on the title track reminded me a bit of Salif Keita's 'Soro'. BIMOU 2. The title track has to be unique as far as Malian music goes, when Abdoulaye's traditional hunters story is interupted by a dispute between Shakara and Rokia Sangare which ends up in tears, absolutely terrific.

The rest of the album is just as good as the music flits between Malian traditional and the more modern Wassoulou sound but this time it's the amazing guitar playing of Brahima Konate and Bakary Traore that's outstanding.

Just listen to the lovely bluesy message coming across on Woye Sangaye. Also in there is ace drummer S. Rougeot taking time off from his own group and a lovely chorus line up in the shape of Oumou Sissoko, Fatoumata Diabate and Maimouna Kouyate. NIKO 6. This is the second album from Ablaye and once again shows us the softer traditional sounds of Mali that come from the mix of balafon and simple percussion.

Although featuring the same line-up of artists and instruments as in the first volume, this time the whole tempo of the music is much faster and the vocals more intense in their effect. While I prefered the slower pace of the first album I found the last track on this album, 'Bekandina', was absolutely essential to my Malian collection. ARASA 3. The traditional sounds of Mali comes to the fore on this relaxed album by Ablaye who sings and is also percussionist and calabash player.

Both Kindjo Diarra and Diarra Traore play the balafon and noted percussionist Dounanke Koita also doubles up as arranger. Ablaye's rough yet velvety voice is very complementary to the softly resonating sounds of the balafon and the accompanying subdued percussion.

SAMAN 5. CURI 6. Aboubacar as Cubata Dea Rosinha - Ngola Melodias - Ngola Melodias (Vinyl) name implies comes from the town of Segou and he was originally a singer with the town's famous band, 'Super Biton de Segou' Powerful and gritty voice with rather nice chorus girls and somewhat unusual music which includes trumpet as well as guitars and more traditional sounds. Musically it is quite different from the usual Malian sounds in that it has an almost melancholy sound to it especially Democratie which sounds almost as if they had left the door to the next studio open during recording.

A rather nice album from singer, composer, guitarist and percussionist Aboubacar who is better know as Vieux. Recorded in at Studio Yeelen in Bamako which I had never come across before. SUBO 7. Originally released in Mali in by Mali K7 under the name Dumuni. It was re-released in by Camara Production as Namarako.

Adama himself not only sings but also plays Djembe and M'bole. Keyboards, programmation and a some bass guitar come from Yves Wernert. A very interesting modern Malien sound so have a listen. HODON A very nice album from singer Aichata that on first hearing brought memories of early Nahawa Doumbia immediately to mind. The music is a bit more modern in sound and instrumentation with sax and for the first time that I have ever noticed on Malian music, a piano!

However the guitars are there alongside the calabash, n'goni and djembe and Ismael Wonder on chorus with Maman. The modern traditional mix is nice and with a bit of unobtrusive rap springing a pleasant suprise every so often. I hate rap but this album is a very pleasant all the way through.

YIKI 2. BAH 8. Singer, composer and n'goni player Amadou and Hamadi Bori Kasse who also plays n'goni are the only two artists on this very traditional album. Quite what or where the simple percussion is coming from I haven't worked out yet!

No dance floor classic this one but I can't wait for a hot summers day, deck chair on the patio, ice cold 6 pack and then let the world drift by while listening to the lovely laid back sounds of the n'goni's and Amadou's strident vocals.

Mariam sings while Amadou also plays guitar. Accompanying them are a world wide selection of artist. Stephane San Juan on drums and percussion. Shihab M'ghezzi Bekhouche on bass. Walde Baba Sissoko on Tama. Andres Viafara and Alberto Rodriguez on trombones. Barbaro Teunter Garcia on Trumpets. Loic Landois on harmonica. Sameh Gatalan and Johar Ali Khan on violin.

Alain Hatot on transverse flute. Idwar Iskandar on ney arabian flute and last but not least Awa Timbo and Sanata Doumbia with the background vocals. The playing is superb, the music is magic and I still think the original tapes they took these tracks from were superior.

Gorgeous album. MOUNA 4. BAARA 7. Stunning stuff from one of Mali's top artists. Recorded at Studio Bogolan in Bamako in and sounds a very polished product. Not quite Paris but getting there. Unlike the cassette this CD-R is in the right order. DUNIA 4. BONGO 7. FATOU 9. One of Askia's first Wass-reggae albums although he does have previous albums of Manding music released under his real name of Modibo Kone.

As soon as you hear the music you will know why Alpha Blondy took him under his wing. None of these tracks are on the CD. This CD-R is taken from a locally recorded cassette so the music quality is not as good as it could be. Nonetheless a very interesting set of tracks. Husband and wife, Assita and Bakoroba have got together with Keletigui on balafon and Mama Sissoko on guitar for a lovely album of laid back Malian traditional music.

Abdoulaye Samassa, who produced it, has added a bit of Paris style musical improvisation here and there but it doesn't detract from the album's overall ethnic feel as exemplified by the track 'Dougou Mimadia' Gorgeous music and singing throughout.

An unusual and extreemely rare album from Mali is this bright and breezy Reggae offering from Aziz and his band. As you would expect it's keyboards and guitar up front but the drummers also get the chance here and there to remind you that they can take up the running as well.

The girls in the chorus don't usually get much of a chance here but they are lovely and deservedly get to take centre stage on Wary Wary. A bit short in length at 25 minutes as the title track got a repeat play at the end of the original cassette. This album is still a very interesting set of songs. Have a listen and enjoy. A modern Malien reggae album recorded by Mali K7 in Bamako back in It has got some very interesting almost hypnotic and very catchy songs.

I love it but I don't think my descriptive powers will do it justice so please have a listen Cubata Dea Rosinha - Ngola Melodias - Ngola Melodias (Vinyl) the clips and make up your own mind. Not to be missed show from the powerhouse voice of Malien diva Babani. Just have a listen. A real Cubata Dea Rosinha - Ngola Melodias - Ngola Melodias (Vinyl) as Babani's deceptively fragile looks hide a voice that rolls like thunder. Badie plays the traditional ngoni while the other two sadly unnamed musicians provide the calabash percussion and some rather nice guitar play.

Listening to it reminded me of the early Ali Farka Toure albums. Don't bother looking this album up on the web as you will only find my entry. Volume ll with more traditional ngoni music and some nice guitar play. Thumping calabash percussion sets the beat while Badie's own ngoni playing and vocals drive the songs smoothly on. Like Volume 1 a soft more traditional version of the early Ali Farka Toure albums. Also last one in stock.

The seventh track which was on the cassette was a two minute filler from track 3 which has not been included on the CDR. GARBA 2. Released in this, her second cassette, came out well before she found fame with her first CD's in the early 's. Rare isn't the word for this album as only my site and Frank Bessam's list the two volumes. KEDO 3. Released in this cassette came out well before she found fame with her first CD's in the early 's.

Guitar player Djelimadi Tounkara leads the band with balafon by Keletigui Diabate. N'NAH 2. Third album from Bakoroba and his backing singer or singers no liner notes and from what I can gather he is a top notch artist. Although lots of mentions of CD's Bakoroba Vol 1 and 2 plus Wariko and the Paris made Sumu Sekou Cisse on the internet I couldn't find this album mentioned anywhere at all or even any of its tracks.

Images on the internet all show him rather fuller in face and older than the picture on the cassette so this could be an earlier album. The recording had no manufacturers name on it and was rather hit and miss volume wise so my collection CDR has been edited to make it quite listenable.

No notes inside so I have no idea who is playing what. I do know that the female singers are really giving it their all as their powerful vocals stream out over the throbbing drums. The band, twelve stong on the cover photo, play flute, balafons, ngoni and kora's as well as the various drums. The music on all tracks belts out right from the start but it's the stunningly thunderous rhythmic drumming that ends each track that will take your breath away.

You don't get this in the studios - this is for real. Just like Volume 1. Great mix of modern and traditional instruments and music with Bintou's super vocals powering out. You may disagree as the varied musical content is great on all the eight tracks. Recommended for anyone who likes the great female singers of Mali. TIEBA 7. An incredibly atmospheric and totally stunning album from Malian blues guitarist Boubacar that makes his first two Paris released albums actually sound dull in comparison.

Having had to endure a live solo performance and believe me I do mean endure, I was absolutely knocked out by this gorgeous release. Blues guitars backed by simple gourd percussion and balafon shouldn't be able to sound this good but they do. Having just done a quick check on all his CD's, track 1.

Also having just played track five in comparison to the CD track it was totally different. Looks like this album is pretty unique as it does not appear anywhere else on the web. I loved that 'Mali Twist' for something really different. Shades of The Shaddows? Wonderful stuff as Coumba and her thunderous warbling get to grips with some smashing tracks. Bako Keita picks some real mean guitar while Mamadou Sidibe and Lassana Diabate back him on ngoni and bass guitar respectively.

Abdoulaye Diabate's keyboards and electric percussion hold onto that traditional rootsy sound that proclaims this to be the music of Mali perfectly. The trouble with Coumba is that her singing style is so musical in itself she doesn't actually need any backing - just listen to her go on Manika Sira, Souba or Djguiballa - pure magic to the ears never mind the tootsies.

Who needs music when you can sing like that. FOURU 3. SOUBA 5. SISSI 8. I don't know about explosion, the opening track is more like a damp squib when compared with the Sanghan album.

However you have to listen to the fuse fizzing before the dynamite blows your rear end off The primer ignites with 'Ninin' and the main charge goes off with 'Baba'. As with all good things the best is saved until last. NININ 3. BABA 4. Talking of tracks, what a cracking set they are on this her final album which Coumba made in before passing away in The chorus comes from the late great Ramata Diakite and unusually Adama Yalomba who is also now making a name for himself.

Magic album, just have a listen. SOLI 2. MANSA 4. The latest release from Coumba, who has probably the most stunning voice in Mali. She is backed throughout by a guitar and kora led group that plays some of the best music to come out of that part of Africa in recent years Together the 'Voice' and the 'Music' are as near to heaven as I can imagine.

Incredibly beautiful. SOUYA 4. SOU 7. Absolutely amazing album of traditional ethnic Malian music and song. I thought I'd heard it all and then this stunner smacks you right between the eyes. From the cover and title I expected some great N'goni playing, which is just what I got along with some superb singing and wonderful percussive accompaniment.

However I wasn't expecting the flute player who totally steals the show from all the other traditional instruments with sounds that defy description or even any idea as to how he could produce them.

Hearing is believing and this album is simply unique, both fascinating and incredibley beautiful. LOLO 6. WAYE 7. I thought it sounded rather good as soon as the music started but I certainly wasn't prepared for the feast that was to follow. As Diarrah launched into her first song it was apparent that here was a superb album by an artist who was totally unknown outside Mali.

Her voice was vibrant, full of the passion and fire that has become synonymous with the Wassoulou sound and the music was absolutely superb as well. FASO 3.

A lovely soft album of sweetly sung wassoulou songs from top artist Djeneba and her group plus help from husband Madou Ba Traore. No point in trying to describe the beauty of the music, just have a listen to the clips and make up your own mind. WASSA 5. Back to basics Wassoulou from writer and star singer Djeneba and her group 'Farafina Lolo'.

The partnership of Djeneba and composer and guitarist Madou Bah Traore has without the use of keyboard, drum machines or other fripperies produced a superb new album.

Madou plays lead, Dramane Traore is on bass, Benogo is on the tinkling n'goni and Drissa Bagayogo pounds it out on the djembe. However much Djeneba's beautifully sung and power packed vocals are enhanced by the lovely chorus of Sata Sidebe and Fanta Doumbia I'm sure you will find that the seductive and throbbing sound of the traditional music is the thing that will stamp itself firmly on you memory.

Djeneba's singing is simply gorgeous as she belts out another stunning set of songs just as good as, if not better than, those on 'Kankeletigui' if you can remember that album from Mamadou Kone and Alpha on n'goni and percussion respectively add a traditional flavour to the music which is enhanced with a few modern flourishes from keyboard wiz Jean Phillip Rykel.

However it's the singing of Djeneba and the chorus of Assaita Keita and Kande Diabate that is really outstanding. A real stunner. MAYA 6. Put together in Paris by Ibrahima Sylla this album has a more Western feel to it but still retains its Malien roots sound.

Last but by no means least I must mention the superb input from Senegalese percussionist Thio Mbaye. SAMA 1. This album has swept all before it across Francophone West Africa. With very good reason, Djeneba's voice is on tremendous form, rather like a powered-up version of Nahawa Doumbia if you can imagine that.

The gorgeous accompanying music is totally traditional in style but also uses modern instruments to enhance and expand the ethnic sounds. A brilliant album that should without doubt be given a home in every collection of Malian music. Index: Ladilikan, Baro, Mirimagni. BARO 3. A cracker of an album from Doumbia and his unmentioned backing band.

His very striking and razor sharp voice is a real pleasure to hear but its the glittering modern Malian style guitar picking that steals the show at every opportunity - wonderful stuff.

The very sweetly sung backing from the also unnamed chorus girls is also pure magic. Definitely gets my recommendation. The inlay card looks like a play school collage but hidden behind it is stunningly beautiful album.

The first thing that hits you are the layers of notes cascading from the cora's, and interweaving with the sweetly played balafon, soft percussion and the lovely flutes.

As if that wasn't enough the singers are also absolutely wonderful as well. The narration in the homage to Raoul is incredibly atmospheric, its simplicity adds immensely to its beauty.

In fact I think this album is one of the most beautiful of all the traditional albums that I've ever heard from West Africa, not just Mali. Miss it at your peril, it's a real stone bonker! Follereau was a French journalist who made helping lepers and beating leprosy his life's work. His world wide foundation has offices on Ave Raoul Follereau in Bamako. This second album from Fanta follows much the same line as her first one except that Sidi Mohamed Koita's lovely guitar features a lot more.

I don't know why this should be, as both albums were recorded at the same time and with the same line-up, but this album is slightly more guitar orientated? For that matter the music is also a bit more up-tempo and the style is slightly more Paris than Bamako even if it was recorded at Studio Sequence in Abidjan! Released in for local consumption in Mali on cassette only.

It comes three years after Sterns CD release of N'tin Naari and follows the same mix of modern and semi traditional Bambara music. To some it may be a bit rough and ready but to others it is just beautiful. I'm definitely one of the latter. His real name was Daouda Sangare but his nickname was Flani which has change for some reason unknown to Filany.

He died in Bamako on January 12, at the age of I will always remember him as the lead singer with the Super Djata Band alongside guitarist Zani Diabate. Listening to this tape you can hear in it a lot of the style that made the Super Djata album so great. Instruments being played are ngoni, kamale-ngoni, balafon, flute and djembe.

DOUGA 2. DAMBE 3. LOLO 7. A long awaited album release from one of the rising stars of modern Malian music. Singer, song writer and guitarist, Habib has here added nine extra tracks to his original hit single tape 'Cigarette Abana and Sirabulu' that was released back in No matter what type of music he plays, fast or slow, modern or semi-traditional - he gives it a new musical slant.

Souleymane Ann provides the furious drumming and backing vocals while Wahab Berthe and Boubacar Sidibe belt it out with their powerful Malian style guitar playing. The stunning percussive sounds of traditional instruments such as tamani, taman-ba, cragnan balafon, djembe and barra come courtesy of Baba Sissoko and Sidiki Camara.

Dance wise, the last but one track 'Kunfe Ta' with its pounding drums, throbbing guitars and driving vocals is a masterpiece of dance floor mania. Thankfully you've still got the atmospheric and acoustic 'Koulandia' to wind down with. A simply stupendous album of Malian praise singing that should be used as the benchmark against which all the others are measured.

Hadja's vocals are simply staggering. An all time great 'Must have it' album. SOSSO 6. AYEBO SOSSO A fabulous compilation from 'Nteri Diaba' and 'Tounga Magni' which sadly are no longer available. However eight of the best tracks out of the twelve plus two from 'Aigles Du Mali' are on this album and what a cracker it is too. Flaming brilliant and that's putting it mildly! A mix of modern and traditional instruments played with superb precision and thought to Hadja's fantastic vocals.

Very modern in style but totally retaining its traditional roots, this album is definitely set to be a 'Classic'. Innovation wise you can't beat the kora played in lead guitar style on the last track.

World renowned U. Who are the Mandinkas? What a line-up, what music, absolutely stunning. Released back in MAKE 8. Another one of those lovely traditional albums that very rarely find their way onto the record shop shelves.

Hawa's voice is very definitely outstanding on songs that are quite basic. The nearly all string orchestration with just a bit of simple calabash percussion is definitely worth a much closer listen especially if you're into Malian roots music. A couple of the songs were a bit roughly recorded but that that has been put right on this CDR. Long and lovely to listen to throughout and even the couple of tracks that ended a bit suddenly have been corrected.

The second of those lovely traditional albums that very rarely find their way onto the record shop shelves. Hawa's voice is again definitely outstanding on songs that are quite basic. Like Djandion it is lovely to listen to throughout. DJOBA 5. One of those lovely traditional albums that very rarely find their way onto the record shop shelves. Hawa's voice is outstanding on songs that are very basic but the nearly all string orchestration is definitely worth a much closer listen especially if you're into Malian roots music.

Seven tracks, very long and lovely to listen to throughout. A wonderful traditional album from superb singer Ina who's echoing nasal toned vocals are a delight to hear. Not only the singing is great, the music is too, with Sekou Kouyate and Djeli Moussa Kouyate playing with care and precision on guitars, Fode Tounkara playing brilliantly on n'goni and Djoke Sissoko on traditional flute.

Wonderful traditional album from superb singer Ina with Sekou Kouyate on guitar, Abdoulaye Sackone on n'goni, Djoke Sissoko on traditional flute and bass and percussion by Bako Keita plus the booming doundoumba played by Moriba Koita who also plays n'goni. YOMI 6. LOBO 7. Modern Malian music beautifully sung by the gorgeously voiced Kadja and her four girls. Basically ethnic instrumentation with the addition of guitar and keyboards make for some really rhythmic music, mind you, having the arrangements made by non other than Boncana Maiga certainly helps.

Very nice album from Kagbe with her rough but powerful voice booming out above the usual chorus girl backing. No liner notes so no idea who is playing but it is really does sound teriffic. A real stunner of a first album from Malien songstress Kagbe with some beautiful backing from the guitars of Bayini Koita and Amadou Bagayoko. Boy, can those guys tweak the old strings or what? As if that wasn't enough Kagbe also has some superb backing vocals which really adds the finishing touch to what can only be described as a Wassoulou masterpiece.

I haven't heard Vol II yet but I've already got it on order. Be warned, nail down the furniture as this girl is brilliant. BANA 6. Now resident in the Ivory Coast he is a Reggae singer mainly in the Malinke language of his native Mali. In general it's pretty laid back sound but I particularly like 'Nga Taffe' on side two.

Nice album all round. RASTA 2. From the city of Mopti in the centre of Mali come the traditional group 'Kanaga' and although they play instruments both traditional and modern its almost impossible to hear any modern sounds what so ever! The powerful voice of Sekou Diankouba and the chorus girls definitely takes a back seat on the album. In the driving seat is the strangely un-named flute player who steals the show from both the singers and the other musicians.

The overall effect of the music is one of peace and tranquillity with the loudest sounds actually coming from the rhythmic hand clapping of the chorus girls.

Definitely one for those hot summer evenings in the garden with an ice cold four pack! I have just completed making a CD-R of this album for my own collection and when I got this cassette twenty years ago and wrote the write-up above I had not heard anything else by Kanaga de Mopti and so thought no more about it.

However it is quite different musically so was it actually Kanaga De Mopti? I have contacted Boureima Diabate who sang on the cassette and he has listened to my samples and confirmed it is all correct. His web site at Kanaga De Mopti also confirms the titles of the songs and the pictures of their costumes. PAWI 2. Recorded at Studio Liaison in Bamako, this album is a lovely example of traditional singing from the rich and power packed voice of Kandia.

It is also a superb example of traditional music with notes cascading from the balafon, kora strings tinkling and the throb of the n'goni all the way through. Thankfully they managed to keep the bleedin synth well caged and away from the music. Just one minute short of an Cubata Dea Rosinha - Ngola Melodias - Ngola Melodias (Vinyl) of pure bliss.

Miss it at your peril, they don't make many albums this good. You just gotta read this It's got a tinny sounding horn line up, Cubata Dea Rosinha - Ngola Melodias - Ngola Melodias (Vinyl). It's got warbling keyboards. It's got twangy guitars and a variety of squeaky voiced singers and was probably rather roughly recorded back in the 70's.

Having said that it is absolutely 'bleedin' gorgeous from end to end. If only they could make more music like this. Ebay - Jan - LP of this album went for fifty pounds. LALA 21'27 2. A lovely musical mixture from what appears to be a modern backing band fighting for supremacy over a traditional ensemble and loosing - ha ha!

On the trad side you've got ngoni, various drums, flutes, balafon and percussion while on the modern side there are guitars, drums and a bit of background keyboard. Lala's voice with its distinctive nasal drone booms out over the battling musicians to great effect and there's a nice chorus to take over when she's not belting it out.

LALLA 3. Sisters Rokia and Assetou who I'd not come across before have got to be one of the hottest sounds to come out of Mali. Music that reminded me of the classic 'Zani Diabate and the Super Djata band' and vocals that sound slightly reminiscent of the 'Lijadu sisters'.

Put the two together and you've got an incredibly brilliant album. Like the sisters I don't recognise any of the musicians but they are all fantastic, tam tam - Mamane Samake, kamale n'goni, karignan and guitars - Souleymane Sidebe and Kader Gueye, keyboards and percussion programming - Ernest Dompreh.

If this album doesn't get you charging round the dance floor then you've probably died. Check your pulse. MBEBA 3. This CD is in fact two absolutely amazing cassette albums featuring the same set of songs but played as differently as chalk and cheese! The first album showed the roots of the Blues like I've never heard before. In the second album Lobi together with fellow guitarist Wurrie Moktar and percussionists Eric Barre and Philippe Berthier get together at Studio Oubien in Bamako and make an electric version of the same Bambara blues songs that have now become classic.

Lobi's soft vocals and gorgeous guitaring floats around Wurrie's hypnotic rythms with effortless ease. There were actually three groups formed by the government from the National Orchestra of Mali after independence from France. The 'A' was led by renowned multi instrumentalist the late great Keletigui Diabate more famous later for his roll in Les Ambassadeurs. This album has some really wonderful guitar playing from Keletigui and also some great vocals.

TAARA 3. JANFA 4. DUGA 6. Nice Wassalou hunter style music with an un-named chorus and band. Madjan's crisp sounding vocals rises above and compliments the backing girls voices. No inlay notes so no idea who is singing or playing. I listened to every internet copy I could but everyone used the original tape with the flaws in it.

The remastered tape here is as good as it gets. Wonderful album of traditonal music and singing from Mah and her ngoni and flute playing husband Mamaye.

The three guitarists are up front but there's plenty of n'goni, balafon and flute bringing up the rear. Not a keyboard or drum machine in sight and boy can Mah get the old tonsils throbbing. Smashing voice, great music, a beaut of an album. Cred ca pentru o alta postare ar fi interesant sa-mi caut vechiul telefon si sa vad cum statea treaba inainte, insa pot sa va spun de pe acum ca printre cele 25 de melodii s-ar numara cu siguranta cateva de la BTS.

In noul telefon vad ca melodiile de la BTS au fost inlocuite cu melodii de la GOT7, trupa pe care am descoperit-o ceva mai tarziu. Sincer, ma asteptam sa fi ascultat mai des Bingo sau Only youdar se pare ca totusi m-am inselat.

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by Melodias por jc. Two Faces - Pony by Melodias por jc. SOS Band - I Dont Want Nobory Else () by Melodias por jc. [Deleted video] Christopher Williams FLOW by passion4realmusic. [Deleted video] Loading Load more Language: English Location. Bảng Giá Chung Cư Vinhomes Melodia Mới Nhất Từ CĐT. Cập Nhật Thông Tin Dự Án Vinhomes Melodia- Vinhomes Phạm Hùng. Mặt Bằng Dự Án- Thiết Kế Căn Hộ- Vị Trí Dự Án- Chính Sách Bán Hàng- Bảng Giá Chung Cư Vinhomes Melodia. Đăng Ký Nhận Thông Tin Dự Án Và Bảng Giá Chung Cư Vinhomes Melodia Ngay Hôm Nay! 20 something girl who writes about music, beauty, fashion, eating and traveling. I mostly write about those feelings I cannot express or say out loud. Sunt un copil al anilor ''90 și nu aș da acei ani pentru nimic în lume. De multe ori, mă trezesc în postura de a redescoperi melodii, frânturi și bucățele de amintire care mă transportă instantaneu în acea perioadă. Poate că sunt o nostalgică, dar categoric nu sunt singura, iar pentru cei asemeni mie am pus laolaltă o listă cu cele mai frumoase melodii românești,,de pe. Ca khúc Melodia do ca sĩ V.A thể hiện, thuộc thể loại Không Lời.Các bạn có thể nghe, download (tải nhạc) bài hát melodia mp3, playlist/album, MV/Video melodia miễn phí tại derbattmogegefilykornorolsoftcat.xyzinfo Încă nu ai un cont? Contul tău îți permite să salvezi liste de cântări, să creezi grupuri și să adaugi prieteni la grupul tău pentru a fi cât mai organizați. Lista tuturor cântărilor pe care le avem. Cântări A ~ A mai trecut un an prin noi Laud versuri; A Ta e domnia Ekklesia versuri demo acorduri ~ A-nviat Isus Hristos versuri Abba, Tatăl meu Andrei Prodan, Claudiu Ursache, Cristina Popa, Claud versuri demo Aceasta . View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the CD release of Mbanza Luanda on Discogs. BLACK SOM - Melodias Clássicas das noites anos 80 by BLACK SOM. O SOM DOS BAILES DA EQUIPE CHIC SHOW BLACK IN LOVE by Carlos Resende. O SOM DOS BAILES DA EQUIPE ZIMBABWE O SOM DA MASSA by Carlos Resende. Language: English Location: United States Restricted Mode: Off History Help About. Melodia's true appearance as seen after Melodia is rid of Malpercio's corruption. God's influence she is revealed as a blue eyed and blue haired girl very similar in color to Sagi.. Knowing the truth behind Malpercio intimately she joins with our heroes and with Kalas repairs the ancient artifacts; the Earth Sphere, Ocean Mirror, and Sword of Heavens to destroy the abomination that was the.


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